DB Multiverse

DBM Universe 12-14 and "Mirai" world : Twin Pain

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine

In this alternative world where Mirai Trunks comes from, all our heroes were killed by the cyborgs... This story tells the details of that, it tells you about a part of the common story of universes 12 and 14.

[Chapter Cover]

Piccolo was abashed. This damned Vegeta, he knew where to stick the knife in. A loud clearing of throat just interrupted the confrontation. 17 was reminding them that he was still here.

“Hem hem... Sorry to interrupt such a fascinating conversation... but I seem to recall that we had a game to finish.”

Vegeta turned around suddenly.

“That's great, me too!”

An ironic smile grew on the bionic being.

“Don't be that impatient, wait your turn.” He pointed at the Namekian, then he used a very polite tone. “For now, it's that man in green that owes us a life.”

Vegeta answered as calmly, with a smirk, as a blow started to exude from his body.

“No luck then..”

His hair suddenly grew and went straighter in the air as an energetic shot lightly unsettled both the cyborgs and Piccolo, right before he went into Super Saiyan mode with a distinctive sound.

“The lettuce coloured joker has to go on an urgent errand so he can't stay.”

“The yellow Chinese lantern is kidding! I'm staying!” argued the Namekian.

“Stop being a pain... piss off!” Vegeta growled between his gritted teeth.

“Now is not the time...” the former demon growled in turn.

Vegeta was now completely mad at him. He turned to face the other extra-terrestrial and sharply interrupted him.

“Are you dumb?! The Saiyan Prince doesn't need anyone! Neither a guy with antenna nor a kid. Do you get this or do I have to punch it into you?”

A feminine voice interrupted them.

“Is it me or are they totally ignoring us?” sighed 18.

“You're mistaken. They just seem to believe they can decide what they can or can't do.” her brother answered.

Vegeta frowned when he looked back at them. A dazzling energy lightning appeared on his right arm that he raised at incredible speed.

A split second later, the twins were violently pushed back by a powerful shot that had been dealt almost at point blank range and hadn't given them any opportunity to dodge or parry.

Their assailant quickly turned to briefly look at the Namekian with a look on his face that seemed to say 'what are you waiting for, you big idiot?”

After a very short exchange of look, the two men disappeared at fast speed: Vegeta in order to stand in the way of the cyborgs' counter-attack and Piccolo in order to quickly grab Krilin by his fighting suit. The next moment, the tall warrior wasn't in the glade anymore.

Way farther, much higher, Piccolo watched the beginning of the fight. He was quite doubtful.

Had that Saiyan show-off really become as strong as he seemed to believe he was, or was he deluding himself... once again? For now... his strength didn't appear to have improved much. As if it was reasonable to think he could go beyond the unimaginable. A power such as Goku's was already madness. Another level! Kamisama's trick could very well mean they'd be in trouble!

Out of irritation, the Namekian bared his teeth.

What a fool! And to think that he wanted to give him tactic lessons!

He hadn't taken the incredible pride of the Prince fighter, nor his frenzied selfishness into account. He deluded himself with his thoughts of his joining his strength to their!

The Namekian looked at the unconscious boy. Another Super Saiyan wouldn't be of any use on his own... Everyone knew it but Vegeta! It was too close a match, if ever his self-importance was to cost him his life, then all would definitely be lost.

He suddenly stopped here his trails of thought. With surprise, he starred at the part of the forest that was partially destroyed, where the small glade was, the fight zone.

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