DB Multiverse

DBM Universe 12-14 and "Mirai" world : Twin Pain

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine

In this alternative world where Mirai Trunks comes from, all our heroes were killed by the cyborgs... This story tells the details of that, it tells you about a part of the common story of universes 12 and 14.

[Chapter Cover]

Precisely, Krilin carefully moved back. The proximity of the two bionic hybrids made him feel nervous. He needed to concentrate on that damned case that was stuck above his belt.

17 dealt a punch towards Son Gohan's face, but he parried this blow with verve. The cyborg then extended his hand once again and opened it to form an energy ball that, for now, he held as he was starring at the young boy who gritted his teeth with a determined look.

“Hm... You don't seem to be moving apparently.”

He subtly increased the luminous sphere's size. The young Saiyan still didn't move.

“Very well! We'll see if that fucking remote control will be able to resist this!”

As he was talking, he suddenly and considerably increased the size of the energy sphere that quickly covered the three young people at the same time. As for Krilin, his survival instinct had made him hastily move back to get away from it.

Gohan noticed the figure of 17 and his sister through the curtain of energy that was surrounding his aura that he had reinforced to protect him. The air quickly got hotter and a drop of sweat ran down his temple. He felt his clothes overheating on his saiyan skin that was, happily, able to put up with such a level of temperature. He had already gone through such condition in the Time Chamber, so he should be able to resist.

Krilin too was boiling. The sight of this energy ball imprisoning his young friend added to his panic as he grimaced of pain, struggling to push the Maserfuse towards the left with his sore hand.

Things worsened for Goku's son. The heat turned out to be much more intense than in the room in Kamisama's palace and the young fighter's figure started bending. The energy pressure and the temperature started being unbearable in spite of his protective bubble. And even if his skin resisted the heat rather well, his lungs on the other hand made it clear that they couldn't take in such a scorching hot air. Son Gohan gritted his teeth: Krilin was most likely about to press the button. Leaving this Hell meant taking the risk of having the cyborg interrupting him once again.

Breathless, he knelt down to try and resist some more. He quickly took his hand off the ground, for it was white hot! He looked up on the two torturers. Those two didn't seem to be suffering from the hellish surroundings... What were they made off?

Krilin... press that damned button for god's sake!!

Suddenly the energy that oppressed Son Gohan seemed to be altered. A shadow suddenly stood above him, just before he felt himself been carried upwards and pulled backwards!

The feelings of fresh air made the young Saiyan start as his lungs hissed of happiness and relief to be able of filling at least! Below him, the half sphere dissipated and eventually vanished.

Beside the courageous child, 17 and 18 saw another figure with golden air. Vegeta had come back to it seemed... And he hadn't forgotten to bring his bad temper along!

“You bloody fool! What did you expect?”

The unexpected intervention of his mentor let Gohan speechless. He looked around for his friend. What was Krilin doing? The Saiyan's return risked to make everything fail. Once again!

Justly, the latter went down and landed in front of the cybrogs. The numerous bloody injuries on his face gave him a more ferocious sparkle in his eyes full of anger. Those eyes that were starring at the two young people.

“And you aren't worth much more!”

“I'm glad to see you standing... and able to fight! Killing you in your hole would have been way less funny!” joked 18, sarcastic.

“We'll see if you'll be such a smartass when I have unbolted your brainless head!” retorted Vegeta in a growl. He pointed at Son Gohan above them. “You really must be stupid to eat corn when it's still grass!*”

“What do you mean? … Explain yourself.” commanded 17 who haven't understood the allusion.

“It's easy... You're the same as me. You enjoy fighting against worthy opponent... Am I right?” asked the Saiyan, his tone was now calmer.

The two cyborgs starred at him, obviously waiting to see where this was going at. Aware that he has managed to catch their attention, Vegeta went on.

“So, it'd be really stupid to kill him now. If I were you, I'd wait for him to have grown up to defeat him when he has reached the peak of his abilities and his powers.”

Krilin stopped every moves he was making so surprised he was by what he has heard. Would it be possible that this mountain of selfishness had feelings? For he hadn't been dreaming just now, had he? He really had heard Vegeta, cruel and bloodthirsty Prince of Saiyans, giving a reason for them not to kill Gohan right away, thus sheltering Gohan from the thirst of murder of these two killers... Incredible!

* To tell the truth, I haven't found any translation of this particular saying, only explanation in French (in roughly mean wasting your money even before you have it), so if you know the way to say it, I'd gladly hear it :)

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PoF       14

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