DB Multiverse

DBM Universe 12-14 and "Mirai" world : Twin Pain

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine

In this alternative world where Mirai Trunks comes from, all our heroes were killed by the cyborgs... This story tells the details of that, it tells you about a part of the common story of universes 12 and 14.

[Chapter Cover]

The tall Namekian, weighed down by the limp body of his little protégé was badly off... And he knew it! The two cyborgs' sardonic smiles showed that they knew it too. Walking into the lion's den was extremely stupid. He could already see Kamisama's consternation, over there, at the palace above the cloud. He was here in spite of the ban, in spite of what common sense said. He was here for the affection he heft for this child that wasn't even a member of his race, the son of his once enemy.

Had he known that Vegeta would let him go against the two killers all alone, he'd never had let him leave the palace!


At this particular moment, Piccolo was madder at the Saiyan than at the two killer cyborgs.

For now, those latter were not moving. They were most likely waiting to see what this white caped savior was going to try to get out of this mess in which he voluntarily came. They didn't know that he wasn't like his earthling friends, he had a limitless patience and he was able to remain totally motionless, without eating or drinking, for days, even whole weeks.

At the 'the one who moves first loses' game, they didn't know it yet, but they'd already lost!

A deadly silence reigned on the little glade. A silence that only the spring's song disturbed, a song that now sounded quite gloomy. It was as if it cried for all that blood that was tainting the rocks and the moss it was flooding. A gruesome song that seemed to stop time.

An ironic voice broke the oppressive statu quo.

All looked up.

Above them, Vegeta, his arms crossed over his chest, was watching them. For how long had he been here?

“And what did you expect to do next, smart ass?”

They all involuntary let out a common 'Vegeta'.

None had thought that he was here, not even the tall Namekian whose senses were hyper sensitive. The short moment of surprise gone, Piccolo frowned.

“Are you here to see the results of your stupidity?”

Vegeta slowly flew down, landing between the cyborgs without paying them any mind and went closer to the Namekian.

“You're the one speaking of stupidity?... Don't make me laugh!”

17 and 18 looked at each other. They were aghast that the Saiyan was so sure of himself. Piccolo's voice lowered again, showing the anger that was rising in him.

“You deliberately sent the kid to his death! You'll pay for it!”

The extra-terrestrial prince didn't even wince, he glared at the green giant's eyes full of hate, the giant that looked down on him.

“Whenever you want, just ask!”

Appalled, the Namekian spat his venom that was burning his mouth.

“You brought him only to use him!”

Vegeta raised his voice, answering bluntly.

“Think what you want... I don't owe anything to a green worm!” He went closer to the tall warrior. “This kid is a Saiyan and what I do with him is my business!”

Piccolo's exasperation rose again. He now wasn't quiet anymore.

“It's a child, not a toy you can use to serve your twisted megalomania!”

“A Saiyan warrior is no toy, you stupid!” Vegeta spat, now angry as well. “It's not to be raised in a cosy nest as you all seem to be thinking! It's your fault if he needs to harden... This beating will teach him how life really is! And also that he should look before he leaps!”

Vegeta swept the small glade with his hand.

“Tell me what the hell did he came here for? To save two and a half corpse?”

He looked back at the white caped warrior, his eyes full of contempt.

“Well, it's not surprising, given who he grew up with! You're feeling good, Mr the Saviour. But whose saviour? Saviour of what? Didn't you understand that he didn't run any risk? That these two stupid machines would let him live another day to give him another beating? And don't tell me that it's for what's left of the wreck over there, the brassy blonde wasn't going to let the other one kill him anyway! Anybody would have understood it... Anybody but you and the one you taught, of course! When I think of what you did of him after one year in your control... It makes me sick. You made a coward out of him!”

“I forbid you...” Piccolo growled.

“Just try...” Vegeta interrupted, as he clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. “But in the meantime, look back... How many people died because of your nice lessons back then? Add up... You certainly know it better than anyone, don't you?”

The Saiyan's tone was more threatening while Piccolo now lowered his eyes due to his irrefutable logic.

“Today he made as much mistakes as you want, but at least he fought, and to the end! So if there is someone who has nothing to tell me... that's you!”

Picture by:

Chibi Dam'Z       16

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