DB Multiverse

DBM Universe 12-14 and "Mirai" world : Twin Pain

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine

In this alternative world where Mirai Trunks comes from, all our heroes were killed by the cyborgs... This story tells the details of that, it tells you about a part of the common story of universes 12 and 14.

[Chapter Cover]

On the big slabbed esplanade that was up in the air, the minutes seemed to go very slowly. Each second seemed to last an eternity, as everyone knew that their planet was going through the most unbearable savagery. They had hoped that the killed would slow down their rhythm of destruction and death while they were away... What a cruel disillusionment. Actually, it had kept increasing.

Yamcha watched the two unmoving and unflinching figures that were standing up on the edge of the big terrace. Happily, thanks to them, to the dragon and the dragon ball... all these terrible events could be erased. But it was hard and difficult to remain here doing nothing. Being forced to wait while so many people would have needed their help.

Yet they had to face the facts: there were nothing else to be done for now. The seven dragon balls were sheltered in the heart of Kamisama's palace, ready for the blessed moment where all will be done. Besides, it'd have been ridiculous for them to throw themselves in the lion's mouth. The twins had not allow any uncertainty to persist.

When they were to meet again, they would certainly kill one of them. An useless sacrifice. Anyway, they didn't have much time to wait... a bit less than three hours and they'd finally know.

They would see if Vegeta had succeeded in doing that miracle to push Goku's young son to the ultimate level. They would know if it really was possible for the quick-tempered fighter to go beyond this level, as the old Namek had implied.

But quite frankly, Yamcha doubted it. It was not possible to believe it was possible to go further. As for the possibility for a young boy of Gohan's age, a half-blood as that, to reach such a level... it was completely crazy! And to say that Piccolo believed it!

Yamcha suddenly stood straight... Something was going on! His trail of thoughts had made him look up to Piccolo and he just had seen him ready to throw himself into the air... But he had been stopped in his momentum by the authoritative arm of god.

Krilin's and the desert bandit's met. In one moment they're near the two extraterrestrial: two strangers whose soul was so attached to the planet.

Even though their curiosity was at its height, the two men remain silent at first, respecting the electric and silent duel of these two Namekian who are starring at each other.

Until the youngest of the two duellists very suddenly turned away with a growl of rage to march to the palace and brood over a utter irritation.

The oldest tightened his grip on his big staff as he watch the world down there with an air of deep sadness.

Krilin dared make a move toward him.


The old man let out a long sigh of weariness. The sadness in his eyes made the two fighters rather worried. They're a bit taken aback when he decided to talk to them, in a low voice.

“We didn't understand why they suddenly had changed direction...”

He paused, and that worried Krilin even more. What could be more terrible than these two weapons of massive destruction? What could be more terrible than the number of victims that amounted dozen of thousands now? The little man's voice gave away the dread that was responsible for the presence of a lump in his throat.

“But you now know, right?”

God partially turned. His eyes quickly swept the palace that was standing behind them before looking back that the huge void in front of him. He eventually carried on with regret.

“They will soon be at Son Gohan's mother's house.”

Krilin started in terror.

“Chi-Chi? But how...?”

Yamcha clenched his fists and answered his friend's question that he had thought of without being able to pronounce it.

“Those damned bastards... They really know everything about Goku's life!”

He fell silent, doubtful, then thought aloud, most likely in the hope that Krilin and Kamisama would be able to answer his questions.

“But they do know that he is dead... going there is of no interest for them.”

It was the Namekian/god that enlightened his two friends with his sensible mind.

“You're not going to them anymore...”

The end was rather obvious... Krilin's dread gave way to a dull anger.

“Damned fuckhead!!”

He had turned back to go to the extreme edge of the square slab that was overhanging over the world below.

“They want me... Then they're going to get me!”

The old Namekian was weary. He looked at these two fighters in which burned the fire of anger so typical of those whose most treasured good was being threatened: the life of their loved ones.

He knew it was going to be difficult for him to find the word to make them accept the unacceptable. He knew they are ready to do anything to protect the widow of their friend... The mother of the child both of them held dear as a little brother, a son. Yes, they would need much more to dissuade them from making a complete stupid thing. They would need much more than the look that had been enough with Piccolo.

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