DB Multiverse

DBM Universe 12-14 and "Mirai" world : Twin Pain

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine

In this alternative world where Mirai Trunks comes from, all our heroes were killed by the cyborgs... This story tells the details of that, it tells you about a part of the common story of universes 12 and 14.

[Chapter Cover]

An explosion crushed the pile of concrete a few yards away from the trio. The terrible after effects made the earth tremble and Krilin couldn't help but emit a yell of pain as the loud crash broke the face to face of Vegeta and 18 who swiftly turned their heads.

Son Gohan and 17 just violently collided with the planet, digging a crater under the impact of their brutal fell.

The young Saiyan had tried to surprise the cyborg with an unexpected attack, swooping down on him but 17 had managed to dodge it and even to catch him in passing. They kept fighting in the fall that Gohan's momentum had sped up and they had crashed together in a swirling motion.

Son Goku's son was beginning to feel the tiredness of these several-hour-long fights, he struggled to get up. 17 helped him with dealing a terrible kick upwards that lifted his opponent from the ground.

The young boy hadn't the time to react. The cyborg had grabbed one of his ankle and fiercely made him collide with the soil and then did the same thing on the other side... and again... and again... crushing the young body without relenting. Block of concrete are being smashed under the brutality of the impacts. And then, between two impacts, the aura of Son Gohan, weakened and groggy... went off!

17 ceased his bloody game with a surprised look; the young Saiyan's body limply hanging from his hand. His eyes travelled to the grip that had held his arm and his gaze clashed with two green and burning with anger apples!

“Vegeta!” The cyborgs couldn't help but exclaim.

He let go of his victim that collapsed, as if he was nothing but a broken doll, and yanked his wrist free.

“You're still alive?!”

“Not for too long, I tell you!” 18 energetically shouted as she threw herself like a madwoman on Vegeta who turned in a flash. “HE IS MINE!!”

The fighter extended his hand and his forefinger in order to shoot the young woman rushing at him with small energy bolts, but the latter diverted them apace with her two fists she had placed as protection in front of her.

She was on him in a split second and the first blow she dealt with her elbow unsettled the Saiyan. But he was angry too and pain had no hold on his feverish mind.

Gritting his teeth, he replied with a terrible punch right on her torso that shook the cyborg, and she responded with an atemi that he dodged with throwing himself on the side, and, in the same movement, he hit her with a sweep on her legs.

But she took advantage of the unbalance to promptly turn around in the air and shot a blast almost at close range, but he arrived to divert with the back of his hand just before he replied with successive shots. But he hadn't the time to go on. She had vanished to dodge the fighter's double attack and now 18 was coming back to strike at close range in his stomach, that made him bend in half and, at the same time, propelled him backwards.

In one moment, the skirt wearing Fury joined him to make him stand straight with a terrible knee blow and, once again, formidable punches rained on the Saiyan!

Vegeta was stunned by the incredible downpour... that bitch hit hard! He had to get away from it! All of a sudden, the deluge stopped. But dazed, the fighter prince hadn't time to do anything that 18 had already put an hand flat on his face.

“YOUR speciality!”

Right away, she shot a first blast in his face. The prince moved backwards under the impacts, projecting blood and sweat drops around in the process. But she didn't give him time to pull himself together, she grabbed him by the hair in order to shot another energy blast as she held him... and another one... and another... Between two explosions, the golden light of the super Saiyan's hair flickered then went out.

A smirk of hatred distorted the cyborg's pretty face when she finally grabbed her opponent's bloody head to furiously crash it into the concrete that smashed under the brutality of the onslaught.

Completely stunned, Vegeta painfully rolled on his side to find himself on his stomach. His head low, he started to get up with difficulty, using his forearm as support, as several blood drops fell on his face. But an atrocious kick in the stomach propelled him, making him spit blood. He tried once again to rise on his shaking forearm when the cyborg went near him and stooped to lift once again by the hair the fighter's head who grimaced of pain and of rage.

“Send my regards to that fucking Gero.” she said to him with a teasing tone.

She finished her work with a burst of shot at close range right into his nape. The Saiyan collapsed, his eyes wide open. 18 kicked one last time the body that limply moved and then turned away from it with a scornful look that her brother approved.

“Ah, finally! You've prolonged the agony!”

Tears blurred Krilin's sight who let out a long and quiet sob. He didn't have any strength left to try and find Gohan's energy to check if he had survived. Once again, he couldn't do anything. Once again, all he had done was watching his friends die. And this pain... God, it hurt so much! Almost as much as the sorrow that was crushing his chest!

God... the Earth didn't even have a god to hear the complain of those who suffered anymore! Through the blurred prism of a unsteady sight, Krilin made out the first rays of a sunset that promised to be amazing. His last dusk, that was certain.

He turned his head to look at the two figures that now appeared very dark with this almost horizontal light. What future for Earth now that there weren't anybody left to fight those two monsters?

He felt the thickness of the sticky cloth wrapping his hand. And yet.. 18 had showed humanity towards him.

The burning spear of pain tore his mind, the sky that ignited with the red colors of the evening, the dusty rubble, the steaming ruins a bit far, the two young killers... everything was now colored in that nice turquoise that reminded him of this pure blue of two pretty almond shaped eyes.

And in that turquoise... suddenly... the sparkle of a golden flame!

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