DB Multiverse

DBM Universe 12-14 and "Mirai" world : Twin Pain

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine

In this alternative world where Mirai Trunks comes from, all our heroes were killed by the cyborgs... This story tells the details of that, it tells you about a part of the common story of universes 12 and 14.

[Chapter Cover]

17 seemed to be reading in the young boy's thought.

“Don't dream... We aren't going to let you leave so easily!”

The cyborg created another energy ball in his hand and he seemed to be enjoying observing it.

“I hope for you that you've senzu beans left, otherwise, the awakening is going to be painful.” He conspicuously looked at Vegeta below. “For those who will have the change to wake up, of course.” He went on, muttering more for himself than for anyone else. “I wonder what she's waiting for actually...”

“You don't kill people for the fun of it!” Son Gohan was outraged.

17 looked at him, faking a surprised look, then, without uttering another word, threw the energy balls with which he had been playing, towards the man who still was prostrated on the ground. The young fighter reacted right away... he reappeared on the blast's path and diverted it with a blow of the back of his hand.

17 was as swift, he instantaneously emerged just behind Son Gohan to grab the arm with which he had diverted his shot. He then used it as a lever to violently bring the young boy towards the ground.

Gohan disappeared in the middle of his fall to appear right under the cyborg's noise and directly hit him with a formidable kick. The young fighter went on with his movement, upside down, and shot two successive blasts in the cyborg's torso that he hadn't the reflex to dodge. The hellish twin was propelled a bit further.

The young Saiyan took advantage of this short moment of respite to cast a glance downwards. Vegeta was getting up but he should be injured because he still was bending forwards. He leaned on a block of concrete and hadn't changed yet. 18 was still quietly sitting and she didn't look like wanting to take advantage of her opponent's state, even if she had stated she wanted to kill him.

The priority then was 17 who was rushing back at him!

Goku's son looked above him. He literally seemed to aim at the infinite, then he started and abruptly rose straight towards the sky. Surprised, the cyborg stopped to look at him going away at top speed.

On the ground, Vegeta finally got up. Hatred he felt for the girl that was watching him with irony in her eyes had no boundaries!

He hadn't the time to gather all of his energy and become Super Saiyan that she jumped down her improvised chair.

“So... are you ready?”

The wave of his mutation hadn't the time to completely ring out that the Prince of Saiyan, not well protected, collapsed on his knees.

Blood rose in the fighter's throat, as well as his rage, a rage that went so deep that it annihilated any notion of pain. He got up, gnashing his teeth. The blondhead was right behind him, she didn't even took the trouble to turn back. Maybe she was wrong? Wrong to wait that he had finished concentrating the energy that kept rising in him.

He attacked at incredible speed with a terrible blow with his elbow on her nape, as he finally changed. Then he took advantage of the unbalance of the young woman and in one moment, he found himself in the air, above her. He unleashed right away series of powerful blasts that rushed towards the cyborg in turn. He gradually rose as the repeated explosion formed a shapeless and boiling dome more and more impressing.

He didn't feel the tiredness that was burning each of his muscles anymore, he didn't feel the pain that lacerated his body anymore. All he felt was the fury he poured down on the target of his hatred!

The deafening roll of a thousand thunders made the air tremble in an impressive manner.

The super Saiyan suddenly ceased his bombing to extend his hand, palm forwards, and brought his other hands on his right arm... Screaming, he swept what was left of the apocalyptic landscape he had made with a loud Big Bang.

Panting from consummated rage, he looked at the energetic dome of his most powerful attack devastating a wide area on the ground. Vegeta didn't see anything coming until he was violently thrown forwards. Something had just brutally hit him!

Surprised, he swiftly turned back! At first he saw 18 standing a big further, her hand clenched at the end of her extended arm. She seemed paralysed, her glance starring at something on the ground.

Curious, Vegeta followed her gaze... the small bald man!

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