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DBM Universe 16

Written by Syl & Salagir

Adapted by Adamantine

Translation of French fanfic about universe 16.

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 2, Chapter 9.

Chapter 1: Discovery of a new environment

When the group found themselves in the middle of the meadow, they were all left breathless. Trunks was the first to break the silence caused by the discovery:

“It... It's...”

“Wonderful...” finished Bulma, dumbfounded.

“Indeed.” conceded Gohan as he was starring around at the landscape.


Goten smiled and rushed at a beast that had come out of a neighboring bush. It was a kind of enormous lizard that walked on his hind paws. His small forepaws had claws, his big ears were similar to those of a cat and it had a beak for a mouth. Goten stroked his bluish scales with glee and, in turn, the chirping lizard shook his tail out of pleasure and then licked the young boy’s cheek. 

“You’re so cute! I’ll name you… Spike! It suits you perfectly!”

Spike emitted a kind of croak then licked Goten’s cheek one last time before leaving to where it came from.

“See you later, Spike!” said Goten as he waved to the creature. And then, Trunks suddenly was at his side.

“Did you see that? There are a lot of weird animals on this planet!” exclaimed Trunks, who was like a cat on a hot tin roof.

“I saw! Let’s go see them.” He offered but had flown away even before his friend could give him any answer.

The two young boys rushed through the trees in search of new animal species whereas, in the meantime, the elders were setting up camp. Bulma took a capsule from her belt that she threw, screaming: Hoï Poï!” After a soft clicking sound, the capsule opened itself, emitting both an amazing amount of smoke and a whistle. A big house now stood where there had been nothing but empty space a few seconds earlier and everyone took in their heavy luggage. Then, Chi-Chi took a map and spread it on a table.

“It’s easy: we are going to divide the planet in half.”

“Why that?” asked Vegetto, curious.

Chi-Chi sighed deeply as she thought that Goku hadn’t really been listening when she tried to explain to him how their fields worked. She finally said:

“It’s because the more we cultivate a soil, the more we drain on its resources: food take their energy in the nutrients the ground contains. If we were to use all of the available soil, in two year time, no senzu beans could grow on this planet anymore.”

Serious-looking, Vegetto nodded. He really wanted to correctly cultivate his fields in order to not spoil such a pretty planet. Chi-Chi had drawn a crude circle on a piece of paper, and then she cut it in two.

“This is roughly what we’ll do. We’ll have to find springs of fresh water in order to irrigate the fields. I do not know if you plan on deforesting a bit, you’ll have to tell me that later. We will also have to find a way to keep the beasts at bay. Do you prefer working with tools or with machines?”

“With tools. It’d be a sacrilege to bring machines to this place.” 

“So, the first steps are: to find water springs then to find a ground that is suitable for cultivation and, finally, to set its limits. We’ll see then how to manage irrigation and plantation.”

Vegetto nodded. To find and classify the rivers would be an easy, and quickly done, task for, with their speed, even Trunks and Goten took only a few hours to fly around the Earth. It’d be very useful. Bulma took small devices from her suitcase and she placed them on the table with a satisfied smile. Then she explained:

“Behold my new invention: the probing mini-plane!”

Vegetto and Chi-Chi starred at her and waited for extra information. Bulma pointed at a plate located on what probably was the underside of the device.

“This emits ultrasound. This will enable the e robot to draw a map of the place. It automatically calculates the scale and takes the proportions of the lands. Inside (she pointed at the rounded part in the middle), there is a system that records the data and draws the map as it goes along. Once the robot had done a one hundred kilometer square reconnaissance, it sends its data to the computer and to the other robots. Finally, that small plate on the upside is a solar panel, so these devices are entirely environment-friendly!” 

It’d be an euphemism to say that both Vegetto and Chi-Chi were impressed by all that technology. The Saiyan said:

“Thank you very much, Bulma! It’s something we can withdraw from the to-do list!”

“You’re welcome. It’ll just take them time to complete it. By the way, those mini-planes flew a lot less good than you do, so it’d be nice if you could throw one toward each side of the planet in order to give them a good start, … And a few kilometer high, if you don’t mind.”

“The boys and I will do that later.” said an enthusiastic Vegetto.

“But, what if the robots record the same part of the planet?” Chi-Chi, having raised her finger, asked.

“Oh, they won’t cross each other’s paths. With each data send to the computer, they will know what part of the planet hadn’t been recorded yet and they’ll automatically go to an unknown place, far from the other planes.”

“It’s great…” muttered Chi-Chi, deep in thought.

“I know!” proudly boasted Bulma.

Outside, Gohan and Videl were gone on reconnaissance. They had seen several kind of strange beasts, as winged dogs, birds that were bigger than a house and so on, but they took delight in the purity of the place. Videl landed near a river that had attracted her with her enchanting aspect. Gohan sat beside the bank and closed his eyes, the soft sound of water resounding in his ear. He felt when Videl sat at his side and put her head on his chest as she mechanically started to stroke his hair. Nothing in the world could disturb the peace that the couple felt.

“Oh, the lovers!” Goten screamed as he spattered water on his brother.

Gohan and Videl got up, surprised and annoyed by the splashing.

“You stupid boys! If ever I catch you…” threatened the half-saiyan, annoyed by the kids’ behavior.

Goten and Trunks left, laughing. Gohan sighed deeply. Those kids…

The two young boys resumed their journey.

“That was funny…” said Trunks. “We’ve seen many lakes and rivers, but we haven’t seen any sea yet…”

“We’re not done circling the planet. We’ll eventually find a beach.” answered Goten thoughtfully.

Trunks nodded and they flew even faster. All here was greenery, flowers and forest. Sometime, they could see fifty-meter-high trees, which showed how old the place was. The two boys were about to lose hope when they found a wide expanse of water. Goten exclaimed with joy:

“Hurray! We’ve finally found the sea.”

They dove into the salted water, taking delight in the aquatic freshness on their skin. One hour later, they knew that it was time to go back when their heard their stomachs growl… But not without making a last prank on Gohan!

On their side, lover boy was flirting a bit with his girlfriend and more… Gohan sighed of well-being when Videl whispered into his ear:

“Gohan… What if we resumed what we were doing before your father interrupted us?”

The young man was excited by that sentence which aroused a very… clear reaction in a part of his body. Videl laughed before asking:

“Is that a yes?”

Gohan swallowed then nodded.

“But I can feel Trunks and Goten’s energies coming towards us… Let’s go somewhere else; somewhere they couldn’t disturb us…”

As these knights of old, the half-saiyan took his companion into his arms and brought her into a small cave that was not so far away . The two jokers arrived a few minutes later but as they didn’t find anything (and as their stomachs were growling more and more) they left to the camp. Gohan smiled once he was certain that his brother was gone and kissed Videl…

After many private actions and an improvised bath in the river, the couple flew off and arrived just in time for the meal.

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