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DBM Universe 16

Written by Syl & Salagir

Adapted by Adamantine

Translation of French fanfic about universe 16.

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 3, Chapter 15.

Chapter 1: Vegetto, the great hero

His first important mission

The Kaioshins had told the Kaioh, who in turn had told the Gods of planets, that if anything of incredible strength required an intervention, if a miracle was needed, then they could send a message up the hierarchy.

This request could end in Vegetto's intervention.

He already had done a few missions, and rumours about this strange warrior were starting to make their way on the planets that were the most open on the universe.

But this day, the old Kaioshin told him about a considerable problem on a planet-crossroads in the universe, where many diplomats and leaders often went. Many confederations and parts of empires met up there in order to discuss about trades and to keep non aggressive relations.

“It's a big palace. A lot of very important people, representative of gigantic lands, will be there.”

“Yes,” nodded Vegetto, though he had never heard of this planet or of this palace.

“It's a group of anarchists, some of them used to be part of King Cold's former armies and they want to restore the empire. Some of them are warriors whose ki reach several thousands units.”

“Yes,” yawned Vegetto.

“We're talking of almost a hundred of terrorists holding more than one thousand innocent people hostage in a maximum security palace that they now have under control.”


“There are explosives everywhere, scouters and fanatics threatening them at all time, either with a blade or a cannon, depending their specialities,.”


“They want...”

“I don't give a damn about what they want. They won't get it.”

The Kaioshin didn't say anything else and Vegetto took it as a permission to go there. He teleported himself on the afore-mentioned planet, right in front of the palace in question.

The latter was surrounded by an entire army on the watch. The atmosphere was tense. Vegetto found someone who seemed to be in command and went to him.

“Is... Is that you, Vegetto ? I was told that you could get us out of this situation, but I've to tell you that...”

“Yeah, yeah,” interrupted Vegetto. “Don't worry. Is there an empty jail around, where I could put the terrorists in?”

“There... there is the penitentiary, but it's far from here...”

“Show it to me on the map.”

And the commander eagerly did so. From it, Vegetto deduced where he had to teleport, he touched his interlocutor and both appeared in the federal prison.

The soldier used his position to show the empty cells to Vegetto, some of which could hold the strongest terrorists. Vegetto asked the wardens to double-lock all the cells and to expect those to be filled, then he came back near the palace.

The building was obviously protected by a field that prevented him to detect the mere hint of power. Too bad. He teleported himself inside.

An alarm went off. “An intruder!” exclaimed a guard in the room where all images recorded by the surveillance cameras transmitted. But before he could say anything else, the intruder was behind him, touched him and teleported himself once again. The guard turned around really fast in order to punch, but he hit only empty air before he noticed that he now was in a prison cell!

A dozen of his comrades found themselves teleported one by one in that cell, some were still in the position they had to hold a hostage, except that the latter had stayed behind.

They looked at each other stupidly.

One minute later, all was finished. Vegetto also had to crush some automatic cannons, but aside from that, not a blow was dealt.

“So easy !”

Given the surprised look on the prison chief warden's face, Vegetto described him quite quickly which new prisoners were the most dangerous. Pleased with himself, he was about to leave when he sensed a suspicious feeling. He immediately teleported near the terrorist whose emotions he had felt, caught him and teleported again.

“Die, all of you!” yelled the leader of the fanatics as he pushed the button of a tiny remote control.

“Hm, it won't work here, pal,” answered Vegetto.

They were now in a forest and the sun wasn't setting anymore, rather, it was broad daylight.

The leader looked around.

“Don't bother, you are on another planet. I'm pretty sure your remote control doesn't have such a wide range. You gave me a fright, you know? Good thing that your aggressivity went up all of a sudden and that I felt this change as well as a smugness whereas all the others were surprised and depressed.”

“But who the hell are you??”

“Vegetto. Don't forget this.”

Vegetto took his control and destroyed it, then looked if the leader hadn't other devices before teleporting him back into prison.

The mission was a complete success.

It was Vegetto's first public great deed, and so started his reputation. It quickly increased as he fulfilled tasks of this kind, for which he seemed to have magical powers.

Due to his speed and his accuracy, he looked like a ghost, going through wall and people, able to teleport himself or to knock people out with a mere glance... and this, even against seasoned warriors.

Even those who were considered elite fighters, capable of razing a planet to the ground were nothing for Vegetto. He dealt with several rebels, as King Cold's former shock troops, each having a ki of several hundred thousand units.

The universe started to know the great hero Vegetto, the omnipotent; some even considered him to be a god.

And if the innocent and the weak ones acclaimed him as a hero and loved him throughout the universe, miscreants from all the worlds instantly became his enemies. And some were more powerful than others...

The immortal of Pandora

Pandora was a small planet rotating around a white dwarf. The weather was extremely cold, about minus one hundred eighty degree Celsius, which was just enough for the oxygen to remain, at least in part, in the form of gaz. And that was the only thing that Pandora's immortal needed. To breath once every ten, fifteen minutes.

When he didn't breath, his body grew weaker and it hurt him so much. Yet, no matter how much it hurt, it never killed him. Many a time he had gone to Enma on his own, for he had managed to come, on foot so to speak, in the underworld. However, he was never allowed to stay.

“You are one of the anomalies of this universe. I'm sorry,” said the giant who managed Hells and who was hardly taller than him, “but you simply can't remain in this world.”

That happened one hundred thousand years ago. Or one million years ago, he didn't know anymore. It required a constant effort to remain in the underworld, as someone who had to remain in balance on one toe. He wasn't dead, it just didn't work.

In an universe so wide it was almost endless, there inevitably were irregularities. Bugs. Most of them lived less than the quarter of a second, in the middle of a supernova. But some times, it was a power given to someone who didn't ask for it. The probability of the event was one out of several billions billions millions... But when this so called strike of luck prevented you from dying, you were an irregularity of the universe for quite a long time.

At first, he had been pleased. But then, as he witnessed civilisations' birth and death, he understood that there were no interest in living that long.

So, after having a go at many things, after having build an empire and then having neglected it, after having killed with his bare hands some dozens Frost Demons, he had nothing of interest left to do.

Nothing else at all.

He could have insulted the whole universe, but the task seemed to him to be even more boring than to sit on this planet and to wait for the Big Crunch.

He could have thrown himself in a sun, but he was very, very afraid that it'd not kill him and so, he'd suffer for all eternity.

Pandora's Immortal, as tried out by our artists ;)

They were very strange visitors. The ship landed about a hundred meters away, and aliens wearing space suits, went out. Their feet on the ice, with a bit of oxygen and liquid nitrogen, broke the silence of the dead planed where no wind blew.

“Good day to you, Immortal of Pandora! We are very honoured to find you here...”

“I hope you do have very fascinating stories to tell. Otherwise you're dead, all of you. Lucky ones.”

“Immortal, we have something that you'll find of interest indeed. There is in the universe a warrior that people say is invincible and omnipotent!”

“Yeah, it's not the first time I'm told such a thing. Once every three hundred years, you come, simpering, believing you bring me a challenge in the form of the Frost Demons. Oh, kill Blizzard, oh, kill Cold, oh kill Freeza... They are so weak, it's pathetic. I've killed so many of them ten thousand years ago... or was it one hundred thousand? It doesn't matter. I will not move for mere survivors.”

“I can assure you, Immortal, that the Frost demons are nobodies besides that one! He moved asteroids the size of planets with one glance, he went through a sun uninjured! Well, it was a small sun, but still!”

“Oh, really... ?”

“We'd never dare to disturb you if we didn't think that being would be of some challenge. We know what is the cost of asking you to leave your planet for nothing.”

“I read in your mind that you believe what you're saying... Yet I was sent people that were lobotomized, so it doesn't mean anything. But alright, visitor. I will take the risk.”

The space-suit clad men looked at each other, pleased.

“Bring me to the battlefield. Just give me a moment to warm up, about one week, and I'll be ready.”

It was a planet not very well known, with no great civilisation. But there were inhabitant as, in order to draw the hero's attention, destruction was needed. As spread the news of a challenger, at the given time, the Immortal went on the equator and cracked his twelve joints. In one hour, he'd destroy this planet if that Vegetto didn't show up.

Keeping his word, Vegetto went to consult the Kaioshins before taking up the challenge.

“I don't know that guy.” simply said the old Kaioshin.

“It's an anomaly,” explained Kibitoshin. “He is almost three million years old. He cannot die. He had never caused great destructions, so I haven't done anything against him. He had been sitting on his seat on a forgotten planet for something like a million years.”

“Hehe, a young one, in short,” said the old Kaioshin.

“So,” answered Vegetto, “I may go fight him, right? I can kill him?”

“Well...” replied Kibitoshin. 'You are allowed to, but you won't succeed.”

“Erf !” And Vegetto teleported himself.

The immortal was three meter tall. He was roughly humanoid. And the ki he emitted was rather impressive. In the depth of his heart, Vegetto hoped that was his ki when he was at rest.

“So you're Vegetto? You're keeping your strength hidden... Show me your ki.'

“'Pleased to meet you as well, Immortal. I hope that you too are hiding your strength! Otherwise it'll be really boring.”

“The ki I emit is worth about ten time as Freeza's, you know, the Frost demon.”

“That's what I said. Boring.”

Vegetto opened his arms and, without reaching the level of Super Sayajin, increased his ki until it was ten time more than what his opponent emitted.

“And this is only a hundredth or a thousandth of my power.” said Vegetto.

And a smile appeared on the Immortal's face. Without moving, his energy suddenly increased. It quickly exceeded Vegetto's and he threw himself on his opponent. He punched him so hard in the stomach that the shockwave shattered the setting of rock and earth all around them.

Vegetto saw the attack coming and instantly became Super Saiyan then went up in the air on the spot so that he'd not be punched back. He contracted his stomach muscles and kept his arms on the side.

The Immortal's fist smashed into the Hero's belly with a double bang followed by another detonation of crushed air. But Vegetto didn't move an inch.

The immortal was greatly impressed. And already blood appeared on his fist.

“Yea...” said Vegetto. “Couldn't expect much anyway.”

“In... credible... It must be an internal shield... very efficient... but that you didn't move... the trick is certainly...”

“No, no. There is no trick. I'm merely very very strong. Oh well, my elder son would most likely be able to crush you easily as well.”

The last rocks and trees finally crashed on the ground with great noise.

“On the other hand, I've to admit that you're surprisingly strong.” added Vegetto. “Probably equal to Cell's, well, perfect Cell at least. I'm sure you could rule over the whole universe, the world of demons included... That is, if I wasn't here.”

“I've done it already, and it was a boring.”

The Immortal spinned around and, in his hands, he made a luminous attack of a kind that Vegetto has never seen before. He threw it on his opponent but the hero just repelled it with the back of his hand.

Maybe if he changed back in his ordinary forn, this fight would be interesting? Not necessarily... The gap between them reminded him the fight against Buu. And that guy was far from having the power Buu had when he had absorbed Gohan.

The Immortal didn't let go and threw several attacks that Vegetto blocked as easily as before. He retaliated with a few blows, most of which the Immortal didn't manage to parry.

The Immortal then showed some magical powers, he opened dimensions, changed the gravity, he seemed to even disrupt the course of time on a local zone for a while. He had acquired those astonishing powers in his millions years of existence. Ah, if the Kaioshins weren't such idiots, they would have acquired such powers!

Vegetto wasn't disappointed as the fight was full of surprises.

Then, after a few hours, maybe, the Immortal started to show signs of fatigue. He crashed on the ground and clearly said:

“I lost. I can't kill you.”

“So... do we stop here?'

“Wait... wait... I lost... but you didn't win. To win against me, you have to kill me.”

“Ah.... yes. I was told I'd not manage to do it... It seems that to kill you is a challenge. But I like you and...”

“Kill me or I'll destroy this planet, and any that is on my way.”

“Oh well, in that case, I'm forced to act.” said Vegetto, ready to finish the fight.

He threw himself on the Immortal and punched him so hard that he pierced his torso. Then he spinned around so rapidly that his leg became razor-sharp and, with it, he cut off his head.

“Well, I suppose it's not enough...” he stated as he witnessed the body of his opponent getting up and looking for his head.

“It's easy to get it back together.” explained the Immortal.

Vegetto put his hand on his right side.


An energy ball appeared between his palms.


And he put his arms in front of him before outspreading them, a light ball in each hand.

“Big Bang...”

Then his two arms joined again, creating a huge electric and luminous ball.

“HAAAAA !!!”

And the now enormous attack tore along toward the Immortal, covered him entirely and destroyed any and every of his particles.

When the dust settled, Vegetto carefuly scanned his surrounding, searching for living cells, as he had done for Buu. But there were nothing anymore.

“Pff,' he said, all alone and putting an end to his sayan transformation.“That was rather easy.”

“I'm sorry,” answered a voice in his head. “I have no body anymore, but I'm not dead yet.”


“I already tried that, of course. But my soul doesn't go to Enma. I've tried. In a few minutes, my body will be reformed.”

“I've to destroy your soul then. I know that when we die, if we get killed again, we can't come back. It has to be the death of the soul. But there is no heaven square.”

“I don't give a damn. I want this to end. Try it!”

Vegetto searched where on the physical level this soul could be. He felt a ki and threw an energy ball in that direction. But that ki wasn't in the least moved by it.

Vegetto tried all kinds of attacks. He threw energy ball, ki and fire ball, kiais and punches but nothing could hit the ghost. It had no physical presence and could hardly communicate via telepathy.

Vegetto had to face the fact that Kaioshin was right: he wasn't able to kill him.

“Listen to me, Immortal... I can't kill you now... but I'm Vegetto! Nothing is impossible for me. So, here is what we're going to do: you go back to your home and as soon as I've found a way, I will come back to kill you. But if you do anything bad along the way, I'll torture you at least until the end of my own life. Got it?”

“I respect you, Vegetto... I've never met anyone as powerful as you, so I agree to give you some time to find a solution.”

“Well said.”

“But I said some time! I'm warning you Vegetto, I'm not very patient! Look at this hourglass!”

The Immortal, a part of whose body had formed anew, used his power to create a rather big hourglass, in which very fine grains of sand immediately started to fall.

“When all the sand will have fallen, I'll attack planets everywhere and without warning. Did you get that?”

“Yes, perfectly well. I'll come to see you... as often as needed before the end of the alloted time.”

And Vegetto teleported himself at the Gods'.

“Well... at least he isn't going to cause any damage for now. Tell me, how long will last his hourglass?”

The old Kaioshin looked into his magical ball and carefully watched the time instrument.

“Hum... hum...”

“So? I've ten days? One year? It is quite important.”

“Well, hurry up, Vegetto. You have only 284 Earth years left to find a solution.”

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