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DBM Universe 16

Written by Syl & Salagir

Adapted by Adamantine

Translation of French fanfic about universe 16.

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 1, Chapter 5.

Chapter 5: A day at Bulma's

'Boys,' Vegetto called from the corridor. 'Hurry up, we're going!'

'Great!' exclaimed Goten and Trunks as they rushed down the stairs.

Three months had passed since the discussion. Now things were easier. Gokû and Vegetta having been « dead » for about half a year, everyone had kissed them goodbye and had more or less accepted Vegetto as a person in his own right, and everyone liked him for his qualities. He had inherited Gokû's kindness and patience as well as Vegeta's touchiness and his so peculiar humor.

'Where are you going?' asked Bulma.

'To the theme park. We'll be back for dinner.' explained the Saiyan.

'Be careful, alright?' Bulma motherly cautionned.

'Everything will be alright, don't worry.' Vegetto smiled when he kissed his loved one on the lips by reflex. His loved one who was left... speechless.

'See you tonight.' the half-prince hurried the astonished boys.

Vegetto cursed that habits his two fathers shared and so, was transmitted. Oh well, the chromosomes were as unpredictable as the flip of a coin: a fifty-fifty chance... He flew off in order to avoid those inner maths debates, making sure his kids didn't fly away. In the air, he forgot everything. Wind on his face calmed him so that he unintentionaly smiled. 

Bulma, at her home, was puzzled. Was it out of ante-natal habits that Vegetto had kissed her or was it because he really felt like it? She wanted to speak about it to someone to unburden herself but also to ask for help. She certainly wasn't going to call Chi-Chi, she'd throw a fit. It was impossible to tell it to Gohan either... Kulilin wouldn't know what to say and such topics always embarrassed 18. Yamsha had disappeared from circulation since the victory of the Z-fighters... There was only one girl left with who she got along rather well, and, moreover, living close by. She dialed.

'Hello?' she heard Videl's voice.

'Videl? It's Bulma.' The manager of Capsule Corporation introduced herself.

'Ah, Bulma! How are you?'

'Fine! But I'd need some advice, and I thought of you. Would you mind coming at my house?'

'Now? Hm... Very well, I'm coming!' said Videl after a microsecond of hesitation.

She hung up. In the meanwhile, Bulma made coffee and put a garden table on the terrace, to be more at ease. Videl came fifteen minutes later, from the air.

'Hey Bulma!' she greeted, landing.

'Videl! Please, sit down, I made some coffee.'

The young woman thanked her elder as she sat then asked:

'So, what's bothering you?'

'Well... A little while ago, Vegetto took the young boys to the theme park...'

'That's great! He truly is a considerate father.'

'Yes... But when he was leaving, he kissed me.'

Videl almost choked. She loudly coughed and, between two coughing fits, managed to say:

'Wh... What?!'

'So, you see, I don't know how to feel about it.'

'But if he kissed you, it means he feels something for you, right?'

'Well, I suppose so, but Vegeta did that too, before. So I wondered if it's not an old habit that had reappeared.'

'But, even if it's an habits or if he did it by himself, it does show what he truly feels!' asserted Videl.

'How so?' asked Bulma, confused.

'Well, he clearly told us that, even if he had memories of what happened before, he thought and moved on his own, so if he didn't like you, he'd not have done it! Then, he may have taken the tic from his ancestor, but his feelings would have made him do that!'

Bulma thought about it. 

'Yes, but... What if...' she started.

'If ifs and ands were pots and pans, there'd be no need for tinkers... With ifs, bees would speak... Do something, ask him, because if you don't, things won't move...

'But... What of Chi-Chi?'

'If he doesn't love her, don't ask him to force himself in remembrance of Mr. Son. Gohan told me Vegetto was at their home once every two days! It's not that bad, is it? I know many men who wouldn't do as much.'

'I... suppose you are right...' concluded Bulma.

'Of course! I'm often right, if not always.' joked Videl.

They spent the afternoon together, talking about this and that. Once the night had fallen, Vegetto and the children appeared on the horizon. When he saw Bulma, the Saiyan became slightly flustered, but managed not to show any of it. They landed and Videl greeted them.

'Well, hi boys! Did you have a good day?'

'Yeah, it was...' started Trunks.

'… really great!' finished Goten, throwing a fist in the sky.

The two small boys laughed. Vegetto said:

'You li'l monsters, go inside and take a shower!'

The two boys raced to enter. Bulma asked with a smile:

'They didn't give you a hard time, did they?'

'Well, to tell the truth, I had fun too...' admitted Vegetto.

Bulma sketched a smile. Videl, feeling she was in the way, said:

'Well, I'm on my way! See you around!'

She immediately flew off. Bulma made the first move.

'About earlier... The kiss...'

Vegetto felt embarrassed too, but he didn't got out of it.

'I did it because... I wanted to...' he explained.

Bulma threw a weird glance at him so he decided to give more explanation.

'Actually... I had made up my mind for a long time, but you and Chi-Chi needed time to know me... So, I don't know if you love me... Really...'

Bulma really felt attracted by Vegetto. In her mind, he was the ideal man: a mix of the two extremes that Gokû and Vegeta were could give birth only to a very balanced man. She said:

'Well, I... feel attracted by you too.' She choose her words carefully. 'But it had been so short a time, only three months...'

Vegetto sighed.

'I know! Let's wait for a bit longer. You'll tell me what you feel by then... When you'll be sure.'

Bulma nodded and, by a tacit agreement, they didn't say anything else about it. 

'So, my dear, how was your week-end with Trunks?' asked Chi-Chi, while she was cleaning dishes.

'It was wonderful! Dad took us to a theme park! And he kissed Bulma.'

A noise of broken plate could be heard.

'What?!' his mother shrieked.

Bulma too was washing dishes, whisttling when the phone rang.

'Hello?' she said, without thinking as she brought the handset to her ear.

That's when she heard Chi-Chi's strident and not so friendly voice.

'Bulma, what the hell have you done?'

Bulma wondered for a few seconds if she was going to be deaf after that phone call. Chi-Chi was litterally screeching at the other end of the line.

'Goten told me everything! So, he kissed you!'

Bulma emitted something that sounded like a gurgle. That little snitch!

'Yes, it's true.' she admitted.

'And why had he done that?'

'He told me he... felt like it...'

'But... But... What about my family?' stammered Chi-Chi, on the verge of crying.

'He won't leave you, don't worry! But I told him we'd wait a bit. It's still too soon and... I don't want to move too fast and get all of us hurt in the end...'

Chi-Chi wasn't saying anything. Bulma was worried.

'Chi-Chi? Chi-Chi, do you hear me?'

Then, she heard the usual « biiip... biiip... biip... » Bulma hung up as her friend had. Worried, she dialed Vegetto.

It actually was a victory for the two famillies that they never managed to win over Vegeta and Son Gokû: that he could be called at all time, so he always had with him (in his pocket or stuck into his belt, not on his ear and in front of the eye, which almost shocked him) a cellphone.

'Yes?' said the Saiyan's low voice.

'Vegetto, it's Bulma. I'm worried about Chi-Chi, Goten has been telling her things...'

'Don't say anything else, I'll deal with it...'

He hung up without telling goodbye and teleported himself on the spot. He appeared in front of a crying Chi-Chi.

'Chi-Chi! What's going on?'

She hugged him and sobbed.

'Please, don't leave us...' she moaned.

'But... Who told you I was going to leave you?' Vegetto asked.

'If... I you date Bulma... You'll neglect us and...'

'What?' yelled Vegetto. He couldn't believe that a woman so strong and sure of herself as Chi-Chi could have so childish fears. He put his hands on her shoulders and said:

'Chi-Chi, even if I dated Bulma, I'd not neglect you!'

Chi-Chi looked at him with hope filled eyes. Vegetto let out a deep sigh.

'But how could you have thought such a thing? Three months is indeed not enough to get to know someone... Chi-Chi, you're my familly, I'd never do that...'

Chi-Chi tried to calm herself, but couldn't get to stop crying. Vegetto let an even deeper sigh out.

'Come on, stop crying...' he said, drying Chi-Chi's tears with the tip of his fingers.

Chi-Chi had a tired smile.

'You're right. What do I think of...' she whispered, a weak smile on her lips. 'Look, I'm going to cook your favorite meal tonight. Will you stay?'

'In that case, I think I'll!' answered Vegetto, lured with the promise of a good meal...

Chi-Chi laughed and started the cooking. Vegetto sat on the couch and they started talking about everything: the day with Goten and Trunks, the exorbitant prices in the cities, the good weather of the summer, the weird animal Goten sometimes brought them from his forest trips... Well, about everything really, as in a more or less normal familly. Vegetto enjoyed those calm discussion with Chi-Chi. Even if she was a woman of the countryside, she really was cultured and open on the world. Chi-Chi enjoyed those discussions too. Her husband had never been the one to speak, so it was different than the previous ambiance of her house. One hour later, the meal was ready.

'Wonderful!' said Vegetto as he sat.

'Wait, you ill-mannered man! The boys aren't here yet!'

'But I'm hungry!' protested the Saiyan.

'You'll wait all the same!'

Vegetto concentrated his energy on his sons. They still were in the middle of the forest. He thought to them:

« Gohan, Goten, it's time to eat. Come back soon! »

Gohan and Goten hurried back. They were too afraid of what Vegetto could do if they postponed the dinnertime. Five minutes later, they were there:

'We were training a bit...' Gohan explained.

'Mom, I found a turtle!!' said Gohan, showing the little reptile.

'It's good, but let go of her! She has to live in the nature!' said Chi-Chi.

'Yes mom...' mumbled Goten, disappointed.

And the meal could finally start.

Vegetto devoured everything that was within his reach so fast that even Gohan and Goten watched him, speechless.

'May I have some more?' asked Vegetto; his mouth full, holding his plate out.

'Yes...' answered Chi-Chi, at a loss.

Gohan and Goten hurried up and ate before their father had eaten everything. 

'May I have some more?' Vegetto asked for the seventh time.

'There is nothing left...' said Chi-Chi. It was the first time she saw anyone eat so much, and that was saying something! She had been living with Saiyans for so many years... 

Gohan looked curiously at his elder. 

'Dad, is there something wrong?'

'No, but I'm still hungry... I feel that I'm hungrier each time...' 

'Go to Bulma, there isn't much left here...' Chi-Chi suggested.

Vegetto got up.

'I'm coming back tomorrow to spend the day with you! Good night!'

And he disappeared.

'Hey Bulma. Wouldn't you have something to eat? I'm absolutely starving...'

'Do you know what time it is?' reprimanded Bulma before sighing. 'Come, I'll fix you something....'

And one hour later, the same thing happened again.

'Vegetto, are you sure you're alright?'

'Yeah, though... It's strange...' said Vegetto.

'Go see Dende... Mabe he'll know more about it...' said Bulma, worried.

'Alright. I'll come in two days to spend time with you! See you!'

And he disappeared without saying anything else. Once he arrived into the gods' realm, he immediately ran into Dende and Piccolo.

'Dende, I...'

'I know.' interrupted the small namek. 'I saw it from here...' 

'Do you know what's going on?'

'Not more than you do, but apparently earth food isn't enough for you anymore... Since your birth, you have been eating more and more...' 

'But... What am I to do? I am not going to starve, am I?' exclaimed Vegetto, panicking. After he had gone through all these dangers, that'd be the most stupid thing that could have happened to him!

'I've an idea.' said Piccolo. 'Go to Korin and ask him to give you senzus.'

'Great, thanks Piccolo!'

And he flew off. Korin was waiting for him, on the edge of his platform.

'Korin-sama, I...'

'I know...' the cat interrupted.

'News do travel fast, it'd seem...' mumbled Vegetto.

'I've three senzu with me... Have one.'

Vegetto swallowed the small bean and felt a bit better.

'May I have another one?' he sheepishly asked.

Sighing, the cat gave him his second senzu bean that Vegetto quickly ate.

'I'm feeling really better. Thanks, Korin-sama!'

'But what are you going to do if it's the same thing for each meal?'

'Ah.. er...' stammered Vegetto. 'I don't know... Couldn't we grow more senzu beans?'

Korin thought about it.

'Look,' told the feline. 'I'll think about it. Go back home. I'll contact you as soon as I find a solution to your problem.' 

Vegetto left, worried about what could happen to him. Betrayed by food... Who could have guessed...

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