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DBM Universe 16

Written by Syl & Salagir

Adapted by Adamantine

Translation of French fanfic about universe 16.

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 1, Chapter 8.

Chapitre 8 : Unburdened.

Vegetto couldn't believe it. He certainly had seen beautiful landscape in his life, but that one just outshone any other he may have seen. And when he thought that this planet now was his... Kibito Kai interrupted his trail of thoughts:

“This planet is perfect: the soil is very rich as none had ever cultivated anything on this soil and the air is as pure as gods' realm's air. Actually, we are the first intelligent beings to set foot here. Besides, there is no risk of it to be discovered. Well, here and there, there are some animals, some strange creatures as you can see, but nothing too dangerous. Moreover, even if it's not a big planet, it still is big enough to grown enough senzu beans to feed you. We have calculated that you could grow about one million senzu beans per year.”

“Awesome...” That was the only word that crossed Vegetto's mind as he was glancing around, with something like awe in his eyes, as if he was a child who had gotten the toy he had been wanting for so long and couldn't believe it. Kibito Kai laughed.

“We'll come back later. Make sure to memorize that place.”

Vegetto nodded, engraving the place in his memory, then they disappeared. The Saiyan opened his eyes when he was in the gods' realm. Then he said to Kibito Kai:

“So, I can go home for now?”

“Yes.” his master approved with a smile. “Fix whatever you need to with your family, then come back and tell me how do you plan on using your planet. We'll decide what to do when your return, according to...”

“Very well!”

Vegetto placed his index and forefinger to his brow and concentrated on the living room of Capsule Corp. He smiled one last time at his master and disappeared. When he was gone, Kibito Kai let out a deep sigh. Coming out of nowhere, the doyen walked up to him and asked:

“So? How did he manage?”

“He did very good... By the way, I've something of the utmost importance to tell you...”

The old god frowned, looking very serious. He mumbled:

“I think I know what is it about. But please, tell me.”

Kibito Kai sat down and gestured his superior to do the same, then he shared what he had found, the Old Kai both nodded and frowned as he was listening to the piece of information...

Bulma, languishing on her sofa was thinking of Vegetto and of his future. What was it to become of him? What was it to become of her? And what about Trunks, Chi-Chi, Gohan and Goten? What was it to become of them? Knowing that only time would answer, she turned around. That's when she felt a kind of draught. With extrem weariness, she looked up to see where it could come from and her eyes fell on Vegetto, two fingers on his forehead and a smirk on his lips. He winked at her. Bulma was so happy that she threw herself in his arms.

“You're done already! I knew you would accomplish it quickly! And what happened? Are you hungry?”

“Hold on!” Interrupted Vegetto. “One question at a time. Yes, I'm done and I've many things to tell you. And yes, I'm very hungry!”

Bulma laughed and winked back at him:

“Then the Chef Bulma is going to cook the best dishes for you! And while I'm preparing them, you could tell me what happened during these past four days!”

They went in the kitchen and Vegetto related his training in detail while Bulma was cooking no less than fifteen dishes at the same time! Two hours later, they were done and sat down to eat. The Saiyan decided to speak about what mattered most:

“Listen Bulma. I've something extremely important to tell you.” he said between two mouthfuls of chicken.

“About what?” she asked, even if she had guessed what this was about.

“About love. I have lived some months now, and I have been able to take stock of the situation: what do I want, where I'm going, what do I think and... who do I love too.”

“And then?” she pressed him for she was eager to know.

“I told you that the kiss of the other day wasn't an accident. That's because I wanted it. And now I want to live with you and to live a relationship out into the open with you. I assure you that it's not Vegeta loving you through me: I love you.”

When she heard that, Bulma felt as if happiness would overwhelm her. She too had come to love Vegetto, not the Vegeta in him. She loved his habits, his expressions and gestures and his features. She was sure of it. She had kissed her husband goodbye. She took his hands and, as tears filled her eyes even thoughx she was smiling broadly, she said:

“I feel the same! I mean... I know it's terribly cliché but I know what you feel because I have the same feelings! I want you to live here as well...”

“But... Will you cope with my leaving once every two days? And what about my 'husband of Chi-Chi' status?”

“I already cope with them.” answered Bulma. “To tell the truth, it's nothing. You'll be here every other days, it's still count!”

Vegetto smiled at her, aware that Vegeta hasn't been at home that often. They decided to tell it to everyone at the same time; so that they wouldn't have to tell it over and over and have people calling them for they'd be surprised. That's why that very evening they called the whole clique to come. One hour later, the entire Z-team was present. Bulma asked them to sit in the living-room, as she usually did when she had news to share with them, and sat at Vegetto's side when he started speaking.

“So, listen, I've decided to go out with Bulma. She's the one I love.”

Everyone smiled but they weren't surprised.

“Well, that was rather obvious!” statted Chi-Chi as she threw a glance that said 'I'm sorry' at Kulilin who answered with a shrug.

“But are you ok with it?” asked Bulma, worried.

“Of course. I'm not in love with Vegetto, he's too much like your husband!” she joked.

Bulma sighed of relief. She had feared a crisis, as the one she had to cope with when Chi-Chi had learned about the kiss, but apparently Chi-Chi too had come to a conclusion regarding her feelings. Bulma had cooked brochettes that everyone hurried to take before the hungry Saiyan ate them all. The evening was quiet and spent in a good atmosphere. At the end, Vegetto gathered the guests and, more serious looking, wanted to tell them about his new planet.

“Now, we've to organize things regarding the planet where I'll grow the beans.”

He paused to make sure everyone was listening and then carried on.

“I'll need help for the beginning. Chi-Chi, you could help me delimiting the fields, boys you could help me sow...”

“Don't worry Vegetto.” said Chi-Chi with a smile. “You know what? We're all going on that planet of yours for an unlimited amount of time. Once there, we'll plant the first shoots then you'll see if you can have people working for you...”

“I could take care of the salaries!” offered Bulma.

“Anyway, don't worry about it.” Chi-Chi said again. “You've done so much for us, it's the least we could do.”

Everyone nodded and said that everything was going to be ok. Vegetto smiled back at them, he felt so relieved. Before they left, 18 winked at Vegetto and he answered with a giggle and a wave.

He had one less burden on his mind, he felt he had made a great stride.

When it was time to go to bed, Vegetto felt shy. Bulma asked him:

“What's going on?” 

“What's going on?”

“Well... I suppose I lost the habits...”

“Come on! I won't eat you.” she laughed as she was tapping the empty place at her side.

Vegetto snuffled and removed his shirt and his pants and then, laid on the bed. Bulma put her arm on his torso and started caressing it. For some reason, the Saiyan felt quite nervous. Bulma asked again:

“What's going on?”

“I don't know. I...” stammered Vegetto.

The earth woman laughed in amusement and her hand went down on Vegetto's stomach. He tensed up a bit. She breathed in his neck and felt him shivering. Now that they were a couple, there would be no harm if she... She kissed his neck and he heaved a low sigh. She then decided to kiss his ear and the sigh was lower and louder. She smiled, Machiavellian. Apparently, her charms didn't leave him cold. She went over him and his glance was burning. It seemed he didn't see the harm either. He placed his hands on her hips and started to caress them as she was butterfly kissing his torso. This was going to be a long and intense night...

When the Saiyan opened an eye, he closed it right after for he was dazzled with the light. Bulma actually had a wide picture window in her room that lead into a long balcony: there was nothing better to allow the sun in the room. Vegetto put his hand on his face then he smiled as he remembered the events of the previous day. Bulma was still asleep, laying on her lover's chest. In a surge of tenderness, Vegetto brushed his loved-one's cheek and softly kissed her forehead. That soft touch woke her up. She blinked and yawned then raised her head so that she could kiss Vegetto. The latter got up and gently said:

“I've to go see Kibito Kai...”

Vegetto opened his eyes and moved his two fingers off his forehead. He was back in the gods' realm. The place was deserted for the moment but he could feel Kibito Kai's energy coming, as he had been warned by the presence of his ki of his arrival. A few seconds later, he was standing in front of him, smiling as always.

“So, did you think about how you were going to take care of your planet?”

“I did.” answered Vegetto with a half-smile. “My family and I are going to go there for an unlimited amount of time to take care of the plants, the installation of this or of that...”

“When do you plan on leaving?”

“As soon as possible. The earlier it'll be done, the later I'll starve...”

“I understand. Very well then. You have mastered my technique; so you manage your planet the way you want.” 

Vegetto felt grateful for the god. He put his hand on his shoulder and, as a sincere smile widened his lips, he said:

“I'll never be able to thank you enough for what you've done for me.”

“It's nothing.” answered Kibito Kai. “You know, compared with Buu's death, that's the least I could do.”

Vegetto thanked him once again before disappearing. That's when the doyen of the gods came and said:

“He doesn't seem to be evil.”

“I know, but...” muttered Kibito Kai who wasn't smiling anymore.

“I understood. His power, is that it?”

Kibito Kai nodded, his fists clenched. 

Bulma, sitting, was waiting for the one who now was his lover. She knew he'd not take long, but still, she feared what could happen. She got up and started pacing, worried sick, when he appeared in front of her. She looked inquiringly at him and he answered her with a nod. She knew what it meant. They could go...

Trunks had always been a calm and clever boy. At the age where most kids run everywhere and hit the toys that don't want to interlock, he just sat and analyzed the problem in his child's brain. It was him who helped Goten to finish his first 15-pieces jigsaw puzzle, it was him who found the keys his mother had lost, he had been the first to know how to fly, it was him again who had had the idea of the disguise during the tournament, and it was him who had first understood the moves the fusion required. In short, Trunks was a gifted child. So, it was in full knowledge of the fact that he had decided to eavesdrop on his parents in order to get some more information. Of course, he kept Goten informed of everything. That's how the two friends were aware of the day of the departure a long time before everyone else. When Vegetto came back, they were the first to know that the departure was imminent. Goten was overjoyed behind the sofa and so was Trunks. The first thing Vegetto said when he came back was:

“Are you done eavesdropping? Both of you.”

The two young boys were so startled that the sofa fell over. Vegetto asked:

“You didn't think that I couldn't feel your strength, no matter how reduced it was, did you?”

“Huh...” stammered Trunks.

“So, when are we going?” asked Goten, happy.

“As soon as everyone get here. I am counting on you to go look for them or do I need to call them?”

“Count on us!” said the two at the same time as they rushed out.

Vegetto sighed heavily.

“We'll have two hours of peace...”

Outside, the two boys were flying at full speed through the clouds.

“Hey Goten! You'll warn your family, I will go fetch Kulilin!”

“No problem! See you later Trunks!!”

And with that, the young men went on separate ways.

Goten felt the wind on his face and enjoyed it. His heart was beating with joy and excitement, so much joy and excitement that he transformed to go faster. After he had flown over several landscapes, he landed in front of his house. Chi-Chi went out.

“Oh, my dear. How was your week-end with Trunks?”

“Mom, dad's back. We're going!”

“Alright, give me time to get prepared. And, Goten...”

“Yes mom?”

“Let your hair black. Blond hair makes you look like a goon.”

Goten's hair sagged as he put his hand at the back of his head, smiling broadly, he said:

“Oh, yes. I'm sorry.”

As for Trunks, he was shooting fast in the sky. For a while, he accompanied a flight of birds flying over the oceans when he caught sight of Master Roshi's islet. As he landed, he screamed:

“Kulilin! Master Roshi! 18!”

The three people went out, 18, who was carrying Marron in her arms, greeted him with:

“Trunks, what bring you here?”

“We're going! Dad's back from the gods' realm and everything is ready!”

“Wonderful!” exclaimed Kulilin with a broad smile.

“But I've to stay behind.” sadly said the Turtle Hermit.

“Why that?” asked Marron's father.

“If I leave, who will take care of the turtle?”

“But she can come along.” answered the disciple.

Master Roshi sadly shook his head.

“I really can't go with you... Unless 18 absolutely wants me to join you?” said the lecherous old man, with red cheeks and a bloody nose.

The cyborg hit the old master very hard and then said:

“Not even in your dream, old glucose-full fool!”

Master Roshi, even though his face was buried in the sand, managed to sigh of disappointment.

“In that case, go... I know what you think of me now...”

They flew away; not without one last glance for Kame House. When they were nothing more than a star in the sky, the Turtle Hermit got up and rushed inside to switch on his new computer.

“Hahahaha... I'll have the house for myself for quite a while, which means..”

Giggling, he logged on his new favorite site, meeting.ball. He started to fill his datas:

Energic man looking for breasty young woman for love by the sea. Preferably not violent and with a liking for turtles.

Master Roshi burst out laughing even louder as he opened his mail box.

In the meantime, Trunks, Kulilin, 18 and Marron were flying over the sea...

“Do you think that Master Roshi will manage on his own while we are away?” asked Kulilin, for he felt sorry for him.

“You kid me? That old man is resourceful.” answered 18 who was merciless towards the old master.

Half an hour later, they landed in front of Capsule Corp. Trunks noticed that Goten was already here but that there was someone missing...

“Where is Gohan?” he asked.

“I don't know.” replied his brother, if not by blood, at least by heart. “When I went to fetch my mother, he wasn't here.”

“I think he had planned to go out with Videl today.” statted Chi-Chi.

“And it doesn't bother you that your dear son go out with a girl?” asked Kulilin, actually teasing her. 

Everybody knew that the only reason for which Chi-Chi accepted Videl in her family was that she was rich. Chi-Chi didn't seem to have heard and told Vegetto:

“You should go look for them.”

The Saiyan nodded then he made the usual gesture that would bring him near his son. He detected his son's ki and left.

In Videl's bedroom, the ambiance was quite intense. Gohan was sitting astride his girlfriend and was kissing her passionately. Videl took his hand and placed him on her breast. Gohan stopped then, lustful but also embarrassed.

“Do you want... that we... now?”

Videl bit her bottom lip and nodded.

“I do want! I love you Gohan.”

Emboldened, the half Saiyan began removing his girlfriend's shirt when he felt a ki right behind him. He gave a start and got up hastily as he recognized his father's ki. The latter was staring at them, baffled. Gohan stammered:

“D... dad? But what the hell are you doing here?”

“I'm sorry. I never thought that I could catch you on the verge of... Good thing that I didn't leave 10 minutes later!”

Videl had quickly pulled her shirt down, her cheek red with shame. Vegetto told them:

“We're going for our new planet now. You coming?”

“Huh... Ok.” said Gohan.

“Just give me time to take some clothes.” begged Videl, taking a bag. 

The two men left the room, each avoiding the glance of the other. Vegetto broke the ice.

“I'm sorry to have interrupted you like that...”

“It's ok...” answered Gohan, very embarrassed.

“No, it's not... Especially considering it's your first time.”

Gohan went from very embarrassed to extremely embarrassed. He was red as a beetroot and found that his shoes were very interesting all of a sudden. He starred at them until Videl arrived.

“Alright, everything is ready! Are we going?”

The lovers put their hands on the Saiyan who teleported them in front of Capsule Corp. Everyone was finally here. Vegetto went to take the stock of Senzu seeds that Korin-sama had given him.

“By the way, you haven't given your planet a name.”

“Oh, it's true.” admitted Vegetto. “But I've no idea about it...”

“You'll grow Senzu beans there, call it Senzu.” offered Kulilin.

“That's not original.” sighed Bulma. “Call it for what it represent, it's way more poetic!”

Vegetto looked at the ground whereas Kulilin was glaring at Bulma. Then the Saiyan looked up, resolute.

“That planet if my last hope of survival for without it I'm condemned to starvation. I say, let's call him Last Hope...”

“That sounds good.” said Chi-Chi with a smile.

“It sounds a tad melodramatic but yea, it's nice.” added Bulma.

“So, let's go to Last Hope!” exclaimed Kulilin as he took the hands of the two persons at his side.

Bulma placed her hand on Vegetto's shoulder who smiled at her before placing his fingers on his forehead. He saw the greenery, the blue sky, the majestic trees, the beauty of this place whose fragrance reminded him of spring...

And disappeared.

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