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DBM Universe 16

Written by Syl & Salagir

Adapted by Adamantine

Translation of French fanfic about universe 16.

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 3, Chapter 21.

Wrath of the Dragon (introduction)

Dear friends, a big 3-part chapter will be published!

As Tolkien did, I'll begin with documents, studies and appendixes.

First, it'll be about Hoï's story, as validated by DBM.

The illustrations come from this special chapter, drawn by Beta.

Then there will be my (Salagir's) studies of the movie that I had to watch again to write all this. (and I (Adamantine) had to watch it in English to check if there were differences! >.>)

Tapion's legend

(That part happened in 16 out of 20 of the universes participating in the DBM tournament)

So, a short summary for those who haven't watched the movie “Wrath of the Dragon” (in japanese: Dragon Ball Z: Ryû-Ken Bakuhatsu!! Gokû ga Yaraneba Dare ga Yaru, meaning “Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Fist Explosion!! If Gokû Can't Do It, Who Will”), which is the 13th DBZ movie, released in Japan on July 15th 1995 between episode 270 and 271. It was dubbed in English by FUNimation Entertainment and released in the US on home video and DVD on September 12, 2006.

About one thousand years ago, on planet Konats, a group of black magicians gave life to an idol and the resulting demon was at their orders: Hirudegarn.

The local inhabitants were able to defeat it only by using sacred items that had a link with that idol: a priest wielding a sword and two musicians playing the ocarina: Tapion and his little brother, Minotia. All three became great heroes after having combined their strength against the monster. The music paralysed the demon who was cut in half by the priest and his sword. And the two parts were sealed into the brothers' bodies.

In order to prevent Hirudegarn from leaving their bodies, the two musicians requested that their bodies to be locked in a music box and then, that these musical boxes to be lost somewhere in the universe.

And so the legend ended.

The magician's quest

But the magicians of the planet Konats weren't going to let their ultimate creation be lost in the universe.

Their quest for the two musical boxes in the interstellar space had lead them in “our” part of the universe, where only one family of very powerful demons controlled almost every territories. But this didn't bother them. Once they had gathered together, the magicians cast a spell all at once in order to detect the small items.

And it worked. The two boxes were back in their possession. That happened in the year 214. The prince Cold was the master of the planet on which the magicians were about to make their first experiment. The thing they weren't aware of was that Cold really didn't like when weird things happened in his domain.

So, of course, when the first box was opened, thanks to the combined powers of the magicians, and when an enormous pair of legs started to destroy the land, the army intervened.

The magicians thought they had succeeded in everything. The young piper, Minotia, had been killed and the part of Hirudegarn that he had possessed had been locked into one of their acolyte: Hoi. This prowess had cost the life of many of them, and they were taken by surprise when Cold's army arrived.

The magicians were quickly killed and, thanks to a high level warrior of that time, Hoi was put to sleep and locked, in stasis, in one of the prisons of the empire for all eternity.

Some centuries passed...

Years after the elimination of the demons' empire (those who are responsible for this change through the universes, but most of the time, a Saiyan is responsible for it), a prisoner escaped from his cell, destroying half of the installations at the same time. And this woke up Hoi, who discreetly fled.

He had to operate behind the scene to find the remaining music box among the treasures of that broken kingdom that were now shared between corrupted officials and museums.

And once he had it, he understood that he'd never be able to open it on his own.

(Universe 16 and 18)

Then, he went to Earth because he had heard that there was a magical being on it that was able to help him.

(Any other universes)

He searched a long time, but died all alone, the music box in his hand... Hirudegarn disappeared in the void...

Studies of the original movie

Those who doesn't like that kind of thing can stop reading now, the story is over.

You can click on the images to enlarge them.

In the first scene, we can see Minotia. With his sword... What? Minotia has a sword too? But how many swords there are? I thought that Tapion had the priest's... So... that's not how he got it?

Too bad, because the two ocarinas and the sword seemed to be the only sacred items that were linked to the giant statue...

Anyway, Minotia is killed by the legs he had in him. So, it's seem clear that he had been freed by Hoi or the magicians and that he died.

This concerns the French Version (I watched the English version. I don't think I've missed anything, it's possible, but I don't think so – can be wrong though – anyway, I haven't seen that sentence, but I still wanted to keep that argument. By the way, the English voices are waaaaaaaay better and much more expressive than the French ones... erm, back to what Salagir was saying:): I heard a random passer-by talking about Hoi and saying: “It's the guy who was on that tv ad, you know, the one about music boxes.” That sentence is totally incomprehensible! The only explanation I can think of is that Hoi knew that it was on Earth and made an ad in order to look for it (quite hard to do...).

Very over-powerful guys seem to be unable to spin a small handle. None of them even try to transform into SSJ by the way (thanks the Toei). And the handle doesn't break! It's incredible!

None notices that Hoi emit the same power than Hirudegarn. Well, that can be easily explained: Tapion is so amazing and they are awestruck by his release...

Tapion threatens Hoi then leaves without doing anything... And none among the heroes find it strange.

The legs are attacking and Tapion seems to make them disappear (as when he was released from the music-box, when the legs went back into Hoi). The mysterious Hoi is also seen, but the heroes [Gohan and Videl] don't think about catching one of them to ask for an explanation, even if it's clear that they are linked to the problem (the entire city is razed to the ground, there were hundreds (1) of casualties). It's not as if they were more than able to catch them...

First appearance of Hirudegarn's head. If you sleep, you're dead Tapion. He uses the ocarina to put it back into his body.

None had ever seen that in the story of animation: there is no dishwasher in Capsule Corp! Bulma, the daughter of the Capsule Corp.'s owner, Bulma who is so rich that she can give diamonds to Kulilin, without any second thought, and Videl, Mr. Satan's daughter, who live in a fifty-room manor, are cleaning the dishes! They can't afford buying a dishwasher or paying a cleaning woman!! As for the numerous domestic robots that we can see in about every images of the Capsule Corp... Well, I guess they are on strike.

What a great scene of trust and friendship: to whom should I give the ocarina? To his rightful owner that had been freed against his will and that I admire, or to the old weird guy whose actions and words are suspicious and who had asked us to free Tapion because he was a heroes we'd need to fight an upcoming crisis and who now maintain that he's evil and the one responsible for said crisis? Really, it's hard to decide...

Tapion and Minotia like to play the ocarina in high places, just to have fun. A passing by priest... In short, it seems to me that these three had planed all that from the sacred items.

A strange man in the back, the priest on the right and the two brothers in shadows. They see each other for the last time. Please, also note that Minotia doesn't have any sword while Tapion does.

The music boxes are put into a box (…) and Tapion's is supposedly send to Earth. Yeah, right...

The music-box-room is done. It doesn't have any door and Tapion is going to sleep with his room wide open. But Hirudegarn isn't going to go out, I am sure of it!

Tentacles grow from Hirudegarn's tail in order to eat humans. Well, if it wasn't for that hint, I'd never have thought that Hirudegarn was evil. And here is Hoi's explanation of that phenomenon: he (it?) needs energy. Well... in any case, it woke up Tapion.

So, Hiru is now complete and Hoi has learnt to fly.

Vegeta protects humans. I am wondering if in all the DB/DBZ/etc. series, it's not the first and last time that we see him protecting someone? Well, we can also note that it's not out of character for the story happens after the Buu saga and Vegeta is now a 'good guy'. Anyway, it costs him a lot and it's the end of his only appearance (which last about 2 minutes). By the way, Piccolo was away, looking for mushrooms.

Gotenks appears and Hirudegarn gains a new form. Which is of absolutely no use and seems to me to go against the logic of his original form that was the statue's.

All of a sudden, Tapion can fly too, . He resists a fire attack from Hirudegarn, and that's why some fans say that he's at the SSJ 2 level. That's normal... Musicians are more powerful than Freeza, Bojack and Dabura, the demon lord... It happens all the time.

[French version] “Kill me Trunks! My blade won't kill me! Kill me!”

[English version]: Trunks, there isn't much time left. Quick, strike my heart! I can't hold him much longer. [Trunks: you don't know what you're saying!] Do you want to see everyone you care about die? [Trunks retorts that he's his friend] Ah, Trunks... I know it's not fair to ask you... But there is no other way, I don't want to destroy you. I know death seems cruel but I welcome this blade... Help me...”

“It's flawless.” But wait, I'll take as much time as I can to allow the monster to escape again.

We get rid of Hoi in a practical way (no, heroes doesn't kill in cold blood, and they don't kill weak persons...), but not in a logical way...

Actually, you just had to use the sword! Look at me: even if I'm not in super Saiyan form, I can do it! In fact, ocarinas, priests... all that kind of stuff was only rubbish! Any powerful warrior with a sword can do it. So, I have an idea: let's not use it anymore. All that because Gokû must look good and have class! And he's going to do it all alone! “No Trunks, that monster is mine to handle! Alone!” (2)

One day, a fan had said: 'If there is something worse than a Broly that had been over-powered by his number one fan, Salagir, it's a Gokû that had been over-powered by the Toei, his number one fan.' Even if it was amazingly cool, that Shenron-shaped attack makes no sense whatsoever and doesn't look like anything, nothing at all that was ever made in all DB and DBZ stories.

Tapion goes one thousand years in the past to... huh... go back home in Hyrule... erm.. Konats. And... huh... to find his little brother with Hirudegarn's legs in him? Or to bury his body? Actually, I don't really know ;p

If Trunks want to see him, he just has to use the machine, that's quite easy (sic).

By the way, I hope it's clear for everyone that this sword ISN'T Mirai Trunks's sword, in spite of the images of the credits that show him using his sword...

Translator's note: the informations regarding the Japanese title and extra info were found here

1: Nott (note of the translator): Salagir says hundreds, I'd go with thousands

2: Nott: In French: 'Trunks, go take care of the injured people!'... Honestly, I don't know which is worse

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