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DBM Universe 16

Written by Syl & Salagir

Adapted by Adamantine

Translation of French fanfic about universe 16.

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 1, Chapter 3.

Chapter 3: At Bulma's...

Vegetto woke up early the next day. Apparently, he had taken from Vegeta when it came to sleep, but that didn't prevent his Goku side to call him to order when his stomach growled loudly. He got up from the couch on which he had spent the night and saw that Chi-Chi was already busy doing the cooking. His olfactive memory told him that she was cooking pilau rice with fried chicken, roasted beef, fried eggs and sautéed vegetables with soy sauce. His stomach growled again.

'Wait a bit.' Chi-Chi told him. 'It'll be ready in fifteen minutes.'

Vegetto got up and stretched at length like a feline. Chi-Chi looked enquiringly at him. Apparently, it wasn't one of Goku's habits. Vegetto began to crack a few joints and put on the clothes he had removed for the night. Chi-Chi exclaimed:

'You are not going to wear that again, are you? They're so worn!'

'But I don't have anything else...' sheepishly said Vegetto.

'Well, I've some old clothes that belonged to Goku-san's in the closet.'

She rushed into her room and brought out her husband's old kimono.

'There, it should fit.'

Vegetto undressed without a second thought – after all, he was her husband – and put on the clean clothes. It appeared that they were a bit too big for him. Chi-Chi chuckled:

'Goku-san must have become smaller when he merged with Vegeta!'

Vegetto flew off the handle.

'Don't you make fun of me, or else you'll regret it!'

Chi-Chi found that reaction so comical, so Vegetish, that she laughed all the more. Hurt in his pride, Vegetto, red as a tomato, looked away and crossed his arms. The woman found that reaction almost cute. She calmed down and said:

'Alright, I'm sorry...'

'Don't care!' replied the sulking warrior.

Chi-Chi did her best not to laugh.

'Come on, come to eat! It's ready!'

Vegetto sat stiffly and ate more properly than Goku ever did. Goten and Gohan arrived.

'Hey mom, hi dad!' they said together.

'Hello kids.' greated Chi-Chi as she served their meals.

''lo.' mumbled Vegetto as he swallowed a bit of chicken.

The meal was quiet and the only sound to be heard was the one of the sticks against the plates. When a Saiyan eats, he doesn't speak. Once the meal over, Vegetto got up and said:

'I'm going to see Bulma now. See you.'

And without a moment's thought, he teleported himself.

'Did something happen when we were asleep?' asked Gohan, curious.

'It's nothing, your father is sulking because I told him he was small.' laughed Chi-Chi.

When Vegetto arrived at Capsule Corp., the sun was high in the sky. He came inside the building. Bulma was in the living-room. When she saw him, she rushed to him:

'It's you! How are you doing?'

'F... Fine.' stammered Vegetto, surprised.

Now that Bulma knew Vegetto was more attracted by her than by Chi-Chi, she had decided to take no chance and so, to seduce her husband as much as she could. She didn't want to lose Vegeta once again and she found the Saiyan looked so much like him that she didn't see so many difference, except a softer personality and a lock accros his forehead. She asked him to sit in the living-room.

'You must be ravenous. I'm going to fix you a meal.'

Vegetto didn't mention that he had just eaten. After all, he had to eat for two, so he didn't see any problem with eating twice as much. They went in the kitchen. Just then, Trunks came in.

'Mom, it's one in the afternoon, I'm hungry!'

When he saw Vegetto, his face hardened and he went away. The brown haired man felt extremely uncomfortable. He was wondering how he could make his son accept him when Bulma told him:

'Don't pay attention to it, he'll eventually admit you haven't changed so much.'

Vegetto nodded but promised himself he'd go see him later. In the meanwhile, he wanted his meal. Bulma served him a very western meal: French fries and fried French beans with garlic and onion and roast beef. Vegetto felt enraptured by the smell of his food. He ate gluttonously in front of a smiling Bulma.

'Thank you.' he said once he was done. 'I'm full...'

'The pleasure was mine!'

Vegetto glanced at his wife. She still was quite in shape for her age. No hint of a wrinkle, contrary to Chi-Chi, and Vegetto knew, thanks to Vegeta's memories, that Bulma never had recourse to plastic surgery. He blushed at his thoughts, each a bit unorthodox. How could one be two persons at the same time and feel so attracted by a woman while the other one had an almost repulsive effect on him? Bulma smiled as she guessed Vegetto's thoughts. She knew that, after a good meal, Vegeta was more inclined to do some things and it seemed that Vegetto was the worthy heir to his habits. However, he got up and said:

'I'm going to see Trunks...'

For the first time in her life, Bulma cursed Goku and his faithfull personality. Vegetto found Trunks in his room, busy playing with robots. He didn't even turn around when he heard his door creaks. He already knew who it was thanks to the ki his father displayed.


'Go away!' merely, and aggressively, said the young boy.

Vegetto sighed.

'Look... In spite of what you think, I still am your father and...'

'No, you're not my father!' screamed the boy, interrupting his elder.

Vegetto remained silent due to the surprise, but then, he carried on.

'Yes, I'm. I may be Goku, but I also am Vegeta!'

'You are nothing like my father.' persisted Trunks.

'How so?'

'My father doesn't have that happy idiot halfwit look! He doesn't have your fac personality either! He's two hundred times stronger than you, and one hundred times more intelligent! You are... You're nothing more than the shadow of who he was! I don't want to see you ever again, Do you hear me?'

Vegetto caught Trunks by the shoulders and looked at him in the eyes. Trunks felt all the sadness and the anger his speech had caused in Vegetto. For the second time since the merging, Vegeta expressed himself through Vegetto.

'Listen to me, you brat! I was obliged to inflict that on me! Do you really think that I had any other choice to save you? To be forever merged with Kakarotto was the last thing I wanted to do! If there had been another way, I'd have rather done it! I was forced to do it, for heaven's sake, because I didn't want you and your mother to die! I had resigned myself to die when I sacrified myself! Don't you talk to me like that ever again or I'm going to give you a very hard time, little squirt!'

Trunks' eyes widened due to the shock. To see for a little while his father's stern look had moved him so much that he was shaking a bit. He sat down and cried. Vegetto wondered if freeing the vegetish wrath had been a good idea, but softness surpassed harshness for a moment and he took the young boy into his arms. The young boy who, in spite of his embarrassment, cuddled against him to fully enjoy the second embrace he had got from his father since his birth.

After he had spent a quarter of hour to calm his son, Vegetto felt too many emotions and Trunks was at peace. Both were so embarrassed that they didn't even know what to say. People could see who Trunks had taken after! Vegetto cleared his throat.

'Do you feel like a training session, as in the old days?'


And they left to go into the gravity device. Vegetto settled the machine on 50 times Earth gravity so that Trunks could move and then went inside. Vegetto felt the difference but didn't move at all whereas Trunks sagged a bit. Inside, they removed their T-shirt and started a little warm-up: jogging fifty times around the room, then one hundred push-ups and one hundred sit-ups. At the end, Trunks transformed to be more at ease. Vegetto did so too.

'Such incredible ki!' The boy couldn't help but stating. 'I understand now how you managed to crush Buu...'

'Do you feel like fighting?' offered Vegetto.

'What?! You're kidding me, right...? You're too strong...'

'Don't worry, I will not fight full force,' said Vegetto, going back to normal. 'And if you manage to hit me in the face, I'll take you to the park.'

Vegetto fell silent due to a sort of deja-vu. Trunks rejoiced.

'You'll see!'

He threw himself on Vegetto and tried to let fly a right hook in the face, but it was parried at once. Trunks' long chain of blows were stopped as if it were nothing. Therefore he tried kicks, but those were stopped too. Vegetto told him:

'You're too predictable! I tell you that if you hit me in the face you'll get something, so you only try to hit me there. The other parts count too, and if you distract me, it'll be easier for you to hit the bull's eye!'

As he was saying it, Vegetto kicked Trunks in the stomach. The latter contracted and put his hand over his belly as he bended. Then, Vegetto dealt him a blow on his nose that made his son fall a few meters away. Trunks got up, sobbing:

'You hurt me...'

'I'm sorry, it was to illustrate what I was saying... I'll still take you to the park...'

Trunks smiled and staggered out the room:

'Ouch... ouch...'

'Go clean yourself.' commanded the Saiyan with a smile.

'Ok, dad...'

Trunks wondered how the Son family had reacted, but he was sure he was going to grow accustomed to that state. Sweating, Vegetto used Vegeta's memory to go to his former room and so, to his former bathroom.

[[dragonball.png nocss]

When he came in, he froze: Bulma was on his bed and she was wearing a transparent nightie as well as garter-belt. When she saw him, she had her most charming smile:

'I was waiting for you, handsome!'

She got up and crept up on her target, who was disconcerted and, of course, slightly aroused. She cuddled against the Saiyan who started at the contact with the woman. Vegetto was fully aware he was attracted by Bulma, but to act so soon revolted Goku in him. He swallowed and said:

'L... Listen, Bulma... It's perhaps too soon...

'Too soon for what?' she pervertedly asked, pressing herself a bit more against his body.

Vegetto opened his mouth but no sound escaped his throat. She just pressed the more intimate part of his body. And he would yield to his low passions, he was sure of it, if she didn't stop teasing him. She went up on tiptoe and kissed him without warning. Vegetto immediately reacted. You want to tease me? We'll see about that. He kissed her on the neck. Bulma whispered:


Vegetto stopped abruptly. Had he heard correctly? He let go of Bulma who had noticed her mistake. Vegetto, pale, whispered:

'How did you call me?'

Bulma didn't even answer.

'So... since the beginning, you don't think that I'm a person with my own needs and feelings? Just as Vegeta, or as Goku, who would have changed a bit? Is that it?'

Bulma almost felt ashamed. She knew that she was looking for Vegeta in Vegetto, just as some where looking for Goku in him. None saw three persons in this. She bit her lips.

'Listen... I lost my husband in this... And my best friend. So, please, don't blame me for looking for them in you when you're the result of their merging...'

Vegetto looked up and she could see that sad face that belonged to Vegeta, in the old day, and said:

'I think I'm going in exile for a while...'

No! Did he had that habit too? Considering the two individual and their habits of leaving to meditate each time something wrong was happening, he could be gone for months on end! She had to prevent him!

'Think of your children!'

They're not my children. They're Goku's and Vegeta's! Don't you agree?'

It was going really bad... Bulma lowered her head, out of spite.

'When you'll be back, tell us...'

'Yeah...' said Vegetto. He took some of Vegeta's clothes in his closet and put them on – too short that time – then left through the window. Bulma got dressed too and went to the kitchen.

'Mom? Where is dad?'

'He's... gone...'

'Already? But... He spent the whole night at Goten's! Why did he stay only a few hours with us? It's not fair! When is he going to come back?'

'I don't know.'

Trunks sighed, annoyed. He planned to get informations about Saiyans from his father, those that his other father never thought good to tell him, certainly more out of reticence than due to a true wish of hidding their history. He took the phone.

'Goten, is dad at your home?'

'No, why?'

'He just left!'

'Ah... I'll call you when he comes back, ok?'

'Yeah, thanks Goten!'

'By the way, Trunks?'


'If my father is your father, it means we're brother?'

'Hey, that's right... I guess we could say that indeed...'

'That's great Trunks! I always wanted us to be brother!'

'Yeah, that's really cool! Well, I gotta go, mom's calling me for supper.'

'Alright... Bye!!'

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