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DBM Universe 16

Written by Syl & Salagir

Adapted by Adamantine

Translation of French fanfic about universe 16.

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 2, Chapter 14.

Chapter 5: The meaning of Vegetto's very existence

Several months had passed. A huge part of the senzu planet had become the largest field our Earthling friends had ever seen. They couldn't know that it was nothing compared with some farming planets that used to be into Freeza's and Coola's former empires, but they kept the right to be impressed.

More than twenty Namekians offered to be farmers and didn't hesitate to go live far from their home planet in order to help the plantation to grow. When Vegetto went to pay them a little visit, he could notice that they already were forty. Young ones were playing in the fields and were even removing weeds.

Many other races came; various extraterrestrials the Kaioshins had recommended, all of them were very nice and friendly and they didn't mind seeing their family only once a month, via Vegetto transport. Sworn to secrecy, they were proud to please those who were to praise for the downfall of the Frost Demons' empire.

Vegetto had become perfectly bearable. During meals with his family... well; his families, he ate what was in his plate with appetite as any Saiyan would, without complaining about the quantity. And then, he gulped down some senzu beans as a dessert.

One day, he had gone to give the Kaioshins what he thought would be his last report regarding Last Hope's state.

Everything was going well, the production was stable and there even were considerable stocks for the warrior's meals to come. The farmers were happy there and those who wanted a salary regularly came back to their family with some pounds of gold they took from a mine located in a part of the planet.

In short, Vegetto thought he would take his leave and not see those gods again.

“Vegetto, I'd like to talk with you.” said the old Kai.

Hadn't they just done it? Vegetto removed his fingers from his forehead.

“Sit down,” asked the old god who already had done so whereas Kibito Kai stayed up behind him.

Uh oh... That's not good... thought Vegetto

“Vegetto, you've been alive for almost a year; and I had to come to this clear conclusion: you're no Saiyan.”


“If we were to classify beings in a pyramid according to their... let's say, metabolism, then down bellow, there would be bacteria, then just above them, insects, fish and some mammals, then humans of course, then the dinosaurs, and further up, or almost, Saiyans. It's... It was the species who ate the most to produce the biggest amount of energy that the universe ever knew. But you are not in this pyramid. You're... miles above its top.”


“Your power is huge. It's too huge. Son Gohan, your son whose potential I upped beyond its limits, was to be the most powerful warrior there ever was. And you overpower him. By far.”


“So, Vegetto, you're an universal colossal abnormality in the great story of the universe. You would pass Majin Buu or the Legendary Saiyan off as a misplaced comma! You're an entire chapter written the wrong way! In my day, that kind of being was eliminated at birth!”

“So? You can't kill me. But I appreciate your honesty, Kai. I actually wondered how such madness, such as the Legendary Saiyan and Majin Buu could hang around in the universe. And I infer that it's due to the East Kaioshin's kindness, or rather his incompetence. Too Gokûish to kill innocents that would destroy the universe one day, I suppose.”

Kibito Kai starred at the ground. He preferred ignore the insult because it was neither the time nor the topic.

“That's right Vegetto... We can't do anything against you... or almost nothing... But I saw your power increasing... I saw you getting angry... and I saw the end of the universe. I saw it becoming a pile of particles the day you decided you are fed up with it... And as Kaioshin, my job is to prevent it from happening.”

“I like laying cards on the table,” Vegetto said. “ For a long time, I have been suspecting that you'd rather see me dead, or weaker. As you invented the fusion, you're most likely the only ones who are able to hurt me. Good thing that my education, as well as a part of me, have made me keep you alive, out of safety. After all, I rather like you.”

A drop of sweat appeared on Kibito Kai's temple.

“But beware.” added Vegetto as he held out his finger. “You won't do anything against my being alive. Both of you are merged beings, and, as for me, you're unable to become the two beings you originally were. The three of us know that once the shock had passed, we feel like one person. If I were to feel the mere hostile action against me, you'd be dead, both of you. Remote as you are, it'd take one thousand years for anyone to notice you are not here anymore. And I'm not kidding.”

“I know,” said the old Kaioshin. “You have nothing to fear from us. I speak to you frankly because I do know that we can find a deal. I think that you have enough honor in you to understand that you owe us a lot. We've created you, we've fed you. I even gave you my life,” he added, pointing at his halo.

“So, what do you want in exchange?”

“We want you to obey us.”

“Mister Kaioshin will have one or two sugars in his coffee? Do you want me to tuck you in? Do I have to ask for your approval before going to pee? I hope you're daydreaming!”

“Stupid! We're not talking about that kind of obedience. What I want is that, if ever I come to tell you that there is a problem in your behavior, I want you to listen to me and to change. If one day I need you for something, I want you to do it. Before you do anything that could have an influence on your life or on anyone else's life, I want you to ask us first. Of course, we're not going to interfere in your life!”

“I just heard the contrary. What kind of things do 'that could have an influence' include?”

“Well, if you plan on founding an empire or conquering the universe, ask us first.”

“Bulma wouldn't agree with it.”

“If ever you want to raze a planet to the ground, ask us first.”

“Come on... I'm done with such things.” said Vegetto with a smirk.

“Do you agree with having us like your masters, the way Gokû considered and respected the wisdom of his master Muten Roshi?”

“Ok, ok, I got it... if having a psychological follow-up and taking you as advisers is enough to reassure you, I can go see you from time to time. It's not asking too much to avoid a divine slaughter.”

The two kaioshins sighed of relief.

“You can go on, dear masters.”

Kibito Kai was surprised. What next?

“You've guessed correctly.” nodded the old Kaioshin. “That's right, I thought of something else: missions. I'd like to give you missions from time to time.”

“But...” weakly said the East Kaioshin. “Kaioshin shouldn't intervene in...”

“Well, I think it should change. The Kaioshins never had someone as powerful as Vegetto at their disposal. Vegetto, if two one-hundred-thousand-strong armies were to fight one another, arms in hand, would you steal their armament one by one before they could do any harm?”

“Hm... well, yes. If I teleported near each of them, I could probably be done in a some minutes.”

“That's what I'm talking about.”

“So you want me to become a sort of peacemaker?”

“That and other things. It's about redemption. You do know that if Vegeta was to die now, he'd go to Hell? Well, if you were to die now... I don't know, you should ask Enma.”

“Hey, I can do some missions for you, it could even be a training of some sort.”

A gleam appeared in the Old Kaioshin's eyes.

“So it's decided. Vegetto, you're going to be the greatest hero of all times and the universe!”

And so, Vegetto kept going to meet the Kaioshin rather often.

At first, he didn't do much. The Kaioshin paved the way to decide what were the right missions. At the beginning, he had to do extremely easy things, as moving a too dangerous monster, such as other Yakons that were not in the right place. He also saved a whole town from a tsunami with his shield. But that was so easy, any member of his family could do the same thing.

For Vegetto, The opportunity of finding a true challenge in these missions was starting to fade. But the old Kaioshin told him that for now those missions really were not hard.

Whenever Vegetto went to meet the Kaioshins, or when he went on missions for them, he wore the clothes he got after the merging, as well as the Potalas. But when he was at home, he usually wore regular shirt and pants. He also used his new teleportation to hide the Potalas in a crevasse in the far North, where nothing lived. He had had a nightmare in which Bulma tried them on at the same time that Puar, or something. And so, his wife became a kind of big furry and hideous cat-woman...

“Shouldn't I give these back to you?” he asked the Old Kaioshin one day. “They're very powerful things. I shouldn't keep them...”

“Oh, but you can keep them.” he answered. “Those jewels aren't worth anything and nobody will be able to use them to fuse.”

“I thought they could be used multiple times?”

“They can, but not these ones. I've modified them when I have given them to Gokû.”

“Hm... you already were paranoid and...”

“Not at all. I modified these Potalas because these magical items work only if one of the users is a Kaioshin. These earring were originally created in order to improve the Kaioshins. And yes... to increase our life span, our intelligence and our strength. Therefore I modified these considering Gokû's DNA... So there earrings can be of use only if one of the users is Gokû. But as he doesn't exist anymore, they are of no use anymore.”

And so, Vegetto kept the earrings.

That is what Vegetto was meant to do and how he lived.

He had two families and took care of the two of them.

He wasn't a being as any other but had come to term with it.

He kept training to be in shape even if a shadow clouded his horizon: he'd never find an opponent that would prove to be a challenge.

He made his way in the universe, doing little missions for the Kaioshins.

Perhaps you'd want to know some anecdotes that made Vegetto the greatest hero of the universe?

Perhaps you'd like to read the adventures that gave him more powers and extended knowledge?

Perhaps you'd like to know how he'll take care of his two little students and how they would grow?

Well, all will be published in good time :)

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