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DBM Universe 16

Written by Syl & Salagir

Adapted by Adamantine

Translation of French fanfic about universe 16.

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 3, Chapter 24.

Wrath Of The Dragon (Part 3/3)

Summary of the previous chapters: you can click on the chapter 22 and read the story from the beginning if you want to know.

Dragon Fist Explosion!! If Trunks can't do it, who will?

Vegetto's blows obstinately refused to kill the monster. All he could to was turn around him and hit him in order to limit the monster to a part of the city. Each time it went in smoke, Vegetto was at its landing place to welcome it and hit it again. He could go on for hours; but he wasn't winning.

He decided to ask for help.

Vegetto formed Piccolo's image in his mind then he spoke to him by telepathy. That was how it worked. Since Son Gokû had used that method to ask Kulilin to not kill Vegeta, the fighters of Earth had vaguely understood how it was possible. The effectiveness of that technique increased if the user had a special link with the one he called, or if that latter was ready to listen... And also a short distance between the two persons was advised. Gokû had called Kulilin, Piccolo had called Gohan. Vegetto had called his sons.

Piccolo was far away and his link with Vegetto were considerably reduced. When they finally managed to make contact, he understood that Piccolo was willing to listen to him. The latter had been focused on the scene for quite long.

“Piccolo, use your divine eyes. We have to find the caster.”

“Vegetto, what do you think I'm doing? That I'm picking up mushrooms?”

The former god of Earth was on the edge of his sanctuary. He was scanning the whole planet in detail. His eyes were able to get around any object and go through even the tiniest hole. If this power made him the best voyeur, unfortunately, it didn't do anything else. There were no sound, no detection, just sight. For instance, a long time ago, he had taken hours to find Cell. But in the present case, he knew the magician wasn't far away.

Piccolo wasn't exactly on the edge of his sanctuary: he actually was on an oriental flying carpet, some inches over the edge of the sanctuary. At his side, the new god of Earth was standing and scanning the world as well.

The two Namekians who had devoted their life to the planet's security, were scanning and scanning again under the eyes of their servant Mr. Popo.

Piccolo's eyes widened suddenly. In the next second, he pushed Dende away from the carpet without warning and used it for its primary function. Indeed, the magical carpet could instantly appears in any place of the world. Nobody knew why it hadn't been used to allow Gokû to go from the sanctuary to the battlefield where Vegeta and Nappa were slaughtering his friends.

Piccolo found himself under a pile of rubble. The carpet was tangled in concrete and iron bars. Fortunately, the Namekian had no trouble pushing away the some tons of rubble that were crushing him. Well, he wasn't flat like the carpet was! Just in front of him, he could see Hoi, who was laying down in a small space. Hoi who suddenly turned around, surprised.

Piccolo didn't do things by half.

One blow was enough to kill Hoi. The Namekian had learned from his mistakes: vermin were rather resilient. Cutting it in half wasn't enough. He destroyed the entire body of the magician, as well as the concrete surrounding it, with an energy attack. If ever they had questions to ask him, they'd just have to go see him in the line of deceased people waiting to see Enma.

Vegetto detected Piccolo's arrival.


He also saw the explosion and understood that the magician was dead.


He eventually noticed that Hirudegarn wasn't the least affected by it.


Trunks dropped Tapion on the roof of a building that was still standing. They were a few hundred yards away from where Vegetto was fighting the demon. Tapion started playing immediately.

Hirudegarn started screaming of pain and turned around in all directions. He looked on the side and noticed the source of his pain. He spat a gigantic wall of flame towards him.

Trunks had placed himself just in front of the magician and created a spherical shield. The flame just licked its edges. A few seconds later, the shield disappeared for Trunks wasn't able to maintain it for too long. But it had been enough. Tapion haven't stopped playing and the giant writhed in pain then began breaking apart. And suddenly the fragments became smoke and it entered in Tapion's body.

Because of the effort it had requested, the musician fell on his knees.

“Bravo Tapion!” exclaimed Trunks.

But Tapion was sweating buckets and understood he wouldn't be able to contain the now whole demon in his body. He drew his sword and hold it out to the Saiyan.

“Trunks! You have to do it! Use that sword... and eliminate that demon while it still is in my body!”

“Wh... What?”

Trunks' sad eyes filled with tears. Tapion was asking Trunks to kill him!

Vegetto appeared not far from them.

“Do you want me to do it?” asked his father.

Trunks didn't say a thing but grabbed the hilt of the sword. That weapon, worthy of a hero... He had been dreaming of it. And now... it looked like an instrument of death, a bit like a gun.

“I don't want you to die! You're my friend!” he cried.

“You have to make sacrifice to be a hero.” said Tapion.

Trunks lifted the sword above his head. His sight was blurred with tears.

Tapion smiled at him and looked at him in the eyes.

“Thank you.” he told him.

Trunks closed his eyes and brought the blade down on his hero.



A kind of explosion surrounded Tapion. A huge energy came out all of a sudden, stopping the sword on its way. Tapion lifted the ocarina but the latter cracked in his hand and fell into pieces.

Hirudegarn escaped. It had managed to freed itself from the hold of the flutes. And that time, it was forever. Tapion looked at it, desperate.

As for Trunks, he did what he had in mind since the beginning. He flew at top speed towards the monster, a yellow-spark trail following him. A transverse sword strike made a gash on half the monster's torso. Hirudegarn screamed of pain. They had hurt him! That sword... The monster was vulnerable to it!

Vegetto couldn't help but smile. He had been right. There was no use in locking up monsters for they always managed to get out. They had to kill them. Because they were weak, the inhabitants of Konats had needed to reduce the demon's strength with their ocarinas in order to hit him. But the local super Saiyans were worth about two or three dozens of ocarinas.

Trunks flew again towards the monster and drove the sword to the hilt in the giant's back, and it screamed again. He took the sword out and, increasing the power of his aura, he slashed it again. Then, he was taken by surprise when the tail hit him and crushed him to the ground. He got back up, very mad and without having felt a thing. He dodged the blows from the giant's arms and rushed towards it head. He dodged the fire attack. For a Saiyan like him, it was as if it had been thrown at half-speed. And with a well-placed sword strike, he severed the monster's head.

“He he!” snickered Vegetto. “Smoke doesn't seem to be your strong point anymore, does it? Congratulations, Trunks!” he screamed at his son. “Get away, I'll finish it off!”

Trunks took it bad but he knew that even if it was in little bits, the monster was still alive. So, because he didn't dare to disobey his father, he moved away.

Vegetto concentrated a minute and threw a destructive attack on the entire district. All that had been around was completely destroyed, disintegrated. It was as if someone had vacuum cleaned the place. But he had used a big, really big vacuum cleaner. That was an improved and increased version of the attack he had used to kill Buu.

The spectators gaped before that white tornado.

Hirudegarn had been defeated.

In another universe, year 214, a planet in the North galaxy

A machine appeared in the sky. That strange cabin landed and opened. Squeezed together, Vegetto, Tapion and Trunks got out of the machine, taking a deep breath.

“Phew!” said Vegetto. “Bulma should had some extra seats in that thing.”

“I'm not complaining.” statted Tapion. “That woman in a genius. She can build really great machines.”

“That's my mom!” said Trunks proudly and he was getting the sword, that was in its sheath, from the seat. “We had the machine that Cell had used to come and bother us in our garage. She just had to clean it up and to recharge it. That was easy!”

Trunks tied the baldric of the sword around his chest and felt the hilt that was against his shoulder. He was very proud of the present Tapion had given him. What great heroes they were!!

“Ok, we are a bit early, but I can feel the presence of vile people, as that Hoi, less than a mile away from us,” said Vegetto. “Everything is going as planned. Kaioh had given us the right place and day.”

“We have to be really discreet so that we won't change the past, right?” asked Tapion. “Otherwise we'll create a temporal paradox. May we save my brother and make the magicians believe he had been killed?”

“No, it's much easier than that.” replied Vegetto. “For all I know, if we travel to the past, it creates parallel universes. There is one in which Trunks is an adult in the future. He had changed his past in our universe, but it had no effect into his own. This place is, if I may say so, someone else's universe.”

“Which means that we can do whatever we want!” concluded Trunks. “Let's go! We're going to save your brother!”

“No.” said Vegetto. “We have to wait for him to be freed from his music box. We're not effective enough to do it by ourselves. It's useless to go near them and interfere with what they are doing. As soon as I feel a strength that feels like yours, Tapion, I'll teleport us there.”

Tapion nodded and smiled for he was about to have his brother back. He was filled with hope.

Hours passed.

They ate.

And kept waiting.

And suddenly Vegetto exclaimed “Now!” And he got near Tapion as Trunks was throwing himself on both of them. They held hand and Vegetto teleported all of them.

The group of magician were gathered in circle around the open music box. The young Minotia was floating above it by magic and playing his flute. A powerful and evil aura got out of him and got back inside due to the music.

The box exploded into pieces and the magicians cast once again their combined powers on the child. His ocarina slipped out of his hands and Hirudegarn's legs appeared right away in their physical form. The little musician screamed of terror as a huge foot was falling on him.

All of a sudden, he was pushed aside. A big man had pushed him and saved his life.

“Not this time!” he screamed.

And Trunks threw himself on the legs and cut them in pieces under the surprised – and annoyed – eyes of the sorcerers.

The plan was working extremely well. Trunks threw himself on the miniature Tapion and caught him, flew away in the sky and told him: “Hi!!”

As soon as Trunks had gotten away, Vegetto flew above the plain where the ritual had taken place and threw his terrible attack. The half-Hirudegarn, all the magicians, as well as another music-box that was containing the Tapion of that universe, were destroyed.

Tapion took his brother in his arms.

“Thanks you.” he said. “I'd never been able to thank you enough. Your powers are unbelievable! The one I care about most in this world is safe.”

“It's not over yet!” said Vegetto. “It's just the beginning of this Happy End! Kaioh had given me the spatial coordinates. Tapion, you just have to tell me what day it was.”

“The day? What day?”

“The day when you and your brother had been locked up in these music boxes.”

“This...” Tapion thought without believing it. He had thought he'd start a new life with his brother in the world of these warriors. Could they really, really go back home?

“It was the 14th Wintrimber, year 48 of the dynasty of Karam XII, hour of the roaster.” answered his little brother. Why? What day are we now?”

Vegetto entered the date in a little device that translated it.

Year minus 425. The 3rd Mai, 9 p.m. Hoi wasn't wrong. It really was about one thousand years ago. He entered the new date in the computer of the machine as well as the coordinates of the planet Konats.

“Hop in, we'll squeeze up.”

And they did. They disappeared forever from that universe for, going further back in time, the machine was bringing them into another one so that no paradox would happen.

In another universe, in said date and place.

In the big temple, the priest who had cut the demon Hirudegarn in two was starring at the two closed music boxes with resignation.

“What a pity that these two heroes have to be locked away for all eternity!”

“Come.” said the high priest. “We'll bring them to the vessel that'll scatter them in the universe. It's for everyone's good.”

“I'll take care of these boxes.” a voice interrupted.

The two Konatsians turned around, surprised. That was a man of a species they didn't know about.

Their astonishment became surprise when they saw Tapion and Minotia at his side.

“What happened?” asked the priest.

“It's a long story.” replied Tapion. “But long story short, we've defeated Hirudegarn.”

“But...! You just have been locked in these music boxes! How did you get out of it?”

They all sat and told their story.

Then, Vegetto used his usual technique and destroyed the two boxes. None dared speaking about the ethical problem that he just killed a Minotia and a Tapion.

They remained there several days. Tapion showed his civilisation to Trunks. The reconstructions of the capitals that had been destroyed were on their way. As for Vegetto, he wasn't bored for he was tracking down the energy signatures of the magicians and killed them one by one, discreetly and mercilessly. They were far more back then.

And then, it was time to leave.

Vegetto and his son got back in the time machine for its last trip. After sad good bye during which Trunks cried, they disappeared into the void. The machine was back to the universe it came from.

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