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DBM Universe 16

Written by Syl & Salagir

Adapted by Adamantine

Translation of French fanfic about universe 16.

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 3, Chapter 20.

Growing family

Bra, Vegetto's and Bulma's daughter

It still was the year 778. Mathematically, Vegetto was four-year old but going on 5. When one was so young the 'and a half' part, was very important.

Bulma had given birth at home, at Capsule Corp. She didn't need to go to the hospital for she already had all the necessary equipments with competent people and robots. Everything went well, technology had been efficiently used to serve humanity.

The little baby was a girl, and Bulma had won the battle over her name so it had been decided she'd be named Bra. The little girl was born... with a monkey tail!

After the parents had a quick talk, it was decided that, as her older brother had been, she'd be brought to Kami-sama (yes, Dende), so that he could remove it permanently. This characteristic would have made her way too different than humans and potentially hyper destructive during some really clear nights... That same thing had been done for both Gohan and Goten, long ago, thanks to Chi-Chi's initiative. As for Vegeta... nobody knew, but it seemed impossible for him to do such a thing. They thought that he tore his tail off himself in order to go unnoticed amongst humans. In any case, the subject was taboo.

Vegetto was proud of his daughter... and as he had expected, her latent strength was enormous... absolutely huge.

“It's over ten thousand?”

“Yes, I checked with that good old scouter that belonged to the horned guy's army.”

They were at Kame house. The little Bra was two days old and had several pairs of eyes focused on her. Kulilin just couldn't believe such thing was possible.

“You don't feel her strength?” asked Vegetto.

“Well, frankly, the level is so high that I have a hard time making a difference. I can see that she's way stronger than any human but still...”

“What does 'ten thousand' mean? She's not stronger than I, is she?” asked 18.

“Oh, no.” answered her husband. “She's weaker than you and I. But I don't dare to imagine her strength when she'll be one year old... or ten year old!”

Bra emitted a small noise that could be passed off as a giggle.

“She's stronger than I?” inquired the old Kame-senin.

“By faaaaaar, master. Don't you feel her strength?”

“Nothing offensive anyway.”

“Well, to give you an idea of her power, you could attack her now with all your strength, you could beat her up and she'd not be hurt.” explained Vegetto.

The old turtle master just gaped.

“Come on, it's impossible.”

“Well, try. Go ahead, hit her.” merely said Vegetto.

“But... I really can't hit a baby!”

“As you wish. Oh, I'll show you a game she likes.”

She was hardly two day old and already, she enjoyed playing games? Thought Kulilin as they all left the house. The sky was clear and starry that evening.

Vegetto was holding his daughter with one hand and held out his arm. In a sweeping movement, he throw her into the air at great speed! She soon disappeared from everyone's field of sight.

“Huh... you didn't put her into orbit, did you?”

“No, don't worry...”

After a while that seemed to last for ever, she fell back on Earth. Vegetto made a few steps on the side in order to be in the right place to catch her for the distance she had covered couldn't be that vertical because of the wind and from such a height.

Oh well... thought Gokû's friend, at least that baby isn't afraid of height. It's not that bad. Vegetto is going to catch her, but with so little space to slow down her fall, then it was going to be really brusque... I wonder what he has in mind.

(In fact, it's not catching someone that reduce the chock, but it'd slowing down the fall that does it. For those who think about Clark Kent in Smallville, he's of no use because he suddenly stops the fall. In short, he shouldn't be able to save them and the bodies should be broken. But well, author of fictions and physics...)

He didn't make a single move when Bra passed in front of him.

All the others hardly had time to move in her direction when the baby crashed on the sand of the beach, throwing sand in every directions. Her father bent down to pick her up.

Bra didn't have the mere scratch. Actually, she was giggling, as everyone else but Vegetto were starring at her, rather dazed and afraid.

Well, on the other hand, it was true that given the level of her strength... that was quite logical... It was as if one placed a bit abruptly a baby on soft sheets. But that truth wasn't that acceptable for the brain of a human being.

As for Vegetto, he had no trouble adapting to that.

“I'd like to throw her so that she'd go through the moon, you see? To have her come out from the other side of it. But I think I'd have to use a lot of power to do that. As I wasn't sure, I supposed it was best to wait for her strength to increase. What do you think?”

“Is it my sister?” asked Goten, whose pinkie was caught into Bra's powerful and firm grip.

“Bah, of course she is.” replied Trunks. “I happen to be your brother too, if you hadn't noticed.”

“Yes, but no. You're my step brother. Bra on the other hand have a bit of my dad in her while you don't. You're my brother by marriage because my father decided to go out with your mother.”

“That's bullshit! My father had always been with my mother! It just happened that my father became your father too!”

At the Son's house, there were Vegetto and Bra, Chi-Chi and her father Gyumao, Son Gohan and Videl and Son Goten and Trunks.

“Why do these two young ones always have to make everything more complicated?” asked the giant Gyumao.

“Gohan! Gohan! Ten thousand, it's stronger than who? It's stronger than Freeza?”

As he had never understood that Gohan only had bad memories of these times, Goten was fascinated with the stories of what happened when his big brother was a young boy, when he had gone through many dangers and traveled in space. He knew the name of all the enemies, better than Gohan did, Gohan who just wanted to forget the details. If Vegeta had never told him anything, Vegetto had been glad to compensate for it. The latter was more disposed to telling the names and characteristics of the Ginyu commando, or to imitating Cell's voice.

“No, I don't think so.” replied Gohan, as he scratched his forehead.

Vegetto guessed that Gohan had no idea what these power levels meant anymore. So he answered in his place.

“Ten thousand is a bit stronger than Nappa. In Freeza's army, it was the usual level for the elite.”

“Vegeta had a strength of eighteen thousand when he attacked the Earth,” said Son Goten as if he was reading a book. “He was part of the elite too. Yet; it was a hell of a lot stronger!”

“Well, there wasn't specific rank after the elite because there weren't many people who managed to reach a strength of ten thousand. There were Freeza's and Coola's commandos, a few henchmen at most and maybe five Saiyans who managed to reach it.”

“Were my dad's parents part of the elite as well?” Goten was speaking of Gokû and not about Vegetto anymore.

“According to Raditz, they were. They were some of the strongest Saiyans that ever lived.”

Gohan winced when he heard this sentence. He often forgot that Vegeta had spent years with Raditz. It was easy to forget, as if he had never existed, as Nappa. Vegeta seemed to be able to erase without regrets any memories about those who were gone. That was one of the Saiyan characteristics that he disliked.

“Goten, stop asking questions about these barbaric people.” Said Chi-chi

Vegetto went to visit all his friends and their family to show off his little girl. In spite of her huge strength, she didn't damage much things. There were only a few broken beds to deplore. But fast enough, she learnt how to seize the items that interested her without crushing them.

Pan, Son Gohan's and Videl's daughter.

Around the year 780, Gohan and Videl, who were now married, had finished their studies and decided to have a child. Gohan had a house built not to far from his mother's for Videl enjoyed the quietness of the countryside.

Videl didn't really want to have a career, but she didn't want to be a housewife either. As soon as her studies were done, she had her first child and thought that she could be looking for an interesting job. One year later, she had had many jobs, but she had found no interest in them. That's only then that she became a teacher in one of the champion Mr. Satan's battle school. It was a part-time job, but it was also over-paid, which didn't bother her at all.

As for Son Gohan, he climbed the scientific career ladder and worked on researches that none among his relatives and friends ever understood the topic. He had three favourite laboratories, one of which he was going to own a dozen of years later. He could go from one to the other in a very short time and he could also work at home. He had, by the way, gathered here a huge and impressing library in a era where books mostly were ornamental items.

Actually, people could see him moving thick books on the week-end.

And that really annoyed Vegetto. Come on, the second strongest being in the whole universe spent his free time with books!

“Please, a little fight!”

“We'll make the Earth shake another time, dad. I've many things to do since Pan's birth. The administration is requesting completely stupid things! Do you know that because of her grand-father, she's considered a princess? It doesn't give her any privilege, but I still have to fill up the files.”

“Pleaaaase! I'd like to see you motivated for once! We can go on Jupitron-9? The air is breathable and the gravity is 200G! We can break anything we want there!”

“What? A gravity of 200 times Earth gravity?”

“Ah ah! I knew you'd be interested!”

“So it means that the gravitational acceleration reaches 1962 meter per second squared! I don't think that rock or earth can take such an heavy pressure. I wonder what is it made of.”


“And how can the air be breathable? The oxygen should at least be liquid on that planet. I suppose it's still dangerous for the body.”

“But what are you babbling? The air is breathable, that's all there is to know! Bra didn't complain about it.”

“What? You had your little girl support that pressure??? But she weighed about 25 500 Newton over there!”

(Little game, for you, readers: what is Bra's weigh in pounds/kilograms when she get on a scales?)

“Gohan, what you're saying doesn't make sense. All I can tell you is that Bra and I survive very well when we go there. Anyway, I can see you're in no mood for a serious fight. You never are.”

“Eh... yes, dad. I'm sorry, but fighting isn't my favourite pastime.”

“I know. Yet you never fought better than years back, when you fought against Buu, Ah, I remember that one! Motivation can change everything with you!”

“Eh, I guess so. So, I've to go dad. Dad...? Are you ok?”

Vegetto had just stopped moving, his fingers were contracted and looked like claws.

“I... huh.. no, it's nothing. I'm going. See you later, my son.”

And he teleported himself.

Vegetto had materialized in a barren place on the Senzu planet. He didn't want his friends to detect the anger – and power – excess that he was about to release.

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” he yelled to the sky.

It had lasted less than half a second, but the thought had crossed his mind.

“How could I thought of doing such a thing?!?”

He still was feeling the disgust from the image of his hand, tainted with blood.

“That old Namek was right! What an ass-hole!”

The steam that was rising behind him, the destruction of the entire planet, but more important than that...

“No, I'm the ass-hole! Ass-hole, bastard!”

More important than that, the injured body, yes, injured, not dead, for it was more effective...

“Monster! You Saiyan jackass!”

Gohan's little baby, held hostage in his hand.

“That was only a fleeting thought... Yes, I've been bored for so many years... I'd like to have a good challenge for once, that's all... I'd never do such a thing.”

Gohan was the strongest being in the universe, second to Vegetto. Even if he didn't transform in super Saiyan, the Immortal couldn't be a good and interesting challenge. But Gohan seldom agreed to fight, and when he did, and even if his strength was the same, it was obvious that it was just a friendly spar in his mind. Anger... Yes, anger and the need to protect and to save his friends, weren't here, and his fighting spirit significantly lowered.

Subconsciously, Gohan used just a ridiculously small part of his true power when he fought against his father.

In order to make him truly fight, Vegetto could have torn the planet apart and hurt his wife and his daughter...

“What an horrible thought.”

He thought that all that was behind him. And now he had a thought that was like one Perfect Cell could have had.

Was he going to speak about it to the Kaioshins?

Eh... that was only a stupid idea, he had strangled at birth. It was nothing too bad. He was being too hard on himself.

Chi-Chi was radiant with joy of having her first grand-daughter and she was making her way between the several guests, carrying trays filled with appetizers. She deliberately avoided anybody that could have a drop of Saiyan blood in their vessels so that the trays wouldn't be emptied too soon.

“She really look like you when you were born, my dear!” said her great-great father Guymao, whose hand was about twice as big as the baby.

Gohan imagined his daughter wearing the same outfit than his mother had back in time, as he had seen her on a picture. He hoped none would ever give her such an armour.

Goten smiled broadily as he came through the window, flying a tad too fast.


And from his pocket, he took the scouter that Bulma had lent him. He pressed the button a random number of times then placed the screen in front of his eye, yet without having the device on his ear.

“Bip, bip, bip... Ah! Eh, what? Error: maximum value exceeded? But... ah, Piccolo, don't stay behind her, please. Ok, there... Yes, bip, bip, bip, we know. So... thirty-two! Fine, it's not human at all, so we can say that if Videl had cheated on Gohan, then she has done it with someone in this room!”

“What are you talking about, you stupid boy?” said Videl, who was blushing hard. “Have you no shame? And my baby is human!”

“Yet, it's low all the same.” said Trunks who already was here. “My sister had done way better than that!”

Our sister!” corrected Goten. “But you're right, her dad is still the super-Saiyan-chosen-by-the-gods. She could be stronger than that! And... yeah...” he carried on as Videl was glaring at him, “and her mother is the strongest woman in the world!”

“In my opinion,” intervened Kulilin, “the strength level at birth doesn't mean anything. When they'll be older and able to concentrate their power, we'll really know what these two little girls can do.”

When Vegetto teleported with Bra in his arms, Chi-Chi filled half the trays with cheese-flavoured senzu beans.

Kevina, Tien's and Lunch's daughter

Nay, just kidding. Tien was a bachelor till the end of his life.

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