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DBM Universe 16

Written by Syl & Salagir

Adapted by Adamantine

Translation of French fanfic about universe 16.

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 1, Chapter 2.

Chapter 2: A very difficult dilemna

Goten and Trunks looked at each other, baffled. To tell the truth, they didn't understand anything anymore. It was as if some business were for only for adults. Trunks decided to speak.

''I didn't get it. Where is my father?''

An uneasy silence followed the innocent question. Bulma momentarily came to to answer him.

''Let me explain, my dear.''

She took a deep breath, hoping she'd take in a little breath of courage as well.

''Both Goten's father and your father used a earring to merge. Thing is, with this method, the merging is irreversible.''

''What does 'irreversible' mean?'' naively asked Goten.

''It means... forever.'' replied Trunks, frowning.

Trunks glanced sideways at Vegetto, who hoped the ground would open and swallow him, so embarrassed was he. Inwardly, Vegeta's mind was telling him to act whereas Goku's, on the contrary, wanted to wait to be sure he'd do what was best. Behind them, Goten finally understood. The brown haired boy, incredulous, removed his hands from behind his head to ask:

''So, it means that my father and Vegetta are that person?''

He pointed his new father who answered.

''Yes, that's right.''

Goten sighed. It was true he was going to miss his father, in a way, but he had known him only one day. All he knew about him were the stories his familly had told him. All things considered, that new situation didn't bother him that much. Moreover, a few days ago, he didn't have any father at all, so he came off better. He smiled, happy to have found a way to come to term with it. But Trunks didn't agree with it.

''It means that I... I won't see … anymore my...'' Blabbered Trunks.

He felt a sort of emotion twisting his guts but managed to control himself. His father wouldn't have wanted him to cry in public.

''Of course you will. Now he is your father.'' said Bulma, she didn't seem to believe what she was saying, but she was using enough of her acting talent to be able to convince her son. 'Even if he doesn't have the same look, and not really the same personality anymore, he is in him.'

Vegetto, wanting to display the feelings that Vegeta would have, started to speak.

''It's true I'm not Vegeta anymore. I'm not even Goku either. I'm both, and know that I'll love you as before. I'm your father forever.''

Trunks nodded. Of course, such a piece of news couldn't be digested in so short a time, especially by a child of that age, but Trunks had the wisdom to keep the questions that were too embarrassing for later.

After an embarrassing silence, a well-known voice could be heard.

''Congratulations children. Once again, you've won.''

''Thank you, Kaiô-sama.'' answered Piccolo, stoical as always.

''Enma will really end up hating you for getting people in and out of the underworld. The recent events overloaded him with deceased people. By the way, I believe he'll want to speak with you, Vegetto.''

''What does he want from me?'' asked the afore-mentionned warrior, folding his arms.

''I do not know. You'll go to him with Dende when you'll have time. Well, not right away because for the moment he's busy cancelling the files of all the earthlings that were resurrected... Bottom line is that he'll be busy for some time.''

''Ok...'' replied Vegetto, his mind on the request he had made before the monster's death.

''Now is the time for celebration, kids! You've saved the Earth! Why do you look so sad? Bring forth the champagne!''

Behind Kaiô, Bubbles and Gregory wore party hats and were letting off fireworks. Kaiô was right, The most dangerous enemy of the universe had been defeated, why being so depressed? Once the connection with Kaiô was over, they started to talk about everything and anything, glad that the ordeal was over, and seeming to forget the incident that saddened everyone. Videl, the most curious of them all and the less embarassed, kept talking to Vegetto, which didn't bother the latter at all.

''But, how do you feel now, actually? Is there a devil and an angel on your shoulders, as in cartoon, or...''

''Not at all,'' replied Vegetto, smiling at the thought of a Goku with a halo and two wings on his right shoulder and a miniature Vegeta with horn and a forked tail on his left shoulder.

He took a breath and explained.

''Actually, I've only one conscience, only one voice into my head. What happened was a complete merging of body and mind. I'll try to explicate: the two individuals that I was before are now one: me. I'm them, yet, I don't have much to do with Goku and Vegeta. I'm a very appropriate mix of their personalities and their physical appearances, all the more considering that they were totally opposite persons. I've memories of both of them, I know their past, but it doesn't prevent me from being one.''

''It's rather complicated,'' said Videl, taking her head into her hands.

''I know.''

''But what will you do about Mrs Son and Mrs Brief? Alright, you're one, but each had a wife.''

And with that question, she pinpointed a very tricky problem. How to deal with it? Live with the two of them? That was out of question! It'd be way too sordid... But how to choose? He had thought he was closer to Chi-Chi, but Vegeta's natural disgust for the hysteric housewife and the unexpected love that the latter felt towards his mate counter-balanced the whole matter. All the more considering that Goku held in high regard values such as 'Do not cheat on your wife' and 'Bulma is my friend, no flirting allowed', therefore it was not an easy task. In short, Vegetto was totally lost. He scratched his head thoughtfully, as Goku did at times, then said:

''You know, I didn't think of it at all. I really don't know what to do...''

He seemed so abashed that Videl exclaimed:

''Did I embarrass you? I'm sorry, truly am!''

''No, it's alright. I would have to think about it sooner or later...''

He turned that question over and over in his mind. There were every reasons to be unsettled by the question. To think about what he felt when he was born only two hours ago... He tried to analize the feelings of his parents. As for Gokû, he was deeply in love with his wife and liked his best friend very much. Vegeta was the one that made the debate more complicated. He too was madly in love with his wife, but rather repulsed by Chi-Chi he considered as a stupid woman only good for cleaning her house. In order to satisfy is 'vegetish' side, he had to turn to Bulma, but the loyal and faithful Goku made a fuss in his head at the thought of getting to know Bulma more... intimely. Technically, both were against a relation with one woman or the other. Vegetto looked up and stared at Chi-Chi. A friendly face, smiling, kind... Then his eyes went to Bulma. Bulma was energic, funny, sweet... A bit violent on the side but well... Not more than Chi-Chi actually...

''So, did you come to a conclusion?'' asked Videl, attentive to his inner debate.


''Tell me.'' begged the young woman, eager to know.

''I...'' Vegetto hesitated before he decided what he could tell her. 'Personaly, I feel more attracted by... Bulma.'

''Does it mean that Vegeta loved his wife more than Goku did?'' wondered Videl out loud, surprised.

She seemed unable to believe it. From what she knew of the man, and what she has heard about Goku, she would have thought that Vegetto would turn to Chi-Chi, but well... It's life.

''No, no, it's not that!'' quickly added Vegetto. ''The feelings of both of them for each woman do count.''

''So Vegeta's hatred towards Chi-Chi equals Goku's love for his wife?''

''No, Goku is also Bulma's best friend, so...''

Vegetto sighed because of the troubles he had to explain his feelings. How could he describe what the mix Goku-Vegeta had given birth to without becoming a part of such a trouble?

The good mood had managed to erase all hint of sorrow in the hearts regarding the double losses that they had to endure to win. Goku, they thought they had finally got back, and Vegeta, who had finally managed to be appreciated in spite of his special personality, were gone at the same time... Well, they still had Vegetto, that the most optimistic persons had described as '2 in one'. Those who were the most hit by the losses were Trunks, who had hardly got fatherly love, Bulma, who had discovered that she had stronger feelings than she thought she had, Chi-Chi, who had thought to prepare her husband's favorite meal to celebrate his return, and Gohan who, despite the fact that he had grown used to his father's absence, would have hoped to enjoy his father's presence more than 3 years (remember that it's the maximum amount of time that Goku had spent at home before he left for some years...)

Once the embarrassing moment was over, Vegetto had been included in the group. The ones who talked to him were those who had known Vegeta and Goku the less, as 18 (despite the fact that she quite liked Vegeta as they were on the same wavelength), Videl and Satan. Some tried to cope with it, as Krilin, Dende and Goten, but the close family had a very hard time coming to term with the merging. Goku and Vegeta merged together, that was impossible! One was the most friendly person in the world whereas the other one was the stoicism made man (well, Saiyan)! That seemed so counter-natural!

''So, you're going to live with us?'' asked Goten.

Vegetto was taken aback.

''Of course not!'' retorted Trunks. 'He's going to live at my mother's!'

''But he's my dad!'' exclaimed Goten, outraged.

''He's more mine that yours.'' replied Vegeta's offspring. ''Besides, yours was dead! You won't see any difference.''

The young brown haired child sniffed loudly.

''You're not gonna cry, are you?'' asked Trunks, rather annoyed.

''But... I was happy to have a dad...'' stuttered the poor boy on the verge of crying.

''And I just lost mine! You are gonna take him from me for your pleasure?!'' growled Trunks.

''Boys, enough of it!'' intervened Bulma. ''Trunks, I forbid you from talking this way! Don't you see you're hurting Goten?''

''Because now it's my fault? I'm not responsible if dad is...''

He fell silent because he felt that his voice would shake if he added anything. Bulma sighed loudly. The good mood had finally replaced the heavy atmosphere, and now the kids were destroying it. On the other hand, not to face facts would have been of no use. She glanced at Vegetto as if to say 'we'll need to speak later'. He nodded.

A few hours later, it was time to say good-bye...

''Farewell!'' bidded Krilin as he flew away with his wife and his daughter in his arms.

''See you!!'' said Satan and Videl, leaving with a capsule.

''Just one thing...'' said Piccolo to Vegetto before he found himself facing the ones he wanted to avoid at all cost. ''I wanted to see what amount of power you had to use to kill Buu, so... Could you increase your ki, just to show it off?''

''Er.... alright.'' said Vegetto, caught unaware.

''Wait!!'' exclaimed Gohan. ''I want to fight!''

Piccolo looked interrogatively at Gohan. It wasn't in the boy's habits to fight, especially without reason! Yet, the brown haired man's eyes showed determination, a deep wish to see how much his father could have changed during this adventure. The namek finally sat down, nodding.

''As you wish.''

The little group went aside, eager to see the show. Gohan took a fighting stance, as his father had taught him. As for Vegetto, he didn't move at all.

''Come on!'' he teased.

To see a face so similar to his father's, yet with Vegeta's smirk unexpectedly enraged Gohan who threw himself on Vegetto all of a sudded. Yelling, he dealt a blow with all his strength on his opponent. Yet, it was parried with ease. From there started a series of kicks and blows of which none hit its target. Moving as little as possible, Vegetto cancelled all of Gohan's tries to arm him. The latter got so annoyed that a white aura surrounded him. He blew an uppercut in Vegetto's stomach who bended. Thinking he had finally hurt him, Gohan smiled, but a hand caught his wrist. Vegetto looked up, pleased, and threw Gohan on the ground, smashing him at the same time.

''That's not fair!!'' yelled the outraged son.

''It's a fight!'' retorted his oponent.

Gohan, annoyed to see that look of pride on his father's face, got up, ready to fight. The fact that Vegetto still was on normal mode hurt his warrior pride.

''But transform!!!''

''Don't need to.'' simply replied Vegetto, as he dealt him a blow right on his face.

Gohan fell a few feet away. Piccolo, looking calmer as ever, was deeply impressed by the warrior's achievement. Gohan threw himself on Vegetto but a kikoha wave welcomed him. When the dust settled, he saw Vegetto with a victorious smirk and his arms folded. Gohan fell back, confused. He couldn't imagine that the man in front of him was his father. Not with this face. He went back on the ground and normal again.

''I saw what I wanted to see...'' he said.

Everyone was very impressed with what just happened. The guests were looking at each other with look of admiration when Dende went near Vegetto:

''Before I leave, I'll bring you to Enma.''

''Alright!'' said Vegetto who had found a friendly face at last.

He put his hand on the young namek's shoulder and they disappeared.

To appear before Enma.

''So it's you that increases my work!''

''I'm sorry...'' stammered Vegetto, scratching his head.

''I asked you to come to warn you: Earth should have managed on its own. You have broken an universal law by calling planet Namek.''

''I... I'm sorry but... It was urgent.''

''Make sure it's the last time!''

''O... Ok!''

Vegetto thought it was over when he remembered the wish he had made when he had killed his opponent:

''Huuuh... As for my wish...''

''Yes, I heard you earlier.''

''I wanted to know if...''

''And why would I do it?''

Vegetto remained silent surprised with the rethorical question.

''Well... because of all I did for...''

''You?'' asked Enma who, for the first time since the conversation had started, turned away from his paperwork.

''Well... yes... I still...''

''No, it's not you. It's Son Gokû.''

''But Gokû is part of me.''

''Perhaps, but he's not you. Don't forget that you also have one of the worst criminals of the universe in you. Goku may have done great things, but Vegeta had killed as much people than Goku had saved. Maybe more! I'd have done it for Gokû... But for you, I refuse, period.''

Disappointed and angry, Vegetto bade farewell to Enma and went back to Dende. They reappeared at God's palace that still bore the scars of the latest fight. Now he'd have to face the worst opponent ever: his familly...

Some dozens minutes later, the sun was starting to set, so it was time to go, but with who? Vegetto, who was no coward, decided to speak in private with both of them about this... complication. He signaled to Chi-Chi and Bulma to come over. Gohan made a move, but Vegetto commanded him to remain where he was with a glance. Once they were away enough, Bulma asked:

''What's going on?''

''Well...'' started Vegetto. ''It's rather complicated, but I had to think about what I intended to do...''

''About what?'' asked Chi-Chi even though she already had an idea regarding the answer.

''About you. I've both your husbands in me... So, I've to do something about you...''

Bulma and Chi-Chi looked embarrassed. They knew they would have to face the situation, but so soon... and all out of the blue...

''You could live with both of us...'' Bulma suggested.

Vegetto frowned and crossed his arms, a sign that he was deep in thought. The same tics as Vegeta's, Bulma realized.

''Actually, I find it a bit sordid... Of course, I feel an obligation towards both of you, but... There are too many contradictory feelings. At first, inside, I was in favor of Bulma,'' he confessed with sincerity.

Chi-Chi grimaced, showing clearly how scandalized she was.

''How so?'' she exclaimed.

''Well, I do feel Goku's deep friendship and Vegeta's love in me, whereas for you, I do feel love, but also a deep contempt...''

Chi-Chi seemed sickened.

''Your husband really was someone not to hang out with.' she screamed, attacking Bulma. 'Do you see what he thought of me?''

''That doesn't surprise me much...'' said Bulma on a neutral tone.

Chi-Chi choke off with rage.

''Well, calm down...'' vainly tried Vegetto.

''So, what did you plan to do?'' asked Bulma, paying no attention to her friend's anger.

''Well, to live more at your house, but also dropping by Chi-Chi's... From time to time... After all, I still am her husband... sort of...''

''I still think you should live with both of us...'' said Bulma.

''How so?''

''Well, our house are quite far apart, there is a five hours time difference between us. At a given hour, you can teleport yourself...'' Bulma explained.

''And when do I sleep, would you care to tell me?''

''I remember that Vegeta had a rather short sleep. A three hour night was more than enough for him. When he was training in the gravity machine, he could spend days without sleeping...''

Chi-Chi, now calmed, intervened. ''But, Goku-san really is sleepy-head. He needed a eight hour night, minimum...''

''And you, what do you think about it?'' asked Bulma to Vegetto.

''Well... I do not know... To tell the truth, I haven't slept as myself so far...''

''We're going to check that tonight.'' concluded Chi-Chi with a smile.

''Who are you going at tonight?''

Vegetto reflected on it. His bottomless stomach, inherited from the two saiyans, growled. An olfactory memory came to his mind. The memory of a beef stew with automn vegetables and warm rice with some chicken skewers. Goku claimed his wife's food and Vegetto wasn't going to refuse it. Therefore he said with a stupid smile:

''I'd like to go at Chi-Chi's because I'm hungry at the moment and...''

Bulma was expecting it. Chi-Chi was a better cook than she was by far and Son-kun was a walking stomach. It was the proof that Vegetto who was so similar to Vegeta personality-wise did take after Son-kun after all... Chi-Chi seemed pleased. She always had known that all these hours spent in the kitchen to prepare nice meals would pay off one day.

She came closer and showed a foolproof boldness by catching Vegetto by the arm as she used to do with Goku before. She smiled at him. Behind them, Bulma was fulminating. She was under the impression that Chi-Chi was stealing her husband.

Once they were arrived, Chi-Chi started to heat up the huge pans on the fire. Vegetto was drooling in advance. She set the table and they ate in a very good atmosphere, except Gohan who felt ill at ease. The moment to go to bed came. Vegetto, as a good father, told Goten a story.

''So... Once upon a time, there was a prince on a faraway planet,'' he began dreamily.

''What was the prince's name?'' asked the fascinated boy.

''Eeeer... Vegeta.''

Goten winced.

''And so, this prince possessed a huge kingdom, and in that kingdom inhabited the strongest warriors of the universe. The kingdom throve because they were immensely rich. They worked for a very powerful man and they were his prime servants. None could defeat them...''

''So?'' Goten grew impatient.

''One day, he went on a mission with his subordinate Nappa and a promising soldier, Raditz. He thought that he'd see his planet, his family and his friends again, but...''

''But?'' asked Goten, embarrassed by the sadness he felt in his new father.

''But the man for whom this people worked actually was an unscrupulous tyrant. Without any warning, he destroyed the beautiful planet, killing every inhabitants in the process, except for the prince and his two allies...''


The question had left his lips before he could prevent it, and Goten regretted it as soon as he saw his father's face show a mix of sadness and hatred.

''Because he was afraid of that people. It was a very powerful one... He wanted to decimate them all because they had the strength to rise up...''

He paused, deep in thought. Goten remained silent, waiting and Gohan finally understood. He had truly appreciated Vegeta those past years, but not to the point of wanting him as a father... Yet, for the first time, he had understood what haunted him days and nights. Vegetto seemed to wake up and hugged Goten.

''Goodnight son! Sweet dreams.''

He kissed his second son's forehead. Gohan saw himself being pampered the same way, ten years ealier. Vegetto went his way. Gohan got him literally and hugged him, saying:

''Goodnight to you as well dad, I love you!''

To say that his father was surprised would be quite an euphemism. He smiled, happy of that change of attitude. In the end, Gohan went to bed in a good mood. He had found his father in Vegetto and, even if he had some things of Vegeta, this latter had good sides too, if more hidden. The merging had apparently canceled this embarrassment that prevented him from revealing himself. Gohan promised himself he'd like his new father for who he was, even if he'd need time for it... And he felt serene when he fell asleep.

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