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DBM Universe 16

Written by Syl & Salagir

Adapted by Adamantine

Translation of French fanfic about universe 16.

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 3, Chapter 18.

The universal Mafia

Part 1

According to the doctor, Bulma was due in a few weeks. Some months ago, he had used ultrasound and found out that she was expecting a girl (well, Vegetto used the ki resonance to make sure he was right) and Vegetto had estimated their child's power. Luckily for the mother, the kicks in the stomach were really weak.

Vegetto had been gone for a few days, but he was determined to be back on time for the delivery. At the moment, he was looking in the very depths of several planets for some stupid animal. At time, he wondered if it really existed. There were missions given by the Kaioshins that were completely dumb. Anyway... As the warrior wasn't the kind of man to come back home after a 8 hour long day work to eat a good supper and to sleep in a soft bed, he worked 24 hours a day and hoped to be done with it as soon as possible.

It wasn't as if his absence was going to put the Earth in danger.

Was it?

Goten was making fun of his brother. The latter was behind his desk, hidden behind a stack of books notepads and his laptop.

But what was the most important was that he was wearing glasses!

“You're shortsighted! Shooooortsiiiiighted!”

“Come on, stop it! I read a lot and the font is really small. That's why my eyes are tired and I need glasses!”

“Gohan is a nerd! Gohan is a nerd! Say, Gohan, if you keep working in an office, you'll grow very fat, won't you?”

“Well... Even if I don't exercise, my body doesn't change... I'm still as strong as when... when the old Kaioshin increased my strength...”

Gohan was lost in his thoughts for a while. Then, all of a sudden, he felt a very powerful and very malicious ki.

He got up as Goten looked inquiringly at him. But the ki had disappeared.

“Was it a dream? I was lost in my thoughts, so...”

He sat down, but remained alert.

If he really had felt that strength, so the Earth was in danger.

Goten was starting to feel bored so he left his brother's room and went into the kitchen, with the hope to find a cake left unattended on the table.

After a while, Gohan had decided to work on his studies, but then, he felt the ki once again. And that time there were several others with it! Arms came through the window and seized him from behind!

Goten was in the garden and that time he did feel the different kis. And turned around and saw big and baleful shadows in the place his mother was standing. He flew towards her.

“Mom!” he screamed. But he got a kick and changed direction. He went super Saiyan and blew a punch towards the one who had attacked him.

He hit the extra-terrestrial who spat blood and fell on the ground for he was dying. The young boy looked then at the other extra-terrestrial and his face showed every signs that he really was mad. One of the two shadows threw itself on him but he easily dodged the attack and squashed it on the ground. The tallest alien was still at his mother's side. Chi-Chi didn't dare to make a move for her captor was keeping her in his clawed arms.

“Let my mother go, or I'll kill you!” Goten threatened.

His brother came from the sky. Well, from his window. He was carrying the lifeless body of two monsters, one in each hand. He let them fall on the ground.

“You can see that you had no chance against us.” he said to the remaining monster. “Let her go and leave with your friends.”

The monster was holding his hostage. He was impressed and kept starring at Gohan. Their strongest fighter had apparently been easily defeated by him.

“I aaaaaam taaaaaking it with meeee.” the monster hissed.

Goten was about to throw himself on it, but his brother hold him back. The claws were razor sharp and were on their mother's neck. That was why she wasn't moving! Because of the claw on her neck, Chi-Chi didn't even dare speaking, for fear of cutting her own throat.

Gohan was panicked at the idea of missing his target. He took a deep breathe and charged his energy...

Wind surrounded him.

“Don't... coooome.... neaaaar....” The monster was obviously getting more and more worried.

Gohan felt as if everything was slowing down as he was rushing at his mother at light speed. He kept concentrated for if he was to panic, then his mother would most likely bear the brunt of his fear. The monster was starring at the place Gohan had been standing less than a second before but the latter had already put his hands on the claws that were the closest to his mother's chin. However, his grip was so delicate and he was going so fast that his opponent hadn't noticed it yet. He seized the claws at its base, near the finger, and pulled, breaking the claw as if it was made of the most fragile crystal. And it did it with the next, and the next one till every claws was broken. Just when he was done with the last, the first hit the ground.

The monster had started to react and would have fought back, but Gohan was on alert and he perceived every movement the monster did as on slow motion: it was trying to close his grip but Gohan seized two arms and spread them wide apart. He could feel muscles or bones being broken in the process; but he couldn't care less. His mother hadn't had the time to do anything, nor had she been able to see anything, she just had closed her eyes in order to protect them from the wind her son's moves produced. As soon as she was freed, he took her and flew away to get her out of harm's way. The only thing Chi-Chi saw was her son disappearing and then, she found herself into the air. That's only then that she heard claws falling on the ground and the monster screaming out of pain.

He had done it!

Gohan lowered his arm and threw an enormous energy ball that totally destroyed his opponent and dig a small crater. He really had wanted his attack to annihilate that alien.

He put down his mother as a blissfully happy Goten was running to her.

“Oh, my sons...” she said, taking them in her arms as tears filled her eyes. Even though they were stronger than her, she had feared for them more than she had for herself.

Gohen looked up.

“It's Trunks.” announced Goten who had recognized his friend's ki. He had gone Super Saiyan too and so, his aura could be detected from anywhere on Earth.

“Goten, you stay here!” ordered his brother. “Gather those monsters and keep your eye on them. Don't give them the benefit of the doubt and hit them if ever they try to move. Oh, and remain Super Saiyan.”

He left his mother's embrace and flew at top speed in the direction of Trunk's energy and toward Capsule Corp.

“Oh no...”

There were no fight anymore, only Trunk's strength. He went around the building and saw that a part of the roof had been completely destroyed and the rooms beneath.. He eventually found Bulma laying on a bed. If these monsters had dared injuring an helpless pregnant woman, then...

He then saw the burned down bodies of some extra-terrestrials in the garden of the big house... And Trunks in the middle of the room. She wasn't helpless. Some furnitures and walls were destroyed but others bore no mark of a fight. Gohan understood what had happened when he noticed that the intact part was within a perfect circle. Trunks must have made a shield that had protected his mother from one or more energy balls.

Trunks was still in Super Saiyan, but wasn't moving at all. It was as if he was paralysed.

Gohan landed in front of him.

“That's great Trunks. You valiantly defended your mother.” He glanced at Bulma who answered with a smile, telling him she was alright.

“No, there is one left.” warned Trunks, still concentrated.

Gohan immediately started looking for that last one. He didn't move anymore. The strongest of the group that had attacked he and his family had managed to hide his strength. So, that one had done it too...

In a split second, Gohan had found him and he created an energy ball grenade in his hand. He threw it to his right without even turning around. The ball exploded the wall and hit the monster. Only then did Gohan throw himself on it and killed it with a well-placed punch.

Trunks allowed himself to breath and fell on his knees. If he was used to fight, he wasn't used to war of nerves and his senses weren't as sharp as Gohan's. Moreover, he hadn't trained that much to spot hidden energies.

As the survivors were too powerful to be kept in a prison, Gohan and Piccolo kept a a constant watch on them. Whenever any of them tried to say anything, Piccolo threw electric chock through his eyes or his antenna. He was intransigent and Gohan didn't say anything against it. After all, these monsters did attack his family!

Those warriors obviously were gobsmacked to have been so easily defeated. That and they were afraid of their jailers. Yet, when Vegetto arrived, the fear became terror.

“Who sent you here?” he roared as soon as he came.

One of them answered by the silence sign. Of course, Vegetto wasn't quite pleased. He threw an energy ball that killed the alien on the spot.


Eventually, it took Dende's help, and then the Kaioshin's, to get some informations out of these warriors. The Kaioshins even managed to question some that were dead before they were sent to hell...

Among those who wanted Vegetto dead, there was a kind of interstellar mafia. The Saiyan's numerous good deeds had endangered, or even harmed some of its departments.

One of the highest ranking leader, merely named the 'Don' had made extended researches on that 'Vegetto'. He hadn't hesitated to use paranormal methods, such as mediums and witches. After many months spent gathering informations, they knew about anything about Vegetto: they knew about Vegeta and Kakarotto, renamed Son Gokû. They had learnt that they had killed Freezer, then Cold and Cooler. And that these two fighters had merged to fight a powerful enemy.

More important, they knew that he had two families on Earth.

Once they were completely sure that the invincible god was on a mission in some faraway planet, they had sent their elite commando units, whose men were as strong as Commando Ginyu's. They had been ordered to make them prisoner to have a mean of pressurization against him.

So, as Gokû, Vegetto put the Earth in danger just because he lived here.

Once they had those informations, Vegetto mercilessly killed the last survivors.

The merged Saiyan considered his options about what he should do now.

That Don was going to pay! The whole Mafia would pay!

He teleported himself in the Kaioshins' realm. As he had promised, he went to ask them advices.

“That's going to happen again, right?” he said. “If I don't do anything, they will attack again.”

The two gods didn't know what to say, so they kept silent. And that pissed Vegetto off.

“I refuse that the Earth and my entire family, which members are mostly humans and weak, be the target of all the ass-holes of the universe!” yelled Vegetto.

“And what do you plan on doing?” asked the old Kaioshin, already thinking of the worse. “Do you want to confront the Mafia? You know they are everywhere.”

“It doesn't matter if they are one thousand or one billion,” turning his back to them. “I already killed children, men, women... entire populations. And I can do it again!”

The two Kaioshins gave a start.

The former East Kaioshin started reading Vegetto's thoughts. That was something the old Kaioshin couldn't do for that rare technique had been created sometimes during the fifteen generations that separated them. Mostly out of politeness, Kibitoshin didn't read the thoughts of his guests anymore. He did it only with people that he hardly knew, in order to determine their personality. But now, he needed to understand and to know what the merged Saiyan really thought deep down, for he couldn't believe that the latter really wanted to commit genocide.

I don't know what to do, thought Vegetto, without admitting it. All I can do is killing people at random. I don't want to do it. Find a solution. You don't want me to kill thousands of people, do you?

So, that was what Vegetto wanted them to understand. That was his way to ask for help, even if it was rather abrupt... and rather non-conventional.

Kibito Kai took a deep breath then eventually said.

“Vegetto, any organisations will have some chiefs and bosses at the top. You will have to find them and make them give in. Then their minions will follow suit.

“If I killed them, or even threatened them, that'd of no use: they'd just be replaced.”

“That's right. But you can do much better than that, Vegetto. You can leave a lasting impression on them. Something they won't forget. Never. But without hurting them. For you are Vegetto. You can do everything.”

“Oh? And what are you thinking of, exactly?”

Kibito Kai gave him many ideas, with several details. He was amused at the thought of the plan they were plotting. They devised for a long time until Vegetto was satisfied with the final plot. Then the gods themselves came to take the informations they needed from the souls of the men that had attacked Vegetto's families.

Some inquiries later, they knew everything they needed, especially the Don's location.

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