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DBM Universe 16

Written by Syl & Salagir

Adapted by Adamantine

Translation of French fanfic about universe 16.

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 1, Chapter 7.

Chapter 7: Kibito Kai's technique

Vegetto, sitting on the ground, was listening carefully to Kibito Kai who was trying to explain him how his technique worked.

'It's really similar to your instant transmission technique,' was explaining the god. 'Tell me what you do when you use it.'

'Well, I concentrate to find the ki I want to go to, I locate it then I visualize myself at that person's side...' answered Vegetto, his arms crossed and his looking up at the sky, what he usually did when he was deep in thought. 'And finally, I concentrate my energy to hurl myself near that ki...'

'It's almost the same process here.' Kibito Kai smiled. 'You won't take long to learn that technique. I give you one week at most...'

'Hmph!' said hautily Vegetto. 'Three days will be more than enough.'

'I trust you on that.' laughed Kibito Kai, aware of the zeal his friend used to learn techniques, especially the most interesting ones. 'First you have to meditate,' he carried on. 'As it's a technique based on mental strength, you have to get prepared.'

Vegetto smiled at the god and closed his eyes. His features relaxed, as well as the muscles of his body. Kibito Kai understood that the Saiyan had emptied his mind. To not cause any interference, he left without making a noise to meditate on his own. A few hours later, Vegetto felt that his mental was full force. He opened his eyes, determined to train. Kibito Kai, having noticed it, got up and explained to him:

'To move with your instant transmission, you focused on a strength, now you have to visualize a place. Do you see the rock over there?' asked the god, pointing a huge rock, some meters away. 'You have to go beside it. Take your time.'

Vegetto nodded and closed his eyes once again. The memory of the rock in his mind was rather clear. He saw himself in his current position at the side of the rock. Then he started channeling his energy in his brain and at the tips of his fingers he placed on his forehead. He hurled his body and opened his eyes to see... that he hadn't moved at all.

'I wasn't expecting you to succeed straight off, don't worry.'

Vegetto sighed, disappointed. At that moment, Kibito Kai asked:

'By the way, I always wondered, how do you do to come back home. It's a place after all. You don't think of your appartment, do you?'

'Actually, I think of my neighboor's ki.' confessed Vegetto.

The god smiled at his friend's cleverness, the Saiyan smiled back at him then he closed his eyes once again to absorb himself in his training. A few hours later, a growl got him out of his trance. The god looked at him inquiringly, to what he answered with an embarassed smile and a shy

'I'm hungry...'

Kibito Kai sighed due to the humour of the situation, then he got up and pointed a direction to Vegetto.

'Over there, there is a small cabin filled with what you need to cook. Do you need me for it?'

Vegetto fell silent a few seconds. He had never cooked alone, it always was either Bulma or Chi-Chi that prepared his meals! He was about to accept, but his pride gained the upper hand.

'No, thanks. I'll manage.'

Vegetto flew towards the direction Kibito Kai had indicated. He found the afore-mentioned cabin but he fell silent/remained quiet in front of the food stocked in here. He had never prepared a meal in his entire life. As he didn't want to go ask a god for advice regarding cooking, he took some food in the freezer and devoured all the food in their initial state. Resigned and frustrated, he came back from where he went and sat back. He tried to empty his mind, but his stomach painfully made itself heard. And he was going to endure that for a year? Vegetto frowned, expecting difficult days ahead. Kibito Kai was worried: he could feel his student’s trouble’. He opened an eye to see his friend, but thought better of it and quickly closed it. They had to concentrate to make sure that the Saiyan learn the technique as soon as possible. It was of course not a matter of physical strength because Kibito Kai readily admitted that he was way weaker than his friend. Vegetto certainly shouldn't be completely at peace.

The next day, Vegetto was still meditating. The god had asked that their food cabin, that had been emptied the previous day, be filled anew. The Saiyan indeed didn't feel at ease. He had wanted to have a talk with Bulma and Chi-Chi for quite some time now. He wanted to say to Chi-Chi that he wanted to get closer to Bulma and tell the latter that he wanted to live with her rather than on his own. Yet, the fact he didn't want to rush things held him back. That situation weighed heavily on him and it was impossible to meditate with a mind full of thoughts. Annoyed, he shook his head. These feelings were starting to consume him. He decided that, as soon as he'd know how to execute that damned technique, he was going to clear that situation. That resolution freed him of the burden that was holding him back. He concentrated on the rock that his mentor had showed him the previous day. He saw and felt it more than clearly in his mind. He had to go there now. He could feel his energy hurling him forwards. Then, all was meant to happen as during the Instant Translocation. He moved through space in his mind and he opened his eyes. He still haven't moved. But what was he supposed to do to be able to move?! The god, having felt his friend's weariness, got up and offered:

''Do you need help? A tip?''

''No, I should be able to do it with what you told me...'' answered Vegetto as he relaxed his muscles.

Kibito Kai knew why he didn't want any extra help. Cell had learned his Instant Translocation technique just by looking him do it once, and Buu had done the same. He blamed himself for not being able to be as good as these two incredible fighters. The Saiyan loudly breathed out. He channeled his energy as much as he could. It wasn't that hard. Instead of going towards a strength, he had to go towards a place. He had to find a link. That rock was in his mind. He had watched it for so long that he was starting to know each crack and the appearance of even the smallest blade of grass. But to see this place perhaps wasn't enough. Perhaps he had to feel it. It was probably the difference between these two techniques. Anybody could visualise a place. What mattered was to feel it, as one could feel a ki to put his own beside it. He placed his index and his middle finger on his forehead in order to increase his concentration. That rock was a living being. Around it, there was grass, on it, there was moss and in it, there was several kinds of creatures. Vegetto felt all these entities that had gathered in the place where he was desperately trying to go. Now he had to throw his ki towards that rock. His features hardened under the effort. Tense, he frowned then... opened his eyes. He noticed that he had moved forwards about ten meters. Kibito Kai exclaimed:

''You finally found the way to do it! Go back to where you were before and practice until you have acquired more accuracy.''

Vegetto got up and walked to where he came from, so happy that he was smiling from ear to ear. He didn't sit down, preferring staying up for that second try.

Kibito Kai was really pleased with his student. With each try, he was getting nearer and nearer. If he kept practicing, he would certainly have mastered that technique the day after, as he had said. Vegetto went to empty the pantry during the day. The young god said to himself that his student would perhaps had learned that technique earlier if he hadn't been hungry. Especially considering that that technique needed a lot of energy. The next day, Vegetto could teleport himself only 5 meters away from his target.

''Try to appear less than a meter away.'' said Kibito Kai. ''When you succeed, we'll try something harder.''

Vegetto concentrated with all his might. He placed his two fingers on his forehead and did it. He moved back suddenly, surprised to feel cold stone against his elbow. Finally, he smiled broadly, happy to have reached his goal. Kibito Kai congratulated him.

''That's great Vegetto! Now you have to manage to move towards a place that you don't see. You remember that food cabin? You have to manage to place yourself less than three meters away from it.''

''Cough, easy!'' boasted the Saiyan.

He used the memories he had of the pantry to feel it and disappeared immediately. He found himself a good dozen metter away from the cabin. Disappointed, he teleported himself back to the rock. Kibito Kai smiled.

''Don't try to go too fast. Take your time. When you'll be less than three meters from the cabin, call me and we'll try something harder.''


''You'll try to go some place you know and that's not in the realm of gods. At your place, for instance.''

Vegetto swallowed. His troubles were far from over...

''You still haven't managed?'' asked Kibito Kai to Vegetto as the latter was coming back from another try.

''Four meters...'' mumbled the Saiyan with rage.

''Think positive, you're getting close.'' said the god.

''It still isn't the limit you gave me. I don't feel the cabin as much as I did the rock.'' moaned Vegetto, infuriated.

''It's normal, you don't see it.'' explained Kibito Kai. ''You'll eventually succeed.''

''I hope so! I've been training for a day!'' exclaimed Vegetto.

Then he concentrated again. The exercise turned out to be much harder than what he had thought. With the Instant Translocation technique, the distance didn't matter, but now, the farther the subject, the more he used his energy and the hungrier he was. He tried again, but again fell four meter away from the cabin. He got back to his starting point and noticed that Kibito Kai was looking at him with concern in his eyes.

''You're probably hungry.'' he guessed. ''Perhaps you should have a break. I'm going to bring you something to eat.''

''No, I will succeed.'' interrupted the proud warrior. ''I'll be constantly hungry for a year, so I've to get used to it... And the three days are almost over and I'd not have managed it... So I've to do it and then I'll have a lunch break.''

Kibito Kai respected the choice of the Saiyan and sat back, legs and arms folded, to meditate. Vegetto disappeared and reappeared, closer to his goal.

I'll do it... he thought. I'm closer each time... I have to do it.

He put his fingers on his forehead, but at the time he was about to disappear, he felt faint. His stomach was aching from hunger. He needed nutrients, but he didn't want to tell it to Kibito Kai when he just had turned down his offer. He was going to learn to live with it. He used again some of his energy, put his fingers at his forehead and then, all went black.

Vegetto painfully opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was a worried Kibito Kai above him. He blinked several times to restore his eyesight. All that was around him was blurry. Kibito Kai sighed of relief when he noticed his student had finally awoken.

''Vegetto, do you feel alright?''

The Saiyan groaned and put his right hand on his forehead. On top of having his stomach aching from hunger, he had a headache. He noticed that Kibito Kai had brought at least seventeen different copious dishes. Vegetto looked inquiringly at his teacher who answered to him by giving him noddles sautéed with chicken.

''Please, eat a bit! It's not with pushing back your limits that you'll manage to master the technique faster!''

Vegetto didn't answer right away, as he couldn't find his words. Then he got up and took the bowl, whispering a low 'thank you'. He gulped down the dishes in no time. He felt way better, even if there still was a hole into his stomach. Kibito Kai told him:

''I bet you'll be more accurate.''

And he won his bet. Vegetto appeared two meters away from the cabin. He came back satisfied.

''Now, you can choose. Either we rest during what's left of the day, and we get going on the hard part tomorrow, or you feel strong enough to give it some tries.''

''We can give it some tries!'' boasted Vegetto.

''As you wish. You have to manage to appear in your livin-room. It's much harder as you need to go to another world entirely. Concentrate well if you don't want to have some... troubles.''

''Of what kind?''

''For instance, to find yourself in your neighbor's bathroom.''

''Oh, right indeed...'' mumbled Vegetto, less sure of himself all of a sudden.

He concentrated on his apartment. His sofa, his coffee table, his dishes that piled up on it, his brown fitted carpet... He looked for something living. He focused on his green plant. He needed to have even the least details of the place in his head, at the risk of failing. Kibito Kai felt him exuding ki, betraying the extrem contentration of his student when Vegetto suddenly opened his eyes and brought his fingers to his forehead before disappearing... To reappear a bit farther a few seconds later. The god, curious to know where Vegetto had appeared, looked inquiringly had him, to what the Saiyan answered:

''I ended up in the corridor.''

''It's good all the same!'' congratulated Kibito Kai. ''You still don't have the required accuracy, but it's not bad. You managed to teleport yourself there without any incident in such a short time!''

''No, it's not good!'' moaned Vegetto. ''I take all day to focus on a place and to concentrate my energy before disappearing, and I'm not even able to do it well!''

Vegetto furiously freed his ki. His hair stood a bit more on end and got a golden shade. His sudden increase of energy freed great wind gusts throwing Kibito Kai away. The super Saiyan yelled:

''I'm fed up with being in my genitors' shadows, fed up with these fucking responsibilities that I have, fed up with doing my head in spending time equally with my families, fed up with sitting between two stools, and above all I'm fed up with that lack of energy!''

He went over the Super Saiyan to reach the level above it. His aura became golder than ever, blinding the god who was panicking in front of the uncontrollable anger of his disciple who was still yelling his feelings:

''I want to live at peace, damn it. I don't even had time to do anything bad in that fucking life! I don't deserve to go through all that! All I want is to chuck everything out! I'm fed up to the back teeth with troubles, families and raging hunger!''

He finished with a long scream as he was increasing his strength to a level still unequaled as he attained super Saiyan 2. Kibito Kai couldn't believe his eyes. Vegetto's power was phenomenal. He had never felt anything like that! He realized that he was uncontrollably shaking, deeply impressed. He fought to get up and got near Vegetto. This latter glared at him, reflecting his mood, angry to say the least.

''L... Listen, Vegetto... It... Calm down, ok?'' stammered Kibito Kai. ''It's not bad if you don't do it straight off, it's actually normal, but please, control yourself...''

Vegetto looked down. The vessel on his forehead beating hard. The Saiyan bend his elbow and said:

''I... can't bear that situation anymore...''

''You need to rest, my friend. Relax and let's go to bed. It's not bad if you haven't mastered the technique in three days. Four would be impressive all the same!''

Kibito needed more than fifteen years to master it... thought the sulking god.

Vegetto relaxed his muscles and his hairs went back to black and sagged a bit, as his aura clearly fell in intensity. Finally, he went to the place where he have been sleeping the past three days without saying a word and lay down. Kibito Kai, still under the impact of his student's anger, lay down as well, his mind preoccupied.

The next day, when Kibito Kai woke up, he noticed that the Saiyan wasn't here anymore. He tried to find his ki in order to join him, but in vain. Vegetto's ki had literally disappeared from gods' realm. Panicked, he was about to call the doyen of the gods when Vegetto's ki reappeared. He flew at top speed towards him. Vegetto was standing, and smiling. When he saw his teacher, he said, proud of him:

''I did it!''

Kibito Kai sighed of relief and told him:

''So, if you allow me, after the meal, we'll go visit the planet I found you.''

The Saiyan swiftly nodded. He gulped down about twenty two different dishes then let Kibito Kai put his hand on his shoulder before feeling himself be carried toward a place he didn't know yet. When he opened his eyes, he was in a vast plain full of flowers. A fresh summer breeze caressed the green grass as well as the leaves of the trees standing about everywhere. The sky, crossed by some clouds, was of the purest blue he had ever seen. Here and there gambolled animals unknown to Vegetto. The one which stroke him most was a kind of three feet tall striped canidae with white fur on his head and paws. The animal sneezed an imposing flame before disappearing in a bush. Filled with wonder, the Saiyan shyly asked:

''So, that's here that I'll grow my senzu beans?''

'' Well, yes.'' confirmed Kibito Kai. ''It's here.''

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