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This isn't the Japanese way.
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What is DBM ?

Dragon Ball Multiverse (DBM) is a free online comic, made by two fans, Gogeta Jr and Salagir. It's the sequel to DBZ.


Sequel of the tournament

Wednesday the 24th, the sequel of the tournament!
Still drawn by Asura!

Sequel of the story of Gast

Wednesday the 23rd, will be a special chapter on universe 7.
It's drawn by Arcady Picardi and it's design with be a little... different!

Sequel of the tournament! Vegeta VS Raichi

Wednesday the 28th, we begin a new chapter.
It's drawn by Asura!

Flash-back part 2 begins soon!

Next sunday, begins the second and last flashback, by Taopaipai!

It will be released at 3 pages a week. Nothing on monday.

Special Chapter: Universe 8

We'll soon begin a double special chapter about one what-if of the quest on Namek! It will be drawn by Dr Bird.

It will be released at 4 pages a week.
[Edit] Every other monday, there will be a minicomic instead.

Next Chapter : Back to main story

Here comes a new cartoonist for the main story: Asura.

Prepare yourself for the fight between the father of Gokû and the father of Freeza... and if this image reminds you of something, it's on purpose! :)

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Tournament so far

Updated when I have some time.
[Tournament so far] [Challengers]
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