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This isn't the Japanese way.
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What is DBM?

Dragon Ball Multiverse (DBM) is a free online comic, made by a whole team of fans. It's our personal sequel to DBZ.


Asura is back on a special, before the tournament

Due to a few personal imperatives, we are a little behind schedule on the next chapter of the tournament. Don't worry, we are still working hard on it! But we need a little more time. So, the next DBM chapter will be another special. You miss Asura? Rest assured, he drew it :)
Next, we will follow the adventures of Gokû and his friends when Coola lands on Earth.

Thanks to the participants and congrats to the winners!

Thanks to the numerous participants to the contest on our Facebook and Twitter! The 4 winners (evilj93 from Mexico, Mattiaildivino from Italia, Nefetpitou from Spain and Wyatt from USA) will appear in the next chapter of the tournament!

Our DBM Twitter
Our DBM Facebook page

Special Universe 13

On Sunday, begins a special chapter about the youth of Kakarotto!

Drawn by Scarz and helped by Gokuten!

Facebook & Twitter contest: play and take a seat in the public of DBM's tournament!

We've organized a contest on our social networks (Facebook and Twitter) where the fastest and most knowledgeable of you will be able to be drawn by Asura in the audience of the tournament! For the details of the rules it's this way!

Minicomic on wednesday, june 24

Dear readers, on wednesday, june 24, instead of the page, there will be a minicomic somewhat special: it'll tell about a contest on our Facebook and Twitter, from which some of you will be drawn in the public of the tournament. Be there :)

Clip video of DBM team and readers in live !

Here is a clip video (in french with english subtitle) of DBM team and readers, in last mangas festivals. And please do not hesitate to subscribe our Youtube channel :)

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Tournament so far

Updated when I have some time.
Careful! If you are a new reader, this contains spoilers.
[Tournament so far] [Challengers]

Details of rounds 1 and 2:
[Tournament so far]
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