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This isn't the Japanese way.
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What is DBM?

Dragon Ball Multiverse (DBM) is a free online comic, made by a whole team of fans. It's our personal sequel to DBZ.


Special on universe 4!

From Wednesday 23, a chapter by dsp27 on the universe of the almighty Buu from universe 4.

This story will show how the Tapion movie happened in this universe!

The attack of Babidi continues!

Sunday the 25th, here we go again!

Art by Asura, helped by Veguito.

DBM becomes an official association!

DBM, the Association!
Since its existence in 2008, DBM has significantly evolved. This structure requires such a large amount of management that it becomes necessary for us to turn DBM in an association. This will allow us better administrative management of DBM, and a better legal framework.

More detailed explanation here

Special on universe 3!

Starting Wednesday, a double chapter by BK-81 in the universe 3, where Baddack used his visions to beat Freeza!

It's the sequel of the first double chapter about Baddack.

Next in the planning

Thanks to all the authors who participated in this 10 years anniversary!
Thanks also to the whole team of translators, proofreaders, moderators, export team, and all the differents helps in DBM!

Please go in the authors page to see them and visit their site!

Friday, we'll have a bonus minicomic, and sunday, the main story continues!

Back to the main story

On May 4th, we continue the main story, drawn by Asura with the help of Veguito!

We keep on at 3 pages per week! Wednesday, Friday, Sunday.

Also, in May, DBM will be 10 years old!!
For the occasion, we'll release a special comic! So there will be a small pause in this chapter.

Read all the news.

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