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DBM Staff presents…
A Study of Namekian Dialect!

“Dragon Ball Daizenshuu 7: Dragon Ball Large Encyclopedia”
In this japanese artbook, lost between the pages, you’ll find the following Namekian dictionary...

“like…”, “...so that…”


Expresses the past.

Indicates the will to.

“A person…” “a thing…”

Ok, well.

A. Killing.
B. Fear.

Dialogs in the manga

Translation in English by DBM translator.

You were able to read my thoughts, Piccolo…

Aaaah… I see… I know who you are…
That’s why our techniques are so similar…

What are you doing here?


Now you understand, Demon Piccolo…

You know very well why I’m here!

You’re not here to fight me are you?

Of course I am!

HAHAHA! BEAT ME? You? Have you gone mad?

You and I are the same person! If you kill me, you’ll die too!

Hehehe! I know that! You can’t kill me either! You don’t want to die huh?

You’re not going to…

… commit suicide?!

Don’t worry about me…

I’ve learned a trick from humans that will allow me to get rid of you without dying...

Wh… what?


Note that normally Japanese text is written in manga from top to bottom. But not Namekian, which is left to right! Its japanese translation is therefore also written from left to right (like with DBM! ^^)

Mr. Popo tells the ship to fly to Jupiter.

And the machine answers “Command Heard”

Here, we don't know if the namek says "I don't understand you ..." or if it says the beginning of the same thing as in the panel below (where it answers in Japanese).

Here, when Dende is talking to Porunga, the subtitle gives the phonetics of his words, not the translation.

He’s most probably saying:
“Polunga, appear!”

Takka raputo
Pop polunga
Pupilitto paro

Then, he translates the wishes of his friends.

First off, I want all the Earthlings killed by the Saiyans to be resurrected!

(Porunga answers in perfect english, that he can’t)

After, here is what they tell Dende to ask to Polunga:

Ask him to resurrect Piccolo, the Namekian who lives on Earth!

The second wish would be to teleport Piccolo, who just resurrected, to Planet Namek!

Dende gives the last wish, in two parts, because he is cut off by Freeza, as dictated by the Grand Elder Guru.

These are the words of his wish…
… “Transfer everyone to Earth, except Freeza and a Saiyan called Goku.”

First, I want the souls of Goku and Krilin, who died on Namek, to be brought back here!

And finally, in the last volume, the last invocation. The new Elder Grand Guru uses exactly the same words as Dende before.

A far-away planet, Earth, has been entirely destroyed. Bring it back as it was before, please!

Uh… resurrect all the people killed since the day Babidi arrived on Earth! Except the villains, of course!

Fantastic! That was our final wish!

Deducted dictionary







Because of





Invented dictionary



Sentences generated

Page 956
Invocation, we did a copy-paste.

Page 958
“Please resurrect everyone dead because of our tournament!”

Page 960
“We don’t have any. We’ll keep them for later.”
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