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A Study of Na­me­kian Dialect!
“Dragon Ball Dai­zenshuu 7: Dragon Ball Large Ency­clo­pe­dia”
In this ja­pa­nese artbook, lost between the pages, you’ll find the fol­lowing Na­me­kian dic­ti­o­nary...
“like…”, “...so that…”


Ex­pres­ses the past.

In­di­ca­tes the will to.

“A person…” “a thing…”

Ok, well.

A. Killing.
B. Fear.
Dialogs in the manga
Trans­la­tion in English by DBM trans­la­tor.
You were able to read my thoughts, Piccolo…

Aaaah… I see… I know who you are…
That’s why our te­ch­ni­ques are so similar…

What are you doing here?

Now you un­ders­tand, Demon Piccolo…

You know very well why I’m here!

You’re not here to fight me are you?

Of course I am!
HAHAHA! BEAT ME? You? Have you gone mad?

You and I are the same person! If you kill me, you’ll die too!

Hehehe! I know that! You can’t kill me either! You don’t want to die huh?

You’re not going to…

… commit suicide?!
Don’t worry about me…

I’ve learned a trick from humans that will allow me to get rid of you without dying...

Wh… what?

Note that nor­mally Ja­pa­nese text is written in manga from top to bottom. But not Na­me­kian, which is left to right! Its ja­pa­nese trans­la­tion is the­re­fore also written from left to right (like with DBM! ^^)
Mr. Popo tells the ship to fly to Jupiter.

And the machine answers “Command Heard”
Here, we don't know if the namek says "I don't un­ders­tand you ..." or if it says the be­gin­ning of the same thing as in the panel below (where it answers in Ja­pa­nese).
Here, when Dende is talking to Porunga, the sub­ti­tle gives the pho­ne­tics of his words, not the trans­la­tion.

He’s most pro­ba­bly saying:
“Polunga, appear!”
Takka raputo
Pop polunga
Pu­pi­litto paro
Then, he trans­la­tes the wishes of his friends.
First off, I want all the Earth­lings killed by the Saiyans to be re­sur­rec­ted!
(Porunga answers in perfect english, that he can’t)
After, here is what they tell Dende to ask to Polunga:
Ask him to re­sur­rect Piccolo, the Na­me­kian who lives on Earth!

The second wish would be to te­le­port Piccolo, who just re­sur­rec­ted, to Planet Namek!
Dende gives the last wish, in two parts, because he is cut off by Freeza, as dic­ta­ted by the Grand Elder Guru.
These are the words of his wish…
… “Trans­fer everyone to Earth, except Freeza and a Saiyan called Goku.”
First, I want the souls of Goku and Krilin, who died on Namek, to be brought back here!
And finally, in the last volume, the last in­vo­ca­tion. The new Elder Grand Guru uses exactly the same words as Dende before.
A far-away planet, Earth, has been en­ti­rely des­troyed. Bring it back as it was before, please!

Uh… re­sur­rect all the people killed since the day Babidi arrived on Earth! Except the vil­lains, of course!

Fan­tas­tic! That was our final wish!
De­duc­ted dic­ti­o­nary






Because of




In­ven­ted dic­ti­o­nary

Sen­ten­ces ge­ne­ra­ted
Page 956
In­vo­ca­tion, we did a copy-paste.
Page 958
“Please re­sur­rect everyone dead because of our tour­na­ment!”
Page 960
“We don’t have any. We’ll keep them for later.”
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