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DBM Universe 14 (Cyborgs): One Way

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine & TheOverlyMadHatter

Following the deaths of the Z Warriors as told in Twin Pain, Universes 12 and 14 had a few years in common before everything fell apart for the latter. What are the events that led to Trunks' victory in one, and to the reign of the Artificial Humans in the other?

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 1, Chapter 4.

Son Gohan screw up his eyes... concentrating to try and listen to what was being said over there... down below...

But he was too far away.

All he could see was another soldier in uniform landing beside his mates and giving what looked like the device the man had, the man that the young Saiyan had followed to this place, he gave it to a warrior that seemed to have a higher rank... At the very least, he was superior regarding his strength level.

This officer carefully listened to the newcomer's report as he read the indications kept in the small case he had in his hand. Apparently, he wasn't quite pleased with what he was seeing.

Son Gohan was angry at the hills of the huge meadow and its lack of plants... It was going to be hard for him to come any nearer without being noticed... And it'd be necessary to listen to what those unknown persons were saying.

The more he'd know... the better he'd adapt his strategy... One against all, with no hope of any backup... He couldn't do the mere mistake...

As the young warrior was scanning the area, looking for a chance of going forward in that uneven landscape... But the characteristic sound of an opening double-door brought his attention back to the strange vehicle that vibrated as it kept sinking slowly...

He then saw a weird greenish creature levitating out through a door at the top of the starship... It was a kind of hideous gnome, his enormous skull was creased, with some bristle, and he had huge protruding eyes... The creature, who looked more like a bug than a human being with his y-shaped muzzle and his weird barbel under his cheeks, was wearing a long skirt that hid the lower part of his body. On the belt, there was the same strange sign than the one on every soldiers' forehead.

That most likely was the symbol of their organisation... Or the symbol of the chief... Who could very well be the misshapen dwarf, considering the behaviour of the other members of the group: they bowed low when he approached.

Son Gohan couldn't help but stare at the weird little creature...

So he was the new enemy to be taken down?... What thing was he hiding to inspire such respect while he looked so frail?

The gnome seemed to listen to the mightiest warrior's report... then he started pacing to and fro, apparently annoyed.

“And that's all you've found?!!”

Even Gohan could ear his ringing fit of temper... And the entire group of soldiers now looked submissive and ashamed.

The young Saïyan had understood that the strange device seemed to be able to measure the fighting level... Or at least the energy... But he didn't quite understand the attitude of the weird being...

Anyone would have been happy to find so little resistance!

Really, it kept getting stranger and stranger...

Son Gohan suddenly lay flat... He just noticed the most powerful ki's owner was coming back.

When he joined the other, he carefully looked up.

That other being was a gigantic athlete, wearing kind of baroque clothing... Just like his looks actually...

The stature of a giant... Yellow eyes with pupil like those of felines... Two big and pointed ears and short horns added to his strange appearance... As for his clothes, with that wide white cloak, they looked more like a ceremonial clothing than like a fighting suit!

And he too sported a stylized “M” on his forehead.

But that wasn't everything...

He just had brought a very strange item!

A big brown sphere, apparently uneven, cut in two hemispheres by a juncture.

Every extra-terrestrials moved back when the horned colossus put it down...

All of them, but one!

The gnome literally jumped on the huge ball with an hysterical laugh... He seemed utterly happy and was softly stroking it...

Son Gohan had to know more about this!

With a decided look, he raised his head to aim at a rock slide that was considerably closer from the group of fighters...

One last glance at them...

Oh well... if they needed devices to detect ki... they certainly wouldn't have the time to catch his... Alea jacta est!

Just a wink and a chirping later, Gohan had arrived at the vantage point he wanted.

No reaction... Except for the tall horned being who had hardly moved his head... but this certainly had nothing to see with his move...

He would now be able to hear the conversations of these mysterious visitors from outer space.

The gnome was now vociferating as he was pacing to and fro, his hand joined in his back, below his cloak.

“That's not what I expected at all!... That planet seemed to hold much more energy than that...”

He stopped as he pointed at the strange sphere.

“Do you have any idea how many kilis he needs to get all his power back?”

He then snatched one of the devices from a fighter.

“How do you want us to succeed with that!!” He yelled before throwing the kilimeter on the ground in a fit of rage under the soldiers' appalled eyes. They didn't know exactly what to do.

“Maybe you shouldn't rely on appearance Master Babidi...”

The most powerful uniform-wearing fighters went further.

“Dabra is right... #6 has told me about incredibly strong Earthlings... Yet his meter wasn't able to find them... All it did was measure their attacks' energy... It was up to 250 kilis!”

Babidi started out of astonishment... And right then, he had an outburst of intense joy.

“Two hundred fifty kilis in only one blast!”

Then he turned to face number 6, looking inquiringly at him.

“Of course, you have their detailed descriptions... (a moment of pause)... as well as their name and where we can find them...”

Number six straightened, a hint of panic in his eyes. He even moved back out of fear.

“I... I'm sorry... but... but..”

Son Gohan gave a start. The most powerful soldiers had just annihilated the poor guy with a shot without notice. The nearest fighters even had been thrown on the ground by the blow of the powerful explosion...

The gnome seemed to be satisfied by the initiative of his henman.

“Thank you Pui-Pui... But next time, please wait for my order...”

The culprit hurried to respectfully bow.

“I beg your forgiveness Master... I thought I should do it... But I won't do it again...”

The young Gohan had made up his mind about these strange intruders and the incident reinforced it... They were nothing but a bunch of unabashed vile killers that easily matched the cyborgs... And they were to be eliminated, and fast before they could do any further damage!

Having forgotten everything about what had happened with the soldier Number 6 a few seconds before, the gnome was thinking and talking out loud.

“Two hundred and fifty kilis without any emission of ki.... That planet is very surprising...” He then went on pacing to and fro. “So we reasonably can deduce that they're not the only one to possess such hidden energy...” He stopped to look again at the big sphere. “In the end... perhaps we'd fill him up much earlier than expected...”

“That's for sure... But I believe it'd be time to get it if we want to put him in his support, this place isn't as calm as we thought it'd be.” Dabra's stentorian voice rang out.

A wide ironic smile spread on Babidi's face.

“Don't worry... Majin Boo is indestructible... But put him inside anyway... He deserve much more than this dirty soil!”

Dabra had no time to take the sphere that a voice made everybody look up.

“And you're going with him!”

Above them... his arm spread out and an authoritative finger pointing at them... Son Gohan had decided to move into action.

Dabra softly laughed, his shoulder shaking... He even pretended to muffle his deep laugh.

“We do not even have to go find him...”

Son Gohan was surprised... Would it be possible that they've known all along that he was here... close to them? Apparently yes...

“Excellent initiative, you man... You can see so much better from where you are...” The gnome went on, a sardonic smile on his lips.

“That's for sure!” Even Pui-Pui was having fun.

Understanding that they weren't taking him seriously... the young Saiyan decided to go further... giving his command once again, right after the blow of his change.

“I won't tell you this again... You'll go into this space ship and leave this planet...” He suddenly lighted up his aura, in order to insist on his last words.

“And forget about it forever.”

Down below, Pui-Pui had already picked up the kilimeter... And he had a start of surprise when he saw it. He then gave it to Babidi as he watched the fighter with the golden aura above them.

“Woooow... what an awesome surprise we've here...” the gnome enthused. Then, without even turning back but looking at the young man who was starring at them from the sky, he talked to the tall Dabra.

“In your opinion, Dabra... at such a level... how many he can truly give us?”

“Much, much more, no doubt about it!” the horned fighter answered him with his voice from beyond the grave and a satisfied smile.

The gnome's eyes suddenly changed to be incredibly sharp... He was now starring at Son Gohan.

“Very well... come to me, my dear...” he muttered with a deep voice.

As Son Gohan was looking at him with astonishment in his eyes, Babidi abruptly stretched his arm in the young Saiyan's direction. He was almost shouting. It was as if he was under the influence of some trance, he had closed his eyes as if to concentrate better.

“Your dark side belongs to me! I command you to join us!”

The gnome was motionless for a while, one of his hand contracted towards Son Gohan, an air of deep concentration on his face as waves seemed to radiate from his ugly creased head.

“Er... Master... He doesn't seem to be really responsive...” Dabra's deep voice gave a start to the small greenish man.

Surprised, the evil gnome suddenly opened his eyes... to see the young man's figure still unmoving and still surrounded by a golden aura.

“Damn... so he'd be a...” Pui-Pui was stunned...

But Babidi curtly cut him.

“No, it's not one of them!”

But Pui-Pui still couldn't believe it.

“So it means that there do exist mere mortals who have never stolen, cheated, raped, tortured or killed by pleasure, or done any other evil thing in their entire life?”

“It's extremely rare... but it can be found.” Dabra scowled.

Pui-Pui looked at Son Gohan again, pensive.

“He certainly haven't had much fun... The poor guy...”

But his sentence annoyed Babidi who sharply told him.

“You'll be moved some other day, you idiot!” He then went on, his voice authoritative. “Dabra!”

The horned giant bowed obediently.

“Yes master!”

He seized the big sphere and went towards the ship right away. A wide round airlock, that was invisible opened on the last floor that kept burying itself in the ground.

As he was disappearing inside the big building, Babidi went on.

“Pui-Pui, give me a reservoir, please...”

The soldier slipped away too after he had bowed before the gnome who was now looking up to speak to Son Gohan.

“I hope you won't mind if I'm being careful...”

He made a gesture with his hand and all soldiers took off to surround the Saiyan from several level of height, literally circling him in a spherical formation.

“I don't like turning my back to strangers without some precaution... especially to strangers threatening me, you understand...” Babidi went on.

The young man wasn't a fool... there was some kind of trap hidden in this manoeuvre... But the soldiers weren't enough to worry him in any way... And besides, they hadn't done anything to provoke him so far.

Babidi went towards the upper airlock with a satisfied smile... The reactions of those good defenders were always so predictable!

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