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DBM Universe 14 (Cyborgs): One Way

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine & TheOverlyMadHatter

Following the deaths of the Z Warriors as told in Twin Pain, Universes 12 and 14 had a few years in common before everything fell apart for the latter. What are the events that led to Trunks' victory in one, and to the reign of the Artificial Humans in the other?

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 3, Chapter 20.

Freeza and Cold lifted their heads in conjunction at the sound of the unexpected thunderous voice. They only had the time to catch a glimpse of the massive figure of a fighter with his fingers stretched on each side of his face. An intense flash of light instantly wiped away his perceptive senses. Freeza let his rage take sound:

— "Bastard!"

Another louder cry echoed:


Piccolo, who of course had covered his eyes upon hearing the attack, already had his arms stretched out and ready to fire at the tyrant duo that was now a few dozen feet off the ground.

He fired at the exact moment Tenshinhan did, who remained relatively in the same position, save for the fact that his fingers were now joined together, targeting the duo.

Piccolo's destructive wave hit the two figures now ground at the exact same instant his three-eyed companion's Kikōhō detonated.

The two aliens then disappeared in the fires of the explosion that made the entire region tremble, resulting in the collapse of many of the surrounding landforms and the panicked retreat of the scarce fauna that inhabited this desolate region.

Puar was blown away by the shockwave while an disoriented Bulma thrown off balance tumbled down from her the rocks that sheltered her. Before she could get back up, Yamcha grabbed her by the hip to get her as far away from the battlefield as possible.

Meanwhile, Kulilin had just made his way to the two other fighters.

He was welcomed with grunting:

— "It wasn't enough!" followed by: "STRONGER!!"

Piccolo let his rage and frustration explode in a war cry while he focused all of his energy at the center of his eight fingers again. With a face twisted by agony, Tenshinhan also prepared to fire from his joint hands and released:


For the second time, the landscape trembled while a chasm formed under the pressure of the three-eyed athlete's powerful blast.


The echo of the blast was still ringing as Kulilin released his best technique with all the power he had within him. Power that was now impressive for an Earth-born warrior, that nothing to do with what he was before… but was still laughable in the face of the the two monsters that had come to wreak havoc across the planet.

Kulilin, who had witnessed the intergalactic tyrant's show of power, knew that, even together, they only had a small chance to end the battle with the father and son victorious. Unless Vegeta joined them. The Saiyan never stopped training in his goal to defeat Goku… Who knows how strong he could have become by now?

But of the proud prince, not a single trace, as five figures spread out in five-pronged star formation in a sky veiled by the release of golden light; an ethereal dust cloud formed by the force of desperation.

Tenshinhan was right after all. We couldn't count on Freeza's former subordinate. Ungrateful bastard! The little man felt the anger intensify his attack, much to his advantage.

Actually, the former student of the Crane School, who had used up much of his vital energy in his two Kikōhōs, was the first to fall victim to the strain of his Ki Blasts. His stretched out arms were nothing more than an inferno in which he poured every last bit of strength he could muster as huge drops of sweat trickled down his muscles swollen by effort. The fighter grit his teeth so tightly together he felt as though they were sinking into his gums; he needed all the determination possible to focus on his vital energy and further tap into his reserves of strength without ceasing fire. He could still sense his enemy. He could tell it was still within the seething light that anyone else would be convinced would annihilate anything.

Yamcha, who had joined the battle after putting his girlfriend at a safer distance, gave it all he got as well. He was at the prime of his young life. With his fear of women conquered upon meeting Bulma, he really wanted to make up for all the lost time. There's no way he'd let himself die now, of all times… not when life was so good! This was what the ex-bandit thought to himself in order to forget about the gut-twisting fear he was plagued with sensing the power given off by the two aliens. He threw a glance at Gohan, who was also giving it all he had in the collective fire. To think that this boy had the audacity to challenge such a monster on the faraway Planet Namek! Yamcha's cheeks were red with shame. Screaming, powered by his ultimate motivation, he too was going to draw out the power from within his deepest recesses and overcome his limits.

And indeed, the young warrior poured his heart into his attacks!

Witness to tyrants boundless cruelty, Gohan would stop at nothing to keep the planet and its inhabitants from experiencing such a bane. Freeza didn't scare him! His father defeated him, so beating him shouldn't be impossible! And with that, he put all the energy his young Saiyan body had within into his biggest Kamehameha yet, without even worrying about the burning sensation that scorched his little hands.

From the top of the promontory she'd just made her way to, Bulma began to gloat, hopping in the air while throwing her small fists all over the place like a cheerleader during the endgame. Even at her current distance, the infernal dome took truly impressive proportions as unnaturally hot winds swept the dust off the landscape in surreal whirlpools under the endless rumbling of thunder that signaled the end of the world.

— "Give'em hell, boys! Destroy these pieces of crap! Burn them to the ground! You guys are the best, WOOHOOOO!!"

Hardly above her, Puar, who had returned to his original form, with his tail bristled with excitement, cheered for his own personal champion, who he could barely make out among the several figures surrounded by a dust cloud.

— "You can do it Yamcha… You're the best!"

For the two friends, with such power unleashed, there was no reason to doubt victory. The universe would finally be rid of those dangerous psychopaths!

Suddenly, Bulma halted her every move, her arms frozen mid-air, as though a victim of a strange spell, eyes wide with disbelief and her jaw dropped on a sound she'd choked on. Finally, she stuttered:

— "But… But… You can't be serious!"

At the center the of the fantastic display of the blazing rampage haloed in unreal light filtered by the dust… the young scientist had just caught sight of something directly hitting the small figures that created the daunting dome with full force!

Tenshinhan, nearing exhaustion, could only muster a thin flux. Completely drained, the fighter couldn't react to his gigantic adversary's assault!

Heavy was the fall of the earthling. However, it would take more than that to do way with him, and he was quickly back on his feet. Just in time to the brush of a blow that could have decapitated him veered out of its course by a white and blue rocket.

Gohan knew to promptly react seeing Cold follow his friend to the ground, and in spite his his strength, the King was caught off-guard by the boy's attack.

Though rocky, the ground was scratched with two long furrows formed by the alien who had been pushed across it. The powerful charge of the young warrior wasn't enough to knock the monarch down. A faint growl stirred within the latter's throat as a mocking smirk contrasted the look of cruelty in his eyes.

From where he stood, Piccolo shuddered at the realization that his godson was now the center of the attention of the horned monster. He too ceased fired. Either way, they'd obviously failed. The urgency took precedence over tactic. It was no longer a matter of victory, but of pure and simple survival!

The tall Namekian hardly had to time to disappear before shortly afterwards reappearing, whirling straight in the direction opposite to the one he'd intended like a meteor. Having come out of nowhere, the metallic appendage of the bionic tyrant had him with precision and accuracy of a baseball champ stopping a ball dead in its course.

Yamcha and Kulilin didn't even have to look at each other to react! Immediately, two concentrated energy blasts were charging the aggressor of their big green friend.

They'd only met emptiness before hitting the ground, creating two new craters in the proximity of the large circular perimeter ravaged by the large-scale collective assault.

The next instant, Freeza was just under the bald fighter's nose. Kulilin thought he'd fainted. Every fiber of his body was boiling under the fearsome memory of their explosion, as though they were suffering the expansion their blood-red-eyed tormentor had put them through once more. He was at the mercy of the depths of his deepest fears.

— "Well, well… You're here too, I see…

So it's true. These Dragon Balls would be capable of granting any wish, after all."

The hellish eyes slowly shut themselves as the now muffled voice of Freeza rung with profound hatred:

— "I'm actually glad to find you here…"

His cruel almond-shaped eyes suddenly opened wide at the same time he changed his tone was dominated by spite:

— "I can now make you pay for your insolence in kind!"

Completely panicked, Kulilin threw his hands at his throat in an attempt to free it… Only a faint thread of air could barely get through his windpipe… The blood furiously beating in his temples seemed to indicate that the blood flow to his brain was also impeded. He wanted to cry out his panic, the pain his lungs and skull were under, his will to will, an ultimate call for help… But he was unable to produce even the slightest sound as his eyes were shooting blood and his lips were slowly losing their color.

An order rung:

— "Let go of him, you piece of crap!"

Yamcha's fist was stopped dead in its tracks by what seemed like an invisible wall just a hair shy from the metallic part of the of the head of his friend's aggressor.

Freeza didn't even turn his head. Only his eyes made contact with his assailant. And what the ex-bandit saw in those eyes was enough to freeze his entire being in fear.

Meanwhile… Tenshinhan took good care to catch his breath and recuperate as much energy as possible while attentively observing the son of his former rival doing his best to push the cape-clad armored giant.

The competitor appreciated the barrage of techniques and the power behind each of his blows for all their worth. But good as he was, the young prodigy couldn't effectively land a hit on his opponent. Worst of all, Gohan's Ki began to show worrisome signs of weakening. Like all of his friends, the boy had spent most of his energy in the collective blast, and all like all of them, he may have to pay dearly for the aborted assault.

Gohan was violently struck to the side. The child looked up, dumbfounded, at the one who had brushed him aside without any difficulty.

The martial figure of that person, who was without a doubt one of the greatest Namekian Warrior of all time, proudly stood before the violent-skinned monarch. For an instant, the two fighters shared the gaze of each other's respective deaths.

Cold felt the rage culminate within him.

It had been a long time since anyone dared display such arrogance before him. Of course, the were times when a few desperate victim tried to defy him in an ultimate attempt at survival… But beyond their rage, he could perceive the visceral fear his royal presence inspired them. This inferior being, this pitiful slug is going dearly for his show of impertinence!

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