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DBM Universe 14 (Cyborgs): One Way

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine & TheOverlyMadHatter

Following the deaths of the Z Warriors as told in Twin Pain, Universes 12 and 14 had a few years in common before everything fell apart for the latter. What are the events that led to Trunks' victory in one, and to the reign of the Artificial Humans in the other?

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 3, Chapter 22.

Anger is double-edged sword. Indeed, the release of adrenaline may sometimes prove decisive, but the loss of self-control that compliments it can prove just as destructive to oneself. On that day, Tenshinhan learned this at his own expense.

Tenshinhan, though a warrior imposing in stature, was nothing but an insect before the horned giant that grabbed him by his forearms. The devil himself couldn't have more fun humiliating one of these pests. With a mocking half-grin, the frost demon was wiggling his tail in amusement as he took care to look as deeply as possible into the eyes consumed by rage and pain of his adversary. Slowly, inexorably, the latter was bending, trembling under the incredible power he'd foolishly defied. Tenshinhan called upon all of his life force, the last of his resources, once again, to resist the immeasurable pressure he was under… There was no way he was going to allow this piece of shit to have the satisfaction of seeing him submit under his power!

For a moment, the struggle almost seemed indecisive… with the arms of Son Goku's friend slowly climbing. Son Gohan was torn… Could he really let their companion face such a monster alone? The jump his heart made by seeing the near-cadaveriffic shade Kulilin was taking were all the answer he needed!

The boy finally left Piccolo, who was getting back up, and Tenshinhan in order to rush at full-speed towards the trio in the middle of the sky. How could he not notice the sudden drop in the ki of his father's former comrade? Tears formed in the eyes of the young warrior. It was all his fault, he'd blindly rushed into battle with King Cold, disregarding everything else!

He was about to shout out in rage, hoping to get the attention of his current target, before... Petrified by surprise, he was literally speechless!

Father! His father had finally made it back!

Son Goku had indeed appeared in the middle of the rocky landscape, much to Freeza's stupefaction!

Under the influence of the sight of the being he despised now more than anything, the tyrant suddenly freed his hold over his two victims. Bordering total asphyxiation, almost dead already, Kulilin dropped like a stone. Staring speechless at the surprising arrival, Yamcha hesitated for half a second before rushing to his friend's aid before he could hit the ground.

— "You!"

All the hatred in the world seemed to echo in the exclamation of the tormentor while his semi-metallic face was distorted in a snarl he could not contain. He also couldn't contain the shaking of his body from his reconstructed head to his stiffened metallic tail, as fists frantically spasmed to the point of popping a few joints in his fists.

Son Gohan couldn't get himself to move. How he would have loved to rush into the father who had been gone for far too long's arms, but something kept him from doing so.

At that moment, a dry crack resounded on the battlefield with a terrifying shriek of agony.

It was Tenshinhan's forearms that had finally given into the pressure after a hit from the wrists from a vicious Cold.

Having fallen to his knees, the three-eyed warrior could not contain the large tears that trickled down his face with his sweat. He shrieked again, but this time, in rage!

Taken aback by this unexpected reaction, the behemoth eased the pressure on the arms that strangely bent under his hands. Overcoming the pain, Son Goku's former rival was finally back on his feet. The beating of his heart intensified each second he tried to forget the pain that practically crippled his entire upper body.

Higher up, every seemed to have almost forgotten about the arrival of the most awaited fighter, and the conflict that brewed as a result of it.

Yamcha, who was on the ground with his friend was still wondering where he could be safe… and who really needed his help?

Son Gohan, however, didn't want to believe what seemed like an obvious truth!

As a shriek of pure hatred escaped Freeza, Yamcha rushed to him, screaming his lungs out.

Too late, the white humanoid's attack completely wiped out the figure dressed in orange and blue in half a second!

Completely absorbed by the desire for revenge and keen on the accuracy of his blast, Freeza didn't expect to be hit by the blast of the pest that had rushed to him!

— "Scum!"

Son Gohan felt a shiver invade his entire body while his throat locked… He knew immediately that behind this insult was hiding the distress of immeasurable grief.

Yamcha's eyes widened in stupor.

He put everything he had into that blast to come to his friend's rescue… never had released a Rōgafūfūken so powerful! Even so, the explosion cloud now cleared, his target didn't even budge an inch!

Freeza was getting aggravated. How could he even think of disturbing him in the middle of this?!

That energy blast was merely a warning shot to the Super Saiyan, and he more than likely could have dodged it… But where was the golden-clad figure? That moron had definitely teleported away following the attack, there could be no other explanation! What arrogance to display right under his nose, in his lesser form, no less!

Yamcha, as if paralyzed by fear, didn't have time to react:

— "Urgh… Go to hell, vermin!"

Though, the thin energy ray only hit a void.

Son Gohan had hit Yamcha just in time to get him out of the deadly path.

Son Goku's son couldn't react before a hand that had grabbed him by the hair in an instant was joined by a finger being pointed right at his temple.

— "Show yourself, or I'll start with him!"

At ground level, Cold paid no heed to the sudden arrival of his son's rival. He was far too intrigued by the behavior of his own opponent.

He seemed to suffer martyrdom and pressed his forehead on the hands that still held prisoner. With two broken arms caught in such a vise, it was no surprise; but instead of just sitting still, and curling up in a ball from the pain like all the other weaklings do, this particular being did no stop swelling his shoulders! The point that… To the point that… But…?!

The King couldn't believe it! Here it seemed this Earthling was forcing his blades out his back? Had this punishment turned him mad?


Piccolo had decided to let Tenshinhan see his efforts through. Either way, the father of Freeza didn't look he wanted to finish this battle right away, and he needed time to gather up as much energy as he could.

Finally… He thought he could have a bit of breathing room, until another dilemma came about!

What was that fool Goku doing?! At this rate, they were all going to get killed, and his son was about to be the first on that list!

In half a second, an iron hold had placed its deadly index finger on the head of the child held hostage. Freeza could also feel in his neck the sting of two energetic fingerss. That bastard of a Namek was quick!

A the same time, a liberating shout almost made Cold release his hold. Unless it wasn't just surprise that made him back up half a step! Before, Tenshinhan was back on his feet, his face completely twisted by a mask of agony and determination, as two additional arms had sprung out of his shoulders!

Before the alien could recover from this setback, before he could even lift a finger, four finger had blinded him by brutally hitting him in the eyes! A natural reflex caused him to throw his hands to his face… Tenshinhan was finally free!

Freeza cried in frustration:

— "You're not the one I'm waiting for!"

Piccolo didn't have time to answer him. Before he could open his mouth, the flexible end of a long prehensile tail wrapped around one of his ankles to immediately send him straight to the ground with an astounding impact. A death ball closely followed the green warrior in his descent, exploding the very moment he hit the ground in an amazing inferno.

He'd been elbowed in the stomach due to that moment of carelessness. Gohan, mad with rage, knew to strike when his opponent was open!

— "Dirty monkey!"

The retort sounded at the same time as the counter that almost broke the child with a brutal impact. Reacting under the rush of anger, Freeza didn't hold back that particular blow, momentarily forgetting that the son of his most dangerous enemy served as his hostage.

Yamcha, also attentive to the slightest opportunity, believed to have had his chance. The raging "Haaa" that ended his Kamehameha hardly had time to sound before it was going straight for its target! Without losing hold of his effort, with his teeth grit in hatred, the former bandit managed to keep his energy flux consistent. He himself didn't believe he could be capable of such effort, but vengeance and charge are the forces that brought his strength out.

Though Freeza was directly hit by the fantastic energy wave, a glacial hold seemed to have grasped Yamcha's throat. The following instant, completely paralyzed, Bulma's boyfriend felt he was being lifted into the air against his will and unable to continue his attack.

Gohan was back on the battlefield, blood trickling down his mouth and his heart filled with rage… stopped dead in his course as the alien murderer fixated his cruel little eyes with a villainous smirk on the corner of his mouth. His bloodstained gaze went from the young warrior to the figure he'd now held hostage, his right hand held mid-air and slightly closed… Yamcha screamed in pain under what seemed like pressure coming from within his own body.

The monster gave Son Gohan another far more mischievous look to speak in an almost honeyed tone:

— "I'm sure this brings back pleasant memories, don't you think?"

The memory of Kulilin's tortured body and his death created new tears on the child's face, however, his tone matched more that of a threat than compliance:

— "Let go of him now!"

Freeza first released a stifled chuckle that shook her shoulders before replying in the same deceptively suave tone:

— "I'll count up to three… If your daddy doesn't show himself by the end of the count…"

Without ending his sentence, he began the count in a firm voice this time, gradually tightening his fist :

— "One!"

The body of his unfortunate prisoner began to swell up even more…

— "Two!"

The characteristic sound of hyper speed rung. However, it wasn't Son Goku that appeared in front of Yamcha as the mecha-tyrant had expected, but a Piccolo stained in purple blood, his face hardened be an air of determination! His mouth opened to reveal his fangs exclusive to Namekian warriors as a dark energy boiled in his gaze charged with spite.

— "You really are stupider than I thought!"

The eyes of the alien narrowed as he wrinkled his nose, revealing in advance of the effect of this insult:

— "I suppose you'd like to take his place, then? Don't be impation, it'll be your turn after my business is done with this monkey!"

It was the voice of a child that sounded this time, filled with rage:

— "Piccolo's right! You don't understand a thing!"

Seized by a feeling of doubt, Freeza darted a questioning look to the half-pint fighter that dared defy him:

— "And what is it I might have failed to comprehend?"

A flood of tears swept over his boyish face as Gohan actually had to make an effort to get to articulate this time:

— "My father isn't here, yet… It's Puar you just killed, you monster!"

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