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DBM Universe 14 (Cyborgs): One Way

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine & TheOverlyMadHatter

Following the deaths of the Z Warriors as told in Twin Pain, Universes 12 and 14 had a few years in common before everything fell apart for the latter. What are the events that led to Trunks' victory in one, and to the reign of the Artificial Humans in the other?

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 3, Chapter 31.

This time around, the Saiyan Prince didn't regret his decision to finally open his eyes. It would've been a real shame to miss the priceless look of dumbfoundedness and disbelief that had formed on his Highness' idiotic face. In spite of the pain, a small mocking smirk complemented Vegeta's deformed face: the infamous runt had finally accomplished his mission. That imbecile sure as hell took his sweet time!

A breeze of gold animated by such a level of ki that he'd felt he was losing his sense brushed against Freeza's former henchman. The crackling of a devastating blow, a rough shockwave, an stifled exlamation… and then the acceleration of a brutal projection and the painful impact against the surface of this planet… again.

The foul and flexible tongue recognized the taste of its owner's purple blood. After having gathered his bearings, Cold examined his curious opponent. So that son of a monkey still had hidden resources!

The monster couldn't contain the smile that formed on his face. Few were those that could say they'd truly hit him, in this form no less, and not be part of his bloodline… It had never happened before that day! He had to admit, though being the king he was, that he'd underestimated the abilities of this warrior bearing the strange light. He would have made any of his subordinates pay with their lives for letting their guard down that way, but the advantages of having absolute power include being able to be magnanimous with oneself. That last thought lit the monster's eyes up with what seemed like joy; not only did become power in its purest form, his spirit and sense of humor were nothing to sniff at. He was without a doubt the most perfect being the universe had ever seen the chance of birthing.

— "Ready for the final bout?"

After distancing himself a bit, the Saiyan taunted with this mocking and satisfied look on his face. Cold didn't buy it. He knew full-well why he had decided not to engage in combat right away. His long tail slithered towards the head of the body that made it a point to keep to itself in the middle of the rocky crater in which it had been crushed. As he further degraded the ape's face a little more, the horned giant realized that by throwing that peace of trash to the ground purely for amusement, he involuntarily he'd actually complied with the other's Saiyan's order! He was actually happy that all of his men had been killed. He wouldn't have to waste his royal time dealing with those embarrassing witnesses.

In spite of the unbearable pain generated by the pressure on his broken face full of vice, Vegeta grit his teeth to the tyrant as the latter confided to him with a disgusting tone full of sarcasm:

— "Do not think I've forgotten about you, sweet prince of the planet of the apes… your turn will come sooner than you think, I assure you. Ah, I almost forgot: don't make me go through the trouble of searching for you once I'm done putting your last fellow gorilla in his place… Just a piece of friendly advice."

Another shiver crossed Vegeta's entire being when the monster slowly took its flight, harnessing every ounce of its power before the battle resumed. That idiot Kakarotto had just missed another golden opportunity to kill that bastard! The way he treated his opponents shamed the name of the Saiyan people, enough to do away with one's credibility for being part of one of the most ferocious and battle-tested warriors the universe had ever known.

The battle resumed its course on an optimistic note. The entire planet seemed to tremble in rythm with each inhuman blow thrown by the two clashing bodies emitting strong levels of ki.

No doubt about it, the shining monkeys fists were hitting hardest, its movements were far more agile, its assault far more ferocious and its concentration of ki well above that of his oppenent. In short, he was fighting at a level far beyond what he'd displayed a few moments prior.

Powerful, admittedly, but far from enough to concern the monstrous monarch. On the other hand, if horned alien's power was still at an advantage, the Saiyan had him completely trumped in speed. There's no denying that his ability to disappear at any moment without even leaving the slightest trace behind him got on the nerve's of Freeza's father, especially when the gold fighter reappeared right under his nose only to throw him a powerful energy blast at point blank range. How could this filthy ape move so face without anyone even catching a hint of the steps he'd taken to get to his destination? And also, how could charge as much energy during his phases of hyperspeed? No one alive should be able to do that!


A new attack backed with unreal brutality put Cold's defensive abilities to the test. Of course, on the outside he was relatively unharmed, but his patience and pride were beginning to dwindle. The fact that each of his counterattacks were mostly missing all of their targets was aggravating him further and further away from his previously zen and humorous attitude seen just moments ago.

Faster! Stronger! More power! This joke of a battle had gone on long enough… There was no better time to hold true to his promises! No one mocks a king… NO ONE!

The blood of the Frost Demon was boiling over. Obsessed with the idea of crushing his infuriating opponent, he paid no mind to the exasperation culminating within him with a hysterical screech ringing from his throat like that of a groupie having seen the shadow of their idol's toe.

At a safe distance from the confrontation of the two titans taking course, Piccolo interrupted the exchange between Kulilin and Tenshinhan.

— "All of you, shut up! Can you feel this?"

The opportunity and decision whether to give a senzu bean or not to the unpredictable prince suddenly queued to a lower priority.

— "His energy… It's fluctuating…" commented the three-eyed warrior.

— "It feels more like it's pulsing…" added the young Gohan.

— "It's slowly rising with each blow." shivering the tattooed bald one.

— "It's scary!" said the shorter student of the Crane School.

— "I knew I would've been better off looking after Bulma." uttered Yamcha who had just made his way to the small group after Chiaotzu returned from the Land of Karin.

Son Goku hadn't failed to notice the phenomenon occurring mere inches in front of him. What could this possibly mean? Freeza had never made his power fluctuate like this. Was this a means for his father to prepare a new technique? This could be interesting…


An explosive sphere he had just blocked was more powerful than he had bargained for! "This is what happens when you're not focused on the battle enough." he told to himself before disappearing once again.

Upon appearing, wearing a smile and two fingers place on his forehead, his other hand dusting off his torso red from the recent impact, too Vegeta by surprise. Sitting away, sheltered from Cold's wrath, the Saiyan held pressed against him his broken arm. To not remain in a position of inferiority, he stood up before speaking best he could:

— "Shtop tis buffoonery Kakaroppo and kill'im! And bring me one of tose magic beams!" shouted the wounded Saïyan, wearing a tear on one side of his broken face.

— "Crap! I'd completely forgotten about you! Right! the Earth-Raised Saiyan, falsely confused.

Tell me, I'd like to know your take on this whole thing: what does he have in store for us?"

— "LIKE I GIVE A DAMN! KILL HIM!!" yelled Vegeta, raging while doing his best not to give away their locationn.

— "So you have no idea, either… Alright, guess we'll see!" concluded Goku who disappeared the next moment.

King Cold had had enough. He was so far off that upon the reappearance of his oppenent, a need to kill him replaced every single thought in his mind. After all, what importance was there to the life of his rogue? In slavery, he'd be far too powerful to be trusted. It would be more trouble than it'd be worth, actually. Killing this filthy Saiyan, getting that traitorous vermin back to make an example of him and reduce this planet to dust. Let's get this over with!

Too predictable for his own good, in spite of the anger adding their oomph to the monarch's blows, their accuracy was sorely lacking in his eager rush. Fists, feet, and tail were all aimlessly flailing in the void, and all the energy blast lost themselves into the high atmosphere when they were crashing onto the landscape in apocalyptic ruckus.

— "Missed me again!" mocked the Saiyan right in front of the raging tyrant, amused by this sudden loss of control.

The howl that Cold released was enough to make an army of deafs shake in their boots. As his demential screech went on, sparks of energy flew out of his gaping mouth… Small hints of electricity began to dance around his body. The rock under his feet began to shake, veritable shockwaves were born unto the epicenter of the crater formed that shook the entire region as bigger and bigger pieces of gravel began to levitate.

Incredulous before such a release of power, Goku could only sit and watch.

Piccolo suddenly joined him, screaming as the rest of the team made their way to them:

— "He can't contain his energy anymore! We have to stop him!"

— "I… I won't have the time for a Genki-Dama…" uttered the golden Saiyan.

— "He's in no shape to defend himself! LET'S GIVE IT OUR ALL!!" shouted the tall Namekian as he threw both his arms in front of him.

In a beautful ensemble, each of the fighter combined their best attacks with the former demon's… save for Son Goku and his son who took the time to concentrate within their joint hands the necessary dose of ki for their signature attack. The father and son's blasts simultaneously flew out of their respective hands at blinding strength and speed. The impact forced the others to blink for a moment, even a few of the weaker one's heads to turn. A blazing inferno burned around the raging alien! A lost cause. Despite the power that had enough strength to melt a sun, not only did the monster's ki not change a bit, it actually skyrocketed as he was hiding within a protective bubble, twisting his tortured body.

Piccolo's had correctly assessed the situation: King Cold, incontested tyrant of the vast universe had just lost all control of his own power.

Despite his desperate efforts to put out the fire that enveloped him, to regain control over this intolerable madness, the king was longer master of anything. But of course, it wasn't for the sake of this planet that he was internally clashing, nor for that of the solar system it was part of, much less for the lives of its inhabitants. No, it was purely a matter of his own survival. He knew from experience that after such a poweful release of energy, he will soon delve into a world of unconsciousness. Away from his sons, he won't have anyone to bring him back to his senses to protect his body from over-straining itself. He couldn't take such a risk!

With all of his senses heightened in response to Cold's incredible spike in power, Son Goku added as much kick in his attack as he possibly could, urging his companions to do the same:

— "Stronger!"

Only Chiaotzu took the time to cease his fire and answer him. While he was trying his best, it was true that his contribution didn't add much in comparison to the rest of the team.

— "There's no way! We're already putting everything into this! We need Vegeta…"

Piccolo suddenly dropped his fuming arms.

— "Vegeta or not, it makes no difference. If he had the power of the millennial Saiyan, he might be able to make the difference, but right now… we're wasting our strength."

— "Stop it! Even if we can't hit, we can at least throw off his focus!" shouted Kulilin as Yamcha blew on his hands to cool them down.

Goku stopped as well. Under the anxious look of his son, he threw the towel:

— "Piccolo's right. He's lost all control of his energy. Distracting him will lead us nowhere, we're nothing to him."

Tenshinhan ceased fire, with a worrisome fold around his third eye.

— "I fear that this isn't our only concern. I told you all we shouldn't have trusted that bastard Vegeta. I should have finished him when I had the chance!"

The discomfort was apparent on each of the warriors' faces, just as tangible as the waves of energy that flew away from the body of the erupting monster.

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