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DBM Universe 14 (Cyborgs): One Way

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine & TheOverlyMadHatter

Following the deaths of the Z Warriors as told in Twin Pain, Universes 12 and 14 had a few years in common before everything fell apart for the latter. What are the events that led to Trunks' victory in one, and to the reign of the Artificial Humans in the other?

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 3, Chapter 23.

A doppleganger!! This monkey had a doppleganger living on Earth!

Atonishment, dismay, anger and frustration… A thousand feelings rushed into Freeza's patched up skull. His brain even needed a few seconds to consider this information: the Saiyan who had come on the battlefield wouldn't be the one he had been expecting for so long? And how many of these vermin had escaped his sentence?

The overflow that this extreme brainstorming had generated exploded in a cry of fury:

— "You liars! I'll kill you all!!"

Walking the walk as well as talking the talk, the shoot of an impressive energy blast spurted from his right hand towards the Namekian and his protege.

Piccolo only had the time to widen his eyes due to the surprise.

The promise of death that was rushing at him at high speed and that he'd never had the time to dodge just had been rerouted by another shoot, sideway. It was as powerful, if not an even more powerful blast.

His forehead burning up, his eyes slowly turned towards the origin of this life-saving counter attack. Who here, except maybe himself, could still have enough fighting power to succeed in rerouting such an attack? Gohan was a child that was full of surprises!

But no, that wasn't the work of his godson. At his side, two fingers near his forehead, was standing his father. Finally!

But how had Son Goku managed to arrive here without anybody noticing his progression? Concealment wasn't part of his style, and the urgency of the situation should have made him come without taking the mere measure of prudence. And even if he had used the hyper speed to arrive sooner, the several stages of his progression would have been noticeable!

It didn't matter! He was finally here!

Still shocked by the poor Puar's death, Gohan just managed to mumble something before the familiar figure that was covering him with his shadow.

— "Father…"

Down below, King Cold was still rising his tearful eyes towards the warrior who had just appeared. So, there was the vermin who had managed to defeat his invincible son! Yet this bug didn't look really impressive. His eyes now fixed on the fighters in the sky, he decided that looking for Tenshinhan, who had prudently withdrew during his temporary blindness, could wait a bit.

The mecha-tyrant needed a few seconds to get a grip on himself. Was bastard this immortal? How had he managed to escape Namek's explosion? Of course, when the detectors had notified that an incredible fighting force had left the sector 5589-R454 to rush towards the coordinates of Earth, he had concluded that it could only be him… Who else? Fate had wanted that the position of the chosen base for his recovery allowed him and his father to have a headstart on this monkey's pod. But how this damned Saiyan had managed to conceal the shock provoked by his ship's violent landing is mystery… A discreet arrival was completely impossible without a platform for them to land on!

Freeza threw these questions to the back of his mind. The how and the why didn't matter! He was here and the time for revenge had come! Anger was making way to an immense satisfaction. The alien knew he was stronger than ever! Not only had these technological devices allowed him to be whole again, but moreover, they allowed him to finally contain all of his power without effort. More than that, they allowed him to go beyond his limits. He'd never had thought it to be possible, to be stronger than he was! Well, he had never needed to go beyond the extreme limit of his abilities. The only occasions he had to use all of his power in a fight before the battle on Namek had been for challenges against his own family. And, of course, no member of his family had tired to kill him to fiercely had this damned Saiyan had done. Saiyans! Them and their stupid legend of a millennial warrior. Who could have thought that it had grounds? Yet, it was as if he had always known it, and it was out of curiosity had he had spared their young prince in the end. Because, actually, he seemed to have something that could have been nonstandard. Yet, as he grew, it appeared that he had been wrong. Indeed, he had proved to be a first class fighter, but nothing really exceptional. He even had been less efficient than many of his second in command. And yet… yet… his progression had been quite dazzling on Namek!

Son Goku's figure shone in Freeza's fiery eyeballs. This one had been utterly different between the beginning of their fight and its unthinkable epilogue. What strange secret could be hidden behind the pathetic appearance of these monkeys?

In the end, Zarbon had given him good advice. These people, that were inferior, could have been a pain if he had let them be numerous. The idea of an army of golden warriors made him feel sick, even though he was known to be feeling less. That scum who was glaring at him had managed to make him face a feeling he had never known until then: Fear!

He was going to pay for that… And a fair price! It was very good that all his dear friends had the good idea to come at him.

The extra-terrestrial suddenly had his usual arrogance back, enjoying beforehand the cries of despair that certainly were going to rise into the blue sky of this doomed planet.

He cast a quick glance at the impressive figure who was watching them from the ground. The king was going to be proud of his son once again!

— "I'll take care of this Father. Just make sure to enjoy the sight!" Then he looked once again at the being with the dark armor who seemed to be taunt him with his pitiful and shaggy hair.

— "So there you are…"

The arrogant being answered with off-putting simplicity.

— "As you can see, here I am!"

As if he wanted to enjoy the moment, unless he wanted to show his superiority, Freeza went on, as he closed his eyes, a proud smile on his lips.

— "So let the show begin!"

As he said this, he put all his aggressiveness into the last syllable, and, in the blink of the eye, he was in front of Kulilin, Kulilin who was recovering from the abominable ordeal the small alien had inflicted him some time ago. The unlucky guy's heart ceased to beat, so to speak, stopped by both surprise and fear. Kulilin couldn't have any reaction as his worst nightmare was addressing him, absolute cruelty in his eyes.

— "It's the first time that I kill the same bug twice…"

The bionically modified tyrant didn't have the opportunity to finish his sentence. He didn't even have the time to understand: a figure, that an intense golden light surrounded, had taken the place of the shrimp and then…

Time seemed to stop once again on the battle field as the echoes of the attack that just went through one of the worst killer of the universe resounded in everybody's ears. The body, with the eyes that astonishment had widen, didn't even has the time to fall on the ground. Just like a vengeful god, a warrior of light suddenly appeared in the air and reduced him to ashes, after he had pronounced five syllables which could have been a divine judgment.

For a while, only the beat of a bright aura could be heard on the scene of the tragedy that just happened. The fight, this fight everybody thought would be titanic, had ended even before it started!

As all of his friends were starring at him with wide eyes, Son Goku noticed that most of them hadn't seen him with this appearance. Therefore he started to make his aura vanish, then, with a so warm and bright smile, he turned off the golden light of his hair, whose bangs instantly fell to take their usual places.

As Son Gohan, his eyes full of tears of joy, as well as of relief, was rushing at this father he had been waiting for so long, the brain of his other friends started to work again. Could it be that the Goku all of them had known forever had changed so much? He'd never killed one of his opponents with such determination…

The rush of adrenaline from fear and surprise helping, Kulilin was the first to call their savior, who was wearing a quite strance suit.

— "Goku?… Is it you? It's really you?"

Goku, a hand ruffling his son's unruly hair, burst out laughing… No doubt about it, it really was him!

Tenshinhan, his arms unnaturally dangling, appeared on a rock on the opposite side from where he had last been seen.

— "It was a close call! You almost have been too late!"

The Saiyan seemed contrite as he rubbed his cheek with his forefinger.

— "I'm sorry to be late… I felt you were managing quite well and I really was too hungry!"

A simultaneous and deafening "what?" resounded as an explosion on the site that, without its usual inhabitants, which had fled, was unusually silent. Goku then added, a hand on his stomach.

— "The journey had been long and you know very well that I can't fight well with an empty stomach… So I supposed that a short detour by Chi-Chi's kitchen would be good." (he licked his lips with his tongue) Moreover, there is nothing better then the good food from home!"

Most of them just couldn't believe this so innocent revelation, it was so off with the awful moment they just went through… Yamcha exploded.

— "Are you completely mad? How could you think of filling your stomach when we were getting killed?"

Goku merely replied, unfazed.

— "Come on, I'm here now, it's all that matters… Besides, Puar will be resurrected with the Dragon Balls, it's not that bad…"

If this answer left Yamcha stunned, Piccolo felt he was losing his temper too. Indeed, down below, Cold's face had changed.

— "Idiot!"

And Goku had this surprised look, that only him could show.

— "What? Are you saying that there is something wrong with the Dragon Balls?"

Kulilin just lowered his head, a blasé air on his face.

— "No doubt about it, it really is him…"

Son Gohan was looking at his father, his eyes full of stupor.

— "But they were wrong then… The time for mom to prepare you some food, the time for you to eat your meal and then to come from home to here… It means you were on Earth before them."

A very mischievous smile spread on the Saiyan's lips.

— "No, you're wrong. I arrived quite some time after them… It's true that Chi-Chi took some time to prepare the meal, but now I can move without losing the mere second!"

— "What do you mean with 'without losing the mere second'?" Piccolo asked, curious.

— "It's called Instant Transmission…" Son Goku answered, raising a triumphant forefinger.

He couldn't add anything, a loud laugh interrupted him. Cold, that everybody seemed to have forgotten due to their friend's return and revelations, was gloating.

— "What an interesting reunion! I'm glad to see that I'm not going to leave empty handed. I really didn't expect that much when I accepted to come with Freeza."

He closed a fist before him to enjoy the pleasure to slowly open his hand.

— "Immortality was just the thing I lacked."

Son Goku's expression instantly changed. After having gone down to land on the ground, most likely in order to be at level with the gigantic alien, he spoke to him so seriously that the tone completely stood out with the one of the previous conversation.

— "I've nothing against you and you won't get anything from us. Take your ship and leave. Forget this planet and its inhabitants."

Just as a disturbing glint changed the king's eyes, an impressive explosion shook the entire region once again.

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