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DBM Universe 14 (Cyborgs): One Way

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine & TheOverlyMadHatter

Following the deaths of the Z Warriors as told in Twin Pain, Universes 12 and 14 had a few years in common before everything fell apart for the latter. What are the events that led to Trunks' victory in one, and to the reign of the Artificial Humans in the other?

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 2, Chapter 14.

A mere slap with the back of her hand... It wasn't even a slap, yet it swept the courageous young girl away, as if she was nothing but an annoying bug.

As a sudden and deep rage was obviously filling Satan's body, even though he was half asphyxiated, he managed to land some blows on their torturer's face... Videl was somewhat stunned, but she was slowly getting up and noticed that not only she could taste blood in her mouth, but that there also was two red rivers flowing down her nostrils.

She suddenly looked up... The courageous young fighter had appeared near 18 and had seized the wrist of the hand that was strangling her father... A blast swept the dust under the trio as a golden aura burned around the boy's body... He was gritting his teeth as he starred defiantly at the cyborg.

“Let go of him... He's harmless!”

Videl was astonished. Harmless...? Her father!! He, the World Champion all categories who had received so many medals in numerous martial arts contests, harmless?

She couldn't look away from the stranger. From this young man emanated something incredible. He had an obvious charisma, a natural elegance, a something that touched the young girl's heart and he clearly was very strong... But what could he do against that monster, and with just one arm... He who had been on his last legs not so long ago?!

Satan was suffocating, gasping for air... His hands, tightened on the small arm of his torturer, were loosing strength... In a fog that was getting bluer... He threw a last panicked glance at the yellow clouded figure that he knew was here to help him... And he suddenly felt that the lethal grasp had hardly loosened...

Gohan was concentrating all the power he still had in his only hand... The bright blue of the cyborg's eyes lightened with a fleeting hint of rage.

The explanation was simple. It sure was the hand of a Super Saiyan that was severely testing her mechanical metabolism, but also the only hand of a one armed Saiyan who had been like this for some time now... So it was a hand trained to work, to train, to fight for two, a hand in which there also was the strength of its missing counterpart.

It was out of question to yield against this idiot!

In one second, 18 saw him back when he was a child fighting alongside Vegeta... It was true that they had spared him to keep a worthy opponent and to keep having their fun... But at time, he wasn't funny at all!

The next moment, the Saiyan had let go of his grip so that he could parry a dreadful forearm blow within an inch of his face.

She was furious to see he had blocked her again. 18 abruptly released her victim to throw her hand at the golden fighter's throat.

“You've been playing with your luck for too long... I'm fed up with seeing you always getting in our hair!”

The former champion found himself on all four, on the ground, and painfully inhaling deep breaths that filled his lungs with a whistling sound... Looking up, he saw with his eyes that still were blurred due to the pain and the lack of oxygen, he saw his saviour's blows crash into the block of steel in form of a girl, but in vain... She had undertaken strangling him in turn.

That fight didn't concern him anymore... So the bleached blond started to move backwards very slowly, he was very careful not to get up, and getting away from the cybernetics death that was way too close in his opinion...

Where was Videl? She wasn't where the blow of the skirt wearing slut at thrown her anymore... His heart beating hard and fast in his chest, Satan also started looking for 17... Phew! He was here... A few feet away from the fighters. He seemed to enjoy with delight the spectacle of their opponent's foretold death throes. He even had the nerve to joke as he watched the poor guy deprived of air trying, in a last trial of strength, to broke the grip that was crushing his throat as he tried to repel his persecutor with his foot.

“You shouldn't move so much, it'll shorten our fun... What a pity... no small bald man to beg around... He he he...”

But his sister didn't seem to understand the fun of it.

“Stop with it! I've already told you not to talk about him anymore!”

The cyborg took two steps forwards, starring into Gohan's eyes, Gohan who already was staggering as the golden aura went off as a candle that had been blown out...

“It's a thrilling moment, isn't it... The moment when you feel the very last, the final heart beat in your...”

He hadn't the time to end his sentence... A sudden cry surprised them all when a figure jumped right under his nose and placed two fingers with deadly accuracy right into 18's eyes. She immediately dropped her catch.

As the young fighter was quickly moving backwards two steps, bent forwards to take his breath... Videl had turned around to land a formidable kick, with all her might... A kick that never reached its target!

A fit of sobs shook Satan in his shelter... He saw these last images each time he went to sleep... They were haunting him day after day, giving him no respite... He didn't even need to close his eyes anymore to live them again and again...

The black haired killer had effortlessly stopped the kick that should have make him bend in half, as it would have landed on his genitals. He then had told his sister, who was blinded because of his dear little girl's attacks.

“Right before me!!”

So, without taking the mere second to think about it, without the mere hint of feeling, without even aiming, the blond slut had extended her right hand and... and...

Once again, big tears rolled down the cheeks of the poor man, sitting between crates and concrete dust.

No, there was no word to describe the death of his only daughter, pierced by a ray of concentrated energy, that had gone through her as easily as if she had been made of paper... There was no word to describe the light fading from this young eyes as her body was falling backwards... No word to tell what your killed child's blood looked like!

What happened next... He also remembered it, even if he had seen it without really paying attention.. It'd seem that his brain had recorded it without his knowing.

Yes, without really wanting it, without even being able to do it, he remembered what had happened next, when the world had been strangely spinning around him... As if the destroyed building, the rubble covered ground, the surprisingly blue sky of that tearful day, had decided to start a fanciful waltz around him mind, paralysed by the appalling horror he had just witnessed.

In the middle of this unbelievable carousel, and the nausea that came with it... He had watched something incredible!

No, Satan hadn't realised at the moment what had followed the irrevocable... His eyes recorded the scene the same way a camera without user would do the same... But what a scene!

An insane growl... Yet it wasn't the growl of the father to whom his child's life had been stolen... No!

That was the growl of the young man who lacked an arm!

Right after it, a blast, whose power was as sudden as it was fierce, blew the ex-champion's weight away, no matter how heavy he was.

When he got back on his feet to look up, he could see an intense golden light dancing around the fighter whose fury was now distorting his face. He kept yelling as lightning tore through the sky that suddenly was invaded by oppressive and incredibly dark clouds. The crackling of numerous electric will-o-the-wisps that were travelling all around his body was drowned out by the rumble of an apocalyptic thunderstorm as a strange wind threw dust and rubble of all size in every directions.

From the huge block of concrete behind which he was hiding, Satan saw with alarm the two machines were bracing themselves so that they could resist the impressive storm picked up by the incredible fit of rage of the young man in the orange suit.

Who was he? How could he have such power? To generate energy shot was something, but controlling the elements, commanding storms? Could a machine do such miracle?!

Some religions give this ability to their gods... But he obviously wasn't one. Not at all... Otherwise he'd have certainly been able to save his darling... He had prayed so hard, no divinity could have refused him this... Besides, what happened next proved that he was a being of flesh and bones.

For a moment that seemed to go on forever, the unknown boy screamed his rage together with thunders and lightnings.

Then he finally lowered his head. There was something completely frightening in his eyes when he took them back to the twins. The usual whistling of the strange golden aura that was surrounding him had to compete with the dull sound of huge drops that started to hammer on the devastated town.

The light of a formidable lightning blinded Satan for a second. When he could see again, he noticed that the three fighter had already hurled themselves again one another.

The one armed fighter's hits seemed to have renewed vigour. His attacks seemed to have an incredible rise of power, but, whenever he threw one of his opponent bite the dust that was turning into mud under the heavy rain that was now raging, the other one was immediately on him... Never giving him any respite!

That very harsh fight seemed to last forever, and there was a moment the ex-champion found himself encouraging the boy.

“Destroy these bastards... Avenge my dear Videl! She died for you... You owe her that!”

But hope didn't last... The young fighter who already was exhausted due to a first tough fight seemed to be tiring really fast while the two other didn't seem to weaken in the least, in spite of the insanely strong blows they had taken. These two damned things never showed the mere hint of breathlessness or of tiredness... No, they could hit for hours without getting tired, without wincing, without failing... As soulless machines.

The heavy rain was falling so hard that he could believe that it was it that turned off the golden aura that suddenly stopped illuminating the ruins... But Satan had the feeling that it was much more serious than that.

Indeed. The young fighter was defending himself more and more half-heartedly... whereas the two monsters seemed to strike twice as hard, hammering with an avalanche of blows as violent as cruel. Then came the time when the golden light faded from the hair and the poor guy seemed to be able to stand on his feet only because of the power of the strike that kept straightening him with a crimson jet even before he had time to bend down because of the previous hit.

Beatings. The former champion had seen many serious ones on the numerous rings that he had the occasion to enter during his long career... But such determination on a man that now was unable to fight... He had never seen it!

Not wanting to see more, he eventually sat behind his block of concrete... Curled into a ball, he finally took the time to cry to his heart's content as the dull sound of blows drowned out with a metronomical rhythm the uproar of the shower.

He didn't even think to try and flee. He didn't care about dying now.

How long did he remain here, emptying his body of all his tears under the beating rain? … He'd not have been able to tell... Not more than he could have said for how long had these two killers cleared off.

When he eventually got up, his mouth furry and his legs like jelly... He could see a figure wearing an orange suit laying against the ground, his face in a deep puddle.

So they had killed him too!

Even today, Satan wouldn't have been able to say what he had felt when he had looked at the body of this young fighter... But was he still able to feel anything? … What could a father that picked the incredibly light body of his only daughter feel?

Without even one last glance to the one who yet had saved his life, he went away with, in his arms, the weight of sorrow that'd never leave his broken heart. A harrowing scream reached his ears even though he was two streets away... It was followed by a new explosion. But it didn't matter to him... The world could have collapsed and then what? A world without Videl wasn't worth anything.

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