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DBM Universe 14 (Cyborgs): One Way

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine & TheOverlyMadHatter

Following the deaths of the Z Warriors as told in Twin Pain, Universes 12 and 14 had a few years in common before everything fell apart for the latter. What are the events that led to Trunks' victory in one, and to the reign of the Artificial Humans in the other?

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 1, Chapter 6.

With surprise, Son Gohan discovered this new environment that had come out of nowhere.

Pui-Pui scoffed as he saw his opponent looking all around him.

“Stunning, isn't it?! Welcome in my planet, all this thanks to Master Babidi's magic... Zun... Gravity is ten times the Earth's... I'll finally be able to show you my power!”

Son Gohan's eyes still travelled from place to place in that desert landscape that was exposed to a biting wind. He wasn't paying his presumed adversary any mind now. He took some steps forwards and then knelt to pick up a stone that he threw into the air and watched it heavily crash on the ground.

“G time 10... hm...”

He got up to look at the desolated surroundings. “Just as planet Vegeta...” He was pensive. “I wonder if it looked so bleak...”

Pui-Pui was mad, how could he forget about him? With a yell of rage, he jumped on the imprudent man who had turned his back to him.

“You dickhead! stop daydreaming! Come and fight me!”

Son Gohan effortlessly caught him and without even looking at the punch that was meant to him. Pui-Pui froze, utterly astonished, while the young fighter was talking to him as if nothing had happened.

“You've grown up here, haven't you?”

Son Gohan let go of him to finally turn and face his opponent. “I'm curious to know if there are plants and animals in a planet with such gravity.” Once again, he looked away from the dumbfounded fighter to keep on thinking out loud as he was scanning area again. “If there are, they certainly are different than what we have on Earth.”

Pui-Pui was getting angry... And once again, he tried to hit him again, his blow enhanced by anger that was rising in him, he aimed at the stomach of the young man who was facing him.

The fighter remained motionless. His fist crashed against the Saiyan's impressive abdominal barrier, the Saiyan who was looking at him, almost surprised to see him in such a stance.

And then, looking frightened, the extra-terrestrial moved back, holding his hand and a tear of pain in his eye. He was almost shivering, as he finally noticed the alarming difference in level between him and his opponent.

“It's... It's not possible... With such a gravity, you should... Well.. you can't...” he stammered.

Son Gohan kindly smiled at him.

“Your power makes us insensitive to gravity... Saiyans also come from a planet with a gravity time 10.”

Pui-Pui was abashed. “You mean you're no earthling?”

“Of course I'm... But just like my father, I'm a bit different, that's all.” he answered calmly.

Then, Pui-Pui seemed to be starring at something invisible in the sky. “I have tried Master... Bring us back!”

The two man gave a start of surprise when Babidi's voice strongly rang out, as if it came out of everywhere and nowhere at the same time. His tone was unctuous, almost swain.

“Pui-Pui, Pui-Pui, Pui-Pui... my dear friend Pui-Pui...”

The concerned one, most likely frightened by the unusually familiar modulation of his Master, kept slowly moving backwards, scanning all around him, his eyes widened by angst.

“I really thought you'd be more efficient than that...” Babidi went on.” The voice emitted a kind of mournful sigh. “You were charged with keeping him busy while getting as much energy as you can, yet, you proved unable to do either... How are we going to rectify this?...”

The poor Pui-Pui was now shivering from head to toe. “It... It's nothing to bad... Dabra...”

But the unlucky fighter wasn't given the time to end his sentence. He suddenly stopped with a funny expression on his face... Right before his eyes literally left their socket while his entire body bloated … as if blown from the inside.

“You see... no need of brave Dabra... I found where to take the energy you didn't bring back to me!” Babidi's voice was actually a long and cruel laugh.

Son Gohan didn't know what to do as he saw this scary sight that lay before him. The man was yelling... Was he yelling out of pain? Out of fear? Probably both!

The young fighter was tempted to close his eyes so unbearable was the view of the extra-terrestrial's torture: his body and his face then completely distorted, swollen... and eventually, it exploded, reducing to ashed the man who screamed his will to live just a moment before.

The epilogue of the so cruel punishment of Babidi let Goku's son transfixed for a second. His eyes didn't seem to be able to leave what was left of his poor opponent: light ashes that the biting wind scattered along with the smoke of the explosion in the desolated landscape.

Then the Saiyan's eyes brightened with a new light... astonishment, stupor, compassion gave way to anger and deep determination. Such emotion weren't common on the face of this young man who was initially so sweet.

Now clearly fierce, Son Gohan moved his look back at the curious circle still drawn on the ground. He hardly had time to extend his hand towards the round pattern that the environment changed again, transposing the fighter in the room from which he had gone with Pui-Pui... But had he really left this place?

Son Gohan swept the question away with annoyance... Now wasn't the right time for curiosity.

It was out of question to let such murderers annihilating a world that really didn't need it.

Once again, he had been too kind... too patient!

He closed his eyes for a moment.

He should be fiercer, more efficient... Vegeta's image and behaviour came to his mind... That was the solution! He had to be like the Prince, take after his saiyan brutality... his race, his capacity to disregard any feeling.

Now driven by a new resolve, he lighted up his aura once again.. The blow of his mutation hardly had time to be heard that he had extended his right hand above his head. The moment after, without his having used any other muscle.. He was blowing the upper floors up with an incredibly violent attack.

His amazing discharge of energy had literally crushed, volatilized the upper part of the space ship.. It scattered any matter with such a strength that not a single particle fell inside of the huge hole that was now the room in the third basement, room that was now under open sky.

And still without any shudder, the young fighter aimed his palm back at the ground.

And the sound of the airlock on the ground opening stopped his move once again.

He dove into this fourth room without closing his hand in which the light of an energy ball already shone.

But hardly had he passed the trapdoor that the side door opened this time.

Son Gohan was getting ready to pulverize any new comer without warning when his eyes widened out of surprise.

He had just the time to be stunned that the environment changed again.

His aura was now the only source of light in a setting with unfathomable darkness. The young man didn't remember he had ever seen such thick obscurity.

His light of super Saiyan hardly lit the creature whose so strange appearance had made him froze just a moment before.

A kind of monster, coming right from an author of science-fiction... Or of children tales.. A horrible body that looked like the one of a tall muscled frog, with long clawed legs. He was clearly more than seven feet tall... A huge mouth with so many sharp fangs, and long arms that ended with three talons and an enormous sabre-looking dewclaws on top of it. And finally, there was four gigantic points in the upper orifice in his back while a fifth was at the tip of the short tail it had.

Gohan noticed that, contrary to the other members of the group, the M that marked him as a servant of the despicable little gnome wasn't on his forehead but right under his sternum.

Another detail caught his attention... Well, if he could call a detail the enormous amount of ki that was coming towards them... An energy that was like the only of the monster... Hardly less strong.

Another monster, identical to the first, hardly bigger and taller, from what the young man could make out in the darkness, had joined them.

“Merkit!” exclaimed the first one.

“So you're back, little brother.” The second one went a bit forwards.

“I won't stay for long... I have to neutralise this stranger, without killing him, for master Babidi.” growled the first one.

Merkit didn't look away from Son Gohan... It was as fascinated by him. “Hm... Still serving that impostor.. Your stranger's like is beautiful... I have never seen anything like it. We should better split... what do you think?”

The offer obviously annoyed the sorcerer's servant, and Gohan was surprised... How such creatures could split the light of his aura?

“I can't Merkit... You know it. Besides, he has destroyed a big part of the Master's space ship. And he needs his energy...”

Merkit went two steps forwards.. It looked like it was mesmerized by the golden brightness of the Saiyan, who now was able to see that it really was the same kind of creature than Babidi's. The only differences were the colour and the size... The first one was green while Merkit was milk chocolate coloured... Abundant flow of sticky looking saliva fell between the monster's pointed teeth now.

“You mean that you'd rather share this wonderful light with this stinky dwarf than your own sister?”

Son Gohan started out of horrified surprise... That nightmare shaped thing was a female?!

On the other hand, the other monster seemed to shrink... as if he was discouraged.

“Merkit... I asked Master Babidi to send us here so that you could help me defeat him. He's very strong, you know...”

“Exactly Yakon.. I can feel the strength and the purity of his light from here.. Such a feast should be shared between family members!”

Son Gohan, who had been listening to the weird conversation from the side until now, knew that it was the right moment to pour fuel on the fire.

“Your sister is right Yakon.” he said with confidence. “We should always favour family... Well, that's what we do...”

Merkit's eyes, in which the golden aura's light was reflected, glowed even more.

“Well said... Come here, my dear sweet Merkit!”

Then, seeming to take its breath, spreading his big clawed arms wide, the monster created a powerful draught... It was so powerful that it bent the Saiyan's aura who had to brace to withstand this incredible attraction that was strongly drawing him to the creature as his golden light seemed to really be caught in the amazing flow.

A thick shadow suddenly came between the monster and Son Gohan. Yakon just had leapt above his sister in one huge jump in order to interrupt her suction. He now had extended the dewclaws of his arms and they now really looked like two long and threatening swords. Meanwhile, Son Gohan looked at his hands with stupefaction... He had the impression that it was the energy of his aura that this female monster had tried to swallow.

“Stop! I told you he wasn't for you!”

Merkit growled as she too extended her arms' dewclaws and she now was brandishing them.

“I'm at home Yakon... It was your choice to leave and follow that skirt-wearing smooth talker .. You're not better than a stranger here now.”

Son Gohan felt that he'd have been the time to take advantage of the situation... carried away by his rage... Yakon now had his back turned to him and wasn't paying attention to what he could be doing. Vegeta wouldn't have hesitated...

But he wasn't Vetega... If he had to kill that monster, it'd be honorably! His eyes went back to the round pattern that had followed them in this strange and absolute dark environment.. What would happen if he smashed it open now? Would he remain here forever of would it bring him back to the ship?

Because the monstrous sister's presence didn't leave room to doubt.. They have been transposed in another planet.

He quickly glanced at the two monsters still talking... Bringing both of them would be a risk to consider... Yakon was right, not only their added up strength wasn't insignifican, but it seemed like they had extraordinary skills... And repatriate this on Earth perhaps wasn't the best idea ever.

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