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DBM Universe 14 (Cyborgs): One Way

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine & TheOverlyMadHatter

Following the deaths of the Z Warriors as told in Twin Pain, Universes 12 and 14 had a few years in common before everything fell apart for the latter. What are the events that led to Trunks' victory in one, and to the reign of the Artificial Humans in the other?

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 3, Chapter 27.

Once again, the two warriors were facing one another. On one side stood a warrior bearing an advantageous physique, wrapped by a glowing light of gold, and on the other was a gargantuan creature, armed with just about any attribute associated with evil - a tail, horns, and a sadistic grin. Good and evil; what was their true role in this battle? For the time being, neither side seemed to have the answer, both completely enthralled by the challenge they mutually faced. Both had their prides at stake, with little regard for the actual danger: the fate of an entire planet… Freedom for one, the pleasure of breaking and dominating a powerful opponent for the other.

They gauged one another once more. One's strength, the other's tact, the exploitable weaknesses, any conceivable opening. The mutual gaze ardently burned, muscles teeming with unrest as they were seduced by the desire to triumph.

Away from the battlefield, the witnesses to this confrontation watched silently. Could it be that their Saiyan friend lacks the means to defeat Freeza's father? Mathematically speaking, he didn't seem that much more powerful than his son, but all of them could nevertheless sense the strange vibrations in the fluctuation of his each time it seemed he was nearing his peak. Was the surprising agreement caught by the pointy ears of the Namekian a boon, or would it turn out to be everyone's undoing?

Only one of them wasn't asking himself that question, the only one to not have heard the discussion between the two fighters. Regardless, it hardly mattered. Even if he was aware of it, it likely wouldn't have done much to change his mindset. The Saiyan prince ruminated in silence. Burned by the fires of envy and hatred, and shamed by his powerlessness, there was little he could do but watch as those very things destroyed his heart and spirit. He very much would have loved to cry out his frustration in the face of the entire universe… if he could ever dare. The Saiyan of legend was there, right him… Him, the elite warrior , the prince by birth, the same one who's father, the King, had foretold his power and glory… Glory… What "glory" is there to hope for when you are nothing…? Nothing compared to that…! Dying only now was out of the question! What was the fool Kakarotto waiting for to kill that Cold bastard?! With that threat out of the way, he could get back on his feet and restore the natural order of things… Better to die than to allow himself to be surpassed by a lower-class warrior, "legendary" or not! He will crush that damned Kakarotto!

Son Goku didn't take his eyes off the long tail. His opponent knew how to use this additional appendage remarkably well. An amazing asset curiously neglected by his son on Namek. A tail far more dreadful than the supple hairy vine that he wore in the journeys of his childhood. But of course, he too had often known to use it effectively, if not maliciously, during his battles, and sometimes, certain reflexes would show that he can no long feel it being there since Kami had it permanently removed. If only there hadn't been this monster within him. However, an asset such as that one can sometimes prove to be a curse in disguise, and the realization of said curse still left a bitter taste in his mouth.

Kulilin could no longer watch the two fighters just idly stand still like sleeping dogs. To Piccolo's shadow, he released his tension through his teeth:

– C'mon man… put that monster in the ground for me! You can do it Goku, I know your can… Do him in already! What are you waiting for? Crush that purple bastard's face! Make him wish he never laid foot here! Make him eat the dirt he wants to destroy…!

A deep sigh and a glacial stare coming from the corner of the eye of the tall Namekian inspired him silence, and the little bald man slightly bowed in apology. It wasn't so long ago when this Namekian demon would have just killed him without a second thought… It would be best not to incite him. Behind them, Tenshinhan had finally decided to sit a pile of rocks at his disposition. Though he wished to conceal it, try as he might have, the agony twisted his usually neutral expression. With his shattered arms tucked in the scarf he'd brought to the battlefield, he grit his teeth and bore the pain. Despite Kulilin's objection, not witnessing this battle to the end was out of the question. Because it was of grave importance, sure, but also because seeing fighters of such caliber in action wasn't something could see every day! When he saw the student of the Turtle School turn to come to him, he knew it was, again, to offer to take him to safety.

– "No need to waste your breath, the answer is still "No"! Chiaotzu shouldn't be much longer, you know that as well as I do."

Chiaotzu ! Of course… Kulilin had forgotten about him.

A faint smirk slowly grew on Son Goku's face as his his eyes still fixed on his gargantuan opponent grew in size. A cruel sneer was his polite reply.

The monarch had barely moved before a flash replaced the image of his opponent. Now behind Cold while his afterimage was still active, Goku promptly grabbed the large cape to toss it in front of the king's face. A swear rung at the same time the royal fighter tore the cape off his back without hesitation.

This gave Goku more than enough time to swing his hand armed with pure ki on the of side it at his oppressor.

A terrifying howl, which could make the heavens tremble, wildly rung out of the titanic fighter's gaping mouth.

In an ample motion, the Saiyan sent the fruits of his skillfully calculated attack flying afar. In the sand and the dust speckled in purple blood, a thick and supple tail frantically squirmed as if a lost pet searching of its master.

Cold had entirely lost his composure; his face completely twisted by pain and rage, saliva running down his mouth, and his breathing seemed to have accelerated in the face of such an affront.


At a complete loss of words, he furiously threw himself at the insect he was about to dismember to show him how it's really done! But Goku avoided the giant's charge without difficulty. Incredulous, the king began to falter; the ground was practically dancing under his feet! What was happening to him?

It only took an elbow to the gut from the adopted Earthling to get Cold, destabilized by the loss of his caudal lash, back onto his knees. Joint hands hammered down on the completely confused monarch, widening the gap in his inhibitions. Before a second blow could send him into the ground, the alien rolled to the side to avoid the punishment he knew he couldn't afford to suffer. In a desperate move, his hand clasped around a a handful of sand and dirt to send it straight to the piece of crap who'd dared humiliate him so. The pain already so sharp was enough of a disadvantage as it was, both from his gut his tail, the latter of which having the endure the irregularities and scuffs from the ground.

Never in his life has he had to put up with such agony! This will cost the dirty monkey dearly! The rage was soon replaced by the quiet determination for a long and infinitely joyful vengeance. The entire universe will tremble at the evocation of his royal wrath and of its consequences!

Goku's speed allowed him to dodge the cloud of sand meant to blind him. He had to keep his advantage if he wanted to end this battle. He'd played around enough. He was sure that now mutilated, Freeza's father would be mad with rage. The only way to convince him to stay true to his promise is to show him who really is the strongest once and for all! Beaten without contest, the tyrant should have no other choice but the leave without objection… with his tail between his legs.

Partially on his feet, the king now tailless began to bombard his opponent's feeling figure which would not stop disappearing and reappearing all around him. Without ever actually hitting him. Before he could think of another strategy, a vigorous knee met his jaw followed by a powerful punch that cracked his cheekbone. How could that Saiyan have the nerve to even touch his armor, let alone upon himself…? Him! King Cold! As he thought that, cataclysmic blow rained down upon his majestic person.

He took a step back with each blow housing devastating power. With his back against a vertical wall, he felt the rocks shatter against his back, his immense body slowly embedding itself in them as the infernal barrage beat him to a pulp. There was no time for him to catch his breath, to concentrate to form a proper defense, with his brain completely disoriented by the constant shocks, the pain was becoming too much for him to bear. For the first time in his life, Cold thought of death. His own death.

The hellish experience suddenly ended. He was so messed up he would have collapsed, but as if crucified, he laid on his feet unable to fall, prisoner of a mountain like an action figure in its unopened blister.

In a strange dust cloud, he perceived a gold-clad figure rise up in front of him… and then heard a few syllables his completely shattered mind could not process. A blinding light…

A cry of joy covered by the racket of a formidable explosion rung from the area where the little group was hiding.

Vegeta's eyes narrowed. What was that idiot Kakarotto doing?

He was capable of a hundred times better, a thousand times even… There was not doubt about that! What was that pathetic excuse of an attack about?

If Piccolo could have heard the Saiyan's internal criticism, he wouldn't have exactly agreed with him. That Kamehameha was a far cry from what you could call pathetic! But he nevertheless had to admit that his ex-rival could have surely mustered far better than that. Foolish Goku, unable to finish his opponent off for a change. He'll never understand!

– "He didn't kill you either, and I don't see you complaining about that." suddenly pointed out the little man on his right, as if he had read his mind.

The Namekian tried to threaten him with a dirty look again. But Kulilin was far too rejoiced to let himself be intimidated this time. It's with a somewhat goofy smile he responded to his strange companion's retort.

Back on the battle grounds, a promise silence followed the ruckus caused by the explosion.

An impressive rocky piton had just completely vanished from the landscape, and within the remaining gravel that had replaced it, no sign of life.

Still in the sky, Goku awaited. He fixed his eyes without blinking on the point of impact of his attack. Nothing was moving anymore, but he knew his opponent was alive, his ki was evidence of that. A faint, weakened, but still very much alive life force. Seconds, more and mroe seconds, a minute… almost another even…

A pebble first rolled without anything else moving. Then another, followed by more that are growing in size and numbers. Finally, the rocky gravel sprung up, as if inflating, to reveal a hunched figure drenched in blood. Blood that was thick and purple, blood of royalty, but it was the blood of being just as mortal as anyone else, furrowed the dusty figure with its color.

Cold slowly got back on his feet. He remained motionless for a moment, with his head down. Defeated.

– "You've lost! Like we agreed, I won't kill you. Leave and forget about us. Forget that this planet ever existed. I'll take you to the ship that brought me here."


Who could have even thought that King Cold, the great, the fearsome, the master without equal of an entire universe in it self would bend to his knees before anyone?


The despote hadn't yet made the slightest motion, as if petrified by the layer of dust that covered him, aside from the several wounds that exposed his precious, royal blood.




The figure that had until then remained motionless seemed to have literally exploded at the same time the dreadful howl rung this exclamation, crying out in what the witnesses could only describe as divine wrath.

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