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DBM Universe 14 (Cyborgs): One Way

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Adamantine & TheOverlyMadHatter

Following the deaths of the Z Warriors as told in Twin Pain, Universes 12 and 14 had a few years in common before everything fell apart for the latter. What are the events that led to Trunks' victory in one, and to the reign of the Artificial Humans in the other?

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 3, Chapter 26.

As the seismic waves of the titanic battle sparked panic in cities hundreds of miles away from its source… hysterical howls of terror competed with the sound of the cracks forming around every building. The two fighters relentlessly pursued one another at a speed no ordinary human eye could follow. Only a handful of privileged fighters, who more than likely would have preferred not to have to witness such display of vigor, could gauge the power between each and every blow exchanged. And even those who witnessed the Freeza's power had thick sweat beads trickling down their foreheads. They couldn't help but notice the curious spikes in power that helped the interplanetary monarch hold his own against the Super Saiyan without really needing to strain himself, either.

Son Goku, eyes sparkling and with a smile, suddenly ceased all movement. Spontaneously, his opponent did the same. Both remained silent for a few moments without ceasing guard, catching their breaths while taking care not to let it be obvious. Both the flesh-colored skin and the one with the strange purple tint were covered in studded bruises and small scratches inflamed by the salt of perspiration that now underlined the effort the two warriors had brought upon themselves.

A smirk of satisfaction then imposed itself upon the lips of the horned giant.

— "I agreed to follow Freeza to witness for myself the true power of the inferior being that had managed to hold his own against him. I must admit, I'm not in the least disappointed. You do indeed have a lot of potential, even if I have trouble wrapping my head around the idea that you, the son of a mere monkey, could possess such an array of abilities. You should still consider my offer from earlier… I'm doing you an offer with this proposition, and it is still within your grasp! Do think about a little bit. I am offering you the entire universe on a silver platter, it's something you simply cannot refuse!"

— "Your offer still doesn't interest me… The Universe, I already have here, surrounding me, and I'm perfectly happy with it as it is!"

Just as he spoke, Goku gave the surroundings a quick glace to emphasize his statement. A cold shiver bristled the hair on his neck as he suddenly realized the considerable damage his battle with his royal adversary had made the environment endure.

A veil of sadness suddenly darkened the Saiyan's face. He'd let himself get carried away by the excitement of the battle and forgot about the inevitable consequences of the release of such power. Cold couldn't help but notice this change. The grin on his face grew greater still.

— "So, you really do care about this little planet! My, how interesting!"

No longer was there any trace of amusement in the growl that served as the golden-clad warrior's response, whose face had suddenly hardened:

— "I won't allow you to destroy this planet!"

Ostentatiously snickering, Cold assumed his battle position once more, with his eyes full of malice. He continued:

— "Your abundance of confidence doesn't surprise me at all. A shortcoming common amongst the members of your race… Annoying, to say the least. But as long they served Freeza, I let them off the hook…"

Son Goku growled again:

— "From what I know, they were always loyal to your son… So why?"

The monarch's smirk suddenly faltered, with a spark of cruelty hardening his gaze:

— "A person of my status owes no one an explanation! His will is divine and his decisions are law! The vermin he governs need not know more than that!"

The arrogance inflated his chest like a vulgar barnyard rooster. The alien deliberately walked to his opponent slowly. He even gave himself to luxury of joining his hands together behind his back as he began to slowly walk around the Saiyan. The latter maintained his guard, attentively following him with his eyes without turning his head. The monarch had a false tone of friendliness, gauging him like a jokey before a circus animal. Son Goku couldn't help being startled when, at his side, the giant vigorously placed his huge hand on the Saiyan's shoulder, as it to test its sturdiness.

— "See? This is true power! And I'm giving you an opportunity to share it with me…"

Since the Super Saiyan was about to reply, Cold interrupted him with his index finger raised before he could even open his mouth.

— "I know! You're not interested… but we can negotiate."

Aware that he'd caught the attention of the object of his desire, the monarch covered his shoulder again, this time facing him. The gesture that seemed a little too friendly, if not too possessive, lit up a look a disapproval in the eyes of the Saiyan,, who had turned his head to his shoulder to voice his discontent. Even if he didn't know what the deal was with Freeza's father, he didn't really want to know, either. However, he himself offered a similar truce prior, it would be unfair to sever this one without a reason. But was the hand slumped on his shoulder not a provocation in itself?

— "I highly advise you take your hand off my shoulder; I don't belong to you!"

The pair of horns rocked back to release a thunderous laughter! Then his eyes quickly returned to the Saiyan who dared speak to him as if they were equals. Cold's mouth was twisted by a sneer that mixed a smile and menace:

— "Not yet…"

Sheltered from the massacred landscape produced by the two belligerents, Kulilin whispered to address the tall Namekian:

— "So? What are they doing? Why did they stop all of a sudden?"

Piccolo answered him in an aggravated tone without losing his focus on the two fighters:

— "Cold is still trying to get Son to join his ranks again, but you should shut up if you want me to hear what's coming next!"

The face of the Saiyan's friend softened with an expression that screamed blissful irony:

— "Heh… Well, he can keep on trying! What an idiot! That still won't save him!"

Facing the opposite direction from the duo, another witness to the scene wasn't as confidant as Kulilin. Biting down on his lips, impatience and anger made him growl like a bloodthirsty beast:

— "That idiot is about to let himself be deceived, again! How could anyone possibly be so naive?! Do it now, Kakarotto! The guy's right in front of you with his guard completely down… KILL HIM!"

What the Prince of the Saiyans could not comprehend, is that while the son of Bardock, much like every other member of his race, was a born warrior, he had nothing of a murderer. He wouldn't kill Cold unless it was absolutely necessary. This however, the tall Namekian knew full-well, and it is just that that worried him.

Cold defied for a few more seconds the menacing eyes of the Super Saiyan before finally removing his hand not without a little smirk on the corner of his mouth.

— "How about we make a deal?"

Instantly, all trace of defiance disappeared from Goku's eyes, who lifted his chin in surprise he didn't even attempt to conceal:

— "A deal?"

The alien couldn't manage to contain the characteristic snicker that ran in his bloodline. The nature of his opponent never ceased to surprise him. A very strange Saiyan, to tell the truth… with weaknesses that require immediate correction. However, the immediate "threat" amused him, and he wasn't disappointed in the least to discover the ease in which he could manipulate such a formidable warrior. His joy was expressed through the tip of his tail frantically swinging back and forth.

— "Of course! I am not the monster you make me out to be. I could actually prove myself to be quite magnanimous. So, here's my offer to you: you make me bite the dust for over thirty seconds and I'll leave this planet with the promise never to return… If, however, I am the one to pin down you into submission, you must swear to come with me wherever I go and to solemnly serve me for as long as I please…"

King Cold waited a few seconds before continuing, just enough time to see Son Goku's face light up in delight.

— "An honest proposal, wouldn't you say?"

The characteristic whistling created the the ignition of the Super Saiyan's aura rung, paraphrasing the degree of impatience of the competitor ready to take on this next challenge.

— "I think that's an excellent idea, get ready to-…"

Before the warrior wearing an asymmetric armor could finish his sentence, the terminal lash of an massive tail whistled through the air before slithering around one of his ankles. The next instant, he was protesting on the ground:

— "Hey!"

A fist grazed his face, which he barely had enough time to get out of its deadly path which met an unfortunate rock that blew to pieces upon impact. Then another blow followed from the other side, which prompted Goku to dodge the in the opposite direction again. Cold spoke casually:

— "I said nothing of rules!"

The third blow met the hand of the grounded warrior.

— "Just this one victory and you will be-…"

A formidable left hook came crashing against the alien, cutting him off mid-sentence, then another quickly followed, before a knee to the gut completely cut his breath off. Taking advantage of this reversal, another punch came crashing upon the hand Cold held Goku prisoner with, freeing the Super Saiyan in the process. Making every bit of his current advantage count, now straddling on top of his impressive adversary, the golden warrior took the opportunity to smash his face against the ground with rage.

— "I don't like cheaters!"

Blinded, and suffocating under the pressure, Cold sought for a few moments to rip the hands away from his face by grabbing them as hard as possible, but the Saiyan's ki shone brighter still… The countdown was running its course in the mind of the monarch… Allowing himself to be defeated and humiliated so easily was out of the question. By the time Goku could feel the change in the air, it had already been too late; the extremity of the dreadful tail had already wrapped itself around his neck! He didn't have the time to try to loosen its hold as the powerful caudal appendage sent him straight to the ground.

Cold was already getting back on his feet. But, as opposed to his expectations, Goku wasn't focusing his defenses on the tail holding his neck prisoner. He began by grabbing the imposing tail with both his hands and easily managed to make the still-unassured horned giant's falter in his steps. The latter couldn't see the end of his fall before a ki blast directly hit him at point-blank range. Under the effect of surprise and utter shock, he completely lost all hold he had over his opponent.

The next moment, Son Goku, on his feet again, waited for the horned giant could stand up again with a smirk of victory.

— "It won't be that easy!"

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