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Dragon Ball Multiverse ("DBM"), the sequel of the manga, is a dojinshi (manga created by non-professionals, using a universe and characters which are not theirs), made by Salagir and Gogeta Jr, from France.

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This author makes many sites and works on several comics projects.

Clearly corrupted by Dragon Ball, he just can't stop making things about it.

Here, he is the scenarist of DBM and webmaster of the site.

His sites :

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Translation team

Doing all the hard work of translating the site and the comics for your pleasure !!

Italian : LordFenerSSJ, Goku SSJ (site)

Spanish : adrian_traductor, attila

German : BK-81, nick & M3tr0iI) (site)

Chinese : Midnightkaka (中国龙珠论坛 - DragonBallCN)

Japanese : 灰 (Ash Volf) & Kei (site)

Dutch : Rage (site) & Rico

Polish : Tzigi (site)

Portuguese : Guga, DNA, Daninha & killer999

Bulgarian : fikiri

Catalan : Bardock

Basque : Odix

Hebrew : Natty2, Zack

אימייל: ליצירת קשר


Hungarian : pip25, Csekmen & mikisan

Lithuanian : NewGoten90 & Karalius65

Norwegian : Fridel2

Romanian : Spark & GikTrunks

Russian : kar264

Turkish : Goturks

French corrections : Guenhwyvar

English corrections : Julian (site), SioSnarf


Only known to the French so far, sorry...

Loïc Solaris : DBM Novelisation. His site

Syl & Salagir : Universe 16.

Foenidis : Universe 12/14, "Mirai" world.

RMR : scenarist and dialogue helper.


Some people will check the comments and delete spam.

Most of the members of the team are also moderators.

Gogeta Jr

Talented cartoonist, and the fusion of two Saïyens descendants, he draws and sometimes colors the comics.

He need to draw two pages a week so the websites stays updated!

His other work.

His Website


Event manager and promotional stuff, contact with the real world.


Faye colored some pages and images of this site.

She also puts all the texts in the other languages!

Her other work.


Working in the shadow, they add quality to all the pictures!


She finished all the nice details in the pages!

Her pictures - DBZ Dojinshis [fr]


Without him, Salagir would never sleep.

His pictures



With her began the Minicomic!

Her other work.


With him continued the Minicomic!

Comic-blog [fr]

Special Chapters


Cartoonist of the special chapter on Broly!

His other work.


Cartoonist of the special chapter on Trunks!

His other work.


Cartoonist of the special chapter on Vegetto!

His other work.

Chibi Dam'z

Cartoonist of the special chapter on Cell!

His other work.

Dragon Ball real authors

Manga : Akira Toriyama

Dragon Ball is a paper manga series drawn by Akira Toriyama, from 1984 to 1994, on 42 volumes.

Akira Toriyama is known for Dr Slump and for Dragon Ball, plus some miniseries.

He also worked on character design for several video games including Dragon Quest.

Anime : Toeï Animation

Toeï Animation made the cartoon Dragon Ball, which is based and copied from the manga. This studio made 155 episodes of the series Dragon Ball (the beginning of the manga), and 291 episodes of Dragon Ball Z (aka "DBZ"), the end of the manga.
They also made 64 episodes of the series DBGT, which is an invented sequel to DBZ, but we don't talk about it here.
Also, Toeï Animation made films on the universe of Dragon Ball Z, that happen in their own incompatible DBZ world. They feature the same heroes in the same background, and new characters (baddies for the most) that you will see in our comics too.

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