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DBM Universe 19

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Caihlem

These armoured warriors who participate next to Gokû and his friends, where did they come from? What is their history?
Discover how technology and bravery could be the winning cocktail of the atypical Heloïte Universe, whose destiny could have more than once fallen to tragedy.

[Chapter Cover]

Forget the pain, ignore the obstacle brought by the unfavourable difference in power. A superior combat power allowed peace of mind, but a tactical shot could just as well take the cake. That was what went through Vegeta's mind as he realised Zarbon was pulling him from the rubble before him. The feeling of suddenly weighing nothing, as he was unearthed, barely preceded the sudden dazzle of the Heloïte Solar Ring. He noticed that the passage of the colossal construction seemed to have halted its westward progression. "To seven hells with the whims of that gadget" he thought, while concentrating contained energy within his throat. A little surprise that would silence the pompous lard who, no doubt, was preparing to unleash a diatribe of stupidities to prolong the humiliation. Idiots were always predictable.

"What the…?!"

When Zarbon, all-too concerned with playing with his ragdoll of the moment, heard his scouter beep, it was too late to attempt the slightest manoeuvre.

Falling from the sky by the force of their anti-gravity systems, the machine hadn't immediately concluded that the two small energy signatures were threatening. And when the two Ultras added the strength of the photon propulsers to the velocity of their fall to inverse their trajectory, they were already on their target.

Neither his muscular mass, nor his extraordinary force spared Zarbon from the indignity of a superb uncontrolled flight. Ass in the ash, he adorned for a few seconds an air of stupidity, the time to analyse the painful double mark of boots he hadn't seen coming. An angry grimace marked his annoyance when he noticed his scouter had not resisted the impact. "Well aimed, you filthy flabirs!" he grovelled to himself.

A few seconds to the perception of such a monster, in the end is only tenths of a second to the eye of any common mortal.

"Bitch!" screamed Waals while taking flight vertically in a shower of sparks, as much a warning as to attract the beast's attention onto him.

Wigner chose to dive to the left to avoid the mortal ray that sped towards them while he cursing the speed of the monster that completely annihilated the effect of surprise.

To Waals' great displeasure, it was the golden armour that the alien chose as its preferred target. Zarbon had understood that the fighter within was the leader and had always enjoyed disorganised defensive manoeuvres, as useless as they may be.

Thought the Ultra captain knew the duel to be a lost cause, he wasn't the kind to abandon before the end. Doomed anyway, to hell with the indicator of his energy reserves! Arm outstretched and diodes alight at his temples, he extended his fist with the intention of unleashing his Ultra-waiver without restraints, exempting himself on the activation of his personal shield.

— Pathetic insect, said Freiza's right-hand man ironically as he saw the Heloïte stand straight to face his destiny.

Electrified by the "Die!" howled by the creature that vaguely resembled a human… Wigner also found himself with his backside landing among the remains of the Thetor, before having had the chance to activate his firing command.

— His Majesty wasn't willing to forgo his turn? giggled the monster towards the bleeding Saiyan who had gotten in between him and the Heloïte officer. Both concentrated on the adversary, neither followed the trajectory of the ray that Vegeta had deviated. A far-off explosion allowed them only to know that the attack had no doubt found some form of opposition.

A breeze in the wind, a reflex conditioned through a life of fighting, the vigour of the power conferred during the monstrous transformation… Zarbon disappeared just as the laser emitted from Waals cut the battlefield deeply exactly where he had waited, expecting, the reaction of the little Prince.

Wigner's propulsers caused a storm of ash, in vain. It was impossible to rival such a speed!

In the skies, Zarbon greeted Waals with a direct to the stomach that instantly, breaking the Ultra's breath, stopped any reaction from the latter. The alien proceeded to take his time to fully grab his neck. Partially strangled, the insolent nevertheless smiled.

— There's no need to get ugly if it's to punch like a little girl! he managed to articulate.

Zarbon had with these very hands killed more than he could remember. Yet the light is that gaze, he knew it.

The image of his tormentor blurred suddenly before Waals before disappearing… "Missed again!"

In his momentum, the captain voluntarily rammed into his partner to drag him out of the trajectory of a counter-attack of the beast. Fortunately, the other alien had also leapt to the assault and was presently taking the monster's attention with energy blasts of devastating power. How could such a small being possess such power without the slightest technological assistance?

Zarbon was seriously starting to lose patience. What were they thinking, these insects, as many as they may be?

He chided himself though: one was never careful enough of opponents who didn't fear death. Most would have panicked, ridiculous pantomimes. Others would have remained motionless, petrified by their own fear, or would have grabbed their own arms that where failing them. But no, this bloody Heloïte had dared unsheathe his retractable blades.

"Luckily that in addition to the look in his eyes, the son of a rat had shot a glance above my shoulder towards his friend coming at me from behind, thought Zarbon. Otherwise, too busy crushing his neck to stop him from doing anything smart, I'd have been done in by the other one."

The large warrior shot a glance at his bloodied hand while the burn of a long slit sullied his left flank. He didn't know which one of the bugs had managed to reach him, but the entire planet would pay for this affront!

— And Vegeta! What in seven hells went through his head? He's normally smarter than this! he grovelled, vexed that he hadn't managed to maintain his imperial air against such a disposable team.

By reflex, Zarbon tried to consult the indications of his scouter, but the detecting gear wasn't there anymore. Still no sign of life from Raditz and Nappa. He started to wonder if those two imbeciles hadn't allowed themselves to get killed by the resistance of the local elite. Good riddance! It was for that reason they had been sent as scouts into the Heloïte cauldron. A good way to test the waters… and good riddance at the same time! Apparently only two remained among the Ultra squadron, the monkeys had fended well… the last defenders annihilated, even the basic royal troops could finish off the rest of the planet. Between the expansion of his realm and the conquest of the treasures of the Heloïte technology, the Master's aura would shine brighter than ever!

"The reward looks promising, said Frieza's second delightedly. But first of all, I must eliminate the most dangerous of the lot…"

Vegeta's determination shimmered when, with an annoying confidence, Zarbon threw himself towards him all while simply back-handing the condensed energy balls sent his direction. An infinite sadness welled up inside the Saiyan. He who thought himself at the door of supreme power, prestigious member of the best of warrior species, of the highest cast, was doomed to fail against a being as detestable as Zarbon? Zarbon who despite his all-power looked to Frieza with open respect and fear. Hatred, frustration and discouragement mixed together formed a terrible crew in the heart of the battle.

Having lost his concentration, Vegeta didn't even see Zarbon fall on him with the strength of a moving mountain. Shots landed immediately, the speed of the monster allowing him to play with the victim's body like a billiard ball bouncing off the edge of the table. Methodically, he applied himself to break the rebel's body, then grabbed what was left of the upper part of his armour, so he could enjoy more all the pain and suffering he was the cause of.

— Staying at your place and gladly serving the one who had the great kindness of allowing you to continue living was so complicated? he spat at his face.

Despite his state, the spark of a last bravado crossed the eyes of the condemned.

— You can't understand, I'm not like you, I wasn't born in the body of a dog destined to stay his whole life at his master's boots…

Zarbon's immense maw widened even more in a laugh where shined the deepest contempt.

— And yet, here you are dying for the good pleasure of your Master, like all dogs too stupid to realise you don't bite the hand that so generously feeds you.

Against all expectations, a cruel rictus adorned the tumefied face of the victim.

— Didn't no one ever tell you not to sell a Saiyan's hide before killing him?

As he said the words, the bright light suddenly shined through Vegeta's lips. But as Waals before, he made the mistake of looking past his tormentor's shoulder.

In a fraction of a second, Zarbon pivoted along a vertical axe while diving backwards, inversing the positions of himself and his victim. Head below, he accompanied his manoeuvre with a violent kick that projected forwards the weakened body of the rebel.

God's Blades blazing, Wigner and Walls dropped a swear in concert. If the latter deviated to avoid the human projectile, Wigner on the other hand positioned himself to grab hip by the shoulder. As soon as he grabbed him, he dived towards the ground.

The stranger was in bad shape, the Captain carefully lied him down on the ashes hoping that Waals would succeed in grabbing the Monster's attention, at least for a short instance. To his great surprise, the Saiyan pushed back with brutality.

— I don't need help, get back in the fight, weakling! he pestered while getting up with difficulty despite his efforts to hide his weakness.

Wigner did not seek to retaliate. After all, the stranger wasn't wrong, his first priority was to combat the enemy that represented the greater danger, and given the extent of his powers, maybe he possessed some healing spell. Two blast-balls gushed from his right fist and climbed towards their target. Nothing better than an explosive cocktail to grab the attention…

Zarbon had kept an eye on what was happening on the ground, and therefore was not surprised by Wigner's attack. A pathetic attempt from the officer to save his man, he thought. So pathetic that the shots emptied their energy too far from him for him to feel anything else but their breeze. The universe was certainly populated by a myriad of insects without use, only good to serve and enrich a handful of powerful, as long as one allowed them the opportunity and that they grab it, he chuckled interiorly. Those who had understood that had a chance to survive and even, sometimes, prosper in the shadows of their King. The others… the others would soon meet their unlucky companions in hell.

Zarbon was taking his time. Allowing Waals to think he'd manage to barely escape or that he still had a chance amused him. He wasn't done with Vegeta, he knew the surprising resistance of those bloody monkeys… that the prince may still think that he might make it before the end overjoyed him in advance. That was why, not withstanding, he allowed him a break to catch his breath. The return of the other Ultra added some extra spice to the game. The two Heloïtes were already dead, and they probably already knew that. They couldn't be so stupid as to not know their laughable helplessness against him. No, they were like many others, ready to stupidly give their lives away to have the impression they had done something to prevent the disaster at hand. Their combat wasn't one, it was a suicide and the Lord Zarbon wouldn't miss the chance to end it!

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