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DBM Universe 19

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Caihlem

These armoured warriors who participate next to Gokû and his friends, where did they come from? What is their history?
Discover how technology and bravery could be the winning cocktail of the atypical Heloïte Universe, whose destiny could have more than once fallen to tragedy.

[Chapter Cover]

The three Saiyans instantly reacted to the interruption caused by the newcomers. Two small head twitches were enough for the smallest of the trio to distribute the roles. Raditz and Nappa abandoned the Ultra leader to soar upwards towards the party-breakers. Their prince suddenly disappeared, only to reappear a few metres away from the Heloïte they had left behind.

Vegeta was unsure what to do with the Ultra captain. The unexpected arrival of the two other elite soldiers was preoccupying. Where in seven hells did they come from? This wasn't supposed to happen! Galasir and his counsel had guaranteed to take care of the rest of the Ultra contingent for the time necessary for the Saiyans to complete their part of the plan. The distance in between the theatre of operations and Helior had been carefully calculated to optimise the chances of success. The Kollok's incapacity to keep his part of the deal compromised the whole operation. How many more similar bad surprises were waiting to happen? Killing the leader now would eliminate one, but would this be enough? The tactical sense of the Saiyan prince was veering more and more towards another option, much more efficient to end things in the event that the whole group would suddenly land nearby.

The joy of seeing his friends and his hope renewed by the sudden good news have the effect of a veritable renewal on the organism and feverish mind of Wigner. All the while observing the two barbarians take flight, he analyzed the new options that the impromptu reinforcement brought. The sudden interruption of the chief of the invaders right in front of him took him by surprise, but not enough to make him loose his senses. Without warning, so as to take this speedy flabir off-guard, Wigner launched a shower of laser traits onto the enemy. As he was expecting, the silhouette of his target disappeared at the same time as the first salvo should have landed. To the right - on top - right again - left - beneath... paying attention to all the data transmitted by his sensors as much as his own senses, Wigner was alive only to follow the movements of his opponent who, thankfully, wasn't fighting back. Was it the rhythm of his evasions that prevented him or had he changed his mind to spare him once more? The thought was short-lived.


The God's Sword lashed out above Wigners hand with the celerity of a serpent of fire.

Nappa was happy: fresh meat for the butcher, many times more enjoyable than blasting toys of the sky. Raditz also was overjoyed, these two Ultras offered a new occasion to regain his standings.

Two flashes abruptly interposed themselves between the newcomers and the Saiyans. "Careful!" grumbled Nappa. Evading with a hit to the left side, Raditz pestered against his ally. When would he stop taking him for the village idiot?

Alas, never.

Already on Vegeta, Nappa had been part of the elite of the elite, those selected to serve closely the royal family. Worse still, chosen amongst all of them, the moustached egg-head had been designated to walk behind the prince. Years had passed, but not the level of the colossus. He was still in his prime, and despite his constant progress, Raditz was still far from being able to surpass him. Though of respectable power, the son of Baddack was indeed always the weakest. A thought about his brother, slightly before his demise, traversed his mind. He maybe should have tried harder to keep the weakling alive, after all. Next to such a low combat strength, his own level might have been appreciated at it's just value. Too late for regrets. The air was humming lightly at the passage of the two burning luminous rays that seemed to constitute the most lethal weapon of the Ultra arsenal. Then again, the gruelling memory of his missing anatomy increased the danger level of their blade-shaped laser on the Saiyan's personal scale. That bastard Frieza had sent them to die by throwing them in the Heloïte pot. Without the intelligence of their prince, the finality of the fight against the complete set of Ultras would have been uncertain. These cowards were incapable of producing the slightest combat energy but disposed of an array of toys far from trivial... far more dangerous than all that was known on the other side of the galaxy. Frieza's troops were not privy to such gear, the status of elite warriors would have suffered terrible. Already that the tyrant treated them like rubbish, them! The cream of the supreme warrior race!

The necessity for action brutally stopped the train of thought of the peg-legged fighter.

His two salvos had missed the frail silhouette who was alternating between laser shots and explosive balls in a game of cat and mouse against her. A girl! It had to land on him, of course. The little pest was more agile than an eel, it was proving impossible to close in on her. She was keeping to distant combat despite her lack of speed.

Further below, the big Nappa had "his" Ultra, who seemed to cultivate the same taste for direct combat like the little squirt from before. Busy in their brawl, the two men were inexorably getting close to the ground. The speaker of Raditz's scouter grizzled with the strained voice of his bald acolyte.

— Stop day dreaming and kill that skank before you get hit again!

Rarely had the impulse to murder someone flared so strongly in the mind of the son of Baddack.

Nappa observed his new adversary, standing in front of him. The unknown's face was bloodied, haven taken a few decent hits during their aerial skirmish, accentuating the mask of rage that adorned his snarl. Delightful perspective, at least he'd give a good fight, exactly what he wanted!

Waals was trembling with anger. Despite the ludicrous circumstances that allowed them, Nim and himself, to rejoin Wigner's group quickly, they had arrived too late to prevent the deaths of Lidar and Fuller. He had asked the barbarian to continue the fight on the ground under the pretext of doing better than Lidar, but in fact he need to recover a minimum of self-control. Deconcentrated by the excess of sentiments and adrenaline, he had fought like a first-day trainee during their flying bout. More than anything else, he wanted the groondas' hide, and he'd get it!

Bantering, Nappa laughed out:

— So, getting your breath back before taking another beating?

Waals struggled to keep his composure. The other one was smart, he had figured it out. The Heloïte knew that if he played into is game, it was over before it even began. Normally, his rage, that he had learned to domesticate, served him... but now, his inner fire was too bright. Impossible to win without a modicum of control, it was the harsh lesson any hothead had to learn the hard way... if he survived the teaching.

Though Nim kept on performing pirouettes and changing direction, the stranger with a missing leg was as untouchable as a gust of wind. Despite his mass of hair which should have burdened his streamlines, despite a serious injury, his size and a certain lack of grace, he was moving so fast it was hard for the eye to follow. His look didn't leave the slightest doubt on his intentions, the qualification of barbarian fit him like a glove... infinitely less ugly than a Kollok, he still had an aura of savageness to him. His more human appearance though would have given the young woman the interest to know more about such a man, try to understand him... but she knew she'd never have the chance. From this duel, there was only going to be one survivor and she didn't plan of letting victory escape her.

As her photon emitters had catapulted her above hum, a sudden inspiration made her extinguish them and turn her gravity corrector to maximum density. As expected, the resulting fall took her opponent by surprise. This time, he couldn't avoid having her on his back, so close she was able to grab onto a good handful of his dark hair. All of Raditz's force did not suffice to resist the weight that was now pulling his neck backwards. Hanging from the rope that was his hair that was brining him towards his adversary in a swinging movement, Nim made her laser blade burst forth without taking her eyes off the throat that was offered to her.

Vegeta had paled. After having left his face, his blood was pumping towards his temples. This idiot, this insect, this incapable with the combat strength of a vegetable had managed to hit him! Had managed to spill royal blood!

In a reflex movment, Wigner pre-emptively protected his face with his forearm. He had properly maneuvred and his blade of light had landed. However, despite its keen edge, it had been slowed by some sort of protection the stranger seemed to be able to activate at will around himself. And also, the fighter was experienced enough to follow-through, and that's what had saved him no doubt. His left arm had been cut to the bone, but given his reaction he didn't seem handicapped. Indeed, not only had he not done the slightest gesture to observe or protect his deep wound, the barbarian had entered a sort of mad rage that had the effect of transforming his body into a veritable generator. An unknown energy was emanating as if he was the centre of some sort of storm. Though the weather had previously been calm, gusts of wind of fantastic proportions were gripping the air, dark clouds hid the ring and the Thetor as lighting tore the skies. Plain invader, warrior, magician, son of a forgotten god, what in seven hells was this stranger?

Waal's fist stayed in suspense, Nappa's didn't. Though he had been holding his own against the giant, the Heloïte fell heavily to the ground of the planet he was sworn to protect. Nappa wasn't mad at the diversion. Yes, facing a brawler of this calibre was great, but the successive hits and ripostes were awakening his wound to the shoulder. After having pushed his advantage further with a massive kick to the flank of his bushy-haired opponent, so as to ensure peace for a few seconds, he raised his eyes. He had difficulty believing the numbers that were running in his scouter when it suddenly blew up, deafening him in the process. His prince, heir to the throne, his sole purpose, was reaching above all limits. After all the trials and humiliations, the age of Saiyans was finally back!

Waals: You will die!

Nappa: Maybe, but I have a moustache

Waals: Dammit

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