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DBM Universe 19

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Caihlem

These armoured warriors who participate next to Gokû and his friends, where did they come from? What is their history?
Discover how technology and bravery could be the winning cocktail of the atypical Heloïte Universe, whose destiny could have more than once fallen to tragedy.

[Chapter Cover]

Vegeta's scream seemed to never end. Inside, his rage and energy boiled out into his howl to the skies around him. Within the insobriety that submerged him, he was vaguely conscious of the unchained storm around him caused by the opened valves of his power. He didn't want this instant of grace to end. He could feel his veins pulsating with an influx of power never before reached. It was so good, he became so big. He needed more! Even if he needed to die for it! But what a death it would be to die in such a fire, at the height of pleasure!

Wigner had receded in face of the furious madness of the alien. Shielded by his force-field, he was fighting against the sentiments unleashed by the electrical storm whirling around his opponent. Like all Heloïtes, he was a son of technology, his universe was scientific, logic and rational, nothing had prepared him to face-off against such a phenomenon. In front of the inexplicable, his base instincts were surging, a subconscious voice twisting his guts and screaming "Run you fool!". His military training on the other hand was ordering him to stand firm and fight for his survival and that of his peers.

The raging rain and diluted blood obscured Nim's sight. Under the averse, it was difficult to read the information on her immaterial visor, yet she had to quickly localize the invaders, her life depended on it. The cold water didn't temper the young lady's fury that the heated fight had brought. Victory had escaped her by so little! Like a lioness on the hunt, she was now thirsty for blood.

Raditz's heart was thumping madly in his chest. Crap, that had been a close call! That little bitch and her gadgets had almost had him! Without the timely explosion of his scouter, brought about by the manifestation of the divine power of his prince, he was beaten, defeated, executed, dead for good. He could almost picture the moustached smirk Nappa would adorn during his report to Vegeta: "I did warn him to be weary of the girl!". That insect better keep hiding, she was going to feel the pain! But first, he had to find her. The storm was raging on and he now had to figure it out without a scouter. Quick, quick, quick! She had squealed when the explosion happened and had quickly run rather than push her advantage. Given her position, she must have taken shards to the face... it would be a pity not to profit before her healing power allowed her to restore herself!

Hunched up on his knees and arms, head low, Waals was recuperating his breath. The meat-sack hadn't held back and the vapour emanating around the Heloïte's body attested to the activity of his modified organism at work repairing the internal damage. But if Waals was staying like this, face towards the ground, it was also to consult the data from his sensors without being bothered by the downpour. The sudden storm, the blissful expression of the titan with his gaze stuck to the skies, his gargantuan laugh after the explosion of his eye-scouter... this was all worrisome news.

In the central command post of the Thetor, Commander Mox was fixating the giant screens so intently, his eyes would be fuming if they could. He was trying to see passed the black masses of clouds which were regularly lit with by the abnormal electrical activity that made the sensors go off the charts. Around him, it was as if the entire vessel was holding their breath, the crew were as silent as during a funeral. All frozen in wait, as worried as their commander by the tragedy that could happen without warning despite the inquisitive approach of their high technology. Voices surged suddenly from Mox's intra-auricular implant. A mental command sufficed for him to change the perspective of several screens while he contacted headquarters to receive his new orders. Without waiting however, he activated the combat sirens. In no time at all, the interior of the grand ship went from an apparent silence similar to that of a sleeping city, to the feverish agitation of an anthill that had just been kicked.

Waals got up with calculated sluggishness. Back towards the danger, he could only count on the indications from his screen, that case in point, other than the position of the barbarian, didn't provide much information. Blind to the curious energy of the invaders, it was impossible to rely on his sensors to anticipate an eventual attack. Wigner had just called for help, he therefore had to quickly find a way to get rid of the moustached buffoon. The problem was he had to kill him swiftly, which wasn't what he had in mind for Lidar's murderer. Alas, orders came first.

Deprived from the usual warnings from his scouter, Nappa kept a distant eye on his Heloïte, all the while focusing his gaze in the skies, and the fact that the other was up hadn't gone unnoticed. Though he had been slow to get up, his movements were fluid, like that of a warrior in full possession of his power. Force of habit drove the giant's left pupil to the missing screen. Nappa grumbled, no way to know how high his opponent's level had returned... not that it was ever high to begin with he laughed interiorly. So what! The Saiyan had sufficient experience to be certain he had clearly broken his opponent's ribcage. Aside maybe for a Saiyan, anyone else would have remained on the ground, dead on the spot for many of them. The technology that had made Vegeta betray Freezer was really worth it! Far from charging him head on, the angry boy was presently immobile under the rain. No doubt was he meditating on his own inferiority and the best escape route. Thus, Nappa readied himself to cut-off the weakling.

The electric whirlwinds around the alien stopped as abruptly as they had appeared. The barbarian seemed surprised by what had happened to him. Distraught, he was looking at his fists as if he had never seen them before. Wigner took his chance. His shield reduced to only cover his right fist and wrist, he rushed the enemy with diodes flickering.

The time it took Vegeta to look up, he was already receiving a right back-hand that momentarily made the rain stop and replaced his sight with stars. Not only had the other hit hard, but he had a fist of steel, the flabir! Qucikly! Recover his spi...

Wigner had loaded his hit with all the strength, energy... and brutality he was capable of. Would it suffice? Yes! The barbarian was visibly moved by the hit. Quickly! Couldn't allow him the time to recover himself...

As the torsion movement generated by his offensive was taking the Heloïte leader with it, his already straightened left arm followed the trajectory of the invader projected by the force of the blow. Three blast-balls launched from his armoured glove as Wigner enlarged his shield. Defective against the weird powers of the strangers, the conception of the system protected him from friendly fire, as bad as it may be.

Shot almost at point-blank, the three condensed balls of energy reached their target as if they were one... powered three-folds over. In an involuntary reflex, Wigner crossed his arms in front of his face to protect himself of the hell that unleashed against his shield. It hit with such force the Heloïte warrior felt himself being pushed back as easily as if he was dust under a stormy wind.

Nim had found her barbarian, unless it was him who had found her! the hairy one seemed as furious as ever and the young woman had to use all her art of evasion to escape his ongoing assault. As basic as his attacks were, this flabir was still dangerous. The short brunette knew she would pay any mistake in cash. Faster than her, he was also now more vigilant after the manoeuvre that almost cost him his life, getting the upper hand on this monster again wasn't going to be easy. Yet she had to! Wigner had asked her to cut off the road of the adversary of Waals, whom he had called as back-up, in case the latter wasn't able to dispose of his target fast enough. And this bloody rain wouldn't recede!

Raditz, similarly to the pretty Nim, detested the rain as well. On that matter, he hated water in general, and never understood how some could spend hours soaking in a bathtub or comply with a shower. Water makes you wet, and it's either too cold, or too hot, and all the stuff to clean stinks, tastes terrible and stings the eyes... and to clean out his hair full of foam and bubbles was an unending battle! Worst of all you came out smelling like a prick, no thank you! But for now, it was impossible to avoid getting wet, all the way down to the bone. To top everything off, the cold water found its way to his open wound and reminded him all too clearly his new infirmity. The little insect would tire eventually, he couldn't wait to get his hands on her. After all the trouble she caused him, she was going to know a whole new world of pain, that groondas.

At the same time as a daunting detonation covered the racket of the storm, the brilliance of a brief light preceded shortly from an enormous fireball higher in altitude. The rain stopped as abruptly as it started as a heat wave caressed the skin of the combatants.

On the verge of action, Waals couldn't prevent from flinching when the thunder of Wigner attack broke loose. On his screen, information was running along. His leader had declared doing all he could to weaken the chief of the barbarians, but after such a hit, maybe he wouldn't need reinforcement in the end. The beginnings of a smile reached the lips of Lidar's friend.

The pious wish of Waals was echoed in the hopes of his captain.

His eyes fixed at the same time on his screen and the smoke left by the explosion, Wigner was expecting to discover nothing but empty space.

Damn it! That thermal reading...

The intense fog was lifting in the form of volutes of light smoke, and soon emerged a silhouette. Vegeta couldn't believe it, that son of a dog was still there! And seeing the look on his face, he had visibly hoped to have killed him, him! The Prince of Saiyans! The left side of his face was still hot from the hit he had received, he tasted blood in his mouth and the explosion had damaged his armour. The strength of his Ki had protected him for the most part, but his Saiyan skin had still been tested. In addition to a deep cut of his left arm, he couldn't count the cuts and burns that seethed his rage. He didn't seem like much, that miserable bug, with his infant combat strength... and yet, one had to admit he knew how to use his small advantages. Pity that this one was dependant on his weapons, what an insult... what a pity!

A dark reflection covered the clear eyes of Waals. The red marker near Wigner was still there on his screen. A cry of rage bellowed in the skies and the Heloïte heard his barbarian grumble. Tempted for an instant to turn around, he concentrated on the animations of his visor. Nim was flying at great speed to his position.

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