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DBM Universe 19

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Caihlem

These armoured warriors who participate next to Gokû and his friends, where did they come from? What is their history?
Discover how technology and bravery could be the winning cocktail of the atypical Heloïte Universe, whose destiny could have more than once fallen to tragedy.

[Chapter Cover]

Fuller would have liked to follow the orders of his leader with more efficiency, but the foreigner tailing him wasn't being very cooperative. Though at maximum speed, he was inexorably being caught up... how was he to face his enemy without shields? Nothing was going according to plan! Wigner had deviated first to save Lidar, and from there... from there... everything went from bad to worse.

Now, the young Ultra was alone. Alone and with Death breathing down his neck! If it was just his life that had been at stake, so be it. As a soldier, as an Ultra, he was ready to die. However, right now, he was the last rampart against the onslaught, the last chance to save Helior from a massacre, a death-toll beyond reasoning... from total defeat, if not worse. The young man couldn't help but curse the Dardanites. The best troupes including the entirety of the Ultra commandos had been mobilised to save them, them, foreigners, and now his home world, his own people, were defenceless against the worst menace. Murders on Heloïte grounds, that had never happened... that never should have happened! And Wigner, Lidar, they...

Hatred seared hot in Fuller's veins, a man normally so calm; his happy character had faded away instead to a feeling until then unknown to him. It was one of pure rage that burnt inside, a knot in his throat, heightened his senses and clenched his muscles.

At full speed, he suddenly placed his arms towards the ground to perform a reverse-half-cuban-eight. This was normally one of Nim's specialities, who was much more talented for these kind of acrobatics, but the young Ultra felt capable of the craziest stunts in the heat of the moment. In any case, he didn't have a choice, double or nothing was his last option.

God's Blade slashes lashed through the air with felicity and Raditz's adrenaline levels soared as he strived to avoid the lethal lines that were drawing closer and closer. The little lad was more dangerous that he had seemed at first! This had to end before he got sliced up like a lizard at the butcher's shop!

Raditz chose to distance himself as quick as possible from the laser-wielding fencer, all the while taking care not to turn his back on him. In between each of the blade slashes, he started riposting with small explosive balls that also started cornering Fuller.

Pushed around by the deflagrations, edging closer and closer, the Heloïte's concentration was soon pushed to its limits. The rhythm of his attacks slowed and, relieved, the Saiyan no longer felt the blades of light licking him too closely.

Through his scouter, Raditz was already aware of the victories of Vegeta and Nappa, it was his turn now to bring a contribution to the success of their expedition. Once the Heloïtes had coughed up their little secret to instant healing, he too could court death and become invicible! Enamoured by this perspective, he took to words to challenge the Ultra, his hands still smoking with energy contained and ready to discharge as he held his arms at either side of his trunk.

Taken off-foot, Fuller felt his anger waver. There in front of him, far from being concerned about being cut cleanly in half, his enemy was challenging him with a superior air on his face! In the fuming palms of this monster, two manifestations of energy were growing fast. Without shields, the young man guessed that if he didn't evade the attack, it would be the death of him.

Evade, abandon, open the door to the killers... no way in seven hells!

Against all expectations, his fists launched in front of him and fired two salvos of Blast-balls while simultaneously throwing himself forward in a shower of sparks, straight into the menace. Indeed, the bastard had bucked Wigner with a similar attack, but the situation was different. The leader of the Ultras had launched his laser shots... and then evidently, for obscure reasons, Wigner didn't interest the foreigner, whereas now, they were in the middle of a duel. The long-haired man wanted him? He was going to get him!

At first surprised by the manoeuvre, Raditz didn't try to evade the two first explosive balls, he merely reinforced his Ki-levels. He had already experiences this against the other Heloïte troupes: these little marbles were at best able to blow some hair out, and nothing amused him more than to humiliate his adversaries by showing off his Saiyan resistance.

A sudden scream from his scouter shot electricity through his neurons!

Nappa was not the sort to lose his calm, and so Raditz took this warning very seriously. Maxing out is Ki, he shot up to the sky.

Seconds too late to totally escape the series of detonations. What's more, the bastard of a little brat had dispersed his blasts so as to counter any evasion. He was now doubling with a new salvo, impossible to pass through.

All the force of the Saiyan did not suffice to resist the successive blasts of an intensity he didn't believe possible from a technology that had appeared so trivial. Swept like a common wuss, he barely escaped. Without the warning from his companion, he would have surely died. The elite status of the Ultras had a sense then, in the end.

Amidst the smell of grilled pig emanating from his burnt hair, Raditz breathed in heavily to clear his senses from the stun they were under. The idea of wiping out the elite single-handedly quickly reinvigorated him. Luckily it did, as he narrowly dodged the sparks of a white light the seared at the peak of his hairline. He threw himself to the left to evade a new assault all the while consulting his scouter to find his aggressor in the immensity of the Heloïte sky.

Immediately after detecting his target, he bombarded a succession of small tracer shots his way.

Fuller swore inside. He had indeed hurt the barbarian, but he didn't seem to mind all that much, and he had more tricks up his sleeves! It rained iridescent condensed energy balls towards him that flew too quickly for him to be able to dodge them. The mortal darts that hit his shields askew bounced off, but the few that hit head-on passed through. Partially dissipated, indeed, but still dangerous. A few instants later, five burning impacts stabbed the young warrior who nearly bit his tongue to not scream in pain.

His mind foggy from the shock, all the while free falling, Fuller tried to do a quick assessment of his state. No artery had been hit, the wounds to his legs and right flank wouldn't affect aerial combat, the one transpiercing his left biceps and the burning from his right lung however... but nothing mortal, his Ultra suit would quickly stop the internal haemorrhages, that was the most important.

Though nothing could forecast it, he suddenly stopped his fall, to fly full photons horizontally to his point of origin. In his temples resonated Wigner's voice, and the young Ultra almost forgot his current state he was so relieved.

Raditz observed with satisfaction the plunge of his opponent when a detail attracted his attention. His right foot was tingling since a few minutes, the feeling getting worse and worse. Though he had ignored it at first, it was becoming really painful and his eyes directed themselves to the painful body part... and his heart leaped!

He didn't dare believe his eyes at first, but the evidence froze his blood: it wasn't there anymore! He no longer had a right foot! His leg had been severed clean just above the heel, and a small rivulet of blood was weeping from his cut tissues.

He hadn't felt a thing! How could you lose part of yourself without noticing?!

The fucking brat! He was going to pay!

Wigner had remained on the ground a long time without much movement, concentrating on his battle against unconsciousness. The pain was unbearable, but it wasn't the moment to give in! He had been a helpless spectator in Lidar's defeat, and that pain was well worth any other!

Fortunately, once his dirty deed done, the giant had returned in his direction. One less going after the young Fuller.

When the Ultra leader made the effort to sit up, the world went blank for an instant behind a red curtain. The torment reached summits he thought only attained during the conditioning of his organism. Pushed beyond its limits, the cellular reconstruction process was burning through his nervous system further than he could withstand, and was pumping his vital energy close to the point of no return. Yet, he had to resist. He had lost one of his comrades, and the life of one of his others was on the line too. The heavy one with a moustache was here, but it was impossible to know what happened between the two feuding chiefs. The large explosion that preceded the fired shot from the Tethor could let guess to the defeat of one of them, but nothing was certain. On the other hand, as long as those two fought each other, that increased Fuller's chances.

Under the bantering and baleful gaze of the bald barbarian, Wigner activated his immaterial screen. While waiting to be strong enough to continue fighting, he needed to update the intel. He started with a quick coded summary to inform the commandment centre of the recent events, then went into scanner mode to try aid his Ultra. After all, if his system didn't dispose of a specific signature to identify the invaders, they were the only ones to be clearly visible in the skies, even without thermal markings.

Programmed to recognise all the elements of his troupes, his radar instantly signalled Fuller's position. Relieved, Wigner noted that all his systems seemed operational. In stationary position, a few metres away from the young Ultra, the symbol for a Class A Humanoid allowed him to situate what was no doubt the barbarian with the massive hairline. Further to the east, another signal was moving along the screen... the winner of the duel of chiefs since the other was nowhere to be found.

His trajectory indicated that evidently that it would not be long before he joined them, him and the iron giant. Excellent.


An alert blinked suddenly on Fuller's symbol! Still alive, but hit badly enough for it to be transmitted, the young recruit was falling.

Ignoring his own state, while keeping an eye on Lidar's murderer, Wigner stood up to verbally encourage Fuller to help him recover his spirits. Through written message however, he gave the order to return to the hill where the stand-off had initiated. Even in inferior number, they'd be stronger united rather than separated... and his flight had taken the ultra outside of the protected perimeter. With opponents of such power, it was impossible to prevent collateral damage. The almost deserted zone in the heart of the Tregor orchard was infinitely better for such a confrontation.

All the while landing near Nappa and the Ultra leader, Vegeta was deep in thought. Even if he had taken care of affairs with ease, he had used a substantial amount of energy in the pursuit and execution of Kiwi. Not that he was running short, but after three days of fighting and the demonstration of force from the Heloïte spaceship, it was in his interests to keep a cold head, and keep cartridges in reserve.

According to his scouter, Nappa had quickly taken care of one of the sparkling clowns, but the reduction in combat force - which wasn't high to begin with - of the leader with the golden body-armour, was not a good sign. His orders had been simple! Raditz and Nappa were good warriors, but they were too keen to let their thirst for action take hold. It was logical, they were Saiyans after all, the bloodlust of the best race was one of their key features! Nevertheless, a little discipline wouldn't hurt. Nappa was going to become intimate with the word "correction"!

In the distance, in the sky, Raditz had been slower. It was true though that his target had taken a tangent with speed, now that was shameful! To think these imbeciles had scared Freezer! Please! Raditz had lacked speed to catch up the speeding chicken, he was always behind!

Ah, finally he's done... what? He's going back?! Ah no, target falling. Took him long enough!

Finally at peace to get to business, thought the prince, adorned with the smile of happy men.

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