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DBM Universe 19

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Caihlem

These armoured warriors who participate next to Gokû and his friends, where did they come from? What is their history?
Discover how technology and bravery could be the winning cocktail of the atypical Heloïte Universe, whose destiny could have more than once fallen to tragedy.

[Chapter Cover]

The Saiyan leaped towards him so fast that Zarbon was almost caught off-guard, he barely evaded the first blow in the heat of the action. Speed, power, technique, Vegeta had always known how to immediately exploit his increases in combat strength. His status as an elite wasn't usurped and he proved yet again that he was capable of progressing. A real pity such talent should be wasted by such a vile character. So be it, no one was irreplaceable; as always, the Master would find what he needed to serve him. Replacing the fanatical Saiyans wouldn't be so bad, one didn't feed a dog that would bite its Master's hand. Good riddance!

The mauled air whistled under Vegeta's blows, invisible to the naked eye. The upper body of the taller blue stranger seemed blurry because of the speed of his evasions. Even if his posture put him in defensive position and that he was slowly receding ground, Wigner noticed that he wasn't in any real difficulty. What were these people made of to move so quickly? Nothing living could showcase such velocity! That Vegeta had declared being able to remove this new menace, yet he hadn't managed to touch his opponent. Worse, the cut from the God's Blade obviously hindered his left hits... slower and less precise than the intact side; for the Heloïte, the difference was visible despite the difficulty discerning the two combatants' movements with precision.

Zarbon was revelling interiorly. This pathetic monkey was more or less repeating the same sequences, between that and their difference in power levels, the game was already becoming boring. Freezer's favourite still didn't counterattack, so as he could better bury the traitor under the weight of his mistake. To think he believed himself powerful enough to defy the authority of the Master, what stupidity! An arrogance that deserved a reality check before the capital punishment. Zarbon therefore held back his desire to pulverise the fool... and besides, there was nothing better than a good demonstration to null any possible resistance from the Heloïtes. Helior wasn't coveted for its natural resources, but its technology, therefore human resources. Less damage, less deaths, more profits guaranteed. Destruction was only one strategy among others, a method to adapt according to circumstances. That's the whole difference between a murdering simpleton, as strong as he may be, and an empire builder. That was where lied the genius of the Frost Demons... and his own, Zarbon auto-congratulated himself, not in the slightest displeased by the privileged position next to the supreme power.

Vegeta's attack rhythm slowed, Zarbon told himself it was time to end this farce and prepared a counter, when the impact of a direct hit shot from the left and cut his breath! Dizzied, the alien was unable to dodge the next blow. Enraged by the humiliation, he raised his head, just in time to see race towards him a rain of energy balls.

Vegeta was rejoiced all the while he lashed out his power alternating between his two fists in a maddened rhythm. That flabir Zarbon fell for it like the lowest of idiots, and now, he was right where he wanted him, without even having had to receive a single blow in the process! The spectacle of the cloud of explosions around the tall silhouette of the man that had adored mocking him overjoyed Vegeta. He doubted it would be sufficient to sunder a warrior as strong as Zarbon, but that wasn't his goal. Vegeta was already reveling in thinking of the face the moron would pull when, weakened and with his pride hurt, he'd be taken by surprise to see the real number of his new combat strength. All these years belittling the glorious Saiyan race to the rank of vulgar primates was going to be avenged.

In the surface module that barely exceeded a dozen square metres, Mox felt a complex mix of rage and sorrow macerating in his gut. Since the survival cell had auto-constructed around them at the speed of light, the Commander of the Thetor hadn't dared cross looks with the other two survivors. The after images of the noise and explosions of the command room circled again and again in his mind. He would have wanted to break something with his fists, with his head, bite someone with his teeth, he refrained from screaming, from crying. He had cramps in his shoulders and jaws, a knot in his throat that just worsened. Just like the sensation of still being there... he'd have preferred to die with his men. Mox's heart was beating far too much for a man normally very calm, but he had the resolution to stay noble while in the presence of the two navigators who were employed scrutinizing the deployed screens around them in a silence only broken by the sounds from the equipment. One of them was very young and hadn't held back his tears, he had even abundantly cried. The other was sniffing too loudly to hide his pain, his hands had trembled for many minutes after the disaster. But Mox hadn't given any reproach. Their tears were also his, they were humane.

A voice with an unusual softness in a military post broke the silent communion.

— Commander, all will be ready in protocol M-2.

A convulsive lip movement briefly animated Mox's face. He hadn't obtained the authorization he'd hoped for, but he's make good use of the means at his disposal, Mox's word!

The hellfire generated by Vegeta's attacks hit the ground after a while. The Saiyan continued his thundering for a few instants, then stopped, curious to see the results of his little fooling around. It was pointless to waste his energy, Zarbon's Ki had stabilized, he knew he didn't have the means to hurt him further without seriously abusing his reserves, especially at his current level. The idea came to him that he could probably modulate his energy briefly to dispose of more firepower without alerting his opponent... an interesting idea to test as soon as he'd be able to train in peace. Decidedly, the discoveries made thanks to Raditz's trip to his brother's rock kept revealing to be even better!

The light bursts hadn't yet receded to the smoke that a missile hit the arrogant prince in the face!

His cape in shreds and his pretty face marked, breached, an open lip, the mighty Zarbon had lost all composure he adored flaunting to show his superiority. That little tailed shit was going to feel a world of pain!

The Heloïte sky vibrated under the impact of a phenomenal power, and quite quickly, Wigner noticed that Vegeta hadn't lied, in the end he was holding his own against his impressive adversary. How to exploit the situation? The velocity of the combatants didn't allow any attempt to reach the target without being certain their improvised ally would be hit... Distracting the attention of the other could allow him to take a decisive advantage, eliminating both would take care of all forms of immediate danger, even though it meant losing a precious source of information. However, wounding the barbarian leader, even superficially, would guarantee he'd turn against them again. Dilemmas and horned carbon! thought the Ultra Captain.

If Zarbon succeeded in reaching Vegeta, the painful mark of the hits taken added to the feeling of warrior exaltation of the latter like as many boosts. A gleeful power, barely spoilt by the agony of his left arm at each muscled solicitation, only shadow on this beautiful day.

The last explosion barely avoided, a new kick cut Zarbon's breath. Incredible! That bloody monkey was actually gaining the upper hand! Never would he have thought him capable of such an exploit!

The insufferable braggart was spitting his guts out, Vegeta judged the moment to show was a true super Saiyan looked like!

A deep roar accompanied the aura that suddenly agitated the air surrounding the prince, while a storm appeared out of nowhere like a divine warning. Stupefied by the ever-increasing numbers on his scouter, Zarbon was petrified by the demonstration of the rebel's reveal. That little brat hadn't deployed all his combat power, he had managed to dissimulate part of it despite the intensity of his attacks! The alien's gaze lingered on the simian tail. If the idea of transforming entered that scum's head, he'd never be able to face that strength ten fold... he wasn't leaving him any other choice, the shame!

His face covered in murderous glee, Vegeta charged his hand with energy when Zarbon called out.

— Wait!

With the condescending look of a bird of prey towards an insect, the prince allowed the pleaded delay.

The two invaders marked a pause a short distance from each other, it was now or never!

In a burst of sparks, Wigner who had so far kept a safe distance between the two fighters, latched out towards the taller of the two, his right arm ready to fire...

He didn't hear the angry cry that had resounded with force. The punch of a giant wave of energy crashed into the Heloïte Captain at an incredible speed, throwing him deeply into the debris on the ground in a shower of steel and carbon.

The light from a God's Blade gushed from Waals' gloves, who had also taken care to keep a distance on the opposite side of his leader, in Vegeta's back. His orders had been to try to keep the situation under control without killing him, but he couldn't leave the attack on his Captain unpunished!

An insult pushed through, barely contained, from the Ultra's lips. The annoying groondas with spiked hair kept his gaze on him from the corner of his eyes. A small explicit smirk even illuminated his dumb face all the while energy emanated from the hand he'd just used to shoot Wigner. Waals had tried to stay discrete though, and the other had thought him out of the game. How had he guessed he could recuperate Nim's jetpack? Fuck! Deprived of the element of surprise, he knew the dual pointless. The laser blades died out.

— I didn't kill your friend, and that one's mine! the barbarian ushered to him while designating the other alien. You understand me? he added in an arrogant tone that annoyed Waals.

Without flinching, the Heloïte pointed his own menacing finger to the pompous lout with the white gloves while growling:

— Well hurry up killing your missus before I get involved!

Then he ostensibly turned his back to the flabir to fly without delay towards the point of impact of his Captain's fall.

Zarbon was smiling.

— Little team disputes with your new friends? he laughed as he wiped the blood from his chin with a delicate gesture.

— Nothing that wasn't quickly taken care of. You know what it's like, when you annex a new planet, there's always some who have troubles understanding the word "defeat". But you're not one of them, aren't you? scoffed Vegeta.

— Oh because you think you have me beaten? replied the tall blue one with a carnivorous smile. You can perceive combat strength, can't you? he asked before adding without waiting for an answer, his eyes filled with excitation: Well then, watch this!

His fists clenched, Zarbon bent over himself. As he started screaming, energy bubbled within the aura that had appeared around him. His voice increased in decibels when he slowly straightened himself to offer to all who looked one of the most horrifying metamorphoses in existence. The warrior with the racial elegance progressively doubled in volume to leave place to a hideous creature with the skin of a toad. An enormous maw adorned the beast and opened to impressive rows of sharp teeth.

— Revel in it Vegeta, you're going to die before being able to boast that you obliged me to do this!

Tetanised by the surprise as much as by the new power emanating from the monster that his opponent had become, Vegeta stayed quiet.

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