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DBM Universe 19

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Caihlem

These armoured warriors who participate next to Gokû and his friends, where did they come from? What is their history?
Discover how technology and bravery could be the winning cocktail of the atypical Heloïte Universe, whose destiny could have more than once fallen to tragedy.

[Chapter Cover]

Slightly surprised to still be alive, Raditz shook himself to recover his spirits quicker. In combat, allowing an opponent to sunder you was a sure way to die. Not only the flabir with the scarf hadn't pressed his advantaged, he wasn't even there anymore! Taken by doubt, the Saiyan turned around suddenly, then once more again, so as to be sure he wasn't going to take a hit from behind... yet again. As nothing was happening, he tried to calm himself and search more methodically for the crazy bastard. If only he still had his scouter!

As Nappa was flying towards the gal for another blow, she suddenly took a tangent in a shower of sparks. Clearly she was running away at full speed. Hadn't she yet realized it was hopeless to try? As the giant readied himself for the chase, his grin wide in jubilation, a missile fell from the sky. The Heloïte with the lesser form of facial hair!

— Hey you! Didn't they teach you to be nice with the ladies? How about instead a good talk with a man, a real one?

Above them, Nim, her head still heated as much by the beating she had taken and the healing process, couldn't help but protest:

— Waals!

— Oh don't be vexed princess. I leave you to finish the brushing of your beau, I left him alive just for you.

— That's not why I took your place! she insisted.

With a sigh, Nim gave-in. When Waals had an idea in that thick head of his, it wasn't going anywhere soon. Plus, if had decided to get under your skin, he always knew where to strike, fighting was useless. The best was to ignore it or laugh it off with him, but now wasn't the time for jokes. The point representing the hairy one in sight, she raised her eyes to see him fully.

— You're funny. The beating you took earlier wasn't enough? Still want more? You'll quickly beg for me to spare you! warned the large Nappa.

His head slightly on one side so as to better taunt the bastard with his most devilish smile, instead of an answer, Waals simply extended his right hand to invite him, with an elegant flick of his middle finger, to rejoin him.

It hadn't taken long for Raditz to find the mad one with the scarf. The idiot had gone back to provoke Nappa. No doubt he had taken one too many hits to the head... he had already seen it before, fighters who lost all reason after a big shock. His bad luck. The girl was still alive, not for long.

And there she was coming towards him, perfect!

In the blink of an eye in the face of the insolent, Nappa unleashed his best direct right straight to the face. Against all odds, the Heloïte didn't accompany the movement to cushion the blow. No, even though he had bent under the force of the blow, using his propulsor and gravity rectifier at the same time, he hadn't moved an iota. It didn't take long for blood to leak both from his nose and opened lip. His eye as sparkling as always, the insolent passed his tongue over the wound with a smirk.

— Not bad, you kept this from me last time. Can I have a go?

Nappa laughed vehemently in a way only he knew how to.

— Have at it, while you still can, he finally said, a cruel rictus adorning his moustache.

Initially, the superb direct right he received to the gut didn't even make the giant flinch while he smiled with all his teeth. Then, a heartbeat later, stupor rose in his eyes and his pretty smile faded. The Ultra came in closer against him to whisper into his ears.

— I'm sorry, it's not that I don't want to, but you see, my boss is calling for me and I can't give you any more time. But don't worry, you'll still have time to suffer before dying. Give a kiss to my friend Lidar.

After a caress on the suddenly sweaty cheek of the colossus, Waals took a step back to observe him one last instant. The barbarian had just brought his hands to his stomach to cover the three bleeding holes through his armour, that the muffled noise of an explosion that vibrated at the same time, up-heaving his torso. His fingers inundated with foul smelling blood, his face frozen in stupor, the invader, once so arrogant, curled over before vomiting a red geyser and finally fell without any more movements.

Waals would have given alot to assist closely to the other's agony, but he had already lost too much time. When Wigner called for back-up, it was that he really needed it. He still had his instruments, and through them, could see the vitality of the bastard extinguish slowly, it was a good start at least. It was a pity they weren't designed to transmit levels of pain.

Taking Wigner's direction photons blazing, Waals searched for Nim.

The Ultra stopped abruptly.

His gaze had just crossed the one, full of surprise, of the barbarian with absurd hairline. The dumbfounded barbarian had just seen him kill his buddy, which would have amused Waals if the flabir didn't also have Nim at his mercy. The young Heloïte was struggling to remove her wrists from the iron grip of the brute, but the other was holding on tight, barely registering her knee-bashes. She wasn't weak though, the little Nim! In their position, it was impossible to reach the hairy one without hitting her too, Waals tried to think of the best way to deal with this problem when the expression on the stranger's face suddenly changed radically. The warrior was so quick, Waals didn't see him move. All he saw was part of the barbarian's arm, fingers straight and aligned, that were exiting bloodied through the Nim's back, just beneath her jetpack. In a last defensive reflex, the young brunette unleashed her God's Blade from her freed fist. But strength was already escaping her, and her attack, unfocused, merely stroke through thin air.

It was Waal's turn to stay locked in place, invaded by a profound rage, as an absolute hatred submerged him. His murderous gaze locked into the invader's, he could see equivalent sentiments mirrored back at him. The silent exchange only lasted an instant. With apparent disregard, the murderer threw the body of his victim in his direction.

— You'll pay for that! they screamed at the same time.

Even though he knew it was a mistake that could cost him his life, Waals caught Nim before she landed. After another silent dare to her killer, he flew off to repose his friend on the ground.

— Hold tight my little Nim, don't make me cry, he murmured, caressing with the back of his hand the young woman's face deformed by the pain.

He waited for an answer, brushing some hair strands out of her face, pretexting another caress, but her eyelids remained tensed and Nim didn't unclench her teeth. Her hands firmly on her pierced solar plexus, she only had the conscience left to resist the urge to die.

When Waals finally raised his eyes, the invader with the massive hairline was laughing madly while brandishing a blinding energy ball in his right hand while agitating something behind him. A tail? Yes! The tacky fur belt they wore was in fact a tail!

Wigner and Vegeta both stopped at the same instant.

Taken aback by the loss of his best element, the Saiyan didn't allow anything transpire.

— Ah... one all! he amused.

Nappa defeated by only one of these nitwits? That was barely believable. His aura hadn't fluctuated, visibly he hadn't thought himself truly menaced. The apparent weakness of the Heloïtes had a tendency to make one forget the dangerous potential of their weaponry. Surely that was what had brought the defeat of his previous mentor, often times overly confident of himself. How many times had he laughed of the same colossus who was surprised at his own speedy progress? But all this was far now. Memories only good to be buried along with their planet of birth.

Wigner took the blow with more honesty. "Nim..." he whispered to himself in a breath.

Waals had just told him he was on his way, but now, there was no chance of that before he had killed the other Saiyan. It was Waal's biggest flaw, that he could sometimes follow his own lead. On the other hand, there was no one else left to free the potential reinforcement that would otherwise be on its way to help their leader. One could only hope he'd take care of the barbarian rapidly... because the harassment policy of the chief of the barbarians was starting to bring results. Wigner was careful from now on with his energy resources, they weren't in peril yet... however, the incredible physical pressure imposed by his opponent was starting to take hold, and soon, the other would notice this.

The Ultra leader abandoned the indications on the immaterial screen. The barbarian had suddenly screamed before diving without paying any attention to Wigner!

— Raditz, you bloody moron! Stop that this instant!

The Heloïte captain followed suit all the while screaming to Waals to be careful. According to his scanners, the man in question and Waals were rather far from each other and the weapons of the Ultra were inactive, though he didn't seem to have been hit. Why wasn't he reacting? And what could possibly be worrying the chief of the barbarians?

In addition to his photon propulsors, Wigner had pushed his gravity rectifier to its maximum to gain more speed, therefore, he needed a few metres to break his momentum. His opponent had stopped cleanly and had quickly turned around from a small bright energy ball that had passed them. Wigner hesitated an instant to try and destroy it, but maybe it was better to let it go further away from the surface of the planet? After all, the ring had continued its route to the west, and it was sufficiently far to not be at risk anymore and the Thetor would take care of destroying the phenomenon before it reached the large vessel. He therefore abstained and instead covered himself in a total shield. The small amount it'd prevent could make the difference between life and death.

Disheartened, Waals watched the bright ball fly to the skies. Not fast enough! He hadn't been able to stop the barbarian who was now laughing like a madman. When the light manifestation was only a dot in the sky, it immobilized. Nothing seemed to happen until its creator opened his fist, as if in some mysterious incantation. The dot of light started to grow, and grow, taking enormous proportions, the size of a moon as it inundated the surroundings in its light! A weapon of mass destruction?

An alarm in their systems brought the two Heloïtes to rip their gazes from the strange phenomenon to instead assist something even more incredible! The barbarian who had neutralized Nim has also started growing! Not only was his body taking epic proportions in record time, but his morphology was also evolving towards something monstrous, more animal than man.

Wigner brought his gaze back to his opponent. No, he wasn't growing. Immobile with his face to the ground, he had however brought his right arm over his face, as if to hide his eyes.

His Oozaru body finally deployed, Raditz exulted. What joy it was to dispose of such power! What bliss it was to feel this formidable form! Canines uncovered, he searched for the insolent bug that had ended Nappa. As he caught sight of him he opened his large mouth to spit death on the poor fool!

The imminence of the danger tore Waals from his trance brought by the stupor. The Heloïte ground was ripped apart several metres deep at the area where he was a fraction of a second ago. Far from scared of the gigantism and firepower of the beast, he rushed straight towards it. Another beam followed him a few instants, before a large arm with a gigantic fist reach him... The blow was absurdly strong, like getting hit by a mountain! How could something so huge move so quickly? The Ultra didn't weigh more than an insect and was sent flying several hundred metres from the point of impact. It took a few seconds for Waals to recover his spirits and regain control of his flight. After having spat his hatred to the gods despite his broken ribs, he activated his photon reactors.

— Come dance with daddy my pretty! he screamed towards the abomination as soon as he was within earshot.

Without slowing down his charge, a frightening smile on his lips and a spark of furious madness in his eyes, the Ultra launched a God's Blade on each of his fists.

Without seeing anything, Vegeta knew he was now alone. The whistling of the laser weapon that was now familiar to him, the terrible howling that followed, the beginning of an insult screamed by the formidable voice of an Oozaru drowned in gargling, the deafening sound that shook the planet's ground and the sudden disappearance of the vital aura had already told the tale. To think that the idiot had never been strong enough to produce an artificial moon sufficient for a transformation, he just had to succeed now!

Raditz had earned his fate, but him, what had he done to fail so close to his goal? What mistakes had he committed? He had no doubt given too much free reign to his men when he should have never let them take the slightest initiative. If they had simply killed their targets as soon as ordered instead of playing around, victory would have been his. He now understood the intransigence of his father, and that of Frieza. A lesson that would never serve him, as there were no more Saiyans under his order. Weary, he tried to see with a movement how much manoeuvrability he had, but the bastard behind him tightened his grip. What an idiot! Submerged by the monumental mistake of Raditz, he had let his own guard drop and hadn't kept sufficient concentration to keep an eye of the captain's position.

— Don't move! I won't allow the slightest movement. Breathe a little too deep and you'll lose your head, said the Heloïte with a calm that didn't hint at the possibility of an error on his part.

As soon as he had understood the link between the light manifestation and the metamorphosis of the barbarian, Wigner had seized his chance. Stuck to the back of the survivor, he had passed his right arm below the one his opponent had raised to cover his eyes. His hand locked against Vegeta's neck, he was sure that at the slightest attempt to escape, his lock would unhinge the shoulder of his prisoner. His left hand firmly pressed against the temple of the vanquished was also ready to perform a veritable lobotomy should the need arise. He was presently waiting for his orders amidst the exclamations of joy and felicitations that rang through his ears.

He suddenly felt the barbarian shudder before tensing. Taking the risk to be killed, the Saiyan turned his head abruptly as much as possible before screaming:

— If you care about your life and this planet, destroy that light and let me go, NOW!

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