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DBM Universe 19

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Caihlem

These armoured warriors who participate next to Gokû and his friends, where did they come from? What is their history?
Discover how technology and bravery could be the winning cocktail of the atypical Heloïte Universe, whose destiny could have more than once fallen to tragedy.

[Chapter Cover]

The two Ultras, their gaze locked on the new day's surprise special, were just starting to get over the shock from Zarbon's transformation.

— Bloody son of a flabir... even uglier than a Kollok, mumbled Waals. You think it's sticky? he asked, unable to take his eyes off the aberration.

— Do what you want, but keep me out of your scandals, thank you, replied his captain dryly.

A large smile grew above Waals' fiery soul-patch , all too happy to see his superior, unaccustomed to this branch of humour, leaving his comfort zone when it meant keeping the moral of his unit.

— Common dear boss, I like trying out a little bit of everything, but that, that's not what gets my juices running...

Vegeta's heart was beating madly as his temples sported sudden rivulets of sweat... Zarbon... could transform?!

And it was true. Right there, instead of the blue-skinned adonis, was a creature just as grotesque as it was powerful that was taunting the Saiyan Prince with all its teeth, and there were many of them.

Think quick... think smart! Start by calming down and analyze the situation. By how much had the base strength been multiplied?

Concentrating on his new ability took Vegeta a little effort, but what he felt reassured him a little. The combat strength emanating from his opponent, though not trivial, hadn't been multiplied in the proper sense. The pride of his Saiyan lineage flourished in his smirk, the warriors of his people were the only ones capable of amplifying their power tenfold. He scanned the surroundings to check that no bad surprise was brewing and shot a glance towards the two Ultras who had landed at a respectable distance. Good news: the peacock with the facial hair had found a way to recharge his batteries. The Ultras didn't constitute an ideal support, but two were better than one and used properly, they could prove themselves useful. His sights once more on the beast, Vegeta quickly re-evaluated possible tactics.

After the pleasure of seeing the gutted fear on the face of his prey, Zarbon didn't bother with many precautions. His pride simmering, he threw himself at full speed towards the vermin!

The time of a leap forward sufficed the alien to reach the Saiyan whom he swept with a backhanded fist. Taken by the hit, Vegeta barely regained control of his flight to recover distance between them that a new beating made lights flash in front of his eyes. A mocking grin reaching the parody of ears he sported, Zarbon increased a notch in the power of his offensive. The miserable target disappeared under an infernal beating. The idiot wanted to play? It would have been impolite to not give him what he deserved!

A veil of bad augur darkened once more the face of the two Ultras. Wigner and Waals didn't need to concert to comment on the new turn of the fight. The implants of the Heloïte Captain were resonating with anarchic exclamations; never before had such panic reigned within the commandment! The vociferations without any logic, the contradictory directives that came to him incessantly, it really didn't help! The urge to cut-off his transmission canal with the headquarters was tempting, but such a decision would cost him his place... On the channels, far from calming down, the cacophony was rising in volume, and further away, the monster wasn't leaving any rest to the strongest of the primo-invaders. The gaze of Wigner briefly crossed Waals'. The uncommon disarray he saw in the green eyes of his comrade precipitated Wigner's decision. A fraction of a second later, the system connected to his auditory cortex cut the flow of undesired communications. Time to leave room for the only worthy priority: ensuring his friends, his people, his planet had a future! He dryly cut Waals as he pronounced "But Captain...", which was quite odd in his mouth.

— Tell them that I need all my concentration and that I will tell them when and where if needed, he almost barked.

Docile, for once, Waals obeyed without dropping the slightest comment.

Not one single blow !

None of Vegeta's ripostes reached their target... also, the Saiyan finally managed to put some distance between them, Zarbon watching him fly away with an amused grin. He had demonstrated being infinitely stronger, faster than this imbecile, what was he thinking?

"Well well, that scum stopped to catch his breath", he noted with curiosity. An ironic scowl uncovered his fangs... so that blasted monkey still had some reserves!

Suspended in the sky, face bloodied and heart beating furiously, Vegeta gave free reign to the fury generated by the humiliating beating suffered. He had held back from liberating the totality of his power during his training sessions at the base camp, but other that the fact that he hadn't kept as much margin as he'd have wanted, his experience and instinct also gave him an indication of the maximum level he could hope to reach... and that would never suffice to surpass the new form of that blue-skinned groondas! But that wasn't too much of a problem...

If his monstrous maw had permitted, Zarbon would have whistled angrily between his teeth seeing the numbers run across the screen of his scouter. The surprise was receding to worry just as he noticed that the royal squirt's efforts stopped as abruptly as they had started. But still: who'd have thought a Saiyan could reach such combat strength without even using their hideous transformation? And who knew just how far that bloody monkey could rise if given the opportunity? It had been good fortune that he had been too stupid to keep the better part of his progression to the sole aim of treason against the Master! The places close to power where as hard to acquire and keep, especially in case of competition... Being replaceable could significantly diminish your life expectancy! It would be better to kill-off the ridiculous prince, and quickly before Frieza indulged himself once more in his incomprehensible fascination for this groondas.

A piece of blue cape undulated with grace as it fell towards the ground.

A baroque symphony resonated in the Heloïte sky, composed by the frantic pace of the innumerable whistling of the laser blades sent in the pursuit of the unreachable target. Wigner and Waals weren't taking it easy though, the density and the tight mesh of their conjugated attacks missed their prey by little each time... as inhuman as the alien may be, he was surely capable of tiring, and the slightest error would be fatal!

It he were able to, Zarbon would have paled in retroactive fear, then reddened under the adrenaline rush that allowed him to sustain the incredible cadence imposed by the mortal dance of the Heloïte blades. Dammit that had been close!

What an imbecile! He should have known how treacherous that flabir Vegeta could be! But he wasn't the only one to have resources...

A fearsome half-smile cut across what served him for a face before from his hands fused a brutal counter attack.

Wigner screamed as loud as he could as much Waals as to grab the attention of the predator. He abandoned the glimmer of his two God's Blades to send off his own intensive salvo. All while seeing Waals disappear under the burning breath of the monster's attack, the captain continued his offensive of blast-balls. As he had hoped, the alien returned to defensive mode to receive with visible curiosity the wave of small luminous balls heading towards him.

His eyes both on the screen of his scouter and the small objects closing on him, Zarbon noted that his detector didn't signal the ammo of the native as dangerous. According to the instrument, it might as well have been like throwing pebbles. Sure of his strength, the large warrior captured the first one within reach in the palm of his right hand. He barely touched it that he was himself now submerged in a hellfire explosion... But as soon as it appeared, the fireball was smothered from the inside like a candle whose wick was wet. It was a triumphant Zarbon that surfaced, all too happy to show-off all his power in front of the miserable insect that had thought to hurt him, the madman!

When the alien heard the Heloïte scream to him an angered "Eat this!", it was too late to rectify his mistake.

The first detonations cracked like fireworks, then an enormous fire blast born from their convergence didn't cease growing, nourished by the explosions, ever so destructful.

Forsaking the spectacle of the result from his shots, Wigner raised his eyes, relieved. Higher, two silhouettes contemplated his work, the stranger had shown himself quick enough to protect Waals!

— Not bad for a bunch of cripples, commentated Vegeta, mockingly.

— Despite your pretty promises, you didn't do much better and you want to talk about the face-lift you just took for free? dropped Waals grumbling.

— Stay prepared instead of spewing nonsense, it won't suffice! answered the Saiyan before turning towards him menacingly... You recuperated your girlfriend's gear, and that was smart, but if you missed your shot, that groondas will be weary of you now! Consider yourselves lucky if I prevent him from killing you as soon as he gets out of there, it won't be easy!

A savage rictus in lieu of a smile, Waals almost stuck himself to Vegeta to annoy him and push him with a provocative finger:

— Who said we were counting on letting him get out of it? And keep in line if you don't want us to take care of you right after!

The next instant and without waiting for an eventual answer, the Ultra rushed in the direction of the succession of explosions under the dubious gaze of the Saiyan.

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