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Ammar 26 Agosto
Okay, can someone explain to what this "mini sandwiches" means exactly?

It was mentioned in this page before:

Chibi Son Bra did her best! page 60
Ammar 10 Agosto
Monster was saying:
How did Mondo Cool, a YouTuber, have early access to this page?

Because unlike the others, he's actually a great narrator/reviewer. His videos aren't clickbait & he actually follow the story & put effort in the making of his videos & not just do it for views. 2 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2066
Ammar 3 Agosto
Stevethebarbarian was saying:
Are you sure? I was certain I knew the name Phipsil before reading this page just now

That's because Salagir named them all in the comment section on page 1346:


(Salagir mistook Loopwhirl for Nedwook xD).

And People who read his comment start calling her by her name in the comment whenever she appeared.

The Ultras names can be also found in the "Universe Help" page:

Minicomic page 115
Ammar 3 Agosto

... :|

...Oh! Fun fact! Phipsil & Magsuns were never referred to by their names in the entire comic so far. And I like that they used Magsuns pic from page 333. A lot of people mistook him for Eleim back then. 1 Replie(s)
Minicomic page 115
Ammar 31 Julho

The namekian who said "...there is no reason for anything bad to happen anyway." won't get a name?

[img] [img]

The namekian who sent Broly back to his universe:

[img] [img]

The namekian who in charge in the headquarter:


What this female audience member?

[img] [img]

And this one?

[img] [img] [img]


[img] [img]


[img] [img] [img]


[img] [img] [img] [img] [img] [img]

And most importantly:


Vegeta's cousin?!!

Unless you're trying to tell me that her name is "Vegeta's cousin". xD 2 Replie(s)
Minicomic page 114
Ammar 31 Julho
Hold on! What about the others?! :(

Vort was saying:
This minicomic should also include Gast and XXI as a lot of people think it's Ghast and XII

I believe that's how they were called before it was changed.
Minicomic page 114
Ammar 30 Julho
MUI was saying:
Nope he created them. If he created a change Goku of U12 would not die because of heart disease, the Z-fighters would be alive again, Cell would have never appeared, the Androids would have turned good etc. U12 stayed exactly the same as before Trunks went to the past. Nothing changed. He only created a few new timelines aka universes.

The only thing Buu can do is going back to the past of U4. But the moment he does this a new universe gets created. If he decides for example to go back to the Cell tournament saga and kill Cell before Gohan did it, Gohan will never achieve SSJ2, Goku never dies, no fusion, no SSJ3, so a new universe with another story has been born with a different unique outcome. However the original U4 will stay exactly the same, nothing will change there.

Nope! He created a "change", not a universe.

[img] [img]

Check this page: link
Everything about the multiverse & time travel is explained there. 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2064
Ammar 29 Julho
MUI was saying:
Well thats the thing with time travel Buu, unfortunately for you Buu. You dont travel to another universe. The only thing you do is create a new universe. Like U12 Trunks, he created U4, U6, U16, U18 and U20. You cant travel to an excisting universe like U5 or U7, Ghast's universe.

Future Trunks did not create these universes. He create a change in them by "going to the past". And Buu cannot travel to the past because there's no universe identical to his anymore. 2 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2064
Ammar 29 Julho
Chrispower110 was saying:
I hope they do explain why only universe 1 can use that tech to travel to other worlds.

They already did xD :

[img] [img]
DB Multiverse page 2064
Ammar 24 Julho
Vort was saying:
This end of Zen Buu doesn't really sit well with me, it all feels a bit rushed and very stretched. Previously I've thought I've found the page in which the Tech Birdie works on the Buu's contigencny device - page 1922 - and that would make previous page ok, but as Asturios has pointed out, page 1990 shows that it is also the same machine that failed to send Buu to U4 when XXI turned him into cocoon. And then there is Trunks inter-dimensional travelling and this weird rule that Tech Birdie has stated on previous page which causes logic issues with each other. I don't know what to think anymore.

This device just send people back to their universe. It was already used on U11's members:

[img] 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2062
Ammar 24 Junho
First time U18 Vegeta appears as a SSJ3 with Asura's art style.
DB Multiverse page 2049
Ammar 20 Junho
Kyan Zennaro was saying:
Yay Heiko is back-

I'm waiting for this name to become official.
DB Multiverse page 2047
Ammar 29 Maio
J.I.L was saying:
Buu can easily defuse Vegito if he wanted too.

My boy, vegerot is chump cheese to Buu, honestly.

I don't think he can. 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2038
Ammar 27 Maio
Kor Saiyajinkami was saying:
Probably that person thought Bra was 14 having either not realized she's older due to time in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber or having forgotten about such.

She's older because she was born 2 years before Pan was born... 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2036
Ammar 26 Maio
Kor Saiyajinkami was saying:
Éclate was saying: Better question: Why is Piccolo a bartender to begin with?
Actually I'm pretty certain that that is Gast. You can tell because of how the bartended is pretty buff and the serious expression on his face is like Gast too. Not Saiyan that Piccolo doesn't have a serious face sometimes, but this serious expression is more serious than Piccolo's.

As for why Gast is the bartender, he probably got pressured into being the bartender and is doing so begrudgingly.

That's actually Piccolo. I don't why some people mistook him with Gast. It should be obvious... 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2036
Ammar 22 Maio
Good god! That's a lot of redraw! xD Now I'm interested to see all the pages that were changed.
@Fabien Dalmass
Is it okay if you share it with us here? 1 Replie(s)
Minicomic page 113
Ammar 19 Maio
Salagir was saying:
Yes: it's an error.
At the time this was drawn, this chapter didn't exist and BK-81 couldn't know Raditz's destiny.


[img] 2 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2034
Ammar 19 Maio
DualMonty was saying:
What plothole? He could've posed like that before he went to earth but after Vegeta killed Broly.

[img] [img]
DB Multiverse page 2034
Ammar 18 Maio
MajinPower was saying:
Ammar was saying: "Do tell all your little friends…Send your army… Mine will be waiting!!"

King Piccolo...you killed him! How is he supposed to tell them now?!!




The scouter fell off right before the final blow!! Salagir definitely did it on purpose so the Sayan won’t know that Raditz actually died and Raichi will send his Raditz under cover!

Shyamcha was saying:
Ammar was saying: "Do tell all your little friends…Send your army… Mine will be waiting!!"

King Piccolo...you killed him! How is he supposed to tell them now?!!




It’s gotta be Raichi’s ghost infiltrating the Sayain army

Zefarg was saying:
Shyamcha was saying: Ammar was saying: "Do tell all your little friends…Send your army… Mine will be waiting!!"

King Piccolo...you killed him! How is he supposed to tell them now?!!




It’s gotta be Raichi’s ghost infiltrating the Sayain army
Seems like I am finally not the only one realizing that possibility.
Would make perfect sense too, with a spy ghost Raditz, he can easily pick the best moment to strike and exact his vengeance :)

You guys may be right about Raditz being a "ghost". Or Salagir didn't remember page 1514 when he wrote the script! xD

Jubjub was saying:
How is it a plothole? There is no date listed for when that event took place. This very easily could have happened after Vegeta took the throne

[img] [img] 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2034
Ammar 18 Maio
"Do tell all your little friends…Send your army… Mine will be waiting!!"

King Piccolo...you killed him! How is he supposed to tell them now?!!




[img] 7 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2034
Ammar 15 Maio
Jubjub was saying:
Just doing a bit of review, there's actually no reason Piccolo isn't the one to at least wipe out a large chunk of the saiyans.

At this point in the timeline, the only real person that stand up to Piccolo is King (Prince) Vegeta.

Broly is dead, Ginyu Force is dead, Cold Demons are all dead, Cooler's armored squadron is gone... There's literally no one that can challenge Piccolo outside of Vegeta, and even that is questionable considering it's difficult to determine "exactly" how strong Piccolo is at this point.

I am looking forward to the Piccolo v Kakorotto though. Sure to have more than a bit of a chuckle

Just to clarify, this year 752. Broly, Cold, and Cooler are not dead yet. And Vegeta is also not SSJ at this point. It makes you wonder what would had happen if Cooler & his army attack the earth...
DB Multiverse page 2032
Ammar 30 Abril
bigdeano89 was saying:
Popo is an immortal genie lol, he's as strong as he wants to be, he just isnt allowed to intervene, genies never are.

That might be TFS Popo you're describing. Popo is definitely not "as strong as he wants to be" I don't know where you get this from.
DB Multiverse page 2026
Ammar 30 Abril
Ahhh! was saying:
I mean a lot of this comic is based on non-canon movies , So why should we automatically think Fillers aren't Canon ?

Because Salagir already stated what is & what is not "DBM Canon" in the FAQ section: link
Anything that didn't happen in the manga is not "DBM Canon", with only some of movies/OAV/TV special being the exception.
DB Multiverse page 2026
Ammar 29 Abril
LucasMV was saying:
Okay, first, unless the fusion of Piccolo and Kami is stronger than a Super Saiyan, there's no way that would've killed Mr Popo (as we see him handle SSJ Trunks and Goten in Z).

Wow! People really taking that anime scene filler seriously. Popo is might be stronger than young King Piccolo, but he's weaker than old Kami. If Popo was this strong, there will be no reason for Kami to fuse with King Piccolo. 2 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2026
Ammar 18 Abril
Zol was saying:
Hello my dear comrades, I came from the Brazilian section looking for answers

Some of us from the Brazilian section are confused by the events of the last 3 pages and that's why I decided to come personally and ask some questions for you from the gringa section, so that maybe some moderator or even the artist of this special can answer our doubts, so without further ado:

1 : Who exactly freed Piccolo damaioh? Shenron or Kami Sama? I initially thought it was Kami sama, as Kami sama's wish didn't include piccolo damaioh (or so I thought?) in the wish, he only asked to restore his old-time abilities, but even then the page, because of the 2020 page: https://w...020.html#h_read Shenlong says "the rest.... depends on you...." And his eyes sparkle like he's got another wish ( wtf?) then Piccolo Damaioh appears without the rice cooker that imprisoned him, from what the pages suggest, Shenron somehow freed Piccolo damaioh, but that doesn't make sense, as Kami's wish didn't include Piccolo in it and I don't I can't imagine Shenron playing the Wish any other way than Kami becoming young, I can't say it was Kami Sama (or Mr popo) Freeing Piccolo Damaioh, because that's not what the pages imply, if Repair Kami Sama looks like it surprised to see Piccolo Damaioh (wtf?) and there's something else that bothers even more

2 : Why the hell is Piccolo Damaioh young? You could say it was because of Kami Sama's wish, but Kami sama's wish only included himself (https://w...019.html#h_read) and not Piccolo , btw "They were the same person before, so that's why Piccolo got young again" Not a valid excuse, Piccolo Damaioh in classic dragon ball made the same request and even then, only he got young, Kami Sama remained old as ever, it makes no sense to be different in dbm, even in an alternate universe

"It can be explained in future pages" I know that, that's why I asked a moderator of the Brazilian section about what is happening, after all they have the pages with early access and if it was any important spoiler (or something that would be explained) he could at least tell me what the hell is going on, but he was also confused, he didn't know why Piccolo was young, to have an idea he thought that Kami Sama made 2 wishes to shenron and that's why Piccolo was free (which I I can't believe it, because Kami sama himself seems surprised on this page and we don't see him make the second wish) and that Piccolo Damaioh has already asked to be young before (in this universe and in universe 9 too, after all they are the same universe) This confused me, as it created unnecessary changes to the story, but it was the only valid explanation (which doesn't contradict the manga's canon at least), so I opened up two possibilities

1 : Piccolo damaioh already freed before, but was imprisoned by mafuba again, in the meantime he asked to have eternal youth ( I don't believe so much in this possibility, but it may be what happened, after all master kame doesn't appear alive in universe 9 , maybe he sealed Piccolo and then was revived by the dragon balls and then died again in piccolo's second turn)

2: Before Mutaito sealed Piccolo with the Mafuba, Piccolo gathered the Dragon Balls and asked for eternal youth (most natural and likely in my opinion)

Even with these two possibilities I'm not sure what's going on as it's not very clear, I don't even know why the story would go down this confusing path and make these unnecessary changes, when it could have opted for something simpler.

Anyway, if anyone can answer my doubts, I would be grateful, that's all, sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Zol,

When I saw this page for the first time, I was as confused as you guys. But when I went back & re-read the previous two pages I understand what happened. So, I will explain to you what happened from my understanding (make in mind that I'm just a translator here, & I could be 100% wrong about everything I'm about to say to you):

I don't know what was written in the Brazilian section, but if you go back to page 2019 (English section), you will notice that Kami didn't say "restore my youth" like King Piccolo in the manga, he asked Shenron to "Return me to my full capabilities of yonder" in other word, he wished to be the Nameless Namekian again. And from the looks of it, it seems Shenron can't force King Piccolo (Piccolo Damaioh) to be part of Kami again. So, Shenron did the most he could do from the wish; he freed King Piccolo & restored both him and Kami's youth. So, Shenron return him to the moment he & King Piccolo split. That's why on page 2020 Kami said "I’m not… complete" which is referring to the fact that Shenron didn't fuse King Piccolo in him. 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2021
Ammar 4 Abril
Asura did a fanart based on this: link

[img] 4 Replie(s)
Chibi Son Bra did her best! page 19
Ammar 25 Março
Yeah, Cherito is definitely dead now.

Old version:

3 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2011
Ammar 13 Março
Oh! She's alive. So, she is not as weak as we all thought she is.


"Haha! I knew a guy easily killed by Raditz couldn’t be too strong!"

Yeah okay we get it, Reep! Raditz is weak! I would like to see you do better. -_-

Old version:

DB Multiverse page 2006
Ammar 12 Março
MB_ was saying:
Some languages are still using the older pages even now. Check out the Japanese section.

Since they already exported the the older pages with text before the newer pages were sent to them, They didn't bother to do it again using the newer ones. I have no authority there, so I can't do anything about it.
DB Multiverse page 2005
Ammar 11 Março
Raditz the badass!!! Returning the favor with one hit KO!!!

Also, here's the old versions of page 2001 to 2005 if anyone interested in seeing them:

[img] [img] [img] [img] [img]
2 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 2005
Ammar 6 Março
Fab was saying:
Aaaargh ! Author here ! Those are my old pages, not the new ones. Please anyone from the team hear me out please ! Answer my emails T_T

Join Discord. Salagir & the teams are there. :)
DB Multiverse page 2003
Ammar 21 Dezembro
Super Gojita 3 was saying:
Thanks ammar for being a team player. your contributions are invaluable.

You're welcome. :) 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 1977
Ammar 20 Dezembro
Iris was saying:
Sorry, not sure if there is anywhere else to ask, but from the text background color i guess you are one of the admins -

is there any plan to restore the chinese section? people got confused about the current situation

Hi Iris,

Just wanted to let you know that Salagir saw your comment & emailed the Chinese Translation team to see why they stop uploading. 1 Replie(s)
DB Multiverse page 1977
Ammar 5 Dezembro
kcheeb was saying:
This art version is infinitely better why did they go with the other one?

Because as you can see, they didn't finish the chapter.

Shabby was saying:
With so much drawn, why use a guest artist at all? Make the minor changes and finish the chapter.

Because they're not "gust" artists. they're artists who were given the chapter to draw it fully, but they didn't finish it. And these artists don't want to continue other artist's work. So, they start from the beginning then they quit.
Minicomic page 106
Ammar 24 Setembro 2021
ugur_tatli was saying:
Ngl I really don't like the dialogues in this chapter.
They don't come out as natural.

Tell me about it! XD
DB Multiverse page 1941
Ammar 13 Setembro 2021

أكتب تعليقك باللغة العربية لو سمحت. :)
DB Multiverse page 1936
Ammar 28 Agosto 2021
>لاحضت انكم ماخدين الشخصيات كلة من dragon ball z لماذا لم تاخدو من dragon ball gt مثل goku ss4

لأن أحداث جي تي ما صارت في DBM.
DB Multiverse page 180
Ammar 21 Agosto 2021
يلال was saying:
السلام عليكم انا عندي سؤال انا خلصت القصة بس الي ما فهمته في كون فيجوتو في برا اوكي وفي كون ابطال القصو غوكو وفيجيتا و اوب في برا ثانية كيف كذا + ما في فيجيت في كونهم+ متا التكملة

عليكم السلام. ما أظن أني فهمت سؤالك عدل؟ تسأل ليش برا موجودة في الكون ۱۸ مع أنه فيجيتو مو موجود في هذا الكون؟ إذا كان هذا سؤالك، فجواب أنه برا الكون ۱۸ بنت فيجيتا وليس فيجيتو.
DB Multiverse page 1862
Ammar 20 Agosto 2021
مرحبًا يا القراء DBM العرب (القداما والجدد) الأعزاء! أنا المترجم الجديد واسمي عمار. أود أعلامكم أنه تم تصحيح الترجمة لأول عشر فصول من المانچا. وسيتم تصحيح الترجمة إلى باقي الفصول في أقرب وقت ممكن. نأمل أن تستمروا في الإستمتاع بالقراءة DBM. :)
DB Multiverse page 1
Ammar 6 Agosto 2021

يا رامي! "إعادة صياغة" تبعك يحتاج إلى إعادة صياغة!
DB Multiverse page 27
Ammar 2 Agosto 2021
Awesome work, Gokutrebu! It looks great! :)
Fanart #2930
Ammar 29 Julho 2021
كسرتم الجدار الرابع!
DB Multiverse page 1916
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