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Ammar 1 día, 7h.
SuperSaiyan4Vegetto escribió:

Is this Elder Kai disguising himself and Raditz? Or is it XXI and his accomplice?

The title page already has intrigued me.

brolyloco escribió:
who the hell are these people? are they related to the elder kaioshin?

The title page already has intrigued me.
hey, you got a point, she has earrings just like the elder kaioshin, but why is the yellow guy (maybe raditz) smiling? they look like a couple of a millions years old man and a middle age saiyan

happywarrior99 escribió:
She has pink skin, has pink hair and is wearing clothes that are similar to what Android 21 (majin form) wears. Is she a disguised Zen Buu?

SuperSaiyan4Vegetto was saying: Is this Elder Kai disguising himself and Raditz?If she is Elder Kai in disguise, why did he chose to take the risk of disguising himself as a female Majin after Zen Buu was send back to Universe 4?

jonathan_vik was saying: This girl will reveal herself as a horrible monster and eat this poor sap.Which I think is something Zen Buu may do to trick some random background character from Universe 1 into getting absorbed without getting the other fighters's attention, specially if Zen Buu wanted to absorb people from Universe 1 to have the means to return to the tournament universe.

DB Multiverse page 2356
Ammar 7 de junio
Ouv escribió:
What a pleasure to rediscover this fight with colors !!! :)
Thousand thanks to the Team Colors ! ;)

Thank you for your kind words, Ouv! :D

We're glad you like it. :)
DBMultiverse Colors page 185
Ammar 12 de mayo
MysticVegito escribió:
Ok, seeing young Baba is something that didn't cross my mind in the slightest, and yet here it is :D

Here, let me make it better (or worse xD):


Art by Asura: link 7 Respuesta(s)
DB Multiverse page 2338
Ammar 8 de mayo
Again, all respect to Stef84 (the one who colored the original page), but their style is different from ours, which is why we re-colored it. 1 Respuesta(s)
DBMultiverse Colors page 172
Ammar 20 de abril
Just Saiyan escribió:
Did you forget the "I" on the second panel or leave it out on purpose? I guess both could work.

Fixed. Thanks for pointing it out. :)
DBMultiverse Colors page 164
Ammar 20 de abril
TruzzieArt escribió:
Let’s not forget that U16’s Piccolo has a ton of senzu beans so I doubt Vegetto will be dying anytime soon.

No, there's no more senzu beans.

[img] [img]

Nothing can save him from that, he's going to die. 1 Respuesta(s)
DB Multiverse page 2328
Ammar 19 de abril
DrewSaga escribió:
Calm down old lady of U15, the one you give birth to is destined to lose to Yamcha.

And kill Vegetto!!! 2 Respuesta(s)
DBMultiverse Colors page 164
Ammar 17 de abril

See? He didn't kill him in the previous page. Now, apologies to the great Yamcha! >:(
DB Multiverse page 2327
Ammar 15 de abril
I never noticed King Piccolo in the first panel until I colored this page. xD
DBMultiverse Colors page 162
Ammar 12 de abril
I just noticed Salza's armor is drawn wrong on the left side... 1 Respuesta(s)
DBMultiverse Colors page 160
Ammar 6 de abril
happywarrior99 escribió:
The reason why Bulma dumped Yamcha is because he is asexual and aromantic.

...Okay, from where did you get this nonsense. xD
DB Multiverse page 2315
Ammar 6 de abril
vwishmwahuul escribió:
So is Cell going to do something?

He's frozen.

DB Multiverse page 2322
Ammar 5 de abril
Brunom escribió:
What a beautiful page! And finally Yamcha says his shiny line
Although I always thought that the prophetic phrase would be uttered under higher stakes

Who knows, maybe it was 11 years ago before it was changed tp this.

Son-Kun escribió:
Bro wants higher stakes than being the last one able to fight an enemy who can easily kill everyone else lol

Against XXI, maybe?
DB Multiverse page 2322
Ammar 27 de marzo
Buse escribió:

Esta sigue mal traducida :-/

Escribe el texto correcto aquí en la sección de comentarios y lo cambiaré.
DBMultiverse Colors page 150
Ammar 25 de marzo
Grazie a tutti per i vostri gentili commenti Siamo lieti di vedere che hai notato i cambiamenti che abbiamo apportato. :)
DBMultiverse Colors page 150
Ammar 25 de marzo
Reibacs escribió:
Habéis actualizado la viñeta de los heloítas ^^. ¡Genial!

Nedwook y Eleim, ¿no?

Buen trabajo.

Narub y Eleim. :)
DBMultiverse Colors page 150
Ammar 25 de marzo
Frorenst redarw the Heloïts if you didn't noticed. OO
DBMultiverse Colors page 150
Ammar 21 de marzo
WukongTheMighty escribió:
The future androids WANTED to extend the fight, they ENJOYED torturing Trunks.

That's just your headcanon, stop making it as a fact. Both the present and future were holding back, one Trunks was able put up a fight and the other he wasn't. No need for you to make stuff up.

Super Gojita 3 escribió:
nothing complicated here, the latter has precident over the former. the androids toyed with trunks. and trunks was simply wrong about their power levels.

Again, Present Android weren't going all out either. Trunks manged to put up a fight in one of them. It's really not that hard. 1 Respuesta(s)
DB Multiverse page 2315
Ammar 21 de marzo
WukongTheMighty escribió:
Uh? Do you know nothing about the story behind the Androids Saga? 17 and 18 were as far as the story cares ALWAYS the ones that killed the Z-Fighters. Not Dr. Gero and 19. The reason he called them that is because originally it was meant to be them but then Toriyama's editor demanded a change, and thus it was made 17 and 18. Stop making stuff up to try to support your foolish arguments. Now "Where's the facepalm emoji when you need it"?

Are you for real? That's what I meant by originally 19 and 20 being the ones who killed the Z-Fighters before it was changed! Learn how to read before throw the word "foolish" at others.

WukongTheMighty escribió:
You don't even seem to understand that holding back can mean holding back 50, 90 or even 99 percent of their power. Trunks can't sense energy, and the present androids were less inclined to toy with the Z-Fighters because they didn't need to keep them alive to keep messing with them. What is it that's so difficult for you understand about this?

You don't need to feel power to tell 17 and 18 were using 1% of their powers to beat Trunks.

[img] [img]

If you think they were even trying here then I don't know what to say you.

Super Gojita 3 escribió:
I mean, if they were stronger while holding back, I guess it means they didn't need to go all out to "fight evenly" with a naive trunks who thought ussj was a good idea.

Your argument amounts to like this "piccolo said he was a demon, so he must be a demon and not an alien!" when later evidence supports the idea he is actually an alien.

the initial evidence suggests the androids were weaker, but later evidence asserts they were holding back, and trunks was naive and didn't know they were holding back.

The latter refutes the former, as such piccolo is an alien, and the androids were in fact not weaker.

lets also look at some other "well he said it , so it must be true!!" statements.


yes of course! vegeta is the ssj and on namek! he said it so it must be true!


ah ha! here we go! well, that cements it. he clearly said something. there fore it has to be true.

What is so hard to understand here???


and here again! he said it no less than 3 times!

clearly we can put some stock in this being true, as he said it more than the 1 time trunks said it.

So, all kidding aside, I think we can chalk trunks statement up to being naive, and is as true as vegeta being a ssj vs freeza on namek.

Look, to me it simple: Future Androids toyed with Trunks and he manage to give a descent fight, Present Android toyed with him and he was down by two hits. Present Android > Future Androids. No need to complicate things here. 2 Respuesta(s)
DB Multiverse page 2315
Ammar 21 de marzo
WukongTheMighty escribió:
My man here has never heard of the concept of a character not being completely correct when they say something. In the grand scheme of things, Trunks knows sweet FA about the Androids. He even called them 19 and 20 when he first showed up in the past.

He called them that because it was originally 19 and Dr. Gero were the ones who killed the z-fitghers... -_- Where's the facepalm emoji when you need it?...

WukongTheMighty escribió:
Do you really think what you're saying makes any sense whatsoever? Trunks can't sense their energy. The future androids toyed with him. The present androids toyed with the Z-Fighters. Neither are showing their full strength.
Where do you get Present Androids >>> Future Androids if they were holding back both times?

Dear God... form Trunks words! He said that at the very least he was able to put a decent fight against the Future ones even though they were holding back. If Trunks can't even do that against the present ones that means they're stronger! Trunks was KO'ed from two shots, one of them where 18 only throws Vegeta at him. If it takes less effort for them to beat Trunks then that means they're stronger than their future selves. What is so hard to understand here??? 2 Respuesta(s)
DB Multiverse page 2315
Ammar 21 de marzo
megrez alberich escribió:
You do know that in future Trunks's timeline, 17 and 18 were just toying with their opponents and not fighting them at full power, right?

Because 17 & 18 were going all out against the Z-Fighters? They were toying with them too.

So, really I don't get why people bring this up all the time.

If Future Trunks says they're stronger the Future then they are. 1 Respuesta(s)
DB Multiverse page 2315
Ammar 17 de marzo
Yo Mismo Quien Si No escribió:
Nooo! En serio se van a saltar la mejor parte?

Quería agregar páginas adicionales antes de esta página. Pero... el tiempo... :') 2 Respuesta(s)
DBMultiverse Colors page 145
Ammar 17 de marzo
And that's all she wrote!

When I read the fight back in the day, I always thought that U16 Pan was done dirty. Which why I came up with this idea to give Pan a little something before her death.

I pitch the idea to Xeno Black who was more than happy to write the script. We review and discuss what can we take from novel and what can we add.

Then Argelios & I spent days trying to map this fight the best we can. There was a lot back and forth between Argelios and I on how many pages and what to add and what to not add. Argelios spent hours to made the storyboards so then we have something clear to show Rogeru.

There was a lot of ideas (both original and from the novel) that were thrown in the bin because Argelios didn't want to color that many pages and thought it was already too long. One example is that instead of Bojack throwing Pan in page 137, my idea was for Pan to use the Taiyôken, but Argelios was against it because it was already so many pages.

After both us settled on how the fight will go out. Argelios worked on the storyboard to presented to Rogeru.

Rogeru draw a fast sketches for us to see.


After we agreed on them, he start drawing the pages and they turned out beautifully imo.


And then, it comes my turn to prepare the pages (aka color the page with base colors) for Argelios and HomolaGabor.


And what you see is the end result:


There was a lot of care behind these pages. We planned them out, we changed and edited a lot of things when we thought of a better ideas. There was a lot of ideas that unfortunately weren't used due to how many pages were there already. But we definitely didn't do it for the sake of fighting. We... or I wanted to give Pan a time to shine because she deserve way better than what she got.

It's not perfect, but it's better than how it was handle it in the black & white pages imo.
DBMultiverse Colors page 145
Ammar 17 de marzo
Daiko escribió:
Nah. It was pretty clear that was a vast overestimation of his and Gohan's abilities when he had no way of knowing prior how much stronger the Androids were. Can't sense energy levels after all and Gohan's reaction to the news that he wasn't even half 17's strength and then Gohan's immediate death proves that. Not like DBM has to be accurate to the manga though. We already have new forms, crazy Kaiokens, OCs, etc.

U18 #17 & #18 weren't using even 10th of their powers, what's your point? That Future 17 was holding back? So was U18 17. And Future Trunks was comparing the two based on how badly he was beaten.
DB Multiverse page 2313
Ammar 17 de marzo
DrewSaga escribió:
The whole "The future Androids were degraded in power" was always dumb when the manga already gave the explanation that they simply never used even half their full power against Future Gohan and Future Trunks."

Pretty sure U18 #17 & #18 were also toying with the Z-Fighters on their first encounter with them. So, if Future Trunks says they're stronger than their future counterparts then they actually are. 1 Respuesta(s)
DB Multiverse page 2313
Ammar 5 de marzo
Tribun Erset escribió:
A tutaj 138 -
Bojack: Zabawne.
Pan: Włożę w ten atak całą swoją energię!
Super... Kame...
Bojack: Znowu z tym gównem? Wyślę cię do piekła!
Pan: ...Hame... HAAA!!

Dziękuję Tribun Erset

Wysłałem wiadomość do Salagir. Miejmy nadzieję, że wkrótce je doda.
DBMultiverse Colors page 138
Ammar 4 de marzo
Jeśli ktoś może podać mi tekst tutaj, w sekcji komentarzy, umieszczę i na dwóch ostatnich stronach.
DBMultiverse Colors page 137
Ammar 25 de febrero
DB Multiverse page 2306
Ammar 24 de febrero
Brunom escribió:
But then again Bulma is still out there in U12 with knowledge of time travel.

Bulma created a time machine that can go to the "past" of a universe identical to her. That's why Future Trunks can't go to U13 for example. Where the vargas can go to whatever universe they want and brings others with them.
DB Multiverse page 2305
Ammar 12 de febrero
Square escribió:
Ciekawe czy Gotenks dostanie kiedyś tam duży kadr na swoją przemianę.

DBMultiverse Colors page 127
Ammar 5 de febrero
BMS escribió:
Bido being smart here, and basically getting permission to explain his idea, instead of just blurting it out as the de-facto way as the other idiot at the beginning did. Bido: lives. Other idiots: Dead.

The fact that Bido have to "get permission" to say his idea/plan show to you that the idiot is the leader. xD
DB Multiverse page 2300
Ammar 3 de febrero
"Perhaps it can wait…"

Tch, pussy.
DB Blancoverse page 81
Ammar 31 de enero
Beni-Kujaku escribió:
I'm pretty sure there's no Friday the 7th anytime soon (the next one is in June). Are you sure you didn't mean Wednesday instead?

Salagir fixed it. Thank you for pointing that out.
News v2, id 4
Ammar 28 de enero
SSM12 escribió:
Man, I was kind of hoping for Polar to win and actually drive off Bojack and his rabble. I mean is it too much for a Frost Demon to win in this series?

You do realize that none of them will be able to do any of that one-on-one, right? You can see Polar recovering instantly after that knee to the back from Bido. What do you think what would had happen if Zangya didn't come in and deck him to the face?

We finally see DBZ characters having a common sense and fighting as a group against a stronger opponent. 1 Respuesta(s)
DB Multiverse page 2297
Ammar 25 de enero
Apocalipticototal escribió:






eurodrummer666 escribió:





¿Cuál debería elegir? xD 2 Respuesta(s)
Namekseijin Densetsu page 431
Ammar 21 de enero

So, whose going to tell them? xD
DBMultiverse Colors page 121
Ammar 14 de enero
Para que quede claro, yo no dibujé esta portada. xD Solo hice los colores base para la portada.
DBMultiverse Colors page 119
Ammar 14 de enero
Néa Archi escribió:
Je reconnais la pâte de Frorenst mais vu que je n'ai jamais vu un dessin de Ammar, j'aimerai bien savoir ce qu'il a fait exactement dans ce dessin :o

Je n'ai rien fait! xD Je n'ai fait que les couleurs de base pour la couverture. 1 Respuesta(s)
DBMultiverse Colors page 119
Ammar 11 de enero
DrewSaga escribió:
But man U2 I get, but what makes U5 so dang different from the other universes that there is very little connection? The only think U5 has in common with many of the 19 other universes is the fact they all have Dragon Balls (and XXI I assume uses it to get a wish to beat #18 and Zen Buu).

I think it's no longer a mystery what XXI is and what happened there after what Old Kai said in page 2274. the "big change" is XXI winning and changing everything ever since.

Ouroboros escribió:
Don't forget 17 where he is likely killed by Cell jr(s)

Oh yeah! I can't believe I forgot about this universe.

So basically, Future Trunks killed Gokua in 5 universes only: 4, 6, 16, 18, and 20. xD 1 Respuesta(s)
DB Multiverse page 2289
Ammar 11 de enero
DrewSaga escribió:
UltraExtream was saying: Sorry Gokua but only Trunks can pull that off.

No surprise there I suppose, didn't Trunks pwn Gokua in all of the 20 Universes (including in U6 where he got killed by Bojack afterwards)?

Not in U1 and U10, he was killed by the kaioshin.

In universes 3, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 19 he's alive, but sealed.

And of course, in U2 and U5 he was never born. 2 Respuesta(s)
DB Multiverse page 2289
Ammar 10 de enero
Apocalipticototal escribió:
Ammar escribió: Este es un cómic antiguo con una traducción antigua. Si pueden proporcionarme el texto, lo cambiaré.
Hola Ammar, creo que se está volviendo costumbre que te pase los textos correctos. X)

Así parece. xD

Comprueba la traducción. Y déjame saber si las otras páginas necesitan correcciones o no. 1 Respuesta(s)
Super Dragon Bros Z page 3
Ammar 9 de enero
Sir Corelent escribió:
Lo de la traducción empieza a ser un cachondeo. "But it's never useful to him because he always finds himself against people who are stronger than him" = ¿"Pero eso no le sirve porque siempre se queda más duro que la batería en su contra"?

Señores, esto ya no es ni de pedirle el trabajo a Google Translate, que acabo de hacer la prueba y esa frase la traduce perfectamente ("Pero nunca le resulta útil porque siempre se enfrenta a personas más fuertes que él"). Esto ya es de inventarse directamente las palabras.

Por favor, a quien esté traduciendo esto (así como las últimas páginas del comic principal), que lo saquen del proyecto.

Este es un cómic antiguo con una traducción antigua. Si pueden proporcionarme el texto, lo cambiaré. 1 Respuesta(s)
Super Dragon Bros Z page 3
Ammar 7 de enero
PrinceOfTheHood escribió:
T~ooold y~aaaa he is a Frosty. ;-)

No, that will be his uncle. :)


DB Multiverse page 2288
Ammar 31 de diciembre
BangBang escribió:
Not a lot of color here, to be honest.

There is. But Cell's Taiyoken make it seems this way.
DBMultiverse Colors page 115
Ammar 22 de diciembre
Moron can't even count to 5! xD 1 Respuesta(s)
DB Multiverse page 2281
Ammar 21 de diciembre
DrewSaga escribió:
I don't see the Frost Demons being that incompetent but if they were that powerful, I think they'd probably get too drunk on their own power for their own good and screw up as well, just not as royally as Bojack, who was otherwise a petty street criminal without that power.

I mean... aren't they already? We're talking about the same race that "Oh! I gonna create 3 reduced forms instead of training myself to be able to stay in control in my original form because I'm just too lazy!"

The only two Frost demons who "bothered" to train are Frosty (Cold's oldest uncle):

And Cooler, who was the first Frost Demon to discovers the Augmentation form. Snower, Ice Kurima, Freeza (and Cold in some universes) transformed to their original form, but they only did it out of necessary.

The best example is U8 Cold (Ginyu). Look how much power Cold could have gained if he bothered to train. Now, imagine if all the Frost Demons are as strong as Bojack in their original form. Nobody will be able to stop them other than the Kaioshins, Buu, and Broly. Actually, no, only The Kaioshins and Majin Buu, because They will kill all saiyans before Broly is born. 1 Respuesta(s)
DB Multiverse page 2280
Ammar 20 de diciembre
And this one example of why the Bojack gang didn't last long. Bojack is really the definition of "All brawn and no brain".

DrewSaga escribió:
I like how Bojack is such an asshole that he is a danger to himself quite a lot. Like your ally has a plan to beat the Frost Demons (who are known for being really powerful and problematic) and you just tell the guy "Know your place, shithead"? He wouldn't have lived long if he wasn't so strong.

The fact that he's now either dead or sealed in all the 20 universes proves that. If the Frost Demons possess his power they would have ruled in almost all the universes. 2 Respuesta(s)
DB Multiverse page 2280
Ammar 17 de diciembre
SuperSaiyan4Vegetto escribió:
Well we are getting some info on Freeza's ancestors. So is Polar the father of "Cold"? Freeza's grandfather?

Polar is the brother of Cold. And their father is Snower.
DB Multiverse page 2279
Ammar 13 de diciembre
Ouroboros escribió:
(If that guys dies here and there i sugest we call the guy Yumcha)

DB Multiverse page 2277
Ammar 10 de diciembre
happywarrior99 escribió:
Maybe I'K'L's mother is secretly a ssj3 tier fighter, because some survivor native to U15 had to be strong enough to have killed U15 Broly, U15 Dabura, U15 Hirudegarn and U15 Fat Buu to have prevented them from joining the multiverse tournament. U15 Imperfect Cell was not strong enough to kill U15 Broly, U15 Dabura, U15 Hirudegarn and U15 Fat Buu.

U15 Dabura and Fat Buu are dead. Read chapter 32.
DB Multiverse page 2275
Ammar 8 de diciembre
Apocalipticototal escribió:
¡Kibito-shin has algo hostias!





Gracias. :)
Namekseijin Densetsu page 410
Ammar 6 de diciembre
NickRiviera escribió:
"¡Podría haberte matado fácilmente, pero verte en este estado me llena de alegría!"

"¡Te mantendré conmigo! ¡Me recordará al día de mi victoria sobre tu mundo y mi llegada!"

Traduzco la página según tu texto. 1 Respuesta(s)
Namekseijin Densetsu page 409
Ammar 3 de diciembre
Ouv escribió:
Once again a beautiful page !!! :)

Thank you! :D
DBMultiverse Colors page 107
Ammar 26 de noviembre
[img] [img] [img]

The difference between U13 and U18 in few panels.
DB Multiverse page 2273
Ammar 24 de noviembre
DB Multiverse page 2272
Ammar 23 de noviembre
They're finally out from their apartment. After 8 long years since page 1104! xD
DB Multiverse page 2271
Ammar 23 de noviembre
Rodriog escribió:
is that a mustache

Dammit Rodriog! Now I can't unsee it! xD
DBMultiverse Colors page 101
Ammar 22 de noviembre
Oh, mierda. Dame cinco minutos... :/
DB Multiverse page 2271
Ammar 20 de noviembre
BangBang escribió:
Well, that didn't work. Guess she's at least stronger than the random U10 Saiyan Goku faced. Assuming both Goku and Kakarotto are somewhat on par in base form.

If the novel to be trusted, she's 10,000 units. So, yeah, she can crush Saiyan Saga Nappa.

But yeah, this power level is considered a joke now. 1 Respuesta(s)
DBMultiverse Colors page 99
Ammar 20 de noviembre
Cell has been taking his lose against Vegeta pretty well so far. I expected him to be furious or "butthurt" since his resurrection on page 2093 or even more so on this page. But no, he's willing to learn and improve and does not appear to care that Vegeta managed to beat him without using his new power.

Vegetto on the other hand... 2 Respuesta(s)
DB Multiverse page 2270
Ammar 17 de noviembre
I don't care what anyone says, this fight is better than their two fights in the manga!

Also, Salagir wrote this on a thread I made comparing DBM fights with the two fights in the manga: link

DB Multiverse page 2269
Ammar 16 de noviembre
blademan9999 escribió:
The timeline here seems to have issues with. https://w...chapter-76.html

Which does seem to imply the Saiyans were successful.

Indeed. It's a retcon.
Fanfic hanasia, chapter 51
Ammar 15 de noviembre
le nuage escribió:
Isn't Ned the best DBM character ? (see page 1686).
He's way more important than all the spectators killed by Gohan... Euh I mean by Son bra.

His name is Nedwook!!!! >:( Only few Ultras can call him "Ned"!!! 1 Respuesta(s)
Chibi Son Bra did her best! page 126
Ammar 11 de noviembre
Ouv escribió:
Thanks guys for your hard work !
DBM looks amazing in colors !!!!!!!! O_O

You're very welcome! :D
DBMultiverse Colors page 94
Ammar 9 de noviembre
And that's conclude chapter 4. Next page is the cover of chapter 5. Hope you all like it. :) 2 Respuesta(s)
DBMultiverse Colors page 93
Ammar 4 de noviembre
Hyperblade escribió:
There was Goku vs. Vegeta (Saiyan Saga, Dragon Ball Z), Goku vs. Vegeta (Majin Buu Saga, Dragon Ball Z), Goku vs Baby Vegeta (Baby Saga, Dragon Ball GT), Goku vs. Commeson Vegeta (Superhuman Water Arc, Dragon Ball Super), Vegeta vs. Goku Black (Goku Black Arc, Dragon Ball Super), and Goku vs. Vegeta (Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero).

Except Goku vs. Baby Vegeta happened decades ago and isn't canon anymore anyway, Commeson Vegeta wasn't actually Vegeta, Goku Black wasn't actually Goku, and the Goku vs. Vegeta fight in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was riddled with rules where neither could use their full power and we cut away from the vast majority of the fight anyway.

So yeah, no recent satisfying Goku vs. Vegeta fights.

Exactly. I think it feels that way to them because of the countless times we saw Goku vs Vegeta get retell by the Dragon ball games.
DB Multiverse page 2263
Ammar 4 de noviembre
Static escribió:
What are you talking about, Goku vs Vegeta has been happening repeatedly in recent material...

And I mean, canon doesn't really matter if someone actually watched it...this fight is a thing that happens a decent amount.

Goku vs. Vegeta happened only twice in the manga. I don't know what other fights you speak of... Fights that happened in other fancomics? Why should I care about them or count them? Care to name me few that stands out from these "decent amount"?

The only one that came to my mind is the comic where Vegeta is the one that sent to earth instead of Goku (for some reason). And even that fight was meh to me.

And not to mention that Salagir may have planned this fight way back in 2008. It just took us a long time to finally reach this fight. 1 Respuesta(s)
DB Multiverse page 2263
Ammar 4 de noviembre
In colors!!! xD
DBMultiverse Colors page 90
Ammar 4 de noviembre
Mary Bra escribió:
You know, when you consider the fact that the original premise of this comic was the idea of seeing a bunch of what if match-ups and cool concepts come to life, it's more than a little ironic and just a bit annoying that the longest, most detailed, and best fight in the comic is also the most milque-toast and basic fight in all of DB. Goku vs Vegeta has been done to death. They've fought like 4 or 5 times already in Canon? Not to mention all the side material like games or other drawings/fanfics. The fight is the most iconic or second most iconic behind Goku vs Frieza. We get it, they are rivals. Gast got no diffed by Buu in 2 pages but we get chapters of Goku vs Vegeta.

Goku and Vegeta only fought two times in canon. One in the Saiyan saga whereas Vegeta was winning before Gohan and Krillin interrupted the fight. The other one happened in the Buu Saga which it ended with no contest (no, Vegeta knocking out Goku is not part of the fight).

Also, DBM is about what-if and cool concepts. But it's also a fan-service. ;) 1 Respuesta(s)
DB Multiverse page 2263
Ammar 2 de noviembre
The first panel is a reference:

DB Multiverse page 2262
Ammar 1 de noviembre
Here's an alternative version that wasn't used. xD

[img] 1 Respuesta(s)
DB Multiverse page 2262
Ammar 31 de octubre
zero logic escribió:
Also, readers do indirectly pay Salagir and other staff. It is called ads. You may have heard about Youtube. No one is "paying" anyone to watch their videos, and yet they may receive ad revenue if there are a lot of viewers. Not super complicated

My guy, no one here is getting paid by you, not directly nor indirectly.

DB Multiverse page 2261
Ammar 25 de octubre
DB Multiverse page 2259
Ammar 21 de octubre
Ouv escribió:
Great job from the color team !!! Thanks to you all for this colored version of DBM ! :)

Thank you for your kind words, Ouv. We are happy you like the pages. :)

DrewSaga escribió:
...be a Super Saiyan?
...be a Mystic Saiyan?
...wanna hug?
...wanna make me a sandwich?
...wanna save 15% or more on car insurance?
...have a girlfriend?
...be a time traveler?
...be a new character in Smash Bros Ultimate?
...watch anime?
...be a goody two-shoes?
...want some peas?
...love cornbread?
...be a prick?
...be at least SSJ2-tier?
...be Cooler than...me?

Bad Luck escribió:
...be my darling♥?

Lol! There were talk about changing this line. Now, I'm glad we didn't. xD
DBMultiverse Colors page 82
Ammar 19 de octubre
BangBang escribió:
Like father like son, am I right?

Honestly? No. They don't have a lot in common. No, scratch that, they don't have anything in common besides them both of them being SSJ. 1 Respuesta(s)
DBMultiverse Colors page 81
Ammar 17 de octubre
Bombero escribió:
Did Vegeta show up in any of Bardocks Future sight? Vegeta might just strait up be dead at this point.

[img] [img]
DB Multiverse page 2255
Ammar 16 de octubre
ste95 escribió:
I expected something like this. In the novel it's said that Rikoom is taken to a healing tank and an addition was needed in the comic too.
I'm happy to see that the soldier who will appear in the revolt with whom Ginew will exchange bodies has also appeared and... that soldier is NABANA!!!! Directly from the Xenoverse roster!! =D

I'm glad someone finally noticed it! xD

[img] [img]

ste95 escribió:
I expect there will be other pages soon dedicated to the defeat of cooler and sauzer, with their other interventions.

Oh! We would have loved to. But unfortunately, we didn't had time to do that. :/ This page by itself was a last-minute-decision, and we barely had time to draw it and color it on time.

I'm thinking of adding extra page in chapter 82 after this page, where "Cold" confront the Cooler Squad about Dore's comment in this page. No promises though, because Salagir doesn't think we should waste our time on them. xD 1 Respuesta(s)
DBMultiverse Colors page 79
Ammar 11 de octubre
Tribun Erset escribió:
Szybka sprawa! Wielkie dzięki! :D

Nie ma za co. :)
DBMultiverse Colors page 76
Ammar 11 de octubre
Tribun Erset escribió:
Z racji że Recoome jako jedyny nie zabijał ich osobiście w tym kolorowym specjalu o U8 może zostać zapisane tak: ,,Żadnego oporu...! Doprawdy niewiele się poprawiłeś...!'' i dopisać ...od nameczan, których mordowała moja drużyna!'', albo już bez tego, bo na następnym panelu i tak jego przemowa zostaje przerwana przez laserowe oczy Naila. :D

Dzięki. Wysłałem wiadomość do Salagir. Poinformuję Cię, gdy tekst się zmieni. :)


Salagir zmienił tekst. xD
DBMultiverse Colors page 76
Ammar 11 de octubre
Apocalipticototal escribió:
¡Si, ahí esta! Muy bien y gracias por la corrección.

Esta muy conseguido el aspecto gore de la situación con toda la carne y desangramiento morado, impecable.

De nada. :)

mich.sp escribió:
Ya de por si es muy apreciable el trabajo que han realizado al tener todas las páginas de DBM a color, pero que además sigan corrigiendo errores que se han ido generando en los diálogos con información que apareció años después lo hace una versión mucho más disfrutable para aquellos que llevamos años siguiendo el fanmanga y que (imagino no debo ser el único) cada tanto volvemos a leer algún capítulo y nos encontramos con una inconsistencia como la del diálogo de Rikum con Nail. Muchas gracias por el esfuerzo!

Gracias. Nos alegra que te guste. :) Sin embargo, corregir el texto es la parte más fácil en comparación con colorear y dibujar detrás de las burbujas de texto. xD
DBMultiverse Colors page 76
Ammar 11 de octubre
Henrique escribió:

Pelo que vi nas seções Inglesa/Francesa a fala do Rikum precisa de alteração, isso foi reforçado por @Ammar e foi alterada por causa do Especial do U8.

Não sei se é tarde demais para perguntar ou não, mas se você me deu o texto em seu idioma, então eu posso dar a Salagir para mudá-lo. 1 Respuesta(s)
DBMultiverse Colors page 76
Ammar 11 de octubre
bully escribió:
Jakich Nameczan "zamordowali" Ginyu Force? Przecież nie było ich na Namek. Chyba, że jako "my" ma na myśli całą organizację Friezy

Właściwie zmieniamy tekst na „No resistance!... You really didn't improve much...!”. Jeśli ktoś z Was może mi podać tekst po polsku, to mogę go przekazać Salagirowi, żeby to zmienił.
DBMultiverse Colors page 76
Ammar 9 de octubre
Yes, we changed Recoome's line here. Because as we know, the Ginyu Force didn't go to namek nor did they slaughtered namekians. 2 Respuesta(s)
DBMultiverse Colors page 76
Ammar 5 de octubre
Rudeman escribió:
Just wanted to say - the colored version looks amazing. It is as awesome as Dragon Ball Full Color Manga. I hope artists will have strength to keep going for next years till the very end.

Thank you for your kind words. :)
DBMultiverse Colors page 73
Ammar 27 de septiembre
Portada del capítulo 4. Dibujado y coloreado por Frorenst.

La portada se basa en esto:


Yo Mismo Quien Si No escribió:
Muy buena portada, el pobre Nappa fue humillado.

Al menos tiene pelo XD.

Ese no es Nappa, solo un saiyajin cualquiera. xD
DBMultiverse Colors page 69
Ammar 27 de septiembre
Cover of chapter 4. Drawn and colored by Frorenst.

The cover is based on this:

DBMultiverse Colors page 69
Ammar 24 de septiembre
Sir Corelent escribió:
Ammar escribió: Perdón por la calidad de esta página. :/
La página se ve mejor en la versión en inglés.
Pues yo a esta no tengo nada que objetarle, se ve muy bien. Una duda que me entra: ¿en los espacios tapados originalmente por los bocadillos recreáis vosotros la imagen que había debajo, o se conservan esos originales de Gogeta Jr?

¿Te refieres al dibujo detrás de las burbujas de texto?
Sí, para las páginas de Gogeta Jr, somos nosotros quienes las dibujamos. :)
DBMultiverse Colors page 67
Ammar 24 de septiembre
Perdón por la calidad de esta página. :/
La página se ve mejor en la versión en inglés. 1 Respuesta(s)
DBMultiverse Colors page 67
Ammar 22 de septiembre
Frorenst vuelve a dibujar el panel 3. :)

Viendo que Magsuns parece ser el exaltado del grupo, pensamos que sería apto para ser el que muestre el dedo medio. xD

Total Apocalyptic escribió:
Nobody has glue when you need it most...


Ahora que lo pienso, realmente deberían haber traído a su Buu con ellos. 1 Respuesta(s)
DBMultiverse Colors page 66
Ammar 22 de septiembre
Panel 3 is redrawn by Frorenst. :)

Seeing how Magsuns seems to be the hothead in the group, we thought he will fit to be the one giving the middle finger. xD
DBMultiverse Colors page 66
Ammar 20 de septiembre
¡Maldita sea! Recién ahora me doy cuenta de que nos olvidamos de agregar "¡¡¡AAHHHH!!!" detrás de Tidar, lo que indica que mientras se jactaba de su armadura, Uub seguía gritando de fondo. xD

DBMultiverse Colors page 65
Ammar 20 de septiembre
Dammit! I'm just now noticing that we forgot to add the "AAHHHH!!!" behind Tidar which indicate that while he was bragging about his armor Uub was still screaming in the background. xD

[img] 1 Respuesta(s)
DBMultiverse Colors page 65
Ammar 18 de septiembre
Here's an alternative for you all:


Enjoy! xD

Posted on Twitter: link 2 Respuesta(s)
DB Multiverse page 2243
Ammar 16 de septiembre
DrewSaga escribió:
Is Videl holding a tiny Goku flag?

Yep. :)

DB Multiverse page 2242
Ammar 14 de septiembre
Polymerization escribió:
The colors are amazing here, truly. Thanks for the work !

Thank you. :)
DBMultiverse Colors page 61
Ammar 11 de septiembre
obserwator escribió:
Ammar - doceniam Waszą pracę, serio. Nie odbierz tego jako atak, czy coś w tym stylu. Wiem, że przez translator ciężko się wyraża swoje myśli.
Słowo "Gówno" kompletnie w tym kontekście nie pasuje ;) (czy to miał być "shit"?)
napisz następnym razem "motyla noga!" Albo "niech to dunder świśnie!" :)

Właściwie napisałem "crap", nie wiedziałem, że zostało to przetłumaczone na "shit". xD

Następnym razem dokładnie sprawdzę tłumaczenie. I dzięki za wskazówki. :)
DBMultiverse Colors page 59
Ammar 10 de septiembre
BangBang escribió:
Thanks, I mix those guys up a lot. Except Tidar (bandana), Phipsil (only girl) and Naurb (big guy).

I don't blame you, even Salagir mix them up sometimes. xD

And funny things is, Magsuns was never referred to him by his name in the entire comic so far.
DBMultiverse Colors page 59
Ammar 10 de septiembre
Tribun Erset escribió:
Ajj druga część tekstu z myśli Uuba połączyła się z pierwszą. :)

Gówno! xD Powiem o tym Salagir.
DBMultiverse Colors page 59
Ammar 10 de septiembre
En caso de que no lo conozcas, ese es Magsuns en el segundo panel. Originalmente, se suponía que aparecería en la página 41 (44) en lugar de Phipsil.
DBMultiverse Colors page 59
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