DB Multiverse

DBM Universe 4: Buu

Written by Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill

Proofread by Salagir

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Part 2, Chapter 3.

Part 2 :

Chapter 3

Majin Buu hurled himself at the gods, in a state of ecstatic laughter. The Kaioshin quickly set their defenses, while their Grand leader stepped back and crossed his arms, not wishing to get involved.

South, East, and West hurried to meet Majin Buu’s approach, striking the Djinn’s attack with their own and producing a thunderous shockwave. However, even three against one, only South Kai managed to stand his ground. The two others were flung backwards from the impact of the confrontation, flipping out of control until they crashed to the ground. The goddess of the West was too weak to even have hope of withstanding the shock, even at her best. She had been ejected like a twig in a hurricane. South Kaioshin, far from being intimidated, grabbed Majin Buu by the shoulders and struck a violent headbut that knocked the spit from his mouth as he fell back. But in quick succession, Majin Buu extended his crest like a whip and began slapping his opponent, knocking the Kai off balance. The Djinn followed up quickly, extending his hand and firing a powerful Kikoha that struck the colossal South with incredible magnitude, launching him across the horizon of Kaiosh.

Eastern Kai tried to seize the opening with an attack on Majin Buu, but was easily dealt with — a single kick to his gut knocking the breath out of him. Haphazardly, the Djinn followed up with dozens of ultra-fast blows to the Kaioshin’s fragile body, before launching him into a nearby rock formation that crumbled on impact.

As Majin Buu chased after the youngest, North and West Kaioshins cut him off with another coordinated assault. The god of the North hurled his sword at Majin Buu, who merely warped his body to let the blade pass through a hole in his chest. But on the other side, Western Kai caught the saber mid-spin and immediately directed its pristine edge into the neck of Majin Buu. Genuinely surprised, Kid Buu was decapitated, both his head and crest falling to the surface below.

“It’s time! Let’s go!” yelled West Kaioshin.

The two gods rushed the monster’s body, channeling all their power in an attempt to obliterate Majin Buu. It was then that, suddenly, his head smirked and fired a powerful mouth-blast that pierced straight through West Kai’s torso and right through her back! She gasped, coughing blood as she fell helplessly out of the sky. North Kaioshin was horrified, having barely even managed to see what happened, and having no time to process the loss of his comrade as Kid Buu was already above him, hands clasped. Without wasting a second, Majin Buu’s headless body fired a ki-wave that completely engulfed the Northern deity, leaving not even a trace of the god.

Managing to free himself from the rubble, East Kai saw Majin Buu’s head and body meet and reform, before the monster turned to the fallen Western goddess and coldly disintegrating her with another energy blast.

“NOOOOO!!!!” shouted the youngest of the gods, desperate.

Bibidi, having reached the peak of joy, made his way back to his slave’s side. A bit further down, the Grand Kaioshin was motionless and silent. His face revealed great anger, but also apprehension. As leader, he had never been involved in fighting, instead placing trust in his companions. That’s not to say he wasn’t able to defend himself, but it was neither his role nor in his peaceful nature to seek out such a confrontation. During his hundreds of millennia, the Kaioshins had faced no serious threats, and hadn’t been overly concerned with the dangers of the world below. His role as overseer meant he made final decisions from time to time, but rarely invested himself personally in any project, and certainly no fight.

But now his fellow lords, his closest friends, had been slaughtered like insects — and he cursed himself inwardly. The greatest threat to ever face the universe had been unleashed, roaming freely over even the sacred planet of the Kais. He was the only one left standing in Majin Buu’s way, and he had to somehow neutralize the insane child, fast!

“So, Kaioshin?” Bibidi intoned with a mocking smugness. “What will you do now? My Majin Buu is far stronger than you. I think you’ve been an annoyance for quite long enough! Majin Buu, execute this insufferable goody-two shoes!”

But the Djinn had turned in the direction of East Kaioshin, the deity trembling as he tried to free himself. Ignoring his master’s orders, Majin Buu flew away, seemingly towards the youngest Supreme Kai.

“Hey!” Bibidi shouted, in vain. “Just what do you think you’re doing!? Not him, kill the fat one! Obey me this instant!!”


He didn’t want to.

He had saved the best for last.

It was time for dessert.

A dessert of brute force.

In the flash of an instant, South Kaioshin appeared directly in front of Majin Buu — the Djinn most excited to finally face him. The muscled deity had been launched quite a distance from the monster’s last attack, and had felt the energies of his companions drop down to zero before he made it back. Now he was enraged, Majin Buu would pay for his crimes! Elbow forward, he charged the Djinn, who was struck and carried away by the impetus of his enemy. As he tumbled through the air like a sheet of paper, folded in two, he shouted his name — the tones entailing merely a hint of pain.


South Kai drove him forwards and slammed his foe into an imposing rock formation that collapsed into rubble, the thuds of heavy boulders falling resonating across the vast divine planet.

Bibid’s eyes shot wide, frightened. For almost thirty seconds, nothing happened. Grand Kaioshin took the opportunity to assist the youngest Kaioshin, and both now eyed the mound of rubble with concern. Suddenly, two fighters emerged, scattering shattered rock pieces in every direction. The body of Kid Buu was deformed in a burlesque sort of way, but that didn’t stop him from fighting. For his part, the colossal Kaioshin had taken his share of damage, his clothes quite torn and a trickle of blood on his face. However, after three minutes of intense combat, neither had lost any strength or intensity.

Thrown back by a direct kick, Majin Buu stretched out his body like playdough, seeming to repair any sign of damage across his muscles before reforming. The Djinn grabbed his right shoulder with his left hand and twirled his arm around, cracking his neck from side to side as he sneered and began inching forward. South Kai, though not seeming tired, didn’t know what to do next. He was undoubtedly the strongest warrior in the Universe, and yet Kid Buu seemed to shake off his attacks like they were nothing, while giving just as good as he got. This was further evidenced by sensing Buu’s energy level, which hadn’t tapered off even slightly! South Kaioshin grit his teeth, trying to think of a strategy.

Bibidi’s voice suddenly interrupted them again. “Quit playing around, Majin Buu! Hurry up and kill him — I know you’re not taking this seriously, now get on with it!”

“W...what?” exclaimed the warrior, stupefied. “Could it be, that this was a mere warm up?”

Before even realizing what was happening, the god took a surprise kick to the face. He hadn’t even seen this one coming — but managed to right himself before being hurled away too far. Further down, Majin Buu gave a rude gesture and suddenly pulled his leg out of the dirt below. The monstrous warrior was a true genius of combat, and his unpredictable and non-traditional fighting style was extremely effective... and dangerous. He had kicked through the very ground itself.

“Vile creature!” cursed the South Kai as he lunged ahead. “I will annihilate you!”

Forming a Kikoha in his right hand, South Kai watched Majin Buu plant his leg back in the soil. The deity quickly blocked the Djinn’s foot from below with his left, while directing his energy attack forwards — Majin Buu, simultaneously, had formed an identical Kikoha in the palm of his free hand and the two energy balls collided in a near cataclysmic event. The pair were jolted back from the impact, separating them by several meters, their legs firmly planted in fresh trenches. Both hurriedly employed their free arm to power more energy into the standoff. It was now a question of who would come out on top.

Neither gave an inch, their energies in a state of perpetual exertion, the giant crackling energy-inferno accumulating more and more deadly pressure by the second. Still, the difference between the two powers was clearly visible. South Kaioshin was sweating and trembling, while Majin Buu was ecstatic.

This was it, what he had so greatly desired!

A battle worthy of Buu!

The thrill of fighting! The challenge of actually being resisted!

The sheer power from the two warriors was so great that all of Kaioshin Ki trembled violently. Bibidi had isolated himself within his magical barrier, panicked, while both Great Kaioshin and East struggled to keep their balance. Lightning flashed across the sacred sky, which was now darkened.

Majin Buu was having the time of his life, yet he was also getting somewhat frustrated. This hulking opponent didn’t give up easily. He liked that, but he also wanted to see him suffer, and perish beneath his attacks. It was time that the insect understood its place. Deploying his full power in a sudden increase, Majin Buu’s wave swallowed his opponent’s hand and struck him head on. The frightened Kai barely had time to turn his own energy into a defensive shield and fold his arms in front to guard as best he could.

The mass of Ki was sent up into the heavens to be lost. Grand Kaioshin protected the young deity behind him as Bibidi flew away in the wake of the attack, uttering various cries of terror. Slowly, the landscape unfolded in its aftermath, revealing South Kaioshin on one knee, clothes burnt, body covered in blood. His left eye was half-closed, and he spat blood and saliva.

“Keuf...” he coughed. “I never expected he’d be this strong. But hey... I can do that too...”

Majin Buu was walking again, cheerful. Bibidi had been propelled elsewhere, but that wasn’t his problem. Now, he was going to torture this toy and then make it his snack. From his point of view, it was already over. Nothing could ever oppose him again.

It was then that the South Kaioshin unveiled the absolute maximum of his aura. Majin Buu raised an eyelid, puzzled. Could this fighter still prove troublesome?

The god clasped his hands in front, fingers folded down so that they almost appeared glued. A compact Ki ball surrounded by streaks of azure electricity appeared in the center — a sight that instantly chilled Majin Buu.

What...was this sensation?

This feeling?

This attack...he had felt true...it was...


“Hehe,” South chuckled, concentrating despite the blood trickling down his eyes. “This time, it’s all or nothing. I’ll give you every last bit of energy I’ve got!”

“Don’t do it!” exclaimed the Grand Kaioshin in the distance. “In your state, that level of attack could deplete your lifeforce itself!”

“N...No!” added the Eastern Supreme Kai, still weak. “We’ve already lost too many!”

“I have no other choice,” replied the god over the South, smiling. “If I don’t stop it, the entire universe is doomed. I’m counting on you to look after it. Train yourself, Kaioshin of the East. Protect what remains!”

With those words, he uttered a deep cry and unleashed his final attack. The energy wave stared down Buu, who was genuinely paralyzed.

This wasn’t possible!

No, this Kai’s blast couldn’t possibly be stronger!

If he was... if he was truly outmatched...

He would have to take it all!

Something snapped in Majin Buu, the effects of this new emotion producing a strange reaction. The formula used in his creation had never considered fear as useless data, it was just that Bibidi didn’t need a flighty or sensitive soldier. Within his genetics, an instinct was triggered, something common to all living beings — even those that were insane.


At the moment of impact, Majin Buu dispersed into hundreds of small pink blobs. The Kaioshins were stupefied. While many of the Djinn’s particles had been disintegrated, the ones remaining swarmed South Kai — the warrior god completely drained from his previous attack, and unable to react. Within seconds, the goo-like putty had totally covered him, his companions losing sight of him.

“What’s...he doing?” East Kaioshin watched, terrified.

“This can’t be...” muttered Grand Kaioshin, unable to even finish his thoughts.

Gradually, the body of the monster took its shape, but not that of the neurotic Kid Buu. This new pink form was much thicker, with muscles superimposed across his back, chest, and arms. Majin Buu had become a juggernaut, and while his face appeared somewhat surprised, he also seemed less... wild. The crest atop his head had also lengthened greatly.

Bibidi reappeared, his clothes crumpled. The wizard was amazed at the sight of his Majin Buu, finding his new form astonishing.

“Majin Buu? Is that you? Unbelievable! You look so strong! What did you do?”

“Master... Bibidi?” the colossus spoke audibly, his first words, looking from his own hands to his master.

“You... you’re speaking?” Bibidi stuttered.

Further on, Grand Kaioshin’s mind was racing at top speed. This Majin Buu felt like an entirely new creature — it was his survival instinct that had driven him to absorb his opponent. And apparently, the result of such a merger was most impressive. The Djinn had inherited several characteristics of the Kaioshin, most notably physically. But in addition to his outward adaptations, he seemed to have gained an intellect of some kind through the absorption.

The leader of the gods saw this ability for what it really was: unlimited potential. Already, in his current state, Majin Buu was nearly invincible. The only way to stop him was to cause him to regress — to make him a good person. And there was only one way to do that.

While Bibidi was actually jumping for joy at his servant’s powerful evolution, the latter was somewhat divided. He set his dark pupils on the wizard, who paused in intrigue.

“I just want... to fight. I do not intend... to obey you.”

“What!? Indignant creature, how dare you say that!” Bibidi yelled, outraged. “I created you, and now that you understand what I’ve been saying all this time you will follow my orders! I didn’t make you to think for yourself, I made you to obey! If you don’t, I’ll seal you back up in your ball! Is that what you want?”

Majin Buu could well remember the deep darkness he was plunged into upon awakening — especially his inability to do anything from inside, and even the thought terrified him. However, his murderous instincts were ubiquitous, and with his new immeasurable power all he wanted was to let off steam.

A shock to his back disturbed him suddenly, causing him to stagger slightly. Irritated, he turned around, greeted by the chubby Kaioshin, hand extended. Behind, another insect Kai was recovering on the grass, badly wounded.

“If it’s a fight you want, creature, I’ll be your opponent! Approach!” exclaimed the fatso.

“Wait, Grand Kaioshin, what are you doing!?” the Eastern gulped, frightened.

‘Listen to me,’ a telepathic voice answered within his head. The young Kaioshin suddenly silenced his protests. Meanwhile, Bibidi kept yelling at Majin Buu to get rid of them.

‘I’m going to try something. I don’t know that it will work, but if it does, Majin Buu will not be as much of a threat... it may be possible to beat him. I entrust that task to you in my absence. Whatever happens, everything rests on you from here on.’

‘What are you saying? Don’t tell me you intend to sacrifice yourself?’

Grand Kaioshin turned one last time, wearing a radiant grin of acceptance, ready to face his fate — and signifying there was no argument to be made with the young Kaioshin. As Majin Buu rushed furiously towards him, DaiKaio opened his mouth and created a Ki grid that diced Majin Buu into thousands of small cubes.

Once again, the survival instincts within the creature surfaced uncontrollably. Death had come close to him once more. It wasn’t a power greater than his, but if he wasn’t careful it could still destroy him.

Never mind that. He was too great a threat. He had to be absorbed, so that once again the Djinn could become stronger. Majin Buu surrounded the fat Kai with his gelatinous body, trapping him inside before tightening the shroud. East Supreme Kai shouted.


‘Farewell,’ came the voice again in his head, before a second later their mental connection abruptly ended. For a mere instant after that, East Kai could still sense his master’s energy inside, strangely. Grand Kaioshin had done something at the last moment before becoming apart of Buu, and the Eastern Kai realized this — Grand Kaioshin had deliberately handicapped himself.

Devastated, the last remaining Supreme Kai remained hidden beneath the rubble while Majin Buu underwent yet another transformation. Even Bibidi had forgotten about the sole survivor, now completely obsessed with what was happening before his eyes.

Gradually, Majin Buu took on a new appearance. He was now dressed in a sleeveless black vest, wearing yellow gloves and a purple cape, but a far more startling change had befallen his figure. Majin Buu was Fat! His weight had increased like a big balloon, his chubby face now glistening with the same joyful grin as a playful baby seal. The crest atop his head had returned to its normal dimensions, just above his eyes which were almost entirely shut — and no longer bloodthirsty.

“Buuuuu!” exclaimed the newly formed being, happily leaping into the air.

While his servant posed and stretched, the nearby wizard was flabbergasted. Where was his devastating, hulking, monster ready to carry out planetary destruction?

“Is...is that you, Majin Buu? I hardly recognize you!”

Majin Buu did a handstand suddenly on just his left glove, then clumsily landed flat on his back, shaking the ground all around. Bibidi barely kept his balance.

“Is it time to eat!? Buu hungry!” exclaimed the creature with a silly grin. He stared at Bibidi with a naive joviality the wizard had never seen before.

“Huh?” wondered the sorcerer, becoming more and more concerned. “Well, I suppose I may have some cake in the fridge back at my house, but...”

“Cake? What’s cake!? Is it yummy?” asked Majin Buu, enthusiastic.

“Well, sure,” Bibidi replied, suddenly playing along. “You’ll love it! In fact, cake is the most delicious and tasty food in all the universe!”

“OOOOOoohhhhh!” the Djinn applauded in anticipation, licking his lips.

“I can give you all the cake you could ever want, my dear Majin Buu! All I ask in return is that you follow my commands, do you understand?”

“Uhuh! Buu Understands!” he answered, bowing and trying not to drool.

The innocent Djinn continued running around playfully, not noticing the wizard’s unnerving smile. His slave might not have his former intimidating looks, but the evil energy that had created him was still quite present within — and his strength didn’t seem to have diminished, not much anyway. Considering there was no one left who could possibly oppose them, and now Majin Buu would be far easier to control, this seemed to have worked out perfectly. Instead of a brainless kid with an insatiable bloodlust, he now had a brainless child with an insatiable sweettooth. Upon second consideration, he was curious as to why absorbing the Greatest of the Kaioshins would produce such a childish innocence, specifically a stupidity, in his Majin Buu. Perhaps these deities really were idiots.

Invoking a teleportation circle, Bibidi disappeared with his slave, heading for some unknown world. East Supreme Kaioshin was left behind, forgotten completely as he hid beneath a rock — and in tears, lamenting his fallen comrades and fighting off helplessness and despair.

Four years later.

Bibidi’s many travels finally led him to a small water planet, where he concealed his ship from the primates that inhabited the world for a quick stop. During the preceding months, he had conquered one world after another, forcing them to submit with the aid of his servant. Majin Buu was incredibly efficient, so long as he was fed. The wizards ascension to power was such that he had produced several clones of himself in order to stay behind and manage various planets. These copies were notably less powerful, and did not possess the entirety of his knowledge either. But it was best that way, as they all knew better than to overthrow him. Since the fall of the Kaioshins, the sorcerer had been given over to his heart’s content. But over time he’d begun to tire a bit. Indeed, Majin Buu had become irritating and demanding — and little by little had begun to rebel in small ways, just as his previous incarnation. He had disobeyed by turning entire populations into sweets, destroying great capital cities that had great technological potential, or just flat out refusing orders. That, under the pretext that he wanted to have fun, or was just being pouty.

That’s why Bibidi had come to this particular planet, inhabited by a primitive species, in an undeveloped system in the North quadrant. He was about to take a great risk, exposing himself to potential danger were he to be found by any enemies — though he desperately needed a break from babysitting. Although Bibidi had explained at length to Majin Buu that he was capable of sealing him back into the ball, the Djinn didn’t seem to understand the gravity of the threat. It’s possible he assumed it wouldn’t be all that bad, or simply was unaware. The monster he had been previously hated the forced imprisonment, but the playful, curious, sensitive being he had become would be far more affected by the horrible solitude, silence... and darkness.

Bibidi invoked the spell, which immediately sealed Majin Buu back inside. For a few moments, the Djinn looked around, though he saw nothing but darkness. Little by little, his confusion gave way to doubt, then to fear. He couldn’t move, paralyzed. Hearing nothing, he panicked and screamed. He called for Bibidi, his master who cared for him; he pleaded and begged for release. For hours he called, then days, as he continued pleading into the silent abyss. Finally, exhausted, his consciousness faded, but not without adopting a certain hatred for the one who had abandoned him...

Once Bibidi had sealed Majin Buu, the wizard sat for a moment on a nearby rock, gazing at the magic ball wearily.

“I’m sorry, Majin Buu, but I need a break. I’ll stay on this world a little while to rest, and I’ll release you in a few weeks. Until then, you need to go to sleep.”

He’d barely spoken the words when a hand suddenly grabbed him by the throat and lifted him into the air. It was one of those execrable Kaioshins, somehow still alive! Impossible! How had one of them survived?

Behind the Kaioshin was a red-skinned giant with long white hair, also wearing divine clothing. He looked suspiciously at Majin Buu’s prison.

“My information was reliable, Supreme Kai. The sorcerer did indeed cage his beast, as we had been told.”

“Perfect,” East Kaioshin said, looking furiously at Bibidi. “It’s over, Bibidi! By sealing up Majin Buu you gave us just the opportunity we’d been waiting for. I already eliminated your clones, you’re the only one left. The tyranny of Majin Buu and Bibidi will end, once and for all!”

“No... No...” Bibidi gasped, trying to get air into his lungs.

He couldn’t speak, let alone recite the incantation to set Majin Buu free. Was this truly the end of his reign? No... there was one last clone hidden away. His dynasty had not yet ended, his son Babidi, newborn back in his lair, might one day carry it on.

He gave one last provocative smile at the Kaioshin, who seized him with intense fury, decapitating Bibidi and pulverizing what remained of his body. After savoring his revenge and catching himself being caught up in the thrill of it, East Kaioshin calmed back down, somewhat ashamed. His servant, standing behind him, was called Kibito — having been born shortly after the death of the other Supreme Kais. Kibito was there to lend a helping hand to the last of the Kaioshin, and possessed several special abilities such as teleportation and healing. His role was that of a servant, but to some degree an overseer of the universe as well.

The two gods gazed at Majin Buu’s ball, from which an enormous negative energy was still emanating.

“What should we do about Majin Buu?” Kibito asked. “Try to destroy him?”

“Not necessarily,” said the Supreme Kai after a brief reflection. “I’m not certain that we could, we might only free him in the process. No, we must be sure that he stays in his ball forever. This planet is remote and underdeveloped, the dominant species hasn’t even evolved to walk upright yet. There is little risk they will find it.”

“Still, we must hide it deep, where they will never reach it, just in case.”


Thus, Kibito and the last remaining Supreme Kai hid Majin Buu’s cocoon inside a tall mountain, where men would never find it. Bibidi had been the only person capable of releasing Majin Buu, so there was presumably no risk of leaving him as he was. At least, that’s what they believed.

Five million years later, East Kaioshin would understand the extent of his mistake... for Bibidi had a son, one that would never let his father’s death go unpunished. He would one day find the cocoon, it would be his life’s mission to locate the hidden vessel and release the strongest creature in all the universe...

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