DB Multiverse

DBM Universe 4: Buu

Written by Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill

Proofread by Salagir

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Part 2 :12345
[Chapter Cover]
Part 2, Chapter 4.

Chapter 4

The story of a fantastic epic on Earth!

Hi, friends! It's Buu!
Allow me to interject here, a brief diversion I assure you. Certainly you recall that I may do this from time to time, I did warn you in the prologue. But I feel you need some context to help understand my feelings during this dark period in my life, after Bibidi.
I’ve absorbed many great storytellers and space addicts, whose talents I will employ to recall for you all my story... my adventure on your beautiful blue planet, through various tantalizingly strong genres.
I’ve prepared you an epic even greater than your hilarious earthly stories. And here, have some free popcorn!

Act I - Buu Snow, who knew nothing

Before continuing, I must admit an element that poses some complexity. Indeed, when I told you before that you would learn my feelings, there are two options, two perspectives from which I might speak. Either I give my impression at the moment of the story, that is to say at the time of my evolutions (and therefore these dreary and painful moments where I was a brainless fatso, or an overpowered child without an ounce of savvy), or you have mine, as I am now, the divine and majestic Djinn at the peak of creation.
I offer you the present solution: in correlation with this short epic that you are about to experience, I’ll let you discover my way of thinking when I was fresh out of the cocoon. How does that sound to you?

“Buu! Buu”

“Ma...Majin Buu? Is that you?”

‘What is this small, high-pitched voice?’ I wondered, turning around. I turned to see a familiar form, one I did not like in the least. But I remembered, oh I certainly did. The creature reminded me of the evil wizard who had manipulated me with cakes so long ago. A liar, a meanie, who had abandoned me, left me in the dark, forgotten all about me! This small creature was a spitting image of him, but... wasn’t him. Still, I was so relieved to be free, and he was the one who had organized my escape. Buu will give him a chance. Buu will listen to him.

Actually, no, this is unbearable. I’ll take the reins. If you want quality, it's better this way. If I read a single complaint, I throw a planet on you. You have been forewarned.

So, back to our sheep ...

Once upon a time, in days long expired,

The awakening long-awaited, so ardently desired.

Five million years, a detestable existence,

Until the creature dormant, was reborn in resistance

This creature, it was me, finally, I think ...

A bastard child abandoned, in time I was trapped,

Cloistered and cocooned in a magically-fashioned wrap.

Respite the wizard desired, a momentary offer

He claimed it wouldn’t linger, and release he soon would proffer

But freedom never came, until an imitative clone

Seeking vengeance for his father, who’d left him all alone

He dreamed of domination, and universal rule

Ambitious yes he was, but also such a fool

Finally, the fool at that moment, it was me ...

Free from my imprisonment, but also still a slave

Threatened to be sealed again, if I disobeyed

Forced to carry out his orders like a brainless puppet

But happy was the child who played and he thought nothing of it

My first encounter was against a demon, underwhelming

Then a golden-headed teenager, across the sky propelling

I saved for last the Kaioshin, a god so weak and frail

Forced to grovel at the master’s feet to no avail

At first, I was delighted, but I did not forget my excitement ...

Afterwards I ate the reddish devil like a biscuit,

And finally found a challenge in Vegeta the sadistic.

The warrior gave his everything, he sought final atonement

But died in vain, and I began devouring the world with no opponent

Then three brave fools stepped into master Babidi’s attention,

Opposing him, the wizard was furious not to mention...

I had begun to find his pesky orders getting old

That’s when we met a fighter with long hair of brightened gold.

It was a click, I felt the thrill of an intense fight ...

A battle like no other, the confrontation was exciting

Even further beyond, he said, a power truly frightening

But thrill of this new rival was unfortunately cut short

I’d known no disappointment like his sudden swift abort

The wizard threw a tantrum and started blaming me

So I grabbed him by the throat and took his head off suddenly

And part of that, I’ll freely say, was vengeance for the past

With master gone, the time had come for Buu to shine at last!

ACT II - Freedom! (An Autobiography)

Once Babidi was eliminated, my elation soared to new heights. My sense of relief felt so amazing, true freedom from that insect’s unending insults and orders. He’d called me fat, stupid, a buffoon, said that I belonged to him. Too bad for him, I wasn’t so stupid after all — and I was learning quickly.

Having gotten rid of the master, I didn’t bother planning what I’d do next. The guy with really long yellow hair had promised me a fight against tougher opponents than even him — someone that could even defeat me! Such an enticing proposal gave me great excitement, I don’t need to tell you all. Though, actually, that is why we’re all here isn’t it...

When he’d first told me of the existence of these “guys”, someone really really strong, I was, in short, overjoyed. Of course Babidi had initially stamped out my enthusiasm with his usual nagging, a fact that did contribute to my resentment of him. But it was this fighter that I couldn’t stop thinking about. Son Goku was... an opponent capable of taking all my attacks and coming back for more, and inflicting heavy damage along the way. Once before I’d felt a similar feeling, though it was long ago, almost like a dream. Vegeta had offered me a small taste, but in the end barely managed to draw out my real strength, in spite of his own self destruction. But this promised fighter... if they were indeed stronger than Goku... already a confrontation that had been so much fun. Well, I was in the clouds!

But I had forgotten the other part of his request, that is, to not kill anyone else, I think. But, he’d asked too much — two full days of waiting, with nothing to do? Far too long. And after spending so much time imprisoned, I wasn’t going to waste a second of my freedom on boredom.

For a whole day, I traveled the world, crisscrossing the surface in search of various amusements and entertainments. I raced over busy highways and city streets, I took in the sights and tried the local cuisine — cake, that is. I even tried my own hand at the culinary arts, creating a human-candy buffet! Humans made such great ingredients that I made a clay house out of them as well.

Along the way, I remember crossing paths with one smaller human in particular. When I spotted him below I hurried down to frighten him — as terror was something I’d been taught to invoke and enjoy since my birth. I raised my fist and screamed, but was shocked to find I had no effect. In fact, the boy merely smiled at me, his eyes shut tight. Naturally, I assumed he was too afraid to even look at me — how could he not be afraid of me, after all, the entire planet was. It made me angry at first, it was time for my infantile mind to once again grow.

Upon explaining to me that he was blind, and hadn’t ever been able to see, somewhere in the back of my mind I... almost related to him. Being released from my ball by Babidi, after five million years of darkness, was strangely akin to opening my eyes for the very first time. During that timeless entrapment, I had lost the use of my senses. I was but a shapeless porridge that crashed against the walls, asleep and desperate. Of course, my mind at the time couldn’t fully process the complexity of why I related to this boy, but nonetheless it led to my first act of kindness — the birth of altruism, which Mr. Satan nurtured in me later. I decided, under the pretext of terrorizing him afterwards, to restore the boy’s vision with my magic. Truly, when the first sight he saw was the avatar of destruction and cataclysm, he would flee in terror and my paradigm of the world would be restored — plus I’d get to throw a few energy blasts at him as he ran away.

But he... clung to me, holding me more tightly than I’d ever been held. I was amazed at the act of embrace, the thanks he gave, and the sincerity in his voice. I’d never before received affection of any kind, certainly not a hug. My life had been nothing but killing, fighting, eating, and insults from my master. And yet, this little boy had acted like no other Earthling, or any other being for that matter. He wasn’t terrified, threatening me, or wanting something from me. One thing I could always tell was body language and emotion, and this was gratitude and admiration. I felt good, for the very first time in my life.

And just like that, my violent tendencies vanished. I’d been disarmed by the beautiful innocence of a child, and before I knew it I was enjoying talking to him. When he haphazardly mentioned wanting some milk, I immediately went out for some... eh, so to speak. I was still the same perverted ball of gum, bent towards evil by years of suffering — it would take more than that to change my ways. I ended up transforming another human into a milk carton, which I gave to the boy before leaving. Still, it was an act of kindness, and the first and only one to my name before meeting Hercule Satan. Five minutes later, I blew up another city for fun, back to my old ways.

Eventually, upon returning home from a bloodthirsty raid, I had the pleasure of being greeted by a most extraordinary human. Little did I know, this meeting would forever alter the course of my destiny, just like so many other warriors on Earth before me. This Satan character greatly amused me, and I decided to keep him around as entertainment.

But little by little, oblivious as I was to his feeble attempts to hurt me, he introduced me to kindness and gentleness. When he asked me to look after a young pup, who seemed to love me from the moment we met, I began to feel strange inside — just as I had with the boy earlier. Just as lightning strikes violently, a new feeling had anchored itself inside of me: love. Not that I had given love, though I appreciated Mr. Satan and the dog, as I didn’t yet understand this new feeling. I cared for them, desired to keep them, which was possibly out of selfishness... or perhaps a childlike naivety. Anyway, this love was the kind we receive. When someone’s entire existence has been lived around foul, unscrupulous individuals, subject to manipulation, and they’re suddenly cast into an environment of support and made to feel important, it can make one into a new being.

Under Bibidi and his son, I’d been taught killing was the only way to have fun, like a school playground game. Because I was rewarded with sweets, I was trained to revel in terror and pain, knowing they brought about a desired end result. But Mr. Satan taught me to value other things. Through his friendship and the joy I’d gained, a schism began to take place within the core of my being. The magic coursing through me had dark origins, and that energy within me was not friendly with my new altruism. But the end result of that clash was far greater than anything the wizard Bibidi could have anticipated.

Within me, between a rock and a hard place, were two incompatible ideals. One was absolute evil, the sum of negativity captured and bottled up from ancient times, channeled through the darkest of all magic. The other was my evolution thanks to the Grand Kaioshin I had absorbed, and especially through my relationship with Hercule.

I thought I was in control. Sometimes I still wonder what my life would be like now if I had managed to repress the evil inside me. It was impossible, we’re talking about the cumulative hatred of the universe, stored up for millions of years... but, life would’ve indeed turned out differently.

Under the effects of anger and rage, all the negativity within me was expelled into a physical form. The inward struggle had given birth to an outward manifestation of the storm raging inside of me. While on the one hand, I had been cleansed of the vice shackling me down, and was now pure — in a way — on the other hand, a new incarnation of evil, lean and cruel, had appeared to threaten the world.

From this moment on, my story becomes a bit more complicated to tell. You see, I was actually two different individuals, one and the same and yet quite autonomous. If you understand my meaning.
What I can tell you is it was now a battle between good and evil. Of course, these notions are superfluous to me now, as I far transcend such primitive concepts of abstract morality.
But, on that day, evil prevailed. Thus was birthed the foundation of the humble deity who speaks to you know. A being of pure malice, seasoned in battle, willing to do anything for a good fight... and be the ultimate survivor of a merciless conflict.
Dear readers, I invite you now to join me by raising your hands and singing aloud the lyrics of act 3 — an ode to the all-magnificence of the once and future me... my true rebirth!

ACT III - The birth of the ultimate warrior (a musical narrative)

(Note: try reading and listening along with my theme song!)

It’s here... let’s go... we made it finally...

Now the moment we’ve all been waiting for...

Bye to the fat blob, the strong and silly child,

On to the story... the grandest tale of all!

I started out as a bony twig, not much to see

But the greater share of power from the split had gone with me;

This remnant dared to challenge, an inferior fool he was

I easily deflected his attack back at him, then swallowed him with ease.

In that key moment I had no doubt

The future ecstasies that would delight me

To consume, to enjoy... See you later!

That moment marked year 0... a divine birth to split all time!

Bow, ya shits, and tremble before me!

For here comes the hour of the almighty Super Buu!

The universe itself shudders and laments,

Because of the mischievous Djinn, you will never come to the end!

Creation was at the summit of I, the Olympic mountain of glory

My single desire to delve out correction and judgement

This deplorable planet’s warriors soon to meet my challenge.

The nearness of battle electrified me with excitement.

Soon, I killed the two Earthlings that had drawn me out through murder,

Their deaths were pure pleasure with my new unbeatable powers.

But I let Mr. Satan live, his character inside, his motives anchored

From there, he would be able to witness my insurmountable strength grow.

Bow, ya shits, and tremble before me!

For here comes the hour of the almighty Super Buu!

The universe itself shudders and laments,

Because of the mischievous Djinn, you will never come to the end!

I couldn’t find opponents, when all I wanted was right,

Why should I have to wait... I ONLY WANT TO FIGHT!

I threatened the green bean and he accepted, that is,

After I slaughtered 99.9% of the belligerent humans.

I had agreed to wait, but an Earth wench dared approach,

She annoyed me, so I crushed her underfoot, an egg.

I wanted to unleash myself, to drop all restraints

And finally I was pointed to the endless white, facing my destiny.

Bow, ya shits, and tremble before me!

For here comes the hour of the almighty Super Buu!

The universe itself shudders and laments,

Because of the mischievous Djinn, you will never come to the end!

At first I underestimated them, two mere children with big talk.

They mocked me and got me fired up, I wanted to give it my all.

Disappointed by this joke of a fighter, I was about to crush them for good

That’s when the kids amazed me with fusion, and my true rival was created.

This Gotenks, immature but overpowering, was just what I needed;

I was ready, my warrior instincts craved his slaughter

He wanted to avenge his mother, to reduce me to ash,

But I’d make him into an omelette just as I did to her.

Bow, ya shits, and tremble before me!

For here comes the hour of the almighty Super Buu!

The universe itself shudders and laments,

Because of the mischievous Djinn, you will never come to the end!

Did you like it?

So far, I’ve recited to you several scenes from my time on Earth. First, my life as a childish fatty, my feelings, and my rebirth as the divine being I am today. Finally, we come to the absorptions, the dough I used to mold myself into an absolute deity.

To be honest, this chapter of my story is a bit difficult to tell, what with adding in my feelings and impressions. That’s partly because you already know it. But also, because it’s incredibly long.

I read your comments, Oh humans of this normal reality... and quite a boring one. You seriously haven’t met any aliens yet? In my universe there are hundreds of millions (don’t listen to the Kaioshins in Super, blindly stammering about there being only thirty inhabited planets... try adding ten zeros). Rest assured, very few of you actually deserve to become my hearty dinner. But, that said, don’t rest on your laurels! If you want to be worthy of joining me through absorption, put all your heart into it!

In this chapter, I presented you with a short epic about my first few days outside of the ball — followed by a poem as well as a dynamic song. But I doubt that you’ll want my rather different writing style to continue thusly throughout this entire adventure. So, I concede. The format henceforth will follow that of the human writer’s normal flow, which I actually like. Even if you liked the other styles, it’s time to get down to business... My true story.

I will set aside the more mundane of moments, don’t worry. At first, I was planning a very long chapter to tell my story, but it wasn’t altogether whimsical. I preferred to focus initially on entertainment, especially for the parts you already know, but, now to the good stuff... I’ve got a deeper side to me after all.

You’ll get this chapter, then a follow-up. And...maybe one more. Nothing is set it stone, and even I can’t see the future. Or... can I... who knows?

Five million years had passed.

An eternity, I spent millions of times longer imprisoned than actually being free — locked up, alone, with no one by my side, no cake, no entertainment.

During all that time, I slept, prostrate on myself. All I could do during those millennia was wriggle in my cocoon, changing the shape of my body to better rest, stretch, and sleep. Again and again and again, in an unending loop.

Over time even my energy had wilted. I was no longer the powerful monster I had been upon my birth. I felt weak and miserable. Nothing remained of Majin Buu but a shapeless mass of pink jelly, and I cried, alone. Again. And always.

Then came that blessed day that seemed like it never would arrive. A surge of vigor and new life was injected into me, rejuvenating even the least of my cells, exhilarating me in glorious euphoria. I became smoke, occupying the least space inside my ball, while this intense energy fed me and brought warmth and life.I quickly stored the power of the pure-hearted fighters, whose energy had been gifted to me, and what amazing power it was!!

In the span of a few brief moments, I recovered my full health and vitality, as well as my maximum power level. If I had been released earlier, I certainly wouldn’t have survived — my will to live was not strong enough, and certainly my body wasn’t. Time and loneliness had sapped more than my strength, but my very genki. An abandoned child, rejected, sleeping with no hope of ever waking or seeing the outside world again.

However, back to the topic of my abilities... at that point, I felt ready to lift whole worlds in a single hand and hurl them at others just for the sake of being free again!

Once freed from the ball, still in vapor form, I took in the smell of the air, the sensation of the wind caressing me, the cool breeze, the warm sun. But what I wanted above all else was to exhaust myself — to do something big, to fight!

Taking shape, I recognized one of the individuals below. His body and face were familiar, like the one who had caged me, that miserable sorcerer I used to trust. My resentment was not extinguished, on the contrary, the flame of my anger was unquenchable. But this insect bought himself some time with his threats, a reminder of the spell to seal me back up.

Letting my childlike instincts free, I momentarily turned my attention to the powerful fighters nearby. I fought off a demon named Dabra, under the orders of the wizard Babidi, then I humiliated a youngster with yellow hair — who thought he was fast enough to escape me. That one would end up becoming one of my greatest rivals, the most valorous and exhilarating battles to follow. He didn’t last long against me the first time we fought, though, and I was far from getting serious. After blasting him off to the other end of space, I crushed the little being with him, the one Babidi had called Kaioshin.

However, as he was about to snuff it, Babidi’s ship exploded in a deafening boom. From the debris emerged another of the magician’s soldiers, so I thought from the symbol... the prince of Saiyans, Vegeta. The man spat insults at me like I was a dog, and ignorant as I was Babidi had to explain it to me. Then, I went into a rage and blew up everything for at least a mile in every direction. Still far from my full strength, this yellow-haired vermin was apparently no different from the rest — covered in blood and barely standing upright. I’d had fun with his vain resistance, and toyed with him a bit. But as I was about to finish him off, two youngsters interrupted my kill with a surprise attack.

As I recount for you these events, understand that a great deal of importance lies in each of them transpiring exactly as they did. Five million years prior, the only person to ever inflict damage on me of any serious nature had been quickly absorbed. It was the threat he posed which had triggered my absorption powers, enabling me to eventually become who I am now. And thanks to these powers again, I was given the most incredible fights and faced the most powerful warriors in the Universe... The Saiyans of Earth!

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