DB Multiverse

DBM Universe 19

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Caihlem

These armoured warriors who participate next to Gokû and his friends, where did they come from? What is their history?
Discover how technology and bravery could be the winning cocktail of the atypical Heloïte Universe, whose destiny could have more than once fallen to tragedy.

[Chapter Cover]

Just before reaching the frontline of battle, Wigner veered sharply to cross the path of Fuller. His left arm shield reactivated, he came crashing with strength into the dense pack that buzzed around Feyn.

The Ultra instantly blasted all Kolloks within reach while those he had crashed headlong were still restoring their balance. He quickly joined the young woman to position themselves back to back. Both then undertook to rotate together in a circle while delivering an almost uninterrupted stream of furious lasers traits onto the horde that quickly cleared... the massive bodies were falling one after the other.

Fuller effectively covered his elders by jumping to attack a huge tank that had deviated from its course to support the troops put in difficulty by the Heloïte duo.

Before any Kolloks were able to depart from the machine's trajectory to enable a clear shot, the young warrior threw two bursts that gushed from openings in his right glove with such power that they caused his arm to shudder. The luminous balls thus generated violently crashed the impressive tower with huge arms and exploded, immediately decapitating the tank. These condensed neutron blasts with adjustable energy according to the target gave the Ultras the advantage of a strike force worthy of a heavy artillery battery.

Then, while protecting himself against counterattacks that rang out in his direction while consulting the indications of his intangible screen ... Fuller seemed in concentration. While the diodes on his temples flashed with intensity, three small bright beads flowed simultaneously from his fist equipment. The projectile neutrons, which looked like big marbles of light, flew in an arc into the opening created by the explosion on top of the damaged tank.

A Kollok immediately dived through the tear in the metal to escape. He did not have time before being caught and literally vaporized by a powerful explosion that decimated the troops close-by in a wide area on both land and air. The burning blast, loaded with debris of all sizes, threw soldiers it touched far from the epicenter of the explosion before failing, whereas Fuller himself had to protect from it.

Further on to the right, Braag had chosen to progress on the ground, grinding through with laser shots on anything moving within his sight and reach. As cadavers were fast falling on his trajectory, soldiers suddenly left him a lot of leeway.

The warrior winced his eyes, he knew the meaning of this sudden opening.

Almost on cue, a gigantic mass of an enormous tank emerged from the surrounding troops only to head towards him while the brown soldiers halted their firing. They had chosen to observe the mechanical mastodon's charge as its front cannon's mouths ignited from within.

The gunners didn't have time to fire. With a growl of rage and in a flash, the Heloït lifted himself from the ground to throw himself upon the steel monster. At the last moment, he twisted to end up back to the ground, his shoulders, rear and feet skimming the terrain, and he disappeared underneath the machine.

An almost invisible line drew itself along the height of the tank, prolonged by a thing ray of light. It followed the progression of the Ultra until his exit at the back of the vehicle... exit followed by an explosion that created a large clearing within the compact mass of warriors crowded behind the safety of the heavy tank. Some of them, thrown off, limbs torn off, fell screaming as Braag gushed out as a demon from under the war engine before quickly rising to the sky.

His shield reappeared on his right arm, with his left he rained death, cleaving a path through the furious horde.

He had good reason to want to quickly distance himself from the machine. The thin line lingering from his passage slowly widened. The tank had been sliced in half! A blinding light emerged quickly along the crevasse that cut across the metal, just before the mechanical destruction exploded into a gigantic ball of fire. A multitude of incandescent debris flew from the decimated carcass, all of them mortal missiles to the screaming swarm.

Barely further forward, on the frontlines, the Kollok troupe found itself reduced to a thin strip. The heloït army, now ready to take full advantage of the Ultras' openings, had no difficulty in breaking through. A new blue point progressed against the brown agglomerate in the midst of which arcs of white and green lasers were galore.

Further to the right again, Led, in difficulty, was held by the big Dirac. The terrible Kolloks fell like flies under the fire and rage of the giant.

On the ground, kneeling under an energy shield formed as a half-sphere, Led was pressing his hand against one of his thighs which haemorrhaged from a deep cut as blood seeped through. The end of his career was decidedly not glorious he told himself.

Above and around him, Dirac had already emptied a large portion when a gigantic and frightening Kollok, calmly posed a few steps away, invited the titan to come to him.

The predator seemed sure of himself and watched the Heloït join him with a smirk which oddly lifted the red outgrowth on his left characteristic of his race. The monster let his heavy equipment slowly slip to the ground.

The outgrowth on the faces of Kolloks has the particularity of changing color - from a pale pink at rest, it would become more and more red as its greedy owner increases excitation. The facial marks of this warrior were of such an intense red that they appeared luminous.

Dirac also smiled as he too removed the combat elements of his attire. He knew what the monster wanted, who outsized him a good height, him the Heloït giant. He knew and he intended to give it with great pleasure!

An eerie calm suddenly reigned within the large circular perimeter that spontaneously drew itself in the midst of the immense battlefield.

Led exhaled with relief. Fortunately these savages liked good fights above all else. This respite should give him the time needed to stop this infuriating haemorrhage. He knew not to worry for his companion, the Kollock behemoth had no chance!

From his position, Lidar looked back at the strange duel unfolding. Many Kolloks had learnt to know the fantastic capacities of Dirac during the many battles that opposed them to the Heloït army.

Like with all Ultras, this force of nature had benefited from genetic manipulation of his muscle cells destined to increase his already impressive power. This procedure allowed him to easily surpass the abilities of these brutes more animals than humans.

The Kollok people always prided themselves of the strength and endurance of its war hounds, favoured by the harsh climate and the heightened gravity of their home planet. The fact they were beaten on this ground by such a small being annoyed them above all else, and it was now frequent to see their best warriors press themselves to duel the Heloït giant, whose size it is true was rather uncommon amongst his people.

Their bird brains naturally imagined him the strongest amongst all his colleagues.

All while fighting ferociously, Lidar chanced a glance on the young Bose further to his right. Surprisingly, the first timer was absorbed in his own fight which he was conducting smartly and was too far to be distracted by the impeding improvised match-up.

The lithe Heloït warrior gloated... he even allowed himself to lower his shield to free both his hands to fire upon the imbeciles who, however, where stupid enough to allow the spectacle of muscle as the two mountains threw themselves at each other with savageness.

Dirac evaded with skill the fist of the monstrous warrior that merely glazed him whereas his own landed with forced into the face with the bright red cheeks. The hit made the Kollok's head brutally pivot backwards.

This one slowly lifted his head, smiling with bloodlust, his eyes sparkling as he toyed with his hurt jaw... if anything else he seemed truly happy to have in front of him an adversary worthy of his expectations

Dirac didn't wait before repeating his hit, that his opponent received once more, without flinching this time. In a supple movement, he grabbed the thick neck of the Heloït all the while shooting repeatedly his other fist into his opponent's stomach with ferocity. The hits where of such phenomenal power they lifted the massive body of the Ultra at each impact and all were accentuated by wild cheers around both fighters.

Suddenly, both hands of the Heloït champion grabbed the monstrous collarbones of the Kollok. Surprised, the monster didn't have time to understand before he found himself hitting the ground, cleanly accompanied under the chin by a knee bash. Judging by his bloodied face, this may have seemed somewhat vicious.

A large ironic smile adorned Dirac. These simpletons cruelly lacked judgement! Each time it was the same thing: strength aplenty but no technique, no art of combat... it even ruined the pleasure! Fighting girls like Feyn or Nim was a hundred times better than this.

Led slowly lifted his hand from his injured thigh. Not only had the blood stopped weeping, but the deep wound had started the process of closing. Indeed, the introduction and then the propagation of the molecular component allowing the mutation of their cells to perform this little miracle had been an unsupportable torture. Even with the program destined to prepare them to endure this important modification of their metabolism... but you had to admit it was well worth it!

He got up. The next instant, the composite tissue of his combat suit had also reconstructed as if by magic to cover the healing wound, appearing as good as new. The warrior finally removed his half-sphere shield. Might as well economise precious energy. He remained immobile as surrounding Kolloks shot dark looks in his direction.

He knew that if he stayed in place, they'd rather ignore him and follow Dirac's fight. Continuing the fight now might have proven itself catastrophic for his companion who didn't dispose of his combat gear presently.

All heads where turned towards the improvised arena. The monstrous Kollok had gotten back up only to continue the assault of the strong Heloït with spite!

Dirac blocked with one hand a heinous punch, thus ending the formidable charge of his adversary. Surprised that such an attack could be so easily stop, the Kollok remained immobile a few seconds. Then in a gnarl of rage, revealing impressive the crocs of the predator, he violently sent his other hand to the hold of his first fist. Teeth clenched, cruel eyes fixing straight at the Ultra, he was visibly applying all his strength to budge the insolent fighter.

A slight tremble animated Dirac arm as his muscles protruded under the effort. His face crisped. His second hand joined the lock to relieve the one the Kollok was forcing upon.

The arm wrestle between the two titans was epic! The muscles of both men winced as they wrestled, adorning themselves with bulging veins. Their faces covered in sweat beads, nevertheless fixed by an incredible determination.

The fight was as much psychological and it was physical, and though the need for oxygen of their bodily mechanics was pushed to its maximum, both obliged themselves to continue on and breathe calmly and slowly... without any moment of relief to affect the death lock of each other's opponent.

All soldiers surrounding them observed under a biblical silence. Arms starting to tremble, impressive shoulders shuddering... it was impossible at this instant to say which of the two would impose weakness onto the other.

Even Braag had almost forgotten his own combat.

Indeed, the circle of spectators of this formidable duel was ever growing, contaminating troupes around them... to continue the massacre would soon be disloyal. Disloyal and dangerous to Dirac and Led.

And he was surprised... surprised that these meat sacks could resist the formidable strength of the Heloït giant. Clearly this Kollok warrior was well bred and was holding his ground with success against the Heloït titan!

Braag repressed a shudder. To think that the strength of these savages was all the more natural... no wonder they had managed to impose such a vast empire. To imagine helpless populations, all the women and children fallen under the tyranny of these savage hordes was quite revolting!

But for the time being, two men were very far from such considerations. Two blocs of brute force, burning hands intertwined in those of the other. Hands crushed by an enormous pressure, immeasurably painful... but that was nothing in comparison the rivers of fire burning inside their struggling bodies incensed by this melee between semi-gods.

Suddenly, the rod of muscled arms started to bend...

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