DB Multiverse

DBM Universe 19

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Caihlem

These armoured warriors who participate next to Gokû and his friends, where did they come from? What is their history?
Discover how technology and bravery could be the winning cocktail of the atypical Heloïte Universe, whose destiny could have more than once fallen to tragedy.

[Chapter Cover]

The extremity of a thick pink tail tipped in purple was hitting the ground rhythmically.

The sound of an opening airlock interrupted the rhythmic hammering.

A handful of men could be seen entering the room in silence… silence that remained even after the bearer of the caudal appendage decided to turn around after several long minutes of staying still without the slightest hint of movement.

Freeza could see three men, kneeling in humility, before him, right next to Dodoria and Zarbon, his two most loyal servants.

The despot wasn’t in the greatest of moods, and still waited a few more moments by slowly walking around the room, hands behind his back, before breaking the religious silence.

— Well, here they are at last!

He stopped to overlook the three men at his feet.

— Looks like you’ve finally decided to come back to the herd.

The shortest of the three attempted to speak:

— We-

Immediately cut off.

— Silence! I don’t remember giving you permission to speak!

Freeza resumed his march in a show of his annoyance, grumbling:

— Saiyans!... What more insolent than those monkeys?

While none of them made the slightest move, the look on the faces of the three in question hardened upon the sound of the insult.

Visibly dissatisfied, Freeza continued:

— Zarbon!

Upon hearing his name, the braided fighter rushed to the console to press a button. The buzzing sound of a recording resounded.

Raditz’ voice could be heard:

— You are no Earthling! You are a Saiyan warrior… a member of the most powerful race in the universe!

Freeza, Zarbon and Dodoria’s faces were practically split by the mocking grins that formed, emphasized by the chuckle from the obese pink fighter.

— And I am Raditz… your older brother! the recording continued.

Zarbon pressed a button to fast-forward before re-enabling the audio.

Raditz’ voice :

— We remaining three recently found a planet which we know can be sold at a very high price. The locals, however, are potent. Even three Saiyans might have some trouble. Ah, but four of us…!

Signing his subordinate, Freeza ordered him to stop the recording.

The despot resumed without interrupting his pacing:

— There are a few questions I’d love to have answered:

— First off: who gave you permission to go search for this fourth survivor?

— Second: since when is alright to make a fool out of me?!

The tail of the alien was slapping the floor, annoyed, and without giving the concerned three the time to muster the courage to speak, he barked: «PLAY IT! »

Zarbon hurriedly played the recording of Raditz voice with the cries of a child in the background:

— I did try to motivate him, but I could not get him to budge. A waste of our time; no tail, no combativity, a real push-over! He even tried teaming up against me with a some kind of walking green slug, so I disposed of them both.

Since the cries wouldn’t cease, the Saiyan started to sound annoyed:

— Will you pipe down?!

The sound of a ki blast suddenly put an end to the childish voice.

— I’ve nothing left to do here, I’m going back.

Zarbon stopped the recording.

— So not only did you go off on a venture of your own, but it also looks like you took it upon yourself to kill without my permission, quietly said the tyrant. Well?! I’m waiting! he shouted, his bloodshot eyes fixated on Raditz.

— I… weakly stammered the man with the impressive hairline.

But Freeza suddenly shut him up with a slap with the back of his hand, one that made the Saiyan lose his balance despite his solid stance on the ground. Once back in position, head down, with the nose and lips on the humiliated warrior lett escape drops of blood that crashed against the floor.

— QUIET!! barked the short alien.

What only he knew was that this fourth Saiyan hadn’t survived by pure chance, but he had actually been sent out by his own order, the same kind he gave for Vegeta… even if the tyrant did end up completely forgetting about his existence. The abilities the survivor’s father displayed had taken the scientists he put in charge of monitoring the troops by surprise. His battle power did not cease to increase with each mission he went on. He’d hoped once Vegeta had reached adulthood that the prince would have been devoted to his ambition. But, his battle power put him in league with his elite guard, and he proved that these monkeys were incapable of genuine loyalty outside their community, even if raised and conditioned from a young age! Freeza had hoped to see the two wastes of space perish out on the field, but their durability had also been proven! He should have killed them along with the rest of the apes. It was too late, and Vegeta could never be trusted now. Perhaps it could have been different for the completely isolated survivor. However, it'll never be known due to the lack of discipline demonstrated by these insufferable degenerates!

He then addressed his subordinate:

— Do you see now, Zarbon, what happens when you decide to be generous?

The tyrant let out a thoughtful sigh.

— You have the goodness of heart to welcome homeless monkeys, to take them under your wing, to feed them, to put your trust in them and what do you get in return?

He suddenly changed his tone, growling, hitting the ground with his tail in rage again, to drive the point of his anger further:

— A trio of useless apes who think they can survive on their own!

With hate filling his throat, he continued:

— Traitors led by the last of a race of morons… those are whom I have for servants!

Nappa immediately reacted to the insult, ready to charge the tyrant, which was followed by shouting by Vegeta:

— No one talks like that to our-

— Nappa!

But it was too late!

Freeza had already grabbed the tall warrior by the throat who, paralyzed by the icy grip of the tyrant, was stuck wearing a grimace of agony on his face.

Vegeta grit his teeth and tightened his fists. He wasn’t quick enough in stopping his impulsive companion, and seeing him at the mercy of the despot made him boil with rage he could barely contain. Freeza looked upon him as Nappa, who still choking, did his best not to fight back, hands clenched in the air.

After a final grunt, Vegeta shut his eyes to speak with his head down:

— Please forgive Nappa’s behavior, my Lord. He, too, begs for your pardon.

The satisfaction could be read on the tyrant’s face, grinning at Dodoria and Zarbon, also witnesses to the scene:

— Apologies… Do you hear this? Prince Vegeta is apologizing on behalf of his pet monkey.

He suddenly released the large fighter, who was loudly catching his breath on all fours at the feet the short alien.

— Very well, I’ll accept your apologies… for now!

With his head inclined, he continued with the sound of threat backing up his words:

— But do not repeat this transgression!

— As you wish, Master! hurriedly replied Vegeta, without lifting neither head nor eye.

— Good! I’m glad we’re in agreement… answered Freeza, sounding as playful as the next guy, before shifting to a far more sinister tone:

— Keep your monkeys in check next time!

After another period of silence, he reassumed his neutral tone, wearing a villanous smile of irony coupled with his blood-red gaze.

— Since I’m actually pleased with your show of humility… I am willing to give you a chance to settle your account. I WANT that planet, and you three will conquer it as per my orders!

He bent down, wearing a look of malice, to address Vegeta in particular, who despite his admirable restraint could not contain the dirty look he was giving the tyrant.

— I know you aren’t the fool you’d hope I think you were… you and your two pet monkeys are going to bring this pretentious people to their knees without putting so much as a scratch on their ring system and without killing their scientists. Have I made myself clear?

Murmuring, going off on a tangent:

— That fool Galasir believes Helior belongs to none other than himself… such an imbecile! I was wrong to allow him to form his empire without close watch… I thought that part of the galaxy worthless, and know, he thinks himself ruler of it! But I will soon have the time to deal with his case personally! My sources have informed me that he was powerless before the Heloites. I thought him a more formidable force than that; succeeding with only a handful of men where he himself fails time and again with hordes of mindless brutes will surely put an end to his boasting…

The short alien began to laugh maniacally before continuing.

— Before we can nail his entrails to his own throne… I’ll take this opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Not only will I be able to bask in the riches of the planet, but it will also be at the center of my new kingdom.

He straightened his back, now carrying a spark of lust in his eyes.

— So, as soon as that is all done, you will go conquer my base-to-be with Cui… this time, without making the slightest detour!

Raditz immediately protested :

— Cui is no Saiyan!

Freeza could barely be heard as his tail hit the floor so hard it cracked the surface under the shock, a gesture that underlined the menacing tone of his voice:

— Vegeta… I thought I’d made myself clear…

Vegeta further lowered his head, as Nappa and Raditz found it difficult to mask their soreness at the situation.

— He will do as you please, my lord.

Taking advantage of the short silence that followed the kneeling prince’s submissive response, Zarbon timidly suggested:

— From what we can pick up on with the latest intel, the Ginyū Special Corps. would be a more favorable...

The tyrants voice forcefully interrupted again. The blue-skinned fighter hurriedly looked down apologetically.

— I don’t want to hear it!!

I am aware that Captain Ginyū would love to embark on this mission himself, but I am the one who makes the decisions here! These apes have tested my trust in them… so, either they successfully conquer the planet and prove their worth as part of my army, or they keel over like the worthless monkeys they are deserve… am I understood?

Freeza suddenly turned his back to them, without worrying about the consequences of the incoming insult.

— Since I can no longer trust you, it will be the three of you with Cui… no more little trips on the side.

He then growled:

— I have no need to tell you that if you should fail, Cui will be the only one to return with his life! I have seen enough of you, he finished.

Immediately, all five men were on their feet, showing themselves to the door without the slightest word.

— Vegeta! suddenly rung Freeza’s voice.

The Saiyan was standing in the middle of the room. While he wasn’t moving a muscle, he tried as much as possible not to lose sight of the tyrant who was slowly walking around him, hands behind his back.

— You’ve disappointed me, Vegeta… And I’m not referring to the sordid detour taking by your subordinate…

You see, when I took you under my wing, well, we must call things what they are, now shouldn’t we?… when I took the young prince you were, one without his planet or people, under my wing, I thought your potential would yield far more promising results than what I see today..

But alas, even grown, you’ve only made so much progress… which fall short of my expectations.

If I held onto you, that is because you and your monkeys have shown yourselves to be somewhat useful, not to mention only the three of you seem to have the audacity to look at me in the eye whenever an order is given to you. I must admit, that amused me...

Suddenly, without the slightest warning, Freeza folded the Saiyan in half with a terrible blow to the stomach before picking him up by the hair.

— … that is, until now, as you’ve probably figured out.

Freeza emphasized his words with a whip of his tail that sent Vegeta flying to a crash against the metallic partition. He quickly flew to him to further hammer him in the steel.

— It is fine time you learn how to respect your superiors!

Cornered, Vegeta suddenly blocked one of the many fists raining down upon him.

Freeza was taken aback by the gesture before commenting it:

— A defensive reflex?!... Someone really needs to remind you of your place!

He vigorously grabbed the Saiyan by his battle armor to throw him towards the other side of the room. Immediately facing him again, he hammered him into the steel with his raging fists again. Quickly, the beaten warrior was beginning to puke blood as the cracks on the walls expanded upon the armored surface

At one point, though, the duration of the torture session likely felt different from the opposing parties view-points, Freeza finally stopped his fist to watch his victim crumble to the ground on all fours, one hand clutching at his stomach, folded under the intense pain.

The tormentor didn’t seem to be satisfied as of yet, however. He grabbed one of the prince’s ankles with his tail to lift him up and literally beat him against the ground, this time. The tiles cracked under the formidable impact. Freeza lifted him up again to continue this left and right, spreading pieces of armor and spewed blood across the room.

He then lifted the dangling body of his bloody drudge to examine him.

The Prince of the Saiyans’ eyes were now bruised shut and his tail, which no longer had the strength to be wrapped around his waist, sloppily dangled with ruffled hair.

The despot released the warrior who collapsed on the damaged floor. As the wounded Saiyan tilted his head up, the tyrant firmly stomped his foot upon his chest after flipping him over.

The pressure on Vegeta’s chest was unbearable. The Saiyan tried to stand back up to catch a breath, but found no chance of achieve that… another relentless avalanche of blows deprived him of even a second’s rest! The powerful tail whipped his face over and over again for another cruel beating while, above him, his tormentor calmly enjoyed the spectacle, arms crossed.

When Freeza’s barrage finally ceased, his caudal appendage was red from the blood of his victim, abundant from the horrible beating he had inflicted upon Vegeta. The latter was completely inert, aside from the bare signs of life from his shaking fingers.

His tormentor shook off the tainted blood off the violet portion of his tail in disgust. After a growl, he muttered:

— I suppose if there’s one thing these apes are good for, it’s their durability …

Dodoria! he called, shouting.

The hatch immediately opened before the imposing figure of the pink fighter.

— Clean this mess up him and let me know as soon as he is once again operational.

Without a word, Dodoria grabbed the unconscious Saiyan by one of his feet to neglectfully drag him across the floor. It was only after he reached the hallway, away from the tyrant’s ears, that he grumbled to himself, complaining that his load left a bloody trail behind them:

— Needing a soldier of my rank to drag around this piece of filth, just my luck! If only I could have been the one to teach him that lesson, but no, I don’t even get that pleasure. This just isn’t my day!

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