DB Multiverse

DBM Universe 19

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Caihlem

These armoured warriors who participate next to Gokû and his friends, where did they come from? What is their history?
Discover how technology and bravery could be the winning cocktail of the atypical Heloïte Universe, whose destiny could have more than once fallen to tragedy.

[Chapter Cover]

Steadfast in the sky with his arms crossed, as if merely observing a training session, Vegeta watched the dance of the two Heloïtes. Given the current situation, given their level and gear, there wasn't a myriad of possible techniques, but this one was well thought and could prove to be useful. It was with certainty that he fixed his gaze upon the maelstrom of explosions brought by Wigner, aided by Waals who quickly unleashed his blades of light. The question was whether the bladed Heloïte would be capable of passing through the hellfire unscathed to reach Zarbon, who was caged in the epicentre. But the two Ultras seemed to know what they were doing, evidently they weren't rookies, and apparently knew perfectly the capabilities of their equipment... at least against known situations, the Saiyan said to himself laughing while reminiscing the shortfalls of their shields against his energy. For now, if was against home-grown energy Walls intended on passing through to slice the tall earlock into small pieces. There shouldn't be any problems, even though Vegeta couldn't help but regret not being able to execute the newly arrived himself. A flash of joy crossed the Saiyan's eyes: all things considered, what was preventing him?

His face illuminated by warrior's glee, Waals tempered himself for an instant the time to eliminate the thing trapped by his captain. A good kill needed to be savoured! The magic moment where the excitation from the fight reaches its peak, the final frontier where the efforts and tactics deployed since start of the encounter, especially against such an opponent... a sentiment of triumph, of all-power, as ephemeral as it was incomparable, a bliss, that leaves so quickly after coming back to more human sentiments, that it shouldn't be wasted.

"For Helior" he thought, his gaze darkened by hatred as he raised his arms to apply the final judgement.

His surprise was such that Wigner stopped his pounding for a few seconds. Why in seven hells?! Especially so close!

Waals didn't understand either what was happening to him, all he knew was that instead of seeing his screen and his target, the background cartwheeled incessantly.

As soon as the Ultra bug was swatted away with a good right hook, Vegeta extended both his hands as they sparkled with energy in the direction of the cloud of explosions surrounding his principle target. From the corner of his eye, he still kept an eye of the Heloïte leader, but the imbecile fixed him with an expression of a chicken that had just seen the fox, no danger to worry from that side. His forearms tickled with energy as he concentrated power to his palms; with a liberating cry, he threw it, his heart filled by a powerful feeling of all-power.

The flux of pure energy raced towards the incandescent nebula. But as soon as the mass was pierced the savage rictus adorning the smiling face of the Saiyan dissolved.


And yet... amidst the boils of hell, his killing shot seemed to have hit a wall.

Wigner grimaced and let an insult fly. For a minute, he had thought Vegeta knew the God's Blades would be useless and that he'd chosen something more efficient. But it was indeed his impressive blast of plasma that had been countered... worse than blocked seen as now, a sphere crackling with electricity was climbing towards the sender, clear marker of the monster's counter attack. Was that thing was invulnerable that it still had so much force after the pouring of Blast-Balls it had just taken?! After a quick glance at his energy gauge, the Heloïte captain screamed to Waals all-the-while starting anew his firing with explosions even stronger than before... between the three of them, they'd surely get to the end of this infernal creature!

Zarbon couldn't recall having had such a close call before in his entire life. Indeed, the projected Ki around him protected him of the destructive force of the Heloïte explosions, but it was still heating up underneath. The lack of air was also starting to quench the joyful perspective of a triumphant exit while remaining as fresh as a butterfly after the no-doubt powerful attack of this boastful species. What's more, now that he hand his hands full taking care of that bloody monkey, his scooter was incessantly beeping on two other bearings.

— Bunch of worms! You'll understand your pain! he swore silently, a trickle of drool reaching the edge of his maw.

Returning to the assault, Waals was fuming. That groondas with the hair shaped like a fire was going to get it sooner or later! Nevertheless, he ignored the many bright ideas that came to his mind to instead concentrate on the current fight. The delight of the revenge would only be better, he consoled himself.

The familiar hiss of the ignition of his favorite weapons murmured sweet perspectives to his ear. Further away from his primary target, his arms forcing and a grimace of uncontrolled effort scorning, the armoured dwarf was evidently suffering to impeded the energy ball that was climbing against his own offensive flux. A simple mental command, and his God's Blades could so easily kill two birds with one stone, thought the hot-headed Ultra.


The auditory reprimand of his superior ended abruptly his fantasy... one could ponder whether that devil Wigner could read in one's mind! Interesting topic to delve into, amused Waals interiorly, but for later, now was the time to prepare the main course!

The blinding light of his blades befell against the double whistling of the incandescent bubble of energies.

Zarbon knew that if he didn't react, his time was soon over. Even if he didn't physically see them and their incapacity to generate any energy worthy of the name prevented him from following exactly what those two native shrimps were up to over his scooter. He guessed thought that they weren't there to count scores. Despite all that, the variation of combat strength of one of them, as insignificant as it was, undoubtedly indicated an underhand blow. It was impossible though to stop his counter attack against Vegeta, he wasn't pretending to resist, that bloody baboon!

A sudden idea brought a new light to the current perspectives... "More than a solution, this should make them all agree", the monstrous warrior laughed to himself.

"Not yet!!" heard the three assailants from within the belly of the explosions just as a condensed blast skimmed Waals' ribs.

"Shifloots!" grumbled Wigner, Waals didn't have the time to reach his target and it was him who had been hit despite an evasion of an amazing velocity!

On the other side, a cruel smile accompanied by a cry of satisfaction replaced the painful grimace on Vegeta's face as the energy knot between Zarbon and him had suddenly given way to change intensity and direction to leap at great speed towards the blue-skinned alien.

But the joy didn't last. The perspective of a victory changed again when the damned concentrate of pure energy seemed to have a mind of its own and not reach its target. The respite had lasted only a short moment, the time needed for Freezer's right hand to take one hand off to throw another blast towards the Heloïte. A gamble with calculated risks for a warrior as strong and fast as he was.

Wigner complained aloud. His energy reserves were already suffered greatly, and he wouldn't be able to keep the monster at bay for much longer. Hit, Waals had flown uncontrolled a few hundred meters. He knew that a flesh wound wouldn't stop him, on the contrary! But the instincts of the Heloïte captain screamed to him that each second lost put at greater risk any chance of success of their manoeuvre. The creature visibly wasn't sustaining damage despite the stream of Blast-Balls, his thermal readings had barely raised if the Ultra's intracranial scanners were to be believed. This Zarbon was still holding up against the incredible display of energy from the stranger and had just proved he was still just as dangerous. A new scream increased his worry to another level. The point of impact of the colliding energies from the two aliens glowed stronger and stronger, it was now necessary to squint to see and their improvised ally seemed to panic.

— Waals! For fuck's sake! Wigner exclaimed with a voice where impatience was tinted with a beginning of panic.

In front of the blinding mass that constituted the ball of energy that marked the encounter between his attack and Zarbon's, Vegeta closed his eyelids as hard as possible to escape the power of the Blutz rays. That groondas Zarbon! Not only the blue queer mastered a technique that belonged to the Saiyan elite, he had also accomplished the exploit of injecting it into his prolonged attack in the current duel! That bastard had assisted hundreds of Saiyan transformations, he knew full well that a large portion of their energy was marshalled during the growth process, an instant during which, not Human anymore, not yet Oozaru, the warriors were incapable of maintaining a duel like the ongoing one. And if the Saiyan kept his eyes closed, it would be impossible follow the variations of trajectory of the flux... in either case, Vegeta's guard would fall apart, crap! Bloody pony-tailed toilet brush!

Vegeta didn't count on admitting defeat, "As long as there's still an ounce of energy in the veins of a Saiyan, he can defeat his opponent!" he kept telling himself. The fowl-mouthed Heloïte had let himself get caught, but had Zabon killed him?

No! Vital energy still almost intact, he was coming back for an attack. Fuck it, double or nothing!

Vegeta suddenly opened his eyes wide to virtually defy his enemy. His gaze had barely crossed the blinding light in between them that he felt his heart beating in his chest so hard it could break his ribs. A familiar suffering, almost reassuring as it was similar to a guarantee of victory in normal circumstances, propagated itself in each of his cells and his whole body seemed to rip itself apart as he felt his energy grow in astounding leaps. Drunk on the influx of power, carried away by the bestial aspects of his acquired form, Vegeta wrestled to keep control. Yes, with his new combat strength, in his Oozaru form, Zarbon was easily within his grasp... as long as he didn't give him time to react. The size of Oozarus was an advantage most of the time, except against an opponent who possessed enough firepower to sunder them in one shot... and Zarbon was one of the latter. Vegeta therefore had to act before the transformation obliged him to abandon the duel. Larger, the target was easier to reach for the imbecile that had allowed himself to get caught, Vegeta had already tasted the keen edge of the Heloïte blades, he didn't want to suffer the consequences of a poorly controlled trajectory, especially now, the wielder was wounded.

"Waals, get your ass over here!" he screamed as loud as he could, his voice already deformed by the first effects of his metamorphosis.

Nor Waals nor Wigner understood the monster's tactics, nor what the stranger, in the process of mutating, wanted. Given his reaction, it wasn't him that had initiated the transformation, strange creature indeed. Waals called out his superior with a chin nod.

— Go on! said the latter.

At the edge of joining the creature in full metamorphosis, the Ultra realized that the arms of Vegeta were trembling, his stream of energy was weakening. He told himself that their opponent for the time being was feeding more his ray in light intensity than in offensive flux, but that would no doubt soon change. What the developing beast then screamed to him left him dumbfounded... the addition of Wigner's voice through his implants put his head back on track, and with his photon propulsers at full speed, he obeyed the curious request of the invader called Vegeta. Despite the pain that seared his side, he slashed the horrible fury tail of the hideous beast that was already almost twice his size.

A bestial cry pierced the skies of the Heloïte civilization and the monstrous process inverted itself. The enormous creature abandoned his grotesque form to retake a more human appearence. The stranger seemed to have suffered immensely, but an animalistic rage still boiled in his eyes. Very quickly, his energy flux seemed to recover a new strength.

"Hurry up!" ordered again Wigner in the head of Waals. The Ultra quickly returned to their common target to take the relay of his captain. Immediately after the Blast-Balls of Waals fired, Wigner pulled out his own God's Blades.

Suddenly blinded by a flash of incredible intensity, the Heloïte atmosphere seemed to rip into a new dimension, a world suddenly blind and deaf. A detonation of untold intensity swept the maelstrom of explosions and fighters like dust blown away by the furious exhale of a bull.

Though still dizzy by the loss of his most visible aspect of his Saiyan heritage, Vegeta was the first to start to regain his spirits... just in time to see the hideous beast, his body fuming and froth in his maw, bash into him. Two hits launched successively at a formidable speed straight to the face brought stars to his eyes. He barely had the time to get his head straight that a storm of condensed blasts hit him dead centre. Impossible to evade, to counter, to resist... The armour, his skin, the muscles of the Saiyan ripped in many areas as the ground loaded with debris seemed to climb towards him at a furious pace.

Suddenly buried in a mixture of ash, steel and carbon, he tasted a few instants of an unexpected calmness before feeling his left heel almost crushed in the grip of herculean strength.

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