DB Multiverse

DBM Universe 19

Written by Foenidis

Adapted by Caihlem

These armoured warriors who participate next to Gokû and his friends, where did they come from? What is their history?
Discover how technology and bravery could be the winning cocktail of the atypical Heloïte Universe, whose destiny could have more than once fallen to tragedy.

[Chapter Cover]

When he noticed Nim's form charging in his direction, Nappa felt his annoyance reach another notch. That dullard Radditz had done it again. He always managed to ruin everyone's fun, that incompetent moron! At full capacity, he was already not good enough, so now... while they were only three left, it was worth the effort to keep everyone, but now, two would be better than two minus half another!

Abandoning his punching bag without ceremony, the giant leaped off the ground with an angry kick that sent shockwaves around all the way to Waal's feet.

Furious! And the word was weak. Radditz's blood had all but boiled when he realized the trick that had been played on him by that weasel woman. Teeth clenched hard, the Saiyan was diving faster than he had ever flown, leaving a trail of droplets caught in his massive hairline behind him in his wake. Much lower down in a lighter sky, the wench was heading straight towards Nappa. Why?! Why was everyone going out of their way to constantly humiliate him?! Blood! He need to draw blood!

Her eyes on the data from her visor, Nim would have laughed if the hour wasn't so grave. Nevertheless, a small grin reached her cheeks. It had been very funny to fool so easily with the sanguinary barbarian. "A child's naivety in an adult body, now that's stupidity!" she thought, surprising herself to be associating the barbarian with innocence incarnate. She wasn't going soft on him, god no! As if it were the time... Fighting monsters such as the Kolloks was much simpler, they at least didn't inspire her some wild ideas.

Without losing sight of her objectives, she was enjoying herself from the moment when, hidden by the rain and clouds reared by the storm, she had had the idea to shoot three salvos of two blast-balls. But not just any blast-balls, no. Six small shots among the least powerful she had ever tried to generate. Taking care to get the right angle, she had watched the balls rocket through the air in pairs. The hardest had been to calculate the speed of each to have them with a sufficient gap such that those fired in second, which were much faster, would hit their counterpart at the right moment. She was lucky when putting the plan in motion just before Wigner's explosion stopped the whirlwinds. The intensity of the storm had contributed alot by rendering her light blasts invisible and covering the slight whistling they made as they progressed through the air. Plus, dumbfounded by the gigantic explosion, her opponent had surely not been able to hear them, and everything had been perfect. The imbecile hadn't noticed when the discreet balls went passed him. It was only when the three pops caused by the triple collision had sundered behind him that he had turned around with the vivacity of a feline ready to pounce, before rushing head first at her pursuit. Good fortune that the attack of her captain had not preceded the miniature explosions. Because, once the rain gone, repeating the operation would have been nigh impossible. Success sometimes depended on such minuscule details... that was what made all the beauty of a good fight!

The mischievous look on Nim wore off. She had dropped "Dumbo", but the battle wasn't over, and the meatloaf heading her way didn't seem like small joke.

To keep alive or to not spare? Kill him quickly or enjoy a slow and agonizing death? Still under the influence of his increase in power and the formidable explosion, Vegeta had difficulty retrieving a calm train of thought. The fury that ran in his veins, the veil of violence that stirred his conscience was taking over his tactical sense. Ready to unleash, he nevertheless restrained in extremis his more brutal instincts. A small detail from his opponent had just caught his attention. He needed a short instant to allow a more developed thought make its way through his heated mind and identify what had suspended his need for action. The small light signals in front of the Heloïte's eyes! Yes, that was it! What could possibly require the Heloïte leader's attention to badly? His opponent had proved himself to be a calm person as well as a good tactician, not the kind to be distracted by something trivial. For now, the situation was under control, but new enemy reinforcements would be a serious problem.

In a short whistling cause by the void brutally left between the molecules in the air, the chief of the barbarians suddenly leaped from his position. So fast that Wigner, not without spite, for an instant only saw a blurred silhouette.How could a living being move so fast without any equipment? The previous instant, the captain thought his opponent was ready to pounce, the next the barbarian seemed distracted. The occasion was too perfect! His God's Blade had lashed at the speed of light, but was still too slow apparently. Missed by such a small window! Madness! And yet this particular last shot in a frontal thrust was the fastest attack he had against this unreachable character. The ultra-waver, the most radical weapon at his disposition, suffered an obvious lack of velocity to counter such vivacity. Blast-balls too had proved useless against the bizarre stranger. Incredible! Against an individual who wore no equipment, he, Wigner, peak of the Heloïte elite, could only rely on an error from his opponent to sunder him! But the question was less how to do this, and rather if he'd survive long enough in this duel to benefit from Waal's reinforcement. Without anyone to oppose him, who knew the disasters this madman would be able to cause armed with his prodigious abilities.

Vegeta had just evaded the worst! Reaching the levels of concentration necessary to decypher the Ultra's intentions had imposed quite the effort on the prince, just as much as reigning in the more savage aspects of his personality. Error was not permitted. Fortunately, even if it demanded its toll, he was slowly fine-tuning his perception of vital energies. He was now able to perceive the variations in those of the Ultra captain when he was about to fire, a small signal confirmed by the flickering of the small diodes on the side of the Ultra's head confirmed his intuition. A good way to better his new technique after thinking longly on how Raditz's brother and the other earth warrior had managed to find him without a scouter or gear of some sort.

Nappa was overjoyed. Races that had real warrior women amongst their ranks were far and few between, yet, the little squirt he had just greeted with a direct to the stomach was definitely one. She didn't have a second's hesitation, hadn't flinched at his charge, and had directly gone on the offensive. A little too directly for that matter, as he had no difficulty in evading her attacks without even having to slow down. Undoubtedly she hadn't thought he'd be faster than that good-for-nothing Raditz. He could have killed her immediately, but it was just too tempting to play with such a female. And she was resistant too!

As vexed as she was hurt, Nim straightened herself while trying to appear as if she hadn't been crushed. Damn! That bastard hit even harder than Dirac! Luckily she had instantly modified her gravity corrector by reflex, which allowed her to offer less resistance to the impact and caused her to be projected a reasonable distance from the brute. He was visibly even stronger and faster than the other.

And there we go again! Nappa was once again going to kill his objective instead and he was surely going to flaunt this in front of their prince! Raditz was fulminating thought he didn't have much choice but to give in to the obvious. The only way to minimize the humiliation: murder Nappa's adversary. Where had that one gone, by the way?

— Looking for me?

Raditz barely had the time to pivot toward the sound in his back, that a royal kick landed firmly in his head.

Waals could have used that moment of distraction of the barbarian to eliminate him, but Nim deserved her victory over him. She knew how much he wanted to kill the other, and there was little chance she'd do it in his steed, so might as well leave her this one. But he needed to let off some steam... physically abusing a bastard when you're in a mood, that always worked! While the hairy one was getting up, a trickle of blood seeping from his lower lip, the Heloïte didn't miss the opportunity to haze him. No one was superior to an Ultra, no one!

— Oh! Did I caress you a little too hard, you're bleeding. I'm sorry Precious!

The hit had been hard enough to burst the interior of his cheek against his teeth. Raditz couldn't believe either that he had been hit that bad or that he'd been taken by surprise, again! And the other guy was taking the piss too! How come Nappa hadn't already murdered this idiot?!

The Heloïte had dropped his gaze to detach the scarf attached to his thigh, a big mistake! As Raditz was charging a good dose of energy into his right hand, he was suddenly stopped. The fuck...? What?

Waals had taken his most charming air, bashing his eyelashes and observing the barbarians reactions. Oh, what a shock he sported! Whereas his thrusters were ever so slowly getting him closer to the barbarian, the invader stepped back, on the defensive and the energy in his palm slowly dissipating.

— Don't worry honey, sweet-talked Waals, I won't hurt you, I promise!

Astounded by the surrealism of the situation, Raditz watched the man come to him with a disarmingly dashing smile. Unnervingly close, his green eyes locked into his own, the other started wiping the blood off his chin with a delicacy than was indecent for a man. The blood of the Saiyan froze and he smashed into the interior of the queer's arm with such strength that the parody of a warrior let go of the piece of tissue that had the Heloïte flag upon it.

— Oh! objected Waals with a voice purposely high-pitched. That's not very nice, it's my mother who made with her small hands all wrinkled by age.

His left hook punctuated his last words and landed without difficulty on the liver of the stranger in his unexpecting body, just before his other fist added insult to the cheek that had already been hurt.

Beside himself with anger, Raditz screamed an insult while allowing energy to surge in his palms. It only took a fraction of a second for Waals to place his two hands on the chest of the Saiyan and propel himself backwards while increasing slightly the strength his gravity corrector. Instead of exploding the Ultra's head, the two energy balls fused their destructive powers together as they clashed into each other. Stunned by his own attack, Raditz saw stars. A mocking laugh ripped him from the fog that clouded his senses.

Despite her resistance, Nim doubted she could hold out much longer. The incredible speed of the beast of a man and his strength allowed him to offer himself a proper beating without her being able to fight back in any meaningful way. She'd need to increase the distance between them to really be able to go on the offensive, but he didn't allow her a moment's rest. Given the orientation his hit attacks, she guessed he wanted her on the ground. But once earthed, he'd have even more leverage and hence more force; the systems of Lidar and Waals had made it very clear the state he had left them in such a situation. Therefore, the Ultra fought to keep a certain altitude. And Lidar had actually hurt him and he was still bleeding! His shoulder pierced, from end to end, and he wasn't bothered, as it were a mere flesh wound. A real monster.

Nim wasn't the only one for who the opponent's speed was a problem. Wigner knew that if he was still alive, it was because the chief of the barbarians wanted it like that. The velocity of the invaders, their capacity to instantly brutally change direction without the slightest effect of inertia, gave them a decisive advantage, and without a shield to protect from their attacks... But what was he aiming for exactly?

Vegeta had in the end decided not to kill the Ultra leader. These gadget freaks didn't have any external communication device and even under torture, it had proven impossible to get the position of the command centre from any of the inhabitants of the planet. No doubt it was a secret. To negotiate with the higher authorities, he'd need to pass through an intermediary, and Galasir had assured him that Helior valued very highly their Ultras. With one of their precious gems in his pocket, one equipped to speak directly to them, he'd be heard; an ideal intermediary! Of course, he could have captured him since a long time, but Galasir had also warned him; these elite soldiers never let themselves be taken alive. It was too late to parlay with him, his amazing regenerative powers made it difficult to neutralize him without risking to kill him, the Saiyan had therefore chosen to harass the trooper to oblige him to deplete his energy reserves. Once disarmed, he'd be completely inoffensive, even towards himself. The tactic seemed to be working, the Heloïte captain seemed to be withholding his counter-attacks now. However, what in seven hells where the other two imbeciles doing with their Ultras? His orders had been crystal clear!

A strange wave suddenly perturbed the vital energy perception of the Prince of Saiyans.

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