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DBM Universe 4: Buu

Written by Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill

Proofread by Salagir

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Part 2 :12345
[Chapter Cover]
Part 2, Chapter 1.

Part 1: The beginning

Chapter 1

Five million years before the story we know ...

An arid desert world, in a dark corner of the Universe.

In a large expanse of red sand, a small being moved with some difficulty. A storm was looming on the horizon, spinning the red grains up in powerful gusts across the surface of the planet. The dark sky was illuminated by distant flashes of lighting, the fury of thunderous strikes booming like an approaching army.

It was one of the most chaotic and reclusive worlds in the known universe. Travelers, even explorers, avoided it at all costs, while the worst of criminals were abandoned there in that literal hell. The short creature moved for a long time, enveloped by a large cloth, surrounded by an energy barrier. At last, he reached a wide circular crevice, the bottom of which was not even visible — he had arrived! The evil aura emanating from this gulf was palpable to him, but only a great follower of the mystic arts like himself could’ve detected such a dark and malicious nexus. As he searched the area for forbidden spells, every indication confirmed this was indeed the place he had detected from his ship.

The little being raised his arm.

“We’re here! Slaves, get to work! Find me all you can!”

“Yes, Master Bibidi!”

Dozens of his servants appeared, positioned around the crevasse. They clung to the ledge and began descending along the walls. The wizard named Bibidi snorted. This world had been an ideal place to bolster his ranks with the most evil and now-loyal of soldiers. The worst of murderers and fiends, each consumed by darkness, had been easily appointed as his servants.

For several hours, the pawns descended, penetrating into the caverns below. Some died, crushed by huge rocks. The planet’s cataclysmic elements were a threat even deep blow its surface. Bibidi, capable of flying, had placed himself in a safe corner, a protective wall from which he observed his pawns with a crystal ball.

Until he heard the call he so desired.

“Master! I’ve found something! It’s enormous! It’s... Argh!”

The wizard shivered with satisfaction.

“Finally! Parapappa!”

Incanting a teleportation spell, he immediately joined his soldier at the bottom of a long, rocky path. The slave had been greatly injured, a rock having fallen and crushed him — though Bibidi cared not. His attention was entirely fixed on a grimoire with a dark cover, placed prominently on a bone pedestal. There was no doubt, the black magic present in the ravine and beyond came from this mysterious book. Bibidi saw it well, the work of a powerful wizard, probably millennia, even millions of years before them. The aura emanating from it was thick, enveloping the room entirely.

Bibidi approached, suspicious. The rock that had crushed his servant had not been a matter of chance. The cavern was riddled with protective spells, preventing anyone from attempting to seize the book. But from what he could discern, it wouldn’t be a particularly complicated spell to undo. It was strong, yes, but he could visibly see the magical bindings, and over time they had become quite fragile. Even the greatest of enchantments couldn’t hold up forever.

Extending his arms in front of him, he conjured a powerful curse that struck the entire cave. The soldier, moaning on the ground in pain, was annihilated, as well as the entrapments in the room. Bibidi fell to his knees, exhausted — not only had casting the spell drained him, but even he hadn’t been immune to the effects of the enchantment. He glanced towards the pedestal, the magical shell encasing it seeming to crackle a bit at a time until finally, it shattered.

It took a moment for Bibidi to get back up, but as he slowly approached the book, his intrigue and excitement only grew. The first page opened with a snap, and though ancient, its letters remained unfaded. It was a text written by wizards of old, from times unknown — a collection of forbidden knowledge that would be immensely useful . While many of his own spells were far more powerful, the various experiments and incantations written down would certainly round out his abilities. One page, in particular, caught his attention.

Those few paragraphs, surrounded by iconographic diagrams, presented a sure method for condensing the evil present in living beings. With it, he could animate objects or entities, and unleash them afterwards. Bibidi thought for a moment, then was overcome by a wicked grin.

He could really do something interesting with this spell.

Combined with his own archaic specialties, he could finally achieve his ultimate ends — the creation of his ideal perfect slave.

His Majin.

A few months later, on a different world.

The wizard was hard at work, hidden away underground in a subway-like catacombs, its dusty halls lit by flickering violet torches. Tall shelves were stuffed with neglected texts, cobweb-covered scrolls, and the occasional flask filled with greenish viscous liquids. The stones making up the walls had been individually carved and polished, his hideout cleverly hidden away from prying Kais. He’d been operating out of this particular haunt for years, conducting scientific and magical experiments of the forbidden nature. Rather impressive was the technology he’d acquired for his lab, admittedly stolen from various worlds and modified by dark magic.

The magician’s current venture had him busy on a table studying a large sheet of papyrus, which contained a large circle with incantations and symbols drawn all around.

He studied the document carefully, being sure not to miss anything, and once finished sighed deeply. That was the last of the ancient texts in his library, he had contemplated and tirelessly studied each and every one. Now, he was ready to proceed with the creation of an ultimate ritual, the culmination of all his studies — and the creation of the most terrible creature. To fabricate evil incarnate wasn’t the challenge, it was somehow ensuring the obedience of such a calamity. But was it really necessary, that it have allegiance to him? There was a simpler method — he added an extra ingredient to the concoction... chemical chaos. His future slave would become an savage and mindless beast, thinking of nothing but carnage — and as a result would never even think of turning against him.

He already knew what to name his servant. It would be an emissary of vice, the avatar of his dominion. His real Majin, endowed with extraordinary power and unparalleled savagery. The name that sounded best to him, which would be associated with terror throughout the galaxy like no other name...

Majin Buu.

The time had finally come.

In the center of the room stood a huge pink sphere, beating like a living heart. It was connected to metal tanks by pipes in its outer skin. These contained a very special liquid: energy, but not just any energy. To create the evil aberration he desired, he needed pure energy from innocent souls. The suffering caused by the murder of such beings, as well as the chaos provoked in their process, would strengthen his warrior greatly. To harvest such a resource, he had set an entire world on fire. Unfortunately, such a massacre had attracted the attention of a Kaioshin, from whom he had narrowly escaped. In the end, he had made an enemy of one of the Universe’s overseers, quite a formidable and frightening foe. However, his Majin Buu would most certainly be able to stand up to the deities. At least, he hoped.

Majin Buu had finally been created. All that remained was to set him free. All those months of preparation had been leading to this moment.

“Hahaha! I did it! This creature is perfection itself! I will rule life! I will rule even death!”

Thinking back to those who currently governed the Universe, and who had put a spoke in the wheel of his plans, he grumbled sadistically.

“And... I’ll most certainly reign over those impudent gods!”

He turned to the drumming cocoon, a bit anxious, but trembling with excitement. He hesitated a moment, before resting his hand against the ball. He closed his eyes and, concentrating all his magic, pronounced the summoning of the ultimate creature. A brief moment of silence followed. Worried, Bibidi swallowed. Had he failed?

Suddenly, the sphere began to shake violently. A thick warm smoke escaped from its container as it opened gradually. The two pink blocks that had made up the cocoon fell to the ground in a thud, causing Bibidi to jump. His entire body trembled — in spite of his mental preparation for the monster’s colossal energy, he could’ve never imagined how strong it would really be. Even he, the great wizard of forbidden arts, was frozen at what was happening.

The smoke gradually dissipated, revealing a pink body, eyes closed, asleep in the center of the unsealed ball. A small ridge adorned the top of his skull, pulling behind the top of his head, surrounded by small hollows. Shirtless, he was dressed in white trousers, and a belt with a buckle displaying an M.

“Yes! It’s... the mark of my power!” Bibidi thought, swallowing.

He approached slowly, unsure of what to do. He barely managed to stammer.

“M...Majin Buu?”

As he reached out, the creature suddenly opened its eyes. Bibidi hurried back, frightened. The red iridescent of Majin Buu’s eyes was bathed in black ocean. The sordid glow that shone in the creature’s eyes absolutely terrified the wizard.

Majin Buu tilted his head to the right and left, cracking his joints. He took a slow step forward, taking in his surroundings. His body was a little stiff, but it wouldn’t take long to adjust to the sensation. But after acclimating, his one and only thought... to destroy.

He looked at the insect before him, the little worm trembling. He had just spoken.

“Majin... Buu? Buu?”

Was that what he was called?

He felt it.

He had been created.

By this insect.

Him, to have spawned Majin Buu? Such a strange little being to have invoked him. He suddenly extended his head and turned it upside down, approaching the wizard by elongated his neck and stopping mere inches from Bibidi’s face — who fell to the floor, shocked.

“Buu... Majin Buu... I’m Bibidi, the great wizard. I created you in order to serve me, so that together we may conquer the entire Universe and destroy all our enemies! You owe your very life to me, you... must obey me!”

Majin Buu continued to stare at him, his eyes neutral. He didn’t really comprehend this little being. He had only understood two words: obey and... Destroy. Destroy! DESTROY!”

The word ‘obey’ sounded distantly in his ears, a rare hint of reason. He instinctively hated the idea of listening to someone else. His chaotic ends were primal, his guide, and stronger than any other factors driving him. He wanted fun, unrestricted.

But this little being was talking about destruction. He had released him. Buu could kill him now, but... he had offered to provide enemies. Fighters. Prey. Majin Buu resumed his normal form and burst out laughing, unleashing his aura to the maximum. Bibidi uttered a cry of horror and quickly created a magic barrier. His lair was completely swept away by the power of Majin Buu. The wizard himself was even ejected far away, shaking but unhurt.

“Wh... What power!” he gasped, stuttering. “What have I done? He’s going to kill me!”

Majin Buu reappeared in front of him, a grin across his face. Bibidi’s eyes widened, shaking. He truly believed his end had come, but it wasn’t death that came next. Majin Buu’s hand patted his head bluntly and looked up at him. With the other hand, the creature pointed to space, a look that meant everything. He was ready to fight, to destroy. He wouldn’t kill the wizard, so long as he proved useful.

Bibidi understood immediately. The Djinn had agreed to fight for him. He smiled victoriously, relieved. His reign would soon begin!

For the next few months, Buu went wild.

Crazy with destruction and rage. Majin Buu was unstoppable. He was so bestial and unpredictable that he teleported to another planet without warning, leaving his liberator caught off guard. The latter was struggling just to keep up with him, even with his magic.

Majin Buu loved killing. Devouring. Ravaging.

By allowing the little insect to live, he had been provided a wealth of entertainment. Challenges. Opponents. But they weren’t strong enough. The enemies he had seen during these last months had been numerous. But the strongest only lasted thirty seconds. Dozens, then hundreds. Majin Buu was going crazy. HE WANTED TO KILL.

~Ten months after the release of Majin Buu~

On a common planet...

Bibidi chuckled, floating above a mound of corpses. They were dismembered, appendages. He was delighted by the turn of events. Although his slave didn’t obey him in the strict sense, most of the time he managed to accomplish his ends more or less — that is, ravage the many worlds that had opposed him or displeased the wizard in some way. Most were in reclusive corners of the Universe, and sparsely populated. But it was the beginning of his new empire.

Henceforth, the name of Bibidi the great wizard, was known and feared in many systems. At his command was a wild beast that destroyed planets and devoured populations. Majin Buu had just crushed the last living member of their current planet. He had been regarded as the strongest of his entire race, yet had fallen in two mere punches. Irritated, Majin Buu had been raging for several minutes on his corpse, reducing it to shreds. Bibidi snorted.

“Well, Majin Buu, very good! You’ve served me wonderfully! The universe will be mine quite soon at this rate! Ha ha ha!”

Hearing the magician, Majin Buu paused. The wizard stopped himself, astonished, staring at the Djinn quietly, who was no longer wailing on the body.

“Majin Buu? What’s wrong p—”

The monster suddenly teleported to him, eyes demented. Frightened, Bibidi fell from the mound and hurtled down the slope of corpses, uttering frightful cries. Once on the ground, he coughed and tried to pick himself back up while Majin Buu descended, slowly. Once near the wizard, he reached for the insect, still on the ground, and produced a ball of purple energy in the palm of his hand. Bibidi uttered a howl of terror.

“What are you doing, Majin Buu?” he shouted, waving his arms in front of him. “I am your master! Why are you threatening me now? The universe is nearly ours!”

The monster’s eyes flashed red with a gleam. The crest above his head suddenly elongated, catching something on the other side of the pile of dead bodies. A moment later, he produced the battered corpse of the fighter he had just killed and tossed his remains in a pile before Bibidi, who shuddered. The message written in the djinn’s protruding veins was clear, Majin Buu’s rage needed to be directed. Only stronger opponents would satiate his pet.

“I... I see, Majin Buu... A strong enemy...”

Bibidi’s mind raced, knowing no mortal in all the immensity of space would be able to give Majin Buu the fight he desired. His creature was getting bored, and if he wasn’t careful he would pay with his life. The time for conquering the petty worlds of the lower realm had ended, the time to take his assault to the gods had begun. He had secured his territories, insignificant worlds of little importance to the Kaioshins, building his empire without much fear of being attacked.

The gods usually preferred to take a back-seat approach from their heavenly loft, letting things transpire unimpeded most often. Now the time had come to force them out of their inaction and into a fight — so that they might die at the hands of Majin Buu. It wouldn’t be difficult to bait them, the massacre of a densely populated world would probably do the trick.

“Very well, Majin Buu,” Bibidi said, his voice uncertain, but full of excitement. “You want to fight? I’ll take you to where we can fight the strongest enemies in the universe! If you obey me, you can have as much fun as you want with them!”

Majin Buu, as usual, didn’t comprehend the wizard’s proposal. But, he interpreted the body language, the sadistic smile, the flicker of his voice. He understood. Buu chuckled, his face darkening.


There was.

The long awaited moment.

A real fight was coming.

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