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DBM Universe 4: Buu

Written by Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill

Proofread by Salagir

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Part 2 :12345
[Chapter Cover]
Part 2, Chapter 2.

Part 1 : The commencement

Chapter 2

On the lush, green plains of Kaioshin-kai, the gods of Universe 4 peacefully enjoyed their blissful existence and nature’s beauty. Led by the Great Kaioshin, a being of kind stature with a chubby friendly face, the gods worked to keep the Universe running smoothly.

The one called South Kaioshin was taller than the others, his heart of gold outshining even his tight musculature and unparalleled power. He was a true protector of the weak. No mortal could match his might, not even any among the gods or demons were his equal. Even Dabra, infamously strongest in the demon realm, knew better than to challenge him. He was undoubtedly the greatest warrior in the universe...for the time being.

The West Kaioshin was one of the most beautiful women in all creation, and hailed as such by many beings from below. But she also knew how to fight, specializing in the practice of telekinetic combat. Her abilities in the art were so prolific, none among the realms could match her.

North Kaioshin was the eldest, after the Grand Kaioshin of course. He was wise and respected, and a famed swordsmen of old. He shared tastes for art and music as well, though unable to whistle even the simplest of tunes.

The Eastern Kaioshin was youngest, and at times clumsy and hesitant. Nevertheless, he learned quickly how to use his power, and his mental strengths in particular showed great promise. Great Kaioshin had felt much potential within him for telekinesis, as well as a predisposition towards empathy — an essential trait in their duties.

These five gods formed the universe’s most elite, and kept watch over all life below. They were disciplined in their interventions, rarely involving themselves, and certainly not without much study and discussion amongst themselves. They watched as species evolved, cast aside their primitive ways for the creation of society, and grew into flourishing worlds and civilizations. They lived peacefully, never knowing fear, and certainly not aware of the threat that would one day surpass them. That is, until one day...

“What’s going on, Grand Kaioshin?”

The leader of the gods turned to the young Kaioshin from the East, who had spoken. For his prodigy to appear so puzzled, the leader realized his own face must’ve been worrisome indeed.

The other gods joined them atop the cliff they were on. For several weeks the deities had been downcast, having sensed a great turmoil growing in the lower realms. The cries of thousands of innocents had been felt, but only the Grand Kaioshin was able to see beyond the stars and actually observe the planets below. What he reported to the others had chilled their blood.

From the start, Grand Kaioshin had used his powers to display portraits that revealed the identity of those responsible.

“Him!” spat South Kai. “I recognize that fowl grin, it’s Bibidi!”

“Bibidi?” inquired the East.

“A wizard I’ve been made aware of previously. From what I’ve been told, he manipulates the evil found in the hearts of the unjust in order to make them his servants. He has already been guilty of several crimes, but this time he has gone too far!”

“We’ll handle this ourselves, then!” replied East Kai, mentally preparing for his intervention.

“I understand your desire to help,” said the Grand Kaioshin, smiling. “But this entity, this child with a strange body, intrigues me. He doesn’t seem to resemble any creature in existence that I’m aware of. Not only that, but from him emanates a dark power...”

“Another being corrupted by his spell, no doubt,” grumbled North Kaioshin. “I do not know which lost planet he found this curiosity on, but he is attacking mortal worlds, and not even attempting to hide! We must stop them!”

“Be patient for the moment,” ordered their leader. “Only four worlds have been attacked so far. Let the mortals defend themselves, they are quite capable. These are only small attacks, I do not think Bibidi is our concern. I will study this mysterious individual with him until I understand it.”

Now, a few weeks later, the attacks had multiplied, proving far more than anticipated. Several dozen worlds had been razed to the ground, or even destroyed entirely by this unknown monster. Grand Kaioshin, observing from afar, had managed to capture the servant’s name straight from Bibidi’s mouth: Majin Buu.

It had been months now since Grand Kaioshin had begun watching the master, his watchtower the flowery plains of Kaioshin-kai. He was deeply astonished at the nature of this creature, whose essence and character were beyond his grasp.

By all observation, the entity didn’t even seem to have been endowed with speech. He took great satisfaction in the carnage he was committing, but a confrontation was where it seemed to truly enjoy itself — particularly against beings of formidable strength. Several mortals that the Great Kaioshin considered to have an interesting level of power had faced him, and were each crushed with ease. The thought had begun to creep into his mind that even his friend, the strongest fighter in creation in terms of raw strength, might not defeat him easily. And yet, he couldn’t help but feel fascinated by the monster. In millions of years, he’d never seen anything like this Majin Buu.

However, the devastation had begun to accumulate, the wizard Bibidi becoming more and more brazen. The attacks were becoming too much. Now that the other Kaioshins were at his side, the leader sighed and lowered his head.

“The attacks by Bibid and his soldier have continued. They are currently in the skies of the Alpha planet, launching an offensive against its population.

“How?” thundered South Kai, furious.

“Bibidi wouldn’t dare go that far!” the East Kaioshin gasped, frightened.

“Alpha is by far one of the most advanced and promising worlds in our Universe, we can’t allow it to be destroyed,” the god of the North added.

“I agree,” their wise patriarch resigned. “Bibid has crossed the line. This is no longer a simple conquest of power, this is genocide on a scale we cannot ignore. Unchecked, he could use Majin Buu to eliminate all living things. I was hopeful that his invasions would spare civilians, but this time I can’t turn a blind eye. Alpha planet is dear to me.”

“Then, allow me to go!” the South Kaioshin boomed. “I’ll rid the cosmos of their scum once and for all!”

Daikaio’s eyes narrowed, contemplating the proposal of his comrade. Bibidi and Majin Buu were indeed a problem, but it was so difficult for him to give up hope. His heart was pure kindness, and he always held out optimism towards all mortal creatures. Bibidi, an intelligent and truly evil sorcerer, might be irredeemable, but he wasn’t positive the same was true of Majin Buu. From all his observations and reflections, he still held out some hope that the devil might be reasoned with, and persuaded to cease his madness. For him, Bibidi was the true cause of Majin Buu’s wild and uncontrollable behavior. When withdrawn from his influence, he saw hints that it might be possible to change or alter the creature’s destructive path. What he did not know was that the very nature of Majin Buu magically compelled him towards darkness, and he was indeed predestined to be a wild and emotionless killer.

The Great Kaioshin had allowed his heart to be his guiding key, and made a terrible decision with repercussions that would ripple outward in chaos for millions of years.

“You have my permission to engage and eliminate Bibidi,” he said, breaking the silence. “However, it is he and he alone that must be destroyed. I wish to speak and reason with Majin Buu.”

“Reason!? With that monster? Impossible!” the North Kai argued. “It’s been months now that we’ve watched as he greedily and insatiably slaughtered innocent lives. He’s crazy and knows only destruction, his isn’t capable of reason!”

“It is from under the thumb of Bibidi that he acts,” said Grand Kaioshin. “I am hopeful that buried within there lies a calm nature. By your own account, Bibidi is a sorcerer that seizes the darkness within a person’s heart, twists it and forces them into submission. I’ve been watching Majin Buu all this time, and I’ve seen him break free for brief moments. I want him to have a second chance. I pray it’s possible to turn him against the master and free him from Bibidi’s corrupting influence.”

The Kaioshins were silent. They knew the goodness of their leader, his deep devotion to peace and upholding life. Perhaps he was the only one capable of seeing it, maybe it was true after all. South Kaioshin disagreed wholeheartedly, but knew the orders were inflexible, the instructions absolute. North and West Kaioshin glanced at one another, thinking the same thing.

“...In this instance, it seems the gauntlet has fallen to me,” North Kaioshin said after a moment of reflection. “I’ve never doubted myself until now, but I will do my best to find the right words in speaking with him. If anyone can reach his shackled soul, it’s me.”

“Indeed,” smiled the Grand Kaioshin, nodding. “You and West Kai go to Alpha, try to make contact with Majin Buu. If the opportunity arises, take care of Bibidi. The challenge, I expect, will be separating the two, and freeing Majin Buu from any intervention by his master. If you don’t succeed in reasoning with him, killing Bibidi will likely bring Majin Buu back to his senses.

“Very good,” replied the West. “I’ll immobilize him if necessary, I shouldn’t have difficulty, even against him.”

“Yes,” Daikaioh cut in, the air still quite serious. “However, do not take any unnecessary risks. If Majin Buu attacks, return immediately via your Kai Kai teleportation. I don’t doubt your abilities, but this creature is like none we’ve ever faced. I will make a new plan upon your return to handle whatever remains to be dealt with — if Majin Buu is not receptive.”

“In that case, let me accompany you!” South Kai argued. “If it comes to a battle of fists, I’m the one that should go.”

“Absolutely not,” the chief replied. “If you were to go down there, he might be driven mad — and will most certainly attack you. You are both strong and threatening, and would make the target of choice. Majin Buu craves strong opponents like yourself, having you there would only distract him from any potential reasoning.”


“These are my instructions!” the Grand Kaioshin said dryly. “You and our youngest Kaioshin will remain. We will stay here and await your return from Alpha, even a hasty retreat if necessary.”

The surface of the planet was devastated, nothing but ruins. Rubble cluttered the horizon in every direction, the nearby streams muddy brown — except those that flowed red from corpses and limbs. Further up in the sky, Majin Buu uttered a frightful shriek of laughter, continuing his barrage of energy blasts. Bibidi was thrilled with the show. The inhabitants, amorphous lizards known as Alphas, had been considered as elites among mortals. Yet they had been trampled like vermin. At this rate, universal conquest would be child’s play, all thanks to the absolute power wielded by his subordinate.

As he savored his triumph, a bright violet light appeared suddenly behind him. He turned, surprised, to the sight of Majin Buu with his hands outstretched as he prepared to fire a destructive blast at the city. His master being in the path of the beam didn’t seem to even register.

“Hey, wait! I’m still here! Don’t shoot!” Bibidi exclaimed.

Majin Buu couldn’t have cared less, he only wanted to destroy. He was tired of waiting, and deep down could sense that new opponents would be arriving soon. He wasn’t about to just stand still and wait for them.

He launched his blast regardless of the wizard’s presence, Bibidi throwing up a forcefield around himself at the last second. The power of his slave was such that it crashed against him like a massive tidal wave, carrying him down towards the ground. The explosion was massive, devastating any remaining life in the surrounding area. As the thick smoke slowly cleared, only Bibidi remained, his shield having miraculously held. He had managed to escape the brunt of the attack, but if he hadn’t the power released might’ve broken his magical shell.

“You stupid imbecile!” he spat, straightening back up painfully. “Selfish ungrateful slave! How dare you disobey me! Keep this up and you’ll regret it!”

Perceiving Majin Buu through the swirls of smoke, the wizard was about to return to his creature’s side but suddenly stopped. His slave was no longer alone.

Finally, they had arrived.

Behind Majin Buu, the North and West Kaioshins stood at a moderate distance. They had teleported a few miles away so Majin Buu would not detect them, and covered the remaining distance via flight. But the Djinn had sensed their sudden appearance, and now he had what he wanted.

Below, Bibidi remained in hiding. He certainly didn’t want to be spotted by the Kaioshins, who would immediately get rid of him were they to have the opportunity. It was best to leave these intruders in Majin Buu’s chaotic but capable hands.

The Djinn, meanwhile, remained calm — never smiling, only staring at the two Kaioshins. One might have assumed he was thinking, but in reality he was merely gauging his new prey and considering if they were worth his time. He sensed that there were others, more appetizing than these two.

Furthermore, the West Kaioshin was trembling. Telepathically, she began speaking to the North.

‘His energy... it’s absolutely monstrous! What an evil presence! Will we really be able to make him hear reason?’

‘We must try,’ replied her comrade. ‘At the slightest sign of aggression, we’ll return to Kaioshin-kai!’

The two Kaioshins stiffened, ready to flee. But Majin Buu could feel their fear and hesitation, causing him to smile wildly, cracking his muscles.

“Majin Buu,” began North Kaioshin. “You do not have to follow the orders of this wizard. Renounce him, find forgiveness with us, and we will help to free you from his influence.”

Too many words.

Too much trouble.

More action!

Without warning, Majin Buu appeared between the two celestial beings. The two Kaioshins didn’t even have time to turn around before West was kicked in the face, then struck with another brutal attack and sent tumbling to the surface. She collided with the planet in a violent jolt, disappearing beneath the rubble.

“It can’t be!” the deity of the North cried out.

A shrill voice suddenly encouraged Majin Buu from behind.

“Very good!” Bibidi exclaimed, snapping his fingers. “Go ahead, Majin Buu! They’re all yours, destroy them!”

The Djinn grinned at the Kaioshin, who had summoned his sword in hand and darted at the monster. The latter suddenly super-extended his leg, which stretched out and violently struck the old man’s chin, cutting off his approach. A sheaf of blood spurted from his mouth through the air, while he too began to fall to the ground below.

Pursued by the Djinn, he was intercepted by the West Kaioshin, who leapt above to catch her companion. She then employed her mystical powers of paralyzation, attempting to contain Buu. However, the creature wasn’t bothered in the slightest — he merely sneered at the effort. Deploying his arms at this sides, he unleashed his terrible aura, snapping the invisible shackles like they were nothing.

“Wh...what!? Impossible!” she stammered.

Hundreds of years of practice at telekinesis, and a confidence that she could contain any living being, had been utterly shaken. That had been her full power, and it hadn’t even lasted a second against this monster. Her will to fight was crumbling fast, if not broken already. How could they begin to fight such a plague?

“Snap out of it!”

Her comrade’s voice woke her back up, but it was too late. With both hands clasped, Buu struck a powerful blow into the back of the female that annoyed him — sending her face-first smashing into the ground.

Too weak.

Too slow.

It was not enough.

The djinn moved again, so quickly that it was impossible for the gods to even follow his movements. He super-stretched his arms in different directions, with one gripping North Kai by the neck and with the other grabbing the goddess’ leg. The girl was nearly unconscious, and the old man could barely even maintain a grip on his sword. All that damage from a simple kick.

Majin Buu contemptibly groaned, pulling them back towards him, ready to finish them off. But North Kaioshin, as soon as he was within range, spun suddenly — turning and using the momentum he already had — and sliced the body of Majin Buu in half, right at the torso.

‘I got him,’ thought the Kaioshin. ‘It’s over!’

Miserable fool

He could feel him rejoice.

Bitter disappointment would soon follow.

While the lower part of Buu was just starting to fall, his legs suddenly moved on their own and planted a devastating kick into the god’s stomach. He again spat blood, eyes glassy. North had left himself completely exposed, dropping his guard in presumed victory.

He was propelled backwards with the next nonchalant gesture, as the Djinn sent him towards the goddess. He raised his arm, no longer interested in these insects that hadn’t managed to challenge him in the slightest. The only excitement left here was in their deaths. Buu fired an energy wave at the pair of deities to annihilate them, and nearby Bibidi cheered with exclamations.

“Yes!! That’s it, my Buu! Finally, those nuisance gods will be dealt with! Adieu, you lamentable Kaioshins!”

Suddenly, West Kai opened her eyes and concentrated all her remaining energy into a powerful kaia that halted the incoming attack. A blinding explosion enshrouded them, but the Djinn lost no time in rushing into the smoke. Only, there were long gone.

They had inexplicably vanished.

Enraged, he drummed against his chest, screaming.

“Buu! BUUU!!!!!!!!”

“Calm down!” his master’s strident voice cut in.

Majin Buu turned, as Bibidi crafted a mystical circle in the void, incanting the secret spell he had prepared. There was no way he would let his sworn enemies escape that easily! He had been preparing this ritual for months, anticipating the much desired moment. His plans had accounted for a potential Kaioshin retreat, and with his spell he was capable of tracing their path and destination.

He had spent his time hiding and scheming, but he would not afford his enemies the same luxury. There would be no resurgence or counter-attack, today was the day to end things!

“They must have teleported. In a few moments, I’ll find them and I’ll take you to them, no matter where they ran off to. These stupid gods have no clue I’m able to follow them — and you’ll finally be able to give them everything they deserve!”

Majin Buu’s face twisted up in a crazy bone-chilling grin. This wasn’t over. On the contrary, the best was yet to come. He dropped to the ground and turned a pile of rubble into food that he gulped down without moderation. He was about to finally have some fun.

While their companions were engaged with Majin Buu in a direct confrontation, the remaining Kaioshins were waiting on Kaioshin-kai, anxious.

The leader sat with the youngest, Eastern, who was unable to remain serene. Even South Kaioshin was pacing back and forth, cracking his knuckles from time to time, wishing he could intervene.

This wicked magician was eradicating the weak and innocent, using his monster for his dirty work and ambition. He wouldn’t be allowed to get away with it! Even if it cost him his life, South would take them both down somehow.

While he was still seething with frustration, he felt the presence of his comrades returning. He and the Eastern Kaioshin rushed to meet them. Their joy was short-lived, quickly leading to further panic as they saw the condition their friends were in. The goddess of the West was half-conscious, trembling, with blood streaming down her face. As for the North, he was holding one of his arms, coughing and spitting blood as well, and had suffered a few broken ribs.

“What happened!?” East Kaioshin asked, frightened. “You were supposed to come back if he proved unreasonable and attacked!”

“We... never even got the chance...” North whispered hoarsely, trembling. “He took us by complete surprise, with no time to react... I’m really sorry...”

“No more words, save your strength.”

Grand Kaioshin had joined them. His face was anxious, and he knelt beside the North Kaioshin, questioning him. Western Kai was slowly regaining consciousness. He then addressed the North.

“Were you able to get through to him at all? Did you at least appeal to him rationally?” the leader asked.

“We couldn’t communicate...” the Northern began, spitting and coughing more blood.

DaiKaioshin gently signaled for him to rest, before reading his mind. He saw the encounter play out before him... Majin Buu, a creature who refused to listen to reason. An unbound madness, like a starved wild beast. Destruction was his only reason for being. Grand Kaioshin had hoped he would be able to appease such impulses. But after observing North’s mind, he had to admit Buu’s actions were irredeemable — and he was also probably unreachable, given the description of events. If they couldn’t do anything against him it would be the end of the universe. How could he be reached?

As the vanquished Kaioshin slowly regained their composure, the god of the South still trembled with rage. He was about to insist on being taken to fight Majin Buu, to finish it now, when a sudden presence appeared near them. A powerful gust of wind scattered a large dust cloud over the area, forcing the gods to cover their eyes. When they reopened them, they were dismayed by the visage of Majin Buu himself — standing limply on his legs, chin down, scrutinizing them with a mocking grin. His teeth were wide, as drool pooled on his lower lip.

Beside him, Bibidi was triumphant. “Perfect! After all this time, the day has finally arrived when I’ll witness the end of the gods! Majin Buu, kill them!”

The Djinn looked at his master like an insect.

He did not need to be ordered.

The muscled behemoth before him was an open invitation.

A call to battle. The challenge.

The others were small fry.

He would not let them spoil his fun.

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