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DBM Universe 4: Buu

Written by Arctika

Adapted by npberryhill

Proofread by Salagir

Next page in: 38 days, 1h

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[Chapter Cover]
Part 1, Chapter 0.



Greetings, friends and readers!

It's me, Arcti-

~~ Turn into candy! ~~

...... .. ......................................................

............................................................ ..

Hello there, readers! It’s me, Buu!

Oh? You didn’t expect I’d speak with you directly, did you? Hahaha!

Hmm? Your author? Oh you mustn’t worry about him, he’s merely sleeping; I just borrowed his pen a moment — he and his translator friend will be fine once they wake. You know, being the single most incredible living thing in existence can actually get a bit boring, so I occasionally break the fourth wall for...entertainment purposes. Don’t get used to it though, I’ll return your author to you at the end of these few paragraphs. No doubt he’ll be faithful to delve out the details of my many legendary exploits — a task worthy of laud and honor I assure you.

By now you’ve realized that, yes, to avoid having a temporary void in content to release over the next few months — as our exciting multiverse tournament is off on one of its grand special chapters or some such — you will be here graced by my own adventure! Everything I accomplished, all I experienced, those I saved, those I pulverized... all that transpired in my own fourth universe will soon be revealed to you!

That is to say, we’ll be covering the highlights more or less. My own autobiography would cover ten centuries, and though I have the skill I’m not really patient enough to bother with it, I’m sure you understand. I’ve evolved quite a bit from the being you remember on that little blue planet — and through this story written and translated by the hands of true artists (I know, in my world I absorbed them), you’ll see my great transcendence into the being you’ve come to know and love!

As long as I have you, let me briefly exposit a few tidbits about myself — before we dive headlong into one of my fabulous adventures. I find it better to introduce a new story with a clear concise appendix on its major protagonist. I also apologize in advance for the metamorphosis of my transcripto-verbal expressions, as I did absorb quite a few highly educated minds and each altered the way I communicate to some small degree. But I assure you the story will return to the delectable style to which you are accustomed!

Ehem, let’s begin then.

My name is Buu.

Years ago, my name was Majin Buu. I was named thusly by a sorcerer called Bibidi, who lived millions of years ago. I don’t know what it means exactly, but apart from the “Majin” part — which to me is a nothing but a discarded title of my former slavery — I’ve always liked the sound of my name. Buu. Buu. Buu. It just rolls off the tongue, no? Can you hear it in your head now, haha?

Anyway, the offspring of that wizard, Babidi, told me his father had created me. All I know is that before reaching perfection on Earth via many absorptions, I was nothing but a fat, fluffy balloon that followed the sorcerer’s orders — so long as he continued stuffing me with cake of course. Before that I shudder even more, as I was a mindless child whose only thoughts were to destroy absolutely everything in sight.

What an immeasurable idiocy, to destroy everything when there’s so much to do, to have fun and enjoy life!

That, and to become the most extraordinary fighter; I was destined to possess a power greater than all other beings in the universe. And yet, my beginnings were ultimately a failure, I was but an irritating and manipulated kid. My time spent as a huge hot air balloon, still with barely any intelligence, was hardly better — Babidi barking his doltish orders at me. Fortunately, I soon met the Earthlings and the Saiyans, and my life took on a whole new meaning.

In the first few chapters that will be presented here, you’ll be able to briefly live out my experience as that brainless kid, my conquest of space and my war against the Kaioshins — all under the orders of that vermin Bibidi. And afterwards, my long imprisonment on this small water world full of so many species of life. So, a recap of sorts (lived from my point of view), to immerse you and provide the proper context for my true ascension. No doubt you’ll be thrilled just as you have been by this fantastic tournament, I truly can’t wait to find out what happens next! You can keep reading the main story to find out my plans, or not! You’re choice!

I and my thousands of personalities all thank you for your fidelity and the encouragement you give to those who created us. I hope to continue entertaining you with my mischief and sense of humor, alongside all these other protagonists who have been putting pizzazz into this crazy competition for years!

(Don’t forget to leave nice comments, as I will even consider absorbing those who write them — while haters and trolls will be turned into crackers to snack on. So, hey...)

Happy reading!

— Buu.

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