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Bonus - Translation of Names

You may wonder how I chose the names which are used in the comics, since some are not quite the same as the official translations.

I chose each character's name according to all the translations I knew, so as to get the same names in French and in English, and close to the Japanese pronounciation.

The rules I established were as follow:

  1. A spelling confirmed by Toriyama is immediately accepted (i.e.: seen in the manga). This concerns Bulma, Kulilin and Satan (ahaha none of them are present in DBM !)
  2. A name which means something must keep this meaning. Cell is Cell and not Seru.
  3. Spelling what is heard in Japanese, but taking into account the fact that guys in Japan pronounce really strangely. If I write "Vegeta", they'll read it "Bedgita" anyway, so there's no reason to write "Bejita".
  4. Never take into account romaji ;) Torankusu must die!

Japanese people don't say Carot, they do say Kakaroto. Do we lose the pun with "carrot"? Not really, since Tori often writes anagrams or backslang with the words he takes. Just look at the whole Ginyu Force.
Why would I translate Kakarot by Carot, but keep Saiyan instead of "Vegetable"? Or even Getableve or Gevebatle...

There's always the problem of adaptation/restitution: what's better, Master Roshi or Kame Sennin? I chose the second solution.

Here are some characters, in alphabetical order, and my choices for their names:

French AnimeManga Trans. 1Manga Trans. 2Dragon Ball Dictionary English VersionChoice for MultiverseComments
BulmaBulmaBulmaBURUMABulmaBulmaWriten on her clothes in the first chapter of DB.
BoubouBooMajin BooMAJIN BUU(Majin) BuuMajin BuuI prefer the "u".
Broly--BURORÎBrolyBrolyPun with Brocoli.
CachalotCarotKakarottoKakarotKakarottoIt's clearly pronounced "Kakaroto". More details above.
CellCellCellSERUCellCellComes from the English word "cell". Cell defines himself as a clone, and it is known that we "use cells to clone".
Cooler--KUULACoolerCoolaSame reason than Freeza.
DablaDabraDabraDÂBURADaburaDabraComes from "Abracadabra"
Petit CoeurPiccoloPIKKOROPiccoloPiccoloInstruments'n'stuff...
FreezerFreezerFreezerFÛRIZAFriezaFreezaPun with coldness, since his father's name is Cold. Freezer could have worked too but I wanted the same name in English and in French. And as they say in the anime: Freeeeeezaa!
?GinueGinyûGINYÛGinyuGinyûThe most used one wins.
NeptuneKaïo Shin (du Sud)Kaiô Shin (du Sud)(MINAMI NO) KAIÔSHIN(South) Kaioshin?(South) Kaiô Shin 
?OobÛBU?UubBuu backwards.
Super GuerriersSaïyensSaïyensSAIYAJIN?SaiyansI've been told to use Saiyans. So I used it.
HerculeSatanSatanSATANHerculeMr. SatanSay it with me! Satan! Satan! (plus it's writen on the boards carried by the fans in the manga)
SangokuSangokuSon( )gokûSONGOKÛGokuSon GokûSeems clear to me.
VégétaVégétaVégétaBEJÎTAVegetaVegetaLike I said.
VégékuVégétoVégettoBEJITTOVegitoVegettoI added a "t" so that it's slightly more different from Vegeta.
VidelVidelVidelBÎDERU?Videl"Devil" backwards, since Satan is her father.

Latin adaptation of Names

by the Latin version translator: Unochepassava

As some of you may know, the Latin language divides names into declensions. A declension is the inflection of nouns, pronouns and adjectives to indicate their number (singular or plural), their gender (masculine, feminine or neuter) and their role (subject, object or complements).

While I was translating, I wondered how I could make characters' names (which don't have an actual translation) fit properly in every sentence. At the beginning I thought I would deal with them by using them as "inflexibles", which means that they would keep the same form whatever their role is.

But then I realized that some of them were so recurrent that many sentences would get quite twisted and difficult to understand without specifying any role of those names.

So I decided to add declensions to the characters' names in order to make sentences clearer and more understandable.

You need to know that Latin has five declension, and each of them has its own "thematic vowel" (a vowel that stands between the stem of a noun and the endings of a declension):

  • 1st declension > A
  • 2nd declension > O
  • 3rd declension > I (E), none
  • 4th declension > U
  • 5th declension > E
  • Knowing this, these below are the "rules" I followed to adapt those words:

  • Every name ending in "-a" (Ex. Vegeta, Varga, Bulma, etc.) is considered as belonging to the 1st declension.
  • Every name ending in "-o" (Ex. Piccolo, Kakarotto, Vegetto, etc.) is considered as belonging to the 2nd declension.
  • Every name ending in "-is, -es or consonant" (Ex, Gohan, Nail, etc.) is considered as belonging to the 3rd declension.
  • Every name ending in "-u" (Ex. Son Goku, Majin Buu, Ginyu, etc.) is considered as belonging to the 1st declension while keeping a ‘u’ in their stem (Ex. Gokuus- Gokui-etc.).
  • Some names that appear only once or twice are left non-flected.
  • I also had to slightly modify some names in order to adapt them to Latin language:

  • Broly > Brolis
  • Trunks > Trunx
  • Raditz > Radis
  • Gotenks > Gotenx
  • Raichi > Raichis
  • Jeece > Jeecis
  • Babidi > Babis
  • Some others less important
  • One last note about the adaptation of "Cell".

    In DB, there are some names that would have an actual translation (Freezer, Cooler, Cold, Piccolo, etc.) but they are just names, so I left them as they were. The only one used for his real meaning is Cell (as explainde above). So I decided to adapt his name with the Latin word that stands for cell: Cellula!

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